What Is Info Cash 2.0-Chris Carpenter’s InfoCash 2 System Review

Info Cash 2 Review
OwnerChris Carpenter
Price- $47/lifetime, Personal Coaching $197
Rating- 4 out of 5 stars
URL- http://chrisc.com/info-cash
Alternative- Facebook Video Ads Training

A few weeks ago I got wind of Chris Carpenter releasing a new online money making training system called Info Cash 2. So to help show folks exactly What is Info Cash 2 I did a bit of poking around and put together this Chris Carpenter Info Cash 2 review.

Is Info Cash 2.0 a Scam

That and I enjoy exposing the truth about online money making systems, Good or Bad.

To be quite honest, when I heard of this system I was rather excited because many folks made a killing off of his first system called Google Cash.

Which basically teaches the same methods as IC2 (Info Cash 2.0) except it was done with PPC ads in Google instead of Facebook and Bing.

But is this system anything like Google Cash or is it just a last ditch attempt for a struggling marketer to ride the final waves of a fading success story?

Update-  Unfortunately this course no longer exists nor does he have a new one (right now) but almost all affiliate marketing training courses teach the very thing Chris does.

With that said, here is the book that he is referring people to for the purpose of learning more about how to make money online.

While I have not read “said book” I can not speak personally to it’s usefulness but I can tell you from what I have learned through researching it.

All the info I gathered does suggest that this book is going to have some great value to any marketing beginner.

What Is Info Cash 2

Word is, this system will show you how to use direct linking to financially capitalize on the newly found friendship between Bing and Facebook without ever having to:

A while back the two joined forces. (Bing and Facebook)

They created a search engine that allows Facebook users to search the internet and buy products without ever having to leave their Facebook comfort zone.

That is where Mr. Carpenter’s system comes into play by showing you how to utilize these PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads that show up to the right of search results by attaching your affiliate link to them.

In other words, this system teaches you how to place PPC ads that when people click on them they are taken to a merchants website instead of yours.

get info cash 2 by Chris Carpenter

Which will result in you getting a commission from that merchant if they buy whatever it was that caught their eye when they clicked your affiliate link.

See, back in the day when it was much easier to make money by building an online business, and before Google decided to start changing the rules, you were able to directly link buyers and sellers using your affiliate link in the PPC (Pay Per Click) ads that pop up in Google searches.

It was extremely profitable too!

So, Great news!

Bing still allows this kind of direct linking.

The bad news is that most affiliate programs require you to have your own website in order for you to be an eligible affiliate.

However, there are several affiliate programs that do not require you to own a website.

In Chris’s system he shows you which affiliate programs you can use and the ones that will make you the most money possible using his technique.

As one that has done this sort of direct linking personally I can speak from experience and tell you can make some pretty serious money doing it.

InfoCash 2 Pros and Cons


  • 60 day Money back Guarantee
  • Not a lot of Up-Sells
  • Decently Priced
  • Can make money using these kinds of methods
  • Easy to follow video training
  • Good for beginners
  • Has decent support
  • Don’t need a website

Chris Carpenter Info Cash 2 Review


  • Takes money to get started
  • Costs $197 for Chris’s personal coaching (Up-Sell)
  • Limited on the number of affiliate products you can promote
  • Not many people buy products in Facebook
  • PPC ads cost money to post

Info Cash 2 Training Methods By Chris Carpenter

Info Cash 2.0 is broke down into three phases of training with each one building on the one before it and is intended to teach folks with no experience making money online how to do so through the use of easy to understand video tutorials.

Phase 1- Aimed specifically at beginners and teaches you how to use PPC ads for affiliate marketing by direct linking.

This training is delivered in step by step video tutorials for how to find a product to promote to how to set up a campaign for promoting it.

As Chris says all of his training is centered around how to make money with out a websiteInfo Cash 2 Review and in this newbie based phase of his training that is what he teaches you.

Phase 2- This phase of the training starts to get a bit more advanced but not so much that a beginner can not understand it.

This is where Chris shows you how to create an email mailing list for you to use later on for selling products as an affiliate and also for what he will teach you in the next phase of his money system training.

He also goes into a bit of detail about WordPress, publishing, and conversion tracking but none of this training really needs to be accessed because you could stay at phase 1 to make money.

Phase 3- In this phase you are going to getting into advanced lessons that will teach you how to create your own products to sell.

The other phases up to this point have been building up to this.

The lessons in this phase will be going over how to create eBooks, membership websites, and even how to create video or audio eBooks.

As I said before this is for the advanced marketer.

Meaning one that already has his own website or blog.

It doesn’t mean a beginner can not do this it just means that it is going to take you some time to get to this stage of marketing.

Become the Next to Profit from Chris’s System and Buy Info Cash 2

What Does InfoCash 2 Cost

The good news here is that it is not going to be another payment that you have to keep up with from month to month and you won’t have to worry about a constant bombardment of never ending up sells.

Info Cash 2.0 by Chris CarpenterYou can own this training system for a one time payment of $47 which is not really that bad especially if you are new to the online world of money making.

Although, like the majority of online money making training programs that are offered up by successful marketers, there is going to be at least that one up-sell for personal couching.

This system is no different but what is different from the other’s like it is the price for the personal coaching.

This one will not end up with you robbing Peter to pay Paul because it’s decently affordable.

Just one payment of $197.

This system also offers pretty good support which is given mostly by Chris himself but there is a catch.

You will have to buy the coaching up-sell to get it unless you are wanting to get your money back.

In that case all you have to do is contact customer support and your money is refunded with in just a few days.

Info Cash 2.0 Review

As far as legitimacy is concerned I really don’t think that you should worry about being scammed.


There are a few things that I would like to point out about this system that I think you should keep in mind before purchasing.

What is Info Cash 2

First and foremost, I want to point out that you are going to have to put up quite a bit of money to get the ball rolling.

If you take it seriously, work at it consistently, and do your market research than you stand a good chance of making Great money using Chris Carpenter’s system.

Second, you are not going to have your own website and without one you are limited in what you can promote as an affiliate.

So, if you are interested in using these kinds of methods you are going to want to eventually invest in building your own website.

Most people on Facebook are window shoppers and usually do not buy things that they find inside of Facebook.

However, it is still a relatively new concept as far as a Bing powered Facebook search engine goes so this could very easily change with more options becoming available to it’s users.

So, What Is IC2?

I would say a legit way to learn an old strategy for a new audience but don’t take my word for it.

Do your own research before buying anything…..But I don’t call this site HONEST Online Money for nothing.

Well, That’s all folks….

I hope my Chris Carpenter Info Cash 2 review shined some light on what it is and if Info Cash 2 is a scam or not.  If you have questions or experiences with Chris Carpenter’s system feel free to comment. Also, don’t forget to click the share button below and give the rest of the world a little taste of honesty.

Thanks For Reading!

Info Cash 2 money making alternative

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  1. Peter Quinn.

    Thank you Jason. Greatly appreciated.


  2. Jason

    Hi Peter,

    Sorry it took so long to get back to you but there was much for me to do today. You are absolutely no bother at all and I don’t mind one bit to answer any of your questions.

    After all, I asked for it to be that way. Now on to your questions.

    The part I mentioned about the website is pretty much what you thought and yes you’re right about the fan page as well. See most of the time folks don’t just jump into buying something without doing a bit of either research or price checking on there own first. That goes double for purchases off of Facebook Ads and that is why I mentioned a website.

    If you think about it, when was the last time you bought anything online by just clicking an ad, filling out the sales page, and clicking buy now.

    Unless you are an impulse shopper the answer is probably never and evermore so never from something that looked a bit sketchy and unprofessional.

    If you give people a informative landing page to go to after your fan page and before the sales page the better chance you have of making a commission. With that said, a small website would be idea for easing the customers mind by answering any additional questions they may have.

    As for your next question I don’t know the extent of your marketing knowledge and Yes not being familiar with Facebook would make it rather difficult to run a Facebook marketing campaign.

    The fan page builder would be idea in your situation but it would probably be much cheaper to get the help of someone you trust to either show you what you need to know or run this campaign for you.

    Me personally, I would try to enlist the assistance of someone else for cheaper first and wait a short while to analyze the successes and failures of their efforts. This way I could adequately gauge the potential of this investment before I committed to much money to it.

    Hope this helped Mr. Quinn and please feel free to ask any questions you may.

    It’s really no bother Peter,

  3. Peter Quinn

    Thanks for such a quick response Jason!

    I don’t mean to bother you but I will ask you a final question.

    You mention having a website as being important but isn’t this about having a relevant fan page in Facebook?

    Or are you saying that when they click on the PPC link inside FaceBook that it should take them to a website OTHER THAN the actual product manufacturer/seller’s website?

    Not sure I understand where the website fits in. Can you explain that a little more please?

    Finally, and I lied about it being one question.

    Chris also offers his “Fan Page Builder” for an additional cost. I see value in this because I’m one of the 5 people in the world who don’t use Facebook socially, therefore, I would want someone else to take care of this due to complete unfamiliarity.

    My question is would you use their Builder on the basis it’s creating what they think will work the best or just outsource to anyone offering this service for less money?

    I Promise no more questions. Thank you ever so much again.
    Peter Q.

  4. Jason


    First off thanks for finding your way here and yes it does seem that Google has thrown me a bit of a bone when it comes to Info Cash.

    It is still alive and yes money is still being made with it’s practices.

    However, it is becoming a bit more saturated with everyone and their brother trying their hand at being an affiliate.

    Being that most of the folks trying to do this are trying so on their own without any real knowledge of what they are doing and most folks don’t have a website of their own to send them to first.

    Which granted you don’t necessarily need one but it does help the folks on the other end of that link feel a bit more secure about spending their money. Just looks more professional that way.

    I don’t think Facebook will be changing the advertising rules anytime soon. Well, not in a way that will effect the efficiency of Chris’s system.

    I had a few folks buy into it last week and the PM’s a few of them sent me (3) said that they were starting to see results.

    Hope this helped answer your questions and again thanks for stopping by Gary.

  5. Peter Quinn.

    Hi Jason. Looks like your article here is having a resurgence! Well done.

    This one looks OK to me especially for someone like myself who is looking for major simplicity.

    However I note that most of the Info Cash material (site, blogs, YouTube videos, you name it), is all 2-3 years old. It’s almost like they went on a big promotional drive and then stopped.

    That’s their choice of course but my questions are:

    Are they still alive and kicking and viable??

    They talk a lot about the current window of opportunity with Facebook/Bing ads being both available, and cheap but is that still the case?

    Or has everyone jumping on the bandwagon in the last couple of years driven the advertising price up, thereby reducing the opportunity that used to be available? (Chris refers to the Google opportunity having run for a good 10 years or so for him).

    So I’m interested, but just want to ensure the opportunity still exists in a real sense?

    Thanks for your wonderful articles.


  6. Jason

    Hi Mindy,

    First allow me to address the error on my part as well as thank you for pointing it out.

    I did intend to give the Info Cash 2 Program a 4 out of 5 star rating. That was a clerical error and I apologize for any confusion.

    Now as for your idea and just giving a yes or no answer to it. The answer is yes, it would help out in conversions as well as potential traffic.

    However there is a bit more to answering that goes into answering a question such as this but the short of it is that a landing page before the sales page would be much more beneficial to you and any potential customers than not having one at all.

    Just keep in mind that without a full website you will have to drive all of the traffic there yourself and you’re not likely to get any rankings for your webpage in search engines. Which means no free traffic from sites like Google or Bing.

    Thanks for reading Mindy and again for helping point out my mistake.

  7. Mindy

    Hi Jason. Another good review, thank you.
    I note that at the top of the article u give it a 3 out of 5 stars, but at the end it is given 4 out of 5.
    A big premise of the article is the natural limitation of not having a website. But I could jump onto Fiverr com and have one built in 12 hours for next to nothing. Sure, it certainly wouldn’t be comparable to a fully managed site, but in your opinion would it be enough to help get more advantage out of this particular program, even if it was simply a ‘landing strip’ for customers?


  8. Jason

    As do I Darius,

    Good news is that this system has the potential to help you feed your wallet. If you put forth the effort and follow the directions given to you by Chris Carpenter.

    Thanks for reading,

  9. darius

    I love money

  10. Jason

    Hey there Todd,

    I haven’t done what I consider extensive research but when I was gathering my evidence for this review I couldn’t help but to find some of the case studies regarding this.

    You are right with pinterest the numbers are staggering however the number of buyers in Facebook are increasing a small percentage.

    Ultimately though Todd people that use Facebook are not interested in buying. If I remember correctly I believe it was something like 15-20% actually click the ads and only 5% of them would buy.

    Although there are billions of Facebook users logged in at any given time so that equals out to a lot of dough being moved through the social giant.

    If you can laser target the right audience than It is safe to say that there is a small fortune to be had and this is what Info Cash is all about.
    Thanks for reading and I hope I answered your question,

  11. Todd

    Hi Jason,
    Really enjoyed the article and the concept of Chris Carpenter new Info Cash 2.0 is intriguing.

    I think you make some really good points about the limitations and the program. I would imagine with his coaching, program cost, and ad costs one might be paying a couple of thousand dollars to try it out.

    I have read recently that with Facebook, people tend to primarily use it for personal connections and that most people don’t tend to buy on Facebook. Versus Pinterest the users buy at an alarming rates.

    Personally, I only use Facebook for social connections and business reasons. I don’t think I would buy from Facebook ads.

    Have you done any research on this? Would love to hear back from you on this question.


  12. Jason

    Thank you, I really appreciate your feedback and I’m glad that you found this Info Cash 2.0 Review of interest.

    Come on back anytime

  13. Gunnar Moon

    Very interesting! A solid review in my opinion!

  14. Jason

    Yeah that sounds a lot like my experience with pay per click.

    Although it brought traffic and some sales I wasn’t very happy with the ROI I received from it. So needless to say I limit the finances that I invest in it to an absolute bare minimum.

    There are folks out there that are having a pretty good go with Chris Carpenter’s Info Cash 2.0 that hasn’t had a lot of success with PPC before.

    So Chris is doing something right.

    Thanks Ms. Linda for sharing your story and opinion,

  15. Ms. Linda

    I was doing PPC some years ago. I was doing well, for awhile. then I got my bill, I owed $283.00 for my PPC’s. That hurt and opened my eyes.
    I agree with you. People will do what they are going to do. But if they can make this program work for them, then more power to them and Good luck.
    I will stick to a proven way of Affiliate Marketing. Hard Work And Dedication.

  16. Jason

    Hello there Ashley,

    I try to be as honest as I possibly can because there are some that no matter what you say still want what they want.

    There is nothing wrong with that and that is why I try to at the bare minimum help people know whether or not what their looking for will he;lp out at all.

    Thanks Ashley for your kind words and come on back anytime.

  17. Ashley A

    Hey what a wonderful post! I love that you’re so honest and admit that some money could be made from this Chris Carpenter’s Training. That’s hard to do in an industry where you would really hope that others would choose the system that YOU know works best. But I truly respect your honesty and I know that it will lead to success in the end! Great work here!

  18. Jason

    Yeah your right it’s gonna cost some money for your PPC ads but If it’s anything like Google cash first was than it might be well worth it.

    Thanks for Reading Amanda,

  19. Jason

    I know right, without a website. It seems that some are reporting that they are making some cash with the help of Chris and as long as it still works like Google cash did back in the day than I can believe it.

    However I myself don’t like limitations on what I can and can not promote and not having a website will definitely do that.

    I think there is money to be made here although with Google closing the door on direct linking makes me wonder how long it will take before Bing follows suit.
    Thanks For adding to the excitement Robert
    I always enjoy when folks post their thoughts.

  20. Robert

    Wow, you don’t need a website to participate? In this day and age I would think, and it is true as you pointed out, that not having a website would limit you as to how many affiliate programs you could use.

    But I could see a brand new newbie who has a couple of hundred to waste, or not waste, would invest in this program. Lord knows I spent a lot of money on many make money online programs. Thanks for sharing this Jason. It may be limited in the amount of available affiliates but at least it is not an outright scam.

  21. Amanda Grimm

    Thanks for the informative review. Nothing is worse than buying into a system, only to find out you have to keep pouring money in to make it work. Looks interesting though.

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