Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019-Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It

Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam Or Worth The Money
Product– The Wealthy Affiliate.Com Program
Co-Owners– Kyle Loudoun & Carson Lim
Cost– Starter/Free Membership; Premium Monthly-$49; Yearly-$359
Rating– 5 Out Of 5 Stars

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019

Over the past few months there have been several upgrades/updates to the Wealthy Affiliate Program/Platform (wealthyaffiliate.com) and to ensure everything about this Online Entrepreneur Training Course remains up-to-date we’ve put together this Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Is It Worth It

In it we’ll be answering some of the more commonly asked questions about this MMO (Make Money Online) training site to help highlight any benefits or expose any complaints that may be associated with it.

For Instance we will be answering questions like:

  • Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It
  • What Is WealthyAffiliate.com
  • What The WealthyAffiliate.com Courses Teach
  • How It’s Affiliate Program And Commissions Work
  • How Much WA Costs

I’ll also be disclosing what I’ve discovered about it’s Affiliate Program (including commissions), various ways you can make money with Wealthy Affiliate and the online business tools/resources that make becoming member a worthwhile investment.

Because ultimately, I’ll show you why it is one of the few legit online money making opportunities for beginners to learn from and have success with online.

So, what do you say?

Do you wanna learn more about this online training platform and whether or not Wealthy Affiliate Is Really Worth It Or Just A Waste Of Your Time and Money?

Great Lets Get Started!

What Is Wealthy Affiliate

Let’s jump start this review by answering What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Program?

Simply put, the WA Program is hands down one of the best programs for learning everything you need to know about making money online as a beginner or an intermediate marketer.

www wealthyaffiliate com reviews

A more technical description would be that…

It’s an online money making/online marketing training platform founded in 2005 (Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim) for the purpose of teaching folks the right way of starting a profitable online business from home or how to successfully make money with affiliate marketing.

All by which is done with the aid of 100’s of hours worth of step-by-step, over the shoulder style, video training classes that any beginner can easily understand.

With that said, let’s take a look at the training that has quite literally changed lives as well as will walk you thru making your dreams of a passive income possible.

2019 Wealthy Affiliate Training Courses

This training site is broken down into 2 courses and each course contains specially built classes to maximize success and each of these classes contain 10 specialized lessons.

All of which is continually updated and added to as online marketing strategies and best practices change due to things like search engine algorithm updates or niche market changes.

To ensure you stay on schedule, and that you’ve retained the knowledge needed to succeed, you’ll have set of tasks to complete at the end of each lesson.

Basically, each lesson comes with it own specially designed tests!

Well, how about I just let the training instructor/owner tell you himself in the video below!

Truly Great Detailed Review All About The Wealthy Affiliate

Now, to give you a better idea of what each WealthyAffiliate.Com course will teach you, I’ve broken them down, class by class, lesson by lesson.

The Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp

We’ll start by looking at The Affiliate Bootcamp and if this course happens to tickle your fancy than click those pretty blue words to learn more about it.

As for the rest of us let’s take a brief look at what you can expect if you enroll yourself in this course.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Really Free

The Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Bootcamp Classroom consists of 7 phases (classes) with 10 lessons in each class.

Here are those classes and lessons.

Phase 1- Getting Your Business Rolling

  1. Getting Started
  2. Choosing Your Direction
  3. Building Your Website
  4. A website Look Around
  5. Activating Your Plugins
  6. Getting Your Website Ready For SEO
  7. Your Initial Framework Of Content
  8. Understanding The Keyword Research Process
  9. Creating Thoughtful Insightful Reviews
  10. The Exciting Journey Has Begun

Now before I go any further I want to point out that this is as far as the starter membership will get you within the Bootcamp as well as with the Entrepreneur Certification course.

As a Starter Member (Free Member) you get access to the first 10 lesson class of each course.

That’s not bad at all considering it’s free.

Plus, you were never asked to put in any credit card information, so you don’t have to worry with cancelling anything before time runs out and you get charged.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legitimate Or Not

Phase 2- Content, Keywords, And Conversions

  1. Creating readable content that converts
  2. Properly Using Affiliate Links
  3. Understanding Keywords & A Day Of Selling
  4. Creating Reviews & Using Targeted Keywords
  5. Take A Break, Catch Up
  6. Backing Up Your Website
  7. Enhancing Your Website “Experience”
  8. Building More Content Thru Internal Links
  9. Write A Review And Share It
  10. Offering Bonuses The Easy WA Way
Phase 3- Giving Your Site Social Value

  1. Making Your Site Social With Plugins
  2. Making Your Social Profiles Brand Friendly
  3. How To Create Socially Engaging Content
  4. It’s All About Making Friends With Google
  5. Take A Social Hiatus
  6. Power Writing Gone Wild
  7. Adding Google Analytics To Your Site
  8. Leveraging The Jaaxy Affiliate Program
  9. Making Promotional Use Of Your Sidebar
  10. Build, Build, And Build Some MoreIs Wealthy Affiliate Worth The Money
Phase 4- Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through

  1. Introduction To Website Design
  2. An Image Says A Thousand Things
  3. Leveraging WA Videos
  4. Creating Logo’s and Images
  5. Take A Break and Catch Up
  6. Creating An Effective Jaaxy Review
  7. More Keyword Research Tips
  8. Pinning Habits Lead To Pinterest Power
  9. Creating Your Own Videos Using The Power Of SEO
  10. A Lesson On Customer Perspective
Phase 5- Knowing Your Audiences/Captivating Your Referrals

  1. Creating Content With Intent
  2. Getting Your Comments To Convert
  3. Video, A Huge Source Of Traffic
  4. From Keywords To Live On YouTube
  5. A discussion on Reviews and another Chance To Catch Up
  6. The Ultimate Referral Tool
  7. Incorporating Custom Sign Up Forms
  8. Helping Folks Is Critical
  9. Creating Custom Video Sign Up Pages
  10. Creating A Plan Of Attack
Phase 6- Bing, Yahoo, & The Power of PPC

  1. An Introduction To Bing’s PPC Ads
  2. Letting Bing and Yahoo Know About Your Site
  3. Paying For Traffic On Bing and Yahoo
  4. Setting Up Your 1st PPC Campaign
  5. Try It For Yourself-Creating A Budget
  6. Creating Bite Size Ad Groups
  7. Setting Up Conversion Tracking
  8. Capitalizing On Hidden PPC Landing Pages
  9. Getting Real Creative With Keywords
  10. Refining Your PPC Campaigns and Your Journey So Far
Phase 7- How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns

  1. The Power Of A Good Testimonial
  2. Understanding The Google Analytics Opportunity
  3. Maximizing Review Pages With PPC
  4. Affiliate Marketer Obligations and Responsibilities
  5. Mastering The Flow Of Relevance
  6. The Double Down Approach To PPC Marketing
  7. When To And When Not To Direct Link
  8. The Mathematical Business Model Of PPC
  9. Using Concise Pages For PPC
  10. Creating A Long Term Scale-able PPC Campaign

Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneurs Certification

Next up is the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneurs Certification Course and while you won’t be receiving a physical certification letter upon completion you will be, by all rights, a certified Online Entrepreneur!

Which will open many doors of opportunity to you online.

Better yet, you’ll have all the tools and knowledge needed to make money online at will.

This one of a kind educational platform is broken down into 5 levels and within each level (Class) you’ll find 10 lessons that will show you how to make money online in any niche imaginable.

Now if you’re not sure this training site is the right fit for you than you can sign up for free and immerse yourself in the entire 1st 10 lesson class but I’ll bet it won’t take you that long to see just how much value Wealthy Affiliate truly holds.

I’ll leave the decision making to you and push ahead into what it is you’ll learn from those first 10 lessons!Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019

This first set of lessons can be found under the level called Getting Started and below are the lessons you’ll find there.

  1. Getting Rolling
  2. Understanding How To Make Money Online
  3. Choosing A Niche
  4. Building Your Own Website
  5. Setting Up Your Website
  6. Getting Your Site Search Engine Ready + Friendly
  7. Creating Your Initial Website Content
  8. Learning To Create Custom Site Menus
  9. Understanding Keywords, The Start Of Traffic Generation
  10. Congrats and Understanding Your Next Steps

Now here is what the premium level training of the Online Entrepreneur Certification course holds.

Level 2- Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website

  1. Your Own Domain, Your Brand
  2. Move On Over My Brand Has Arrived
  3. Creating Keyword Rich Content
  4. Setting Up A Domain Specific Email Account
  5. The Traffic Breakdown
  6. Making Use Of Visuals
  7. Understanding The Low Hanging Fruit
  8. Making Face As A Real Person
  9. Amplifying Your Google Love With Google
  10. Boosting Your WA Ranks

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It

Level 3- Making Money Online With Wealthy Affiliate

  1. Understanding The Money In Online Business
  2. Understanding Affiliate Programs and Networks
  3. Relevant Affiliate Programs Are Everywhere! Lets Find Them
  4. The Proper Way To Add Affiliate Links To Your Pages
  5. Instant Access To a Million Affiliate Products
  6. Leveraging Products Reviews
  7. Getting Paid For Ads On Your Site
  8. Earning Pennies Or Dollars
  9. A Brilliant Way To Track And Understand Traffic
  10. With Help Comes Financial Success

WealthyAffiliate Money Making Training

Level 4- Mastering Social Engagement

  1. What Does Social Engagement Mean To Your Business
  2. Making Your Website A Place To Engage
  3. Using Facebook The Right Way
  4. Pinterest & The Visual Social Hemisphere
  5. Incorporating A Sound Tweeting Campaign
  6. Google Plus or Minus
  7. The Benefit of Being Social At WA
  8. How To Make Your Social Media Strategy & Campaigns Branding Animals
  9. Using The WA Social Community
  10. You Can’t Be A Master Of Everything

Does WA's Online Entrepreneur Training Work

Level 5- Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

  1. Content Is Your Business
  2. Setting Up Google Webmaster Tools
  3. Improving Indexing Times and Speeds
  4. People Need To Read Your Content
  5. A Year Is A Short Period Of Time, Yet It’s Big For Online Business
  6. Writing Within a Devised Plan Architecture
  7. Writing Content With Conversion Intent
  8. Injecting Comments With Intent
  9. Bing And Yahoo, They’re Still 33% of All Search Traffic
  10. Articulating a Plan Of Success For The Months and Year To Come

Is WealthyAffiliate The Best Online Entrepreneur Training Course

In addition to the 2 major courses, WA also has a classroom platform that gives you access to a total of 12 classes.

The 2 above plus an additional 10 which cover the following:

  1. e-Commerce
  2. Drop-Shipping
  3. Local Marketing
  4. Adsense
  5. Facebook ads
  6. SEO
  7. Pay-Per-Click
  8. eMail Marketing
  9. Lead Generation
  10. Content Creation

There is always the possibility that you don’t find the particular training block you’re looking for and for those rare cases you will find a button within your dashboard where you can send a request directly to the owners and have the build that class for you.

Just one more benefit of this online training platform that has been designed to set people up for success instead of failure.

Wealthy Affiliate 2019 Membership Pricing

You can become a part of this online training platform by choosing and signing up for one of the three membership options.

Each of which carry a different pricing scales as well as unlocks a different set of features and training resources.

Starting with the cheapest option first, here are those membership options along with details of what each one unlocks.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership

This will be the entry point for anyone that wants to decide for themselves what they are really all about.Wealthy Affiliate Free vs Premium Membership Comparison

This option is absolutely free and as long as you’re new to the WA family you’ll get access to a one time 59% discount on your first months membership fee.

Leaving you to pay only $19 for your first month.

If you so choose to become a premium member, that is!

Keep in mind though that you’re never under any obligation, whatsoever, to buy nor will you have to give out any of your personal info.

It’s simply an all around, 100%, free membership for as long as you so choose to be one.

If you take advantage of this option you’ll be given access to the 1st 10 lesson class to each of the courses.

The WA Affiliate Bootcamp and The Online Entrepreneur Certification course.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Monthly (Gold Membership)

This membership level is where you’ll get your first glimpse at membership fees.

Again, if you’re new to WA than you’ll be eligible for the discount on your first month and every month thereafter will cost you $49.

Wealthy Affiliate 2019 Premium Membership SpecialPremium unlocks the full money making power by granting complete unrestricted access to all of its training, tools, and features of both the Bootcamp and Entrepreneur courses.

In addition to the plethora of training materials you’ll also get a 25% bump on your commission rates.

I’ll go into the affiliate program details more in just a moment.

Wealthy Affiliate.com University Yearly

Just like monthly this membership level also gives you unrestricted access to the entire platform and the same commission rate increase.

The only difference is the amount of money that you save ($250) on member dues by paying $359 one time a year as opposed to paying the 49 bucks every month.

Which not only means you keep more of your money but you’ll also make more throughout the year by not having to pay your dues out of your Wealthy Affiliate commissions.

2019 Wealthy Affiliate Online Business Tools & Benefits

Dishing out extra benefits and features to paying members is not a new concept to membership sites and WA is no exception to that rule.

After all, it is still a business and they couldn’t keep the doors open if they gave all their secrets away for free.

They do however do the whole “benefits package thing” better than most other training sites like them.

Not to mention, they also offer up these perks for a whole hell of a lot cheaper than even their closest competitors

So, in the spirit of transparency,I will go ahead and take a moment to list the extra tools and features you will obtain access to by, As WA Calls It, going Premium.

WealthyAffiliate Com Scam

  • Free Keyword Tool– Going Premium gives you Free access to the keyword tool known as Jaaxy. Which also includes Jaaxy’s affiliate program.
  • 24/7 Technical Support– No matter the time of day or night you can expect a response within minutes of submitting any support request.
  • 24/7 Live Chat(Help)– This is where you can ask questions, anytime, and get help from experienced online marketers and even the owners themselves. However it’ll depend on the time of day you’re asking your questions as to whether or not you get your answer from the WA Owners.
  • Personal Coaching– This is basically what the training offered at WA is but you can also get another layer added by reaching out to some of the more prominent and experienced members to ask for 1-on-1 help.
  • SiteSpeed Servers– Speed is a major ranking factor to today’s search engines. Not to mention that a site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load will lose 35% of it’s traffic and it gets a whole lot worse for sites that load over 3 seconds. WA’s website platform speeds up your site without compromising any of the crucial ranking factors keeping your website at the top of the big name search engines.
  • Free SSL (https) Sites– As a premium member you’ll also be able to easily move your site over to https compliant with a simple click of a button.
  • Free Server Level Spam Blocker– As an added layer of security WA blocks 99% of any and all spam comments at the server level which will in turn free up extra space on your site making it even faster.
  • 1,000’s of hours of extra training– While there 2 major courses cover just about anything you would ever need to know about making money online there are some rare occasions that you’ll need a bit of additional help. For those times you can turn to one of the 1,000’s of extra step by step training videos.

Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program + Commissions

If you’ve been wondering how you can make money with WA than getting in on their affiliate program is a good place to start.

However, it is in no way shape or form the only way that you can make money with their assistance.

The affiliate program is pretty cut and dry and in 5 years of being a member I have never ran into any trouble or long wait times regarding the payment of my commissions.

To become an affiliate you’ll have to at least sign up for the free membership.

How To Make Wealthy Affiliate Commissions

Although, starter members do not get the same 49% commission rate as their premium counterparts.

Instead, free members will bring home 24% of any sales they make but they’ll have to wait until the 1st of every month to get paid just like the paid members.

Another thing that effects both paid and free members is the payment threshold.

Which is 20 bucks!

You’ll also get paid $1 for every two people that sign up for the free membership and fill in the required info on their profile page.

So here is a run down of what you can expect to make from each sale as a:

Wealthy Affiliate Compensation

  • 1st month discount sale of $19- You make $8
  • Premium Monthly Sale ($49)- You make $23.50 a month
  • Yearly Sale ($359)- Your Commission payment is $175

Free Wealthy Affiliate Compensation Plan

  • 1st month discount sale of $19- You make $4
  • Premium Monthly Sale ($49)- You make $11.75 a month
  • Yearly Sale ($359)- Your Commission payment is $87.50

Oh, that reminds me!Wealthy Affiliate Commission Rates

Any commissions earned from a Premium yearly membership sale are held for 30 days before the payment is issued to you.

This is a precaution that WA takes to safe guard it’s members from being taken advantage of by the shady folks that buy yearly and then call there banks or credit card companies to get refunded by falsely reporting the payment unapproved.

And believe you me, this sadly happens every year, in many different affiliate programs, and to quite a bit of affiliates.

That should cover the affiliate program but if I missed something, or you just have questions in general, don’t hesitate to ask them below.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It Or What

You’ve probably already ascertained that I hold Wealthy Affiliate in high regards.

Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Bootcamp Course

However, they’ve earned every last bit of my admiration over the years by holding true to their word and doing exactly what it was they said they would do.

Which was teaching me how to make money online!

One of the things that I liked the most about this program and was a deciding factor for me when I was looking into whether or not WA University was a scam was a statement that was made repeatedly in the training.

That statement was “WA is not a get rich quick scheme and you won’t make money overnight”.

I had been took to the cleaners a time or 2 before joining WA so their honesty was a breath of fresh air to me and remains one to this day.

Now, being that I have 1st hand experience, (with both this Online Entrepreneur Training Program For Beginners and with being scammed) I can honestly answer “NO” when asked about a Wealthy Affiliate Scam!

So, before you clicking off into the sunset to see for yourself “Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It”, I would like to take a moment to Thank You for stopping by my Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019 and if you have any questions please post them below!

Be Polite, Share & Like!Wealthy Affiliate Sign Up Free

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019-Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It
What Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It Or Scam

In this 2019 Wealthy Affiliate Review I Reveal All The Facts About The WA Program, What It Really Is, What It Does For The People That Dare To Use It, And As Well As, Will Prove Beyond Any Doubt "Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It" Or Are All WA Members Apart Of An Elaborate WealthyAffiliate.com Scam.

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