Traffic Travis Review-Free SEO Software Tools

Traffic Travis Review
Owner– Affilorama
Price– $1/7 day trial, $97/year
Rating– 3 out of 5 stars

Traffic Travis Review

In this Traffic Travis 4 pro review we will be going over the free SEO Software tools that they offer and if it’s a Legit system or a scam. Traffic Travis is a free set of easy to use SEO software tools that are designed to help its users check and optimize their on page SEO efforts.

Traffic Travis Review

This is done by doing every thing from checking your competition to helping with a keyword suggestion tool.

Be careful in using these Free SEO tools because it can violate Google’s terms of service with it’s search rank tool.

I will speak more on these violations and the specifics of these services in a moment.

First let me give you a run down of the pros and cons of this free SEO software.

 Traffic Travis Pros and Cons

There are many aspects of this software that make it very easy for one to decide whether to get Traffic Travis as well as some that might make one shy away from this download.

Traffic Travis Scam Review

Just like any free software there are mixed emotions about whether this product is worth having or if it is a waste of time installing.

The below list is based on my personal experience and other Traffic Travis reviews.


  • Great for introductory level SEO (beginners)
  • Free to download basic functions
  • easy to use and understand
  • dashboard integration with SEO analytic’s
  • gives info on link building opportunities

ConsIs Traffic Travis Legit

  • Not entirely free (Some Up Sells)
  • Allows to many pop ups
  • Have to use it with proxies so your not blocked by Google
  • Does not uninstall easily with uninstall link provided
  • Rankings tool is inaccurate and misleading
  • takes 2 days for data results
  • Breaks Google’s terms of service policy

Traffic Travis – Free Seo Software tool

Traffic Travis has four easy to use tools for helping a SEO beginner improve their website’s rank with on page optimization.  Below is a list of the tools that you will find with in your Traffic Travis download.

  • search engine/keyword ranking toolTraffic Travis Free SEO Software Tool
  • competitor/on page analysis tool
  • PPC research tool
  • Back links/links checking tool

With in TT’s tools you will find a ‘difficulty score’ field that will give you a bit of insight into how difficult it would be to rank and or keep up with your niches competition.

Do not place to much of your trust in to this feature because overall it is inaccurate especially with the keyword competition tool.

Along with the back link checking tool there is an additional feature that gives you a list of potential sites where you could get back links for your site.

Now usually any tool that goes out and gets back links for you is bogus and will end up hurting your SEO efforts more than it will help.

I personally can not speak for the legitimacy of this feature because I stayed away from it so that I didn’t slaughter my SEO standings with Google.

However according to friends in the industry and customer reviews I may be trying this with a few new sites that I intend on starting in the near future because of the claims of sites getting a slight boost in ranking.

Another thing that I should probably mention here is that with most (if not all) of your data research will take upwards close to two days before you get back your results. But this is not all that bad with the keyword ranking data because the results of keyword ranking from just a few days is meaningless.

Traffic Travis 4 Pro Cost

 Traffic Travis DownloadAs was said early on in this review the SEO software that you download from Traffic Travis is a free one. This reigns true as long as you are satisfied with the basic on page SEO software that is offered through the initial download.

However if you get to a point where you either give in and buy the paid version or just need a bit more of advanced metrics than it’ll cost you $97.

This $97 price is one that you will have to pay every 12 months if you decide to keep it for longer than a year.

Does Traffic Travis Work

Traffic Travis at one time was ranked #3 in SEO software tools and there has been well over 300,000 free downloads of it’s SEO software.

However, use this tool at your own risk as it has been known to break Google’s term of service policy.

Traffic Travis 4 Pro Review

This is not just an allegation of mine because Traffic Travis has come out and said that some of its functions do in fact violate Google’s policy.

Then again any search rank tool will do this and the reason being is that it is requesting resources from Google by sending these types of requests.

Traffic Travis is great for beginners especially in regards to SEO and is also quite helpful in a number of the other tasks that it performs.

The bad part about this software, that really rubbed me the wrong way, was that everything you use it for is limited in one way or another.

While it’s great for beginners, it is just average as far as free SEO software tools go and there is much better software to use for SEO and rank checking.

As always, thanks for reading and feel free to add to this review in the comments area with your own thoughts.

I hope this Traffic Travis Review of Traffic Travis 4 Pro was helpful to you in making a decision on whether or not you should get Traffic Travis. Don’t forget to share this article with friends and family.

What Is Traffic Travis 4 Pro Scam or Legit

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