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Is WFA Accelerator (DigitalNomad.Com) Legit

If  you’ve spent any time strolling through the land of YouTube videos this holiday season, than chances are one of those interesting finds whisked you away to the island of misfit ads, where a man by the name of Christian Martin captivated you by weaving tales of Work From Anywhere Accelerator fame & fortune.

8 Week Digital Nomad Course

But, can you really “Make It”, working from anywhere in the world, by utilizing the tactics and strategies that Christian Martin teaches in his Digital Nomad Course.

Or will you “Die Trying to Get Rich“when you utilize what you’ve learned from Christian’s Digital Marketing training course, -aka  “social ads training?”

Being that most folks either don’t want to or don’t have time to read long detailed articles, I’ll go ahead and answer the question that lingers in the minds of all potential Digital Nomad students…

Will the Work From Anywhere Accelerator really show you how to earn a full time income by becoming a Digital Nomad?

The short answer is Yes.

However, if you are brand new to the game of online marketing, this is probably not the course you want to start with. But again WFA is legit and most students of it do have positive results.

Note: It’s our belief that before you buy any Digital Nomad Course, especially one as expensive as Mr. Martin’s ($1,497), that you do extensive research into their Legitimacy first.

What Is A Digital Nomad

So, before we peel back the layers that make up this laptop lifestyle course, lets first address the elephant in the room.

That elephant goes by the name of Digital Nomad, and believe it or not, it’s an actual Profession/Trade/Job Classification Title that around 4.8 million people hold worldwide.

Well, according to the census that The New York Times conducted back in Feb. 2019.

So what is a Digital Nomad and what exactly does the Digital Nomad job title entail?

According to Wikipedia:

“A Digital nomads is a person who uses telecommunication technologies to earn a living and, more generally, conduct their life in a nomadic manner. Such workers often work remotely from foreign countries, coffee shops, public libraries, co-working spaces, or recreational vehicles.

This is often accomplished through the use of devices that have wireless Internet capabilities such as smartphones or mobile hotspots. Successful digital nomads typically have a financial cushion. The digital nomad community has had various events established to host members of it.

Common types of digital nomads include retired or semi-retired persons, independently wealthy or entrepreneurs, and (often younger) remote workers.”

This job title does not exclusively mean that you own your own online business because close to 2/3 of them are earning a weekly paycheck by working remotely for established brick and mortar businesses.

DigitalNomad.Com WFA Accelerator

However, it kind of goes without saying that you will likely make more money by living the Digital Nomad Lifestyle as a Successful Online Business Owner rather than a customer service representative – as most Digital Nomad Jobs are when you are working for a business with a physical location.

Work From Anywhere Accelerator Training

Now’s a good time to swing back around to the statement I made earlier about this course not being the best training for wet behind the ears beginners to start off with.

Just to be clear here, I do not believe that Mr. Martin is not purposely trying to deceive his potential would be students in the WFA Accelerator sales video.

Instead, I’m pretty sure it was meant to be implied, in a roundabout way, that anyone considering to buy this Digital Marketing training course should have at least a basic understanding of digital advertising/ social media ads.

Along with a healthy grasp of a sales funnel and how one works.

Before you go and wright this program off as too advanced or a waste of your time and money, keep in mind that good old Christian does have quite the visual aids collection for the newly minted digital marketer on his youtube channel.

Which you can look thru here or by searching a search engine of your choice using the phrase Christian Martin Marketing YouTube.

Something that is also not elaborated on in the video that should be is the fact that you’ll have to get access to another product entirely called Clickfunnels.

Now, according to Christian and many of the folks I talked to when researching WFA Accelerator, there is a workaround in place so that the cost of the Clickfunnels program/software will end up coming out of your clients pocket instead of your own.

Personally, this sent up the red warning flags for me and did initially make me very suspicious of the whole Accelerator training program.

I mean hell, you’re already paying 1500 bucks!

So you’d think, that at the very least, they would include the $20 clickfunnels software to you for free but I must be the only one that had issue with it because among most of the WFA Students I talked to didn’t seem to have a problem with it.

The Work From Anywhere Guy’s training also gives you lifelong access to the WFA Paid Facebook Group as well as a weekly Q & A Call That happens live in real time.

In this call you’ll get to speak directly with one of the WFA Facebook Team Members to get the help you need, and in some rare instances, you’ll be conversing with Christian himself.

As an added bonus to the Q&A calls you also are granted access to recordings of all of the past Q&A calls as a way to find answers in case you find yourself stumped.

Now, Withall of that out of the way, what do ya say we go over what the Accelerator Course consists of with a week by week (Module by Module) break down.

WFA Digital Nomad Course Week 1 Module-Million Dollar Mindset

The 1st week, or module, of WFA is fairly common in all Digital Marketing training courses you may have come across in the past.

Work From Anywhere Accelerator Training

Which is a block of training materials that is basically nothing more than content meant to get your mind right.

No I do not mean sparking up a jay and taking it all in but what I am trying to say that its sole purpose is to help you get in the online money making state of mind.

For WFA Accelerator, that training material comes in the form of lessons and looks something like this:

  1.  Course Expectations
  2. Understanding The Growth Mindset
  3. Document Templates
  4. Ten Commandments
  5. Goal Setting
  6. Remind yourself
  7. Building Your Daily Habits
  8. Introduce Yourself
  9. Module Checklist
  10. Link Summary
  11. Module Feedback

Digital Nomad Course Week 2 Module- The Best Niches To Pick

Here are the 14 lessons that are included in the 2nd week, or 2nd module, of this Digital Nomad Course.

  1. Introduction to Week 2 – Your Offer
  2. Choosing your market and niching down
  3. Sizing up the competition
  4. Uncovering Your ICA
  5. Using Idea Extraction To Speed Up Your Progress
  6. Finalizing Your Offer
  7. Biggest Mistakes People Make
  8. Testing Your Offer
  9. Pricing Your Offer
  10. Your Module Checklist
  11. Module Link Summary
  12. Module Feedback

WFA Accelerator Module 3-The Funnel Formula

Now let’s take a peek at the lessons inside of the 3rd week of this Digital Nomad Course.

What Is A Digital Nomad Certification

  1. Intro To Funnel
  2. Setting Up Your Email Follow Up
  3. Share Funnel 1 – Chiropractors
  4. Share Funnel 2 – Dentists
  5. Share Funnel 3 – Massage Therapists
  6. Share Funnel 4 – Gyms
  7. Share Funnel 5 – eCommerce/Drop Shipping ads
  8. Share Funnel 6 – Supplements
  9. Share Funnel 7 – Lead Magnet
  10. Share Funnel 8 – Auto-Webinar
  11. Share Funnel 9 – Video Demonstration
  12. Share Funnel 10 – Real Estate Agents
  13. Share Funnel 11 – Divorce Attorneys
  14. Share Funnel 12 – Mortgage Brokers
  15. Share Funnel 13 – Live Events
  16. Share Funnel 14 – Real Estate Investors
  17. Share Funnel 15 – Car Dealerships
  18. Share Funnel 16 – Hair Removal
  19. Share Funnel 17 – Acupuncture
  20. Share Funnel 18 – Yoga
  21. Share Funnel 19 – Solar
  22. Share Funnel 20 – HVAC
  23. Share Funnel 21 – Personal Injury Lawyer
  24. Share Funnel 22 – Financial Planners
  25. Share Funnel 23 – Roofing
  26. How To Create Your Own Funnel
  27. Your Funnel URLs
  28. Sending Notifications To Your Clients
  29. Module Feedback

As you noticed within these 29 lessons there were a number of share funnels for many different kinds of occupations and businesses.

The ones listed in this module are only a few of the occupation based sales funnels that you will receive access to when buying in to the WFA Digital Nomad Dream.

Digital Nomad Course Module 4 Training-Winning Facebook & InstaGram Ads

Here are the 26 lessons that are located within the 4th module/week of Mr. Martin’s course.

  1. Setting Up Your Ad Campaign Overview
  2. The $9k/Month Case Study
  3. To Outsource Or Not?
  4. Introduction to Facebook Advertising
  5. Client Intake
  6. Setting Up The Fan Page
  7. Setting Up Your Ad Account
  8. Setting Up Your Pixel
  9. Tracking Your Ad Results
  10. Anatomy of a Facebook Ad
  11. The Facebook Ad Library
  12. Writing Your Copy
  13. Choosing Your Images
  14. Choosing Your Audiences and Targeting
  15. Going Live
  16. Staying Organized In Your Account
  17. Daily Ad Metric Recording
  18. Client Lead Tracking
  19. Troubleshooting
  20. Instagram Ads
  21. Module Checklist
  22. Over The Shoulder Walkthrough I
  23. Over The Shoulder Walkthrough II: Real Time
  24. When To Optimize Your Ads
  25. The Special Ad Category
  26. Module Feedback

Work From Anywhere Accelerator Week 5-The Trusted Advisor Script

As you can tell there are 10 lessons in week 5 and these lessons are geared more around of the technical side of how this training teaches you to make money.

  1. Intro to enrolling clients
  2. Setting up your Mini Funnel
  3. Adapting The Script
  4. Practicing
  5. Troubleshooting
  6. Lead Cost Benchmarks
  7. Your Crutch (Proposal)
  8. Getting Paid
  9. New Client Onboarding
  10. Module Feedback

Digital Nomad Course For Beginners Week 6 Module- Getting Clients

Now the module everyone will more than likely try and just straight to and thru.

Afterall it is the bread and butter of the entire program.

Digital Nomad Course Bonuses

  1. Introduction to Getting Clients
  2. The Signature Move
  3. Get your 1st client
  4. Getting Clients Method 1 – Part 1
  5. Getting Clients Method 1 – Part 2
  6. Supercharge Your Offer
  7. Getting Clients From P&H – Part 1
  8. ”   ”   ” P&H – ” ” 2
  9. ”   ”   ” P&H – ”  ” 3
  10. Getting Clients From LIM – Part 1
  11. ”   ”   ” LIM – Part 2
  12. Getting Clients From Big G
  13. Building Your Marketing Calendar
  14. Troubleshooting
  15. Your Client Attraction List
  16. Client Getting Automation – Introduction
  17. ”   ”   ” – The Setup
  18. ”   ”   ” – Semi-Automated Setup
  19. ”   ”   ”  – Fully Automated Setup
  20. ”  ”   ”   – Fully Automated Setup
  21. ”   ”   ”  – Templates
  22. Module Feedback

After getting a look at these lessons I’d say you probably have a few questions as to who and what some of these abbreviations are all about.

To wrap it in a nutshell, they are all digital marketing or media firms that help business owners get the word out about and grow their business.

More importantly, the word automation being used to describe a lesson plan of any kind of money making training course should immediately worry you and cause you to go on guard.

There is no such thing as automation or short cuts when it comes to generating a living online.

DigitalNomad.Com WFA Accelerator Cost

For those of you out there, that feel the same way as I do about parting with my money, this is going to be your biggest drawback to this Digital Ad Agency Development course. Review

Although, you do tend to get out what you put in and if the saying about “You Get What You Pay For” rings true than you’ll quickly come to the realization that the 1500 bucks you spend here may just be the best money you ever spent.

That is of course as long as you are a self starting individual that is not afraid of putting in the long tedious hours of intellectual work it will take to make this Digital Nomad Lifestyle dream come to fruition.

Now to the nuts and bolts of the living nightmare that is WFA Pricing.

Okay, so, the first WFA payment option is to just fork over $1497 to Mr. Martin’s bank account.

For those of us that don’t have an extra 1500 bucks just lying around, and would still like to have Christian Martin show us how to become a Digital Nomad, there is another way for us to pay.

It is a payment plan that consists of 3 partial payments of $597 each.

If you’re thinking something doesn’t add up here than you would be right.

Taking part in this alternative payment method will set you back an additional $291.

All of which will need to be paid within 90 days or in other words 1 payment of $597 every month for 3 months.

If you’ve been paying attention to the images that we have inserted in this review than you’re probably wondering what the hell a Digital Nomad Certification is and if it is worth the extra $97.

First things first, businesses that offer Digital Nomad Job opportunities will ask what experience you have working remotely.

While this certification is not going to have all of the legal bells and whistles, that mainstream educational diplomas or certifications come with, it may just go a long way in showing your level of self starting drive and initiative.

To be clear though it is not the same as an accredited degree or diploma so it probably won’t do a whole hell of a lot for you.

So Save Your Money and get your experience the old fashion way by making a name for yourself after learning the nitty gritty details from the WFA Accelerator.

The Work From Anywhere Accelerator Money Back Guarantee

This Digital Nomad Course does come with a 60 day money back guarantee and it is honored when you put in the work as well as do all of the other odds and ins that Mr.Martin asks of you in the training.

If at the end of this course you do not land a paying client and you have crossed all your T’s and dotted all your I’s before that 60 day window than ask for a refund.

That’s it – If you ask then you shall receive!

Work From Anywhere Accelerator Refund

However, there is a bit more to this Ironclad guarantee that you may already be aware of from watching his sales video, and from all of my research into one of a kind Digital Ad Agency Training Program…

It’s all Tried, True and Honored!

If you haven’t got a clue as to what I’m talking about, don’t worry, I’m about to tell ya!

You must meet all of the previously discussed guidelines for getting a refund only you won’t just be getting your money back.

You’ll also get another item of your choosing. You can either:

DigitalNomad.Com Review

Full disclosure here I tried my damnedest to find anyone who claimed to be cheated out of this deal and I was barely able to find a rare few that were able to cash in on $100 guarantee.

I don’t want to swaid anybody one way or the other.

So, it’s important to remember here that the promised result of this course is that you Land Your 1st Paying Client.

i.e. get paid once from one client.

I personally take it all with a grain of salt but it is probably just as important to point out that’s Digital Nomad Course is spoken highly of by the majority of all that have taken it.

According to Better Business Bureau customer reviews it has a solid above average success rate that stretches far beyond the acquisition of your 1st client.Work From Anywhere Digital Nomad BBB

However, and maybe this is just another me thing, but from my almost 7 years of making money online the one thing that I have noticed is that 99% of all copy paste templates don’t work.

Or even worse it makes Google an enemy of your website or brand.

Which won’t really matter if you plan on making all of your money doing social media ads/digital ads for someone else’s business and without relying on organic search traffic for leads.

It’s something that is taught in this training program.

Even with the drawbacks that this digital training product has, the good still outweighs the bad.

Which ranks this course in the top of its class and makes it a sound investment for those between the experience levels of a touch above beginner to a veteran online marketer.

This is where I depart and you either give the Work From Home Digital Nomad Course a try or venture off in hopes of finding a more affordable alternative to the WFA Accelerator. Either way we thank you for stopping by and giving our review a read.

5/5 (1 Review)

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