Work At Home EDU Review-What Is WAH EDU Legit Scam

Is Work At Home EDU Legit
– Work At Home EDU Program
Owner– Robert (Bobbie) Robinson, Michelle Withrow,
Pricing– $97
Rating– 2 out of 5 Stars

What Is Work At Home EDU (WAH EDU)

If you’ve landed here than you probably want to know What Is Work At Home EDU or if it’s legit and this WAH EDU Review will answer these questions as well as show what members are saying.What Is Work At Home EDU

The Work At Home Program is an educational training platform that teaches the fundamental basics of how you can make money from home by creating your own online business or website.

Which sounds great, right?

But what is it really and does it actually work as the sales page claims.

To avoid beating around the bush I will go ahead and tell you that while everything it tells you sounds good it’s not good for very much more than leaving you feeling broke and violated.

If you would like to see why what I say is true than here are a few short cut links to take you directly to what you wish to know or better yet see for yourself.

Work At Home EDU Pros & Cons


  • Good for absolute beginners
  • Does have a 30 day refund policy
  • offers 1-on-1 training consultation
  • claims to have phone and email supportWAH EDU Reviews


  • Has many up-sells
  • endless amount of member complaints
  • difficult to get a refund
  • 1-on-1 training is not free
  • sells your personal information to 3rd parties
  • only guarantees 3 months of member access
  • no real proof of people making money from it
  • It’s link building tactics are spam based
  • no support or forum for questions
  • customer service takes weeks for a reply

Work At Home EDU Training Info

If you have seen the sales page and video than you are aware they offer the basics in online business training as well they claim to offer some advanced training.

The advanced training is where you will run into the first of many up-sells and will cost at a minimum of at least $200.

The up-sells are not the worst of your problems if you open your wallet to far for Ms. Michelle Withrow or Mr. Robert (Bobbie) Robinson.Work At Home EDU Complaints

There are many complaints and concerns voiced by past members of possible identity theft when it came to them calling in for the “free 1-on-1 training consultant”.

All of the comments were the same and all said that they were asked uncomfortable questions about their credit scores and other personal information one should never give out online.

Or anywhere else for that matter!

Here is one of those comments made on the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website.

‘Click To See Full Size’

Work At Home EDU Testimonials

So needless to say, stay away from the phone call regarding your free 1-on-1 with an expert consultant.

Let’s get into what you can expect to find in the way of training and what you will learn from your 60 minutes a day for winning with your online business.

Here is what EDU says you’ll get.

WAH EDU Training Materials

Here is what all of that means:

  1. 100 HD videos of basic internet marketing business training
  2. Basic SEO and Link Building Tactics
  3. General videos relating to the online business mindset and new business obstacles
  4. How to earn with CPA(Click Per Action)
  5. Tools to use for Traffic Generation
  6. A general introduction to WAH and an internet business

Something that you may have noticed and seems to show up over and over again, is the use of the words ‘basic’ and ‘general’.Is WAH EDU By Bobbie Robinson A Scam

This is because all of what you will find under the edu hood is the absolute basics of internet marketing and online business creation.

All of which can be found for free online with a few detailed Google Searches.

However, the information you find here is a good starting point for beginners but the buck stops there in regards to learning anything else of value.

Work At Home EDU Pricing and Refunds

When it comes to the price of this system it changes just about as much as the names this training course has gone by over the years since it was created in 2011.

In case you are wondering what I mean by this allow me to elaborate.

On their sales page you are told that the price of admission is $97 for 3 months worth of unlimited access.

WAH EDU Work At Home EDU Cost

Now if you try to leave the page a pop up will present it’s self telling you that if you decide to stay you can get a discounted purchase rate of $77 for the same access time.

Take this one step further and try to click out a second time and you can now get the same $97 system for half the price at a discount of 47 bucks.

This price changing tactic happens to be an usual sign of a scam but the complaints surrounding the refund policy alone should be enough to keep even the 13 year old youngsters allowed to legally buy it away.

At the backbone of this training courses marketing efforts is the “30 day Rock Solid” and the 60 day “Personal Iron Clad” no questions asked guarantees.

However, the only thing that seems to be for certain about EDU is that you will undoubtedly have to fight tooth and nail or threaten them with your states attorney general’s office to actually get a refund.

Here is yet again another complaint to back it up.

WAH EDU Scam Complaints

Work At Home EDU Review

During my research I found many different signals that without a doubt make me question the legitimacy of this marketing course.

One of the most apparent of these scam signals is that it looks identical other courses like it and by no coincidence they all have the names Robert (Bobbie) Robinson and Michelle Withrow tied to them.

Here are a few of those programs and their logo’s images.

Work At Home University

Work at Home University

Work At Home Revenue

WAH Revenue

Work At Home Institute

Work At Home (WAH) Institute

Another sign that seemed to be unanimous among all of the complaints was the absence of phone and email support that is promised by this organization.

Even if you did happen to get a hold of support it takes them on average 3 an a half weeks to respond and when they do you are almost certain to be bombarded with up-sells.

So while they strong arm you over issuing refunds and try to up sell you at every turn, the product does offer a little value to the beginners of the online marketing profession.

Which is why I gave this below par online business course a ratings score of 2 stars instead of the 0 rating it would have gotten if not for it’s value to beginners.

However, I don’t believe it to be worth 47 bucks much less the original sticker price of $97.

There are much better options for internet marketing business training that are cheaper and even some that are free.

If you do decide this is something you want to try than you should be aware that there are many complaints of this company charging small amounts periodically to their credit cards without consent.

Work At Home EDU Review

So keep an eye on your credit card statements and bank withdraws as well as what personal info you give out.

Because they openly admit in their Terms of Service policy that they will sell it to 3rd parties.

That’s it for this WAH EDU Review into exactly What Work At Home edu is and if it’s legit or a scam. If you have any questions or experiences with Bobbie Robinson’s training course feel free to leave them below. Wealthy Affiliate Sign Up

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    Hi, I agree with you. The WAH EDU doesn’t appear to be a good tool for online money making. Rather, they just care about their interest and is not sincere in helping those who really want to create side income. The negative comment about its customer support and the slow refund has somehow turn off any of its potential customer who eagerly require their support, especially at the beginning of their online business journey

  4. Jason


    Yes they have been changing their name for years now and in part it was just to maximize their profits by having more than one of these programs for people o find.

    However it is not at all worth the money and there are by far better training courses and programs to use.

    Anyways, it is good to hear that you did not get caught up in the web of WorkAtHome EDU.

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    Hi Jason

    I liked the fact that you were very straight-forward about this SCAM and that you proved it with several images.

    So they just put a spin on their product and gave it a new name to deceive more people into purchasing their crappy training.

    I encountered Work At Home EDU in an email I got today and after a quick search I found myself reading your post.

    I’m glad I did because after watching the video that was linked to the email I was almost convinced I found a real trustworthy opportunity. I could have been taken too and be just another Better Business Bureau complaint.

    In short I just want to say thank you for honestly reviewing this product.

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