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Online Digital Marketing Beginners

Since the onset of the Coronavirus, Online Digital Marketing Courses For Beginners, have become the main focus among many people who are looking for ways to replace a lost income.Top Online Digital Marketing Courses For Beginners

So, because of this, we decided to lend a helping hand to folks wanting to learn how to get started making money with online digital marketing by offering you a list of the best of the best in Online Digital Marketing Training Courses For Beginners.

This Top 5 (list as of now 2020) of the best training website for learning about digital marketing on the internet, will be continually updated from this point forward with either:

In case you’re new here, then allow me to point out that the training courses we recommend, or don’t recommend, is based off of the trusted word of someone on our review team.

In other words, one of us here at Honest Online Money has personal intimate experience with the training and resources the said course offers.

Now, let’s get back to the task at hand, Giving you a trusted list of the best digital marketing training online for beginners to upgrade their internet marketing know-how.

Measuring Online Digital Marketing Success

The success of one’s online marketing efforts is measured by a ratio of income earned vs income spent.

Or better known as ROI, Return On Investment.

There are many different opinions about what your ROI should average out to be, but according to most industry leading experts, you should strive for an ROI somewhere between 5:1 to 10:1.

Obviously, 10:1 is the better of the 2 but most beginners would be doing good to stay in the neighborhood of 4:1 or 5:1.

Anything over 10:1 is outstanding and if you’re doing this on a consistent basis then maybe you should consider creating your own line of online marketing beginners courses.

Here is a list of other sub-niches of the Online Marketing niche and that all of the courses below include within their lesson plans and modules.

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing (Social Advertising)
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Advertising Marketing (Google Ads)
  6. Content Marketing

All in all, though, online marketing levels the playing field.

It gives all businesses, Big and Small, the same chances of success and allows you to market your business or brand to everyone in the world or just in your local area.

Basically means that even the little guy has a chance of leading the pac if he does his homework and learns to leverage his assets wisely.

Which is what these online marketing courses for beginners is all about.

Best Online Digital Marketing Courses For Beginners

As promised you are about to receive info into 5 of the best online marketing training resources that can be found on the world wide web in 2020 for beginners.

There are many different forms of online marketing, as we stated above, but these 5 training courses are best for beginners because they do not focus on teaching you just one way or the other.

They’re listed here because they give you the capability to see the full picture and decide for yourself afterwards what the best avenue of approach for you would be.

Granted, for beginners, all of this information can become quite overwhelming but information and the way that these courses go about presenting it to you is the very reason they are on this list.

After all, no one wants to buy something and find out that it’s missing pieces, or worse, requires you to buy additional parts in order to finish assembling it.

#1 HubSpot Digital Marketing Academy

This is a bit different from all the rest in that it is a free resource that is designed to get beginners on the level of understanding online marketing at its core.

Made up of anywhere from 2 to 6 videos, per lesson, it ranges from creating content to turning leads into commissions.

It does not have quite the depth of all of the other training courses and resources on this list but there isn’t much else out there that can rival the amount of knowledge that this course holds.

#1 Online Digital Marketing Course For Beginners Hubspot Academy

It consists of 10 lessons and those lessons are as follows:

  1. Inbound Marketing Fundamentals (3 Videos)
  2. Planning A Long Term Content Strategy (4 Videos)
  3. Creating A Blog Post (2 Videos)
  4. Creating Topic Clusters and Pillar Pages (3 Videos)
  5. Understanding Social Media (6 Videos)
  6. Developing Conversational Growth Strategy (4 Videos)
  7. Understanding Conversion Strategy (4 Videos)
  8. Lead Nurturing (3 Videos)
  9. Aligning Marketing And Sales (2 Videos)
  10. Applying A Customer Marketer Approach (3 Videos)

So that is Hubspot Academy in a nutshell.

Well, the free side of things, anyways!

Which is pretty much how Hubspot Academy rolls as long as it has to do with training.

They really shine when it comes to selling you things like page templates and website design/development tools and software.

Oh and we can’t forget about the association that their certifications have with a students Linkedin profile.

When you complete Hubspot Academy courses you’re given a certification badge, to display on your Linkedin profile, of the sub niche training you’ve completed.

#2 (And My Favorite) WealthyAffiliate.Com

There are many reasons that I recommend Wealthy Affiliate over the rest but if I’m being honest with myself it’s because they’re the marketing training membership site that gave me my start.

However, another reason would have to be because they offer a 100% forever free, no obligation, starter membership.

Other than that, they offer one of the foremost experienced and active communities in the make money online marketing game.

Well, of course they also have thousands of hours worth of over the shoulder, step-by-step, video training plus a live interactive weekly video training class every Friday night at 7pm est.

Not to mention that there are a handful of other ways that you can make money with Wealthy Affiliate that does not involve learning the marketing process at all.

If you would like to learn more about WA you can do so by reading this 2020 Wealthy Affiliate Review.

#3 Digital Marketing Specialization Courses By Coursera

This is not so much an individual course, as it is an entire arsenal of online marketing courses to choose from, no matter what your experience level may be.

It is everything having to do with digital marketing and all of it’s sub-niche categories.

With the coursera specialization courses you’ll learn from the highest echelon of professors and their respective universities.

Universities ranging from Stanford to Illinois and even Johns Hopkins.

Now these are not schools that are easy to get into, nor are they easy to afford, but with the help of Coursera you can get access to them all for a monthly payment of $39 to $79.

Whether it is college accredited courses, or you’re just wanting to better your grasp of the online marketing world, you can find it inside the Digital Marketing Specialization Courses at Coursera.

If you’re wanting to get a degree in Digital Marketing vis Coursera than you need to know that the monthly membership option is going to be a waste of your money.

The get a degree level education, you’ll have to pay for that individual course and you’ll be investing the next 1 to 3 years of your life to it.

Not to mention it’s going to cost you a few grand, but still yet, that’s cheaper than the student loan debt would be if you’d done it the old fashion way.

Just learning how to get started and how to be successful as an online digital marketer can be done by paying the monthly membership dues or by joining Coursera plus.

Which by the way gives you access to nearly the entire platform for a yearly price of $399.

If you think this may be the route for you than I recommend you click on over and learn more about Coursera Plus or at the very least their Specialization Courses.

#4 Shaw Academy Digital Performance Marketing

The next one I want to bring to your attention is The Digital Performance Marketing Course hosted by Shaw Academy.

Shaw Academy offers a 4 week free trial and it gives you access to all of the lessons in 1st module.

Now the free trial is nowhere near as in depth as the rest of their courses but it is well worth it as far as getting a beginner up to speed on the core basics of online marketing.

As I mentioned, you get all of the first module worth of training for free but with one catch.

You’re not in charge of how fast you get to learn because they put you on an hour 2 days a week schedule.

There is a way to cheat a bit to get extra lessons in a week but mathematically speaking, you’ll never get to the end of the 1st module, during the free trial, otherwise.

However, even though you’re lessons will be cut short, the amount of knowledge that you can take away from it make it well worth your time.

So, if you would like go ahead and click on over to start your free trial but remember to cancel it before you get charged for a premium monthly membership.

Which will run you $69.99 plus you’ll need to spend another 39.99 on what Shaw Academy calls a marketing toolkit in order to get the full experience.Shaw Academy Online Digital Marketing Course For Beginners

Here is what comes with a marketing toolkit:

  • Bonus Content for all lessons
  • Webinar Slides
  • Summary notes for quick lesson recall

Basically, the toolkit is a more in-depth training on some of the tactics and techniques that are considered by most online marketers to be of the advanced nature.

The full experience also allows you to walk away from it with an actual Hard Copy of an Online Marketing Diploma that is accepted by many top level businesses.

For instance:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Microsoft

Just to name a few.

It’s also important to point out that they offer much more than just a online digital marketing course and if your interested in learning more about those courses you can do so by clicking on over and getting your Shaw Academy Free Trial Started Today.

#5 Digital Marketing Strategies By Kellogg School Of Management

The first thing you need to know about this course is that it is going to get into some pretty advanced strategies and info.

However, it is among the most recommended online digital marketing courses in the Professional Marketing industry as well as with the independent digital marketers that can afford it.

It’s not going to be cheap but if you can flip the $2600 bill for it than attending Kellogg’s School Of Management will definitely push you leaps and bounds ahead of others at your experience level.

Just keep in mind that it’s not going to be ideal for everyone and some folks may need to go enlist the help of a more beginner friendly resource first.

Or at the very least find somewhere or something to assist them in learning the lingo and core fundamentals of the digital marketing niche.

Now for anyone out there interested in learning more about This Digital Marketing Course than allow me to show you what is in store for you.#5 Digital Marketing Strategies By Kellogg School Of Management

It consists of 8 modules, with each module containing between 2 to 7 lessons or classes.

Here is how these courses and lessons are structured.

  • Module 1- A Framework For Marketing In A Digital World
    • Customer Expectations
    • Marketing Expectations
    • Laying out the framework of 5 marketing transformation lanes
  • Module 2- Understanding Customers and Generating Insights
    • Customer Insights
    • Ethnography
    • Customer Experience Mapping
    • Human Factors Research
    • Social Data Mining
    • MotiveScapes
    • AI In customer Insight
  • Module 3- Customer segmentation And Behavioral Marketing
    • A Priori vs. Response Based Segmentation
    • Segmentation Process Overview
    • Behavioral Marketing & Automated Behavioral Marketing
  • Module 4- The Customer Journey And Content Strategy
    • Customer Journey Mapping
    • Improving Customer Experience
    • Content Management Process 
    • Creating Content Hubs
  • Module 5- Brand Storytelling
    • Storytelling Structure 
    • Transmedia Storytelling
    • Storytelling Campaign Design
  • Module 6- Excellerating Marketing Execution Through Agile Marketing
    • Always On Marketing
    • Conventional To Agile Marketing
    • Agile Marketing Implementation And Scaling
  • Module 7- Marketing Attribution, Testing, And Experimentation
    • Marketing Mix Modeling
    • Cross-Channel Attribution
    • Multi-Touch Attribution
    • A/B Testing/Optimization
    • The Process Of Marketing Experimentation
  • Module 8- Marketing Automation And Artificial Intelligence In Marketing
    • Marketing Automation 
    • AI Application and Customer Lifecycle

Online Digital Marketing Beginner Course Alternatives

Being that I was in your shoes just a handful and a half years ago I’m well aware that sometimes you have to sacrifice your own wants in favor taking care of your family and putting food on the table.

So, with that in mind, I decided I would include a few of the more affordable options of learning how to become a successful online marketer.

There’s all kinds of free information on the web about digital marketing.

However, 99% of it is garbage or no longer relevant in 2020.

This is what makes courses like these and various other paid training resources so popular.

To put it another way, it’s the classic supply and demand scenario that has been the core of industry and business since industry and business began.

Speaking of history, one of the alternatives that I’m speaking of has been around longer than business.

That alternative is literature or in this case marketing books beginners should most definitely read.

Here are a few beginner literary resources for your knowledge consumption:

  1. Best Affiliate Marketing Books
  2. Top Social Media Marketing Books
  3. Digital Nomad Beginner Books

Not everyone likes to read so, here are a few places around the web, that you can piece together all the online digital marketing knowledge you crave for free or very close to kit.

I might also add that I used them to help me get started as well and I had less than no money to spend.

So, maybe you’ll find them just as helpful as I did but either way here they are:

That’s going to conclude our 2020 list of the Top 5 Online Digital Marketing Courses For Beginners but it doesn’t mean we’re finished, it just means we’re done for now, we’ll be updating it as we move forward in the year and years to come.

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