6 Best Affiliate Marketing Books For Beginners

So, you’re wanting to learn all you can about affiliate marketing and you believe that books are probably a solid place to start… But which ones are actually the Best Affiliate Marketing Books For Beginners.Best Affiliate Marketing Books For Beginners 2018

You may even want to take it one step further, by looking into which of those literary greats, are the Most Highly Recommended For The Beginner Level Affiliate Marketer.

I can definitely relate to your train of thought.

When I first sparked an interest for trying to earn commissions online from other peoples products, I sought out answers to the exact same questions.

As you’ve probably surmised, I found a few that were well worth a read and being that the information in them stands relevant today I find myself in the unique position to share this 2018 list of paper back knowledge with any new up and coming online affiliates.

I do want to point out though, that while the educational value between the covers of the books below will go a long way to help you learn some of the most currently successful marketing techniques, they’re not going to answer all of the questions that pop up when you’re starting from scratch.

For that, I offer you an additional list of affiliate training resources to help you with all of those “Read Between The Lines” Moments, you’re undoubtedly going to face.

  1. How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing 
  2. Legit Affiliate Training For Beginners 
  3. Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners 
  4. How To Build Your Own Affiliate Niche Website 
  5. How To Choose A Profitable Niche 

I have only listed them to help you in those times when you run into something that you need a clearer more defined answer.

So now that’s out of the way let’s get to it and if you would like to jump to a specific section the links below will help with that.

6 Best Affiliate Marketing Books For Beginners

Now, the affiliate marketing books below will cover most (if not all) of the added resources I’ve named above.

Plus a lot more!

From my own personal experiences from the years I’ve been making a living online these books have and the wisdom contained in them have helped me the most.

As far as books go.

The real game changer for me was not a book at all but instead it was a training membership filled with marketers from all different kinds of online niches- including affiliate marketing.

I’m sure you will be able to determine which one I’m talking about by just reading through my articles but if not you can click the image at the bottom of this page to learn more.

Best Books For Affiliate Marketing Beginners-My Top 2

So what makes these 2 books my favorites?

Well, because when it came to taking away solid actionable value, that I could ably to my own websites and see results from almost immediately, they were the best for the job.

At least for me they were.

However these 2 have a few years on them but for the most part all if the info contained in them is still relevant today.

#1 The Complete Guide To Affiliate Marketing On The Web

This is my favorite for many reason and explaining it alone really does not do it the justice it deserves.

It was written by Bruce Brown what now seems like a lifetime ago in April 2008 and was almost 4 years before I got my start.

If you’ve looked elsewhere you’ll find Mr. Brown’s book topping many of the best book charts and there is good reason for it.

The Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing on the Web Book By Bruce Brown

One of the most notable reasons, is because he himself, is an established and successful marketer of close to 20 years.

Even if he didn’t have those kind of stats to fall back on, the way he breaks down the affiliate money making strategies in his book, makes it super easy to understand.

Not to mention, that after you’re done reading it, you are not left with any unanswered questions or undefined strategies.

He gets right down to it and conveys all of his knowledge in such a way that makes it not just easy to understand but makes it easy to follow through with on your own.

Sure I could list a handful of others that have been published in the last year or so but non of them will have you putting them down and walking off with the same kind of confidence as this one will.

But again, you really kind of got to read it to get a true feel for what I mean, but with it priced at $19.12 on Amazon you won’t be breaking any of your piggy banks on the nightstand to do so.

So, if you want to read on of the best books for affiliate marketers ever written than stop by Amazon to get your copy.

If you have a Kindle account you can read it for even cheaper, $8.99.

#2 Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Simple Smart & Proven Strategies To Make A Lot Of Money Online, The Easy Way

This book by Brian Connors is not quite as old as my other favorite but that is where the differences stop.

Well that, and the author!

This is as the title suggests…

A step by step, proven strategy guide, that is filled with simple, yet smart, affiliate strategies to help you take your newly found love for the online affiliate trade to the next level of online money making.

Like with the aforementioned piece of paperback gold, you won’t be skipping out on any of the luxury items you treat yourself to because you can own a copy for just $7.99.

If you have or signup to kindle unlimited than you can add it to your collection for absolutely free, but a little heads up, they probably won’t keep it like that for long.

Now, before you rush off, allow me to tell you a bit about it and it’s author.

First off Mr. Connors is no stranger to earning money online and he is one of the most experienced passive income writers there is but that is not what pushed me to initially by his book.

It was the 20 years, of real world, corporate business marketing experience he has under his belt.

Another thing that drew me to this affiliate literary resource was the section included about SEO and tips on how to effectively use it for blogging.

It’s not the most in-depth SEO guide I’ve ever read but nonetheless it is perfect for getting any beginner up to speed as well as increasing their rank in search.

So, in other words, it will show you everything from affiliate marketing best practices to how to get your newly made affiliate site ranking.

If you’re interested you can see more about it and/or order Brian Conner’s book here.

3 More Great Affiliate Marketing Books For Beginners To Read

OK, so even though I hold the books above in high regards and they are full of invaluable tactics/strategies , they’re not necessarily the absolute best 2 for learning about Affiliate Marketing.

In fact, while I’m on the subject I want to clear up something about the ranking positions of this 2018 affiliate beginner books list.

These paperback masterpieces are not ranked in any specific “best to worst”.

To the best of my knowledge, there has not been some kind of affiliate marketing guru book club that officially announced these resources be positioned in this order.

Unless you count Amazon’s Best Seller List!

#3 Affiliate Marketing: Proven Step By Step Guide To Make Passive Income

If you click through to the Amazon Sales Page where this Mark Smith written book is housed is the big bold letters that read “Make Massive Profits – Build An Affiliate Money Making Machine, 2018 Up-To-Date.”Best Seller Affiliate Marketing Books For Beginners 2018

Reason for this is not because you are buying 2 separate books but instead one paper back edition that has been updated to accommodate beginners in the new day and age of online marketing.

Another minor plus of buying Mark’s book is that he gives you the kindle version for free if you happen to buy the physical paper back edition.

Which is $13.38, by the way!

For this price you will be taken by the hand and shown step by step, from start to finish, how to build a passive income machine.

It walks you through everything from picking a niche and finding affiliate programs for it…

To diving into how to continue to succeed long term with the help of social media.

There is a lot for any newcomer within these bindings and the fact that its being taught by a long time earner in affiliate marketing should be a selling point all of it’s own.

Now if $13.38 is a bit too much or you’re more with the digital age of learning than you can get your kindle copy for just $2.99.

So, before we move on to the next literary great, here is a link you can use to get your copy of Mr Smith’s Guide.

#4 Ultimate Affiliate Marketing With Blogging: A Quick Start Guide

This is the oldest on this list with it originally being published by Kip Piper in Nov. 12th, 2013.

However, don’t let that fool you because the reason for this being added to the list is not because of this copy alone…

It’s her 4 in one book that is about 8 bucks and is more than worth its weight in gold for any affiliate newbie.

Here is what you will get inside the book she calls “Niche Affiliate Marketing Bundle“.

  • Your Core Business: Niche And Competitors
  • Affiliate Marketing 101
  • Driving Traffic With Organic SEO
  • QIF (Quick Income Formula) Using Advanced Affiliate Strategies & Tactics

If you want to look into this option than you would be in good company because like with the original resource we listed by Mrs. Piper it has been awarded the best seller award in the Home Based Business Niche Market after it was released. (Feb. 2014)

As for Ultimate Affiliate Marketing With Blogging, many call it a blessing for all beginners, but that means that if you have any experience whatsoever you’re going to want to look elsewhere.

If you fit into the newly established category than this step by step guide will take you through the affiliate niche in it’s money making entirety.

Now for those of you that already have a sense of what you are doing than I suggest you look into the 4 books in one set because the value it holds may just blow your mind.

For the anyone wanting to have a peek at Mrs. Piper’s Ultimate Affiliate Blogging Book than don’t worry you won’t be disappointed and in fact like most of us that have read it, you too will see, that it’s probably the best $5.99 you’ll ever spend.

#5 Affiliate Marketing: Learn How To Make Your First $1,000 Passive Income Online

This Ray Hamilton written book will cost you $8.99 and like all of the others listed here will help you gain perspective of the affiliate game and how you can make money from it.

This author also gives anyone who is interested in buying his book what he calls a special report.

The special report is named “3 fool proof ways to use social media to boost you internet marketing efforts” and it is basically an article he wrote showing how to set up things like social business profiles and using social media ads to drive traffic.

Full transparency here, I do not like the added “bonus/special report”, and I honestly believe it takes value away from his book.

Which is really good and a great addition to any beginners bookshelf!

To give you a better idea of what you can expect here is a quick rundown.

The knowledge inside:

  • The Basics of Passive Income
  • Blogs and Websites
  • Building a Subscriber Base
  • Charging For a Community
  • Making an App
  • YouTube Videos
  • Making a Podcast
  • Selling Products
  • and of course the “Special Report”

I’m not quit sure why anybody would buy it but there is a mass market paper back edition as well.

If you don’t remember what that is well…

It’s those real tiny books (usually something like 3 inches wide by 7 inches tall) that can fit in your shirt pocket.

Again I don’t know why anyone would want one especially when it costs around 25 extra bucks.

Either way, small print or large, you can find more info or just straight into buying Mr. Hamiton’s book at Amazon.

Best Books About Affiliate Marketing And SEO For Beginners

You can learn all you want about becoming an online affiliate, heck, you could even be making a few bucks here and there already but if you can’t crack the top ten in Goggle Search Results than you’re missing out on a lot of commissions.Best Books For Affiliate Marketing Tips 2018

Let me rephrase that… A Whole Lot Of Free Traffic Commissions.

You could always just buy the traffic you need from ads but finding high traffic locations that allow direct affiliate linking are few and far between.

With that said, it stands to reason that learning how to monetize as an affiliate is only half the battle.

The real commission war is won in the trenches of a dictator nation, with unlimited resources, known as Google Search.

So here are 2 of the most recently written affiliate SEO strategy guides for beginners.

#6 SEO 2018: Learn Search Engine Optimization With Smart Internet Marketing Strategies

I thought I would add a little extra here about SEO and how to use it in your affiliate campaigns.

I would have loved to of had this kind of recommendation when I first began down this road as a new affiliate marketer.

After all, there is a lot that goes into making good money from commissions but no matter what niche you decide to get into there is one thing for certain…

Half of the battle is getting your content that holds your affiliate links seen because without it you are doomed to fail.

There is no better book on the market dedicated to SEO than this Amazon best seller written by Adam Clarke.

It was last updated in Sept. 2018 and hits on all of the new adjustments that Google has made to it’s ranking algorithms.

Here is some of the algorithm changes that Mr. Clarke’s book hits on:

  • August- Google releases the “Medic Update” or “Your Money or Your Life Update.”
  • July- Google announce’s Speakable markup.
  • March- Google rolls out the “Mobile First Index”.
  • January- They begin hinting to rolling out a “Speed Update” for mobile making it a ranking factor.

There are a lot of things changing in the SEO world and you want to ensure you don’t get left behind or get stuck playing catch up.

If you think you might need a bit of help on the SEO side of the Affiliate house than you can check out more about Adam’s book here on Amazon.

Three Months To No.1: The “No Nonsense” SEO Playbook To Getting Your Website Found On Google

Published By Will Coombe in September of 2017 and sells on Amazon for 13.99 but if you have Kindle Unlimited you can read it for free.Best Affiliate Marketing Beginner Books From Amazon 2018

But if you’re new to all of this or are the least unsure about SEO or what major ranking factors are than this resource is going to go a long way in helping you understand both sides of the money making equation.

Trust me you are going to need to get a firm grasp of both sides unless you are planning on paying someone a huge chunk of your earnings for their help/services.

Who knows maybe you’ll learn enough from Will’s book to put yourself down the path of one of the most highest paying jobs online.

An SEO Consultant!

There is a bit of a special bonus offered to those that buy this book and that is that this book comes equipped with its own video series and what is labeled as a SEO Blueprint.

Which alone is well worth it. (14 bucks)

Here is some more about what this book has in store for you:

  • Gives you the secret to SEO – isn’t rocket science!
  • Show you how to save $1000’s by doing your own Search Engine Optimization
  • How to optimize for your niches most profitable traffic
  • Teach you how to optimize your social media accounts so you show up on social search
  • Shows you how to make sure that the people doing SEO for you are not just sucking you dry
  • All in All it gives you what you need to know so you’re not taken off guard by Fake BS SEO/Affiliate Guru’s

If this sounds like the kind of thing you would be interested in than stop by and learn more before purchasing.

Great Literature For Learning How To Do Affiliate Marketing In 2018

So there you have it folks…

A great list of 2018 online marketing books for helping beginner level affiliates get a leg up in the game of affiliate marketing life so they too can begin getting paid like the top dogs of their niche.

With the way strategies and ranking algorithms change, it’s also a good list of literature to help some of the more experienced keep up with the now of online money making.

Especially with all the changes Google has been making lately to the ranking factors in their algorithm.

There has been quite a lot of pissed of people posting to Google Forums as well as others wanting to know how to appease Google bot.

But that is an article for another day!

Well, how’d we do with our 2018 List of the 6 Best Affiliate Marketing Books For Beginners and lets not forget the 2 for helping your affiliate site rank. Let’s us know what you thought in the comments below, just try to keep it PG for the younger folks reading about Honest Online Money’s Best Books For Learning How To Do Affiliate Marketing In 2018.

Until Next Time…Thanks For Reading & Don’t Forget To Share/Like!Best Affiliate Marketing Training Literature For Beginners

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