Super Affiliate Network Review-Is Misha Wilson’s Course A Legitimate Scam

Super Affiliate Network Review
Owner– Misha Wilson
Cost– $37 – $9,997 + 30 Day $1 Trial
Rating- 3 Out Of 5 Stars

Is The Super Affiliate Network A Scam

Another day, Another dollar, and Yes another Super Affiliate Network Review to add to the Mix – but, unlike most of the reviews that exist of Misha Wilson’s affiliate network, it’s coming from someone that doesn’t stand to profit off of your misery or extravagant success.

Super Affiliate Network Review

Whatever the case may be?

So, what do you say we give it the old once over to see if this is another one of the many affiliate marketing scams or is it really The Best Legit Affiliate Training, as most of The Super Affiliate Network Members would have you believe.

Before you go wading up to your eyeballs in the details that this review will provide you – allow me to give you the short and sweet answer to “Is The Super Affiliate Network A Scam?”

Because lets face it, one of the biggest side effects of having an endless amount of internet knowledge at out finger tips, and the speed in which you can access it, has greatly diminished everyone’s attention span.

Both young and old!

Anyways, back to The SAN (TheSuperAffiliateNetwork.Com) question at hand.

No, it’s not a scam because there is valuable information to be learned from this system.

With that said, there are also some hidden, underlying factors, that one should consider before signing up and that could quite possibly mean the difference between success and failure.

Great Alternative To Misha Wilson Super Affiliate Network


The Good, Bad, And Ugly Of The Super Affiliate Network

Even with the Best Of The Best Affiliate Marketing Courses you’ll run into to a few things about their training materials, membership options and/or online business tools that you’ll either absolutely love or could definitely do without.

It’s just the way it goes because while there may be a few that are close to it – no training course or membership is spot on perfect.

You just need to try to find one that is dedicated to improving there members experience by consistently working staying up to date with the times and as close to perfect as humanly possible.

Or in other words, making sure their pros always outweigh their cons.

Super Affiliate Network Pros

I’m not going to be listing every single little thing that could be considered a good thing about SAN but I will be listing all of the things that are vital for online success.

So here they are as of the time of this review:

  • You Do Get An Affiliate Training Coach
  • Provides You With A Pre-built Pre-coded Website
  • Provides You With Sales Funnels From Previously Successful Campaigns
  • Gives You Currently Successful Ad Templates To Use
  • Complete Done For You Sales System
  • Consistently Up Dated List Of The Hottest Selling Products And Where To Find Them
  • Step By Step Video Training
  • Weekly Webinar Classes
  • Active Private FB Group
  • Access To The Owner
  • Daily Freedom Coaching Call – Live With Misha Wilson (FB Group)
  • 30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee (Select Memberships & Products)The Super Affiliate Network

Super Affiliate Network Cons

Like with the pros I will only list the most important, or in this case, the most damning.

  • Can Only Access The Training When Your Coach Sends You The Link
  • The $1 Trial Is Mostly Welcome Videos And You Talking With Your Coach About Your Goals
  • The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Is Not Applied To Everything
  • Does Have Quite A Few Up-Sells
  • It a “Pay To Play” Affiliate Program (Which Is Usually An Indicator Of A Scam)
  • You Have To Use Their Websites
  • It Can Be Bit Expensive

Super Affiliate Network Membership Cost

As you have seen in the pros and cons, Misha Wilson’s SAN System, can become quite expensive.

Why else would Misha offer up a payment plan for some of his products?

Well, other than the obvious, of squeezing every last drop of blood from our turnips.

There a few different ways you can become one of the elite SAN affiliates and there are so many different membership levels and options I’ll do my best to keep the details below short, sweet and to the point.

But I will list them all as well as which arm and leg you’ll have to give to get them.

Although if you are familiar with AWOL Academy than you will find that the two are very closely related. Basic Membership

This is going to be the cheapest option, next to the OTO (One Time Offer) of $1 for Profit Bootcamp, for you to join the SAN ranks but it is also going to be limited in its resources and tools.

After all they have to have somewhere to beat us down with all those up-sells.

For your $47 a month payment, or $200 you’ll be given access to a 3 week course that consists of 21 modules.

There is a catch to this though.

In order to go on to the next module you will first have to complete:

  • A short quiz about the kind of things you learned
  • eMail your coach telling him what you thought of it, what you need help with, and after telling your coach how it all fits into your end business goals you must request access to the next module

Personally, I like the mini tests at the end but I think the latter part of that is flat out BS.

If your paying your dues then you should have unrestricted access and move through these modules at your own pace.

Instead of being limited to one a day!

You can get unrestricted access but that is where the first of the up-sells come into play.

I understand this is a pay to play system but crap like that is just down right garbage.

There is a way you can save yourself a few bucks each month ($10 to be exact) on the Basic Membership but doing so will require you to take the full fledged plunge into SAN without utilizing the $1 30 day trial.

To get a discounted monthly membership you will need to click the skip button when you are offer the $1 trial membership on their sales page.

Is The Super Affiliate Network A Scam

After doing so you will be given the opportunity to invest $37 a month into yourself so that you can become a Basic SAN Member and learn things like:

  • The Affiliate Mindset
  • The Psychology Of Buyers And Sellers
  • The basics Of Email Marketing
  • List Building For Beginners
  • The When Where What Why And How Of Selling Online As An Affiliate Marketer
  • The Process Of Affiliate Marketing Automation

Super Affiliate Network Annual Membership Cost

This membership option will give you all of the same quality training that the basic membership gave plus access to a few of the other products that you will see up-sells for in the basic package.

Only in the annual membership they’re given to you at no additional cost.

Here is what you will get as an annual member in addition to the materials in the basic monthly membership:

  • The Profit Bootcamp
  • Done For You Offers
  • Weekly Inner Circle Coaching (FB Group)
  • Done For You Sales Team Follow Ups
  • Done For You Lead Capture Pages (Email List Pop-Ups)

Now I’m sure there might be a few more that I’m missing, or that have been added as of late, but you get the idea.

You Pay More You Get More!

SAN (Super Affiliate Network) Pro Membership

Okay, this is where things start getting extremely expensive but at the same time the SAN Pro Membership will give you access to all kinds of neat little Done-4-You advantages that the basic and annual packages do not offer.

Such Advantages consist of:

  • Done For You Millionaire Sales Funnels
  • Done For You Pre-built Websites
  • Done For You Email Marketing File Swipes
  • Done For You Ad Templates
  • The Private Facebook Group (Called Insiders Club)
  • Insiders Club Daily Freedom Coaching Calls (By Misha Wilson)
  • Insiders Club Weekly Mastermind Webinars

Being that all of what I listed above (plus a few other added extras) will cost you right at 25 hundred bucks a year ($2497/yearly), you can safely assume that you will also be getting pretty much all that SAN has to offer.

Well all but the up-sell that is equivalent in cost to a down payment on a house.

But hey who doesn’t have a couple of ten stacks safely tucked under their pillows for just such an occasion.

SAN’s Maui Intensive Mentoring Upgrade By Misha

Now if you thought $2500 a year was too much than you can go ahead and skip right on over this section because the price is only going to skyrocket from there.

To get in on this high priced marketing training all you have to do is take whatever you have saved up in the kids college accounts and give it over to Mr. Misha Wilson.

No biggy, just a touch under 10 grand – that’s all!

Misha Wilson The Super Affiliate Network Owner

So what do you get for a one lump sum of $9997 – well I will tell you what I think it should Come with and it rhymes with Jo BOB.

Okay but for real this time.

Every Freaking Product, Training Resource, and Membership They Have or will ever have.

If you can buy it through SAN than it is included in this tiny payment of your your left arm and right foot.

You know, Actually I think you can get those cheaper on the black market but that’s neither here nor there.

Don’t worry Good Old Misha sweetened the pot with a few of his own personal touches to give this deal a bit more oomph.

Here are those extras:

If you can shed light on any of the details I missed with the Maui Intensive Mentoring Training or whatever the hell a branded business ecosystem is than by all means enlighten us in the comments below.

Super Affiliate Networks Up-Sells/Upgrades

You have seen these mentioned as being included in a couple of the membership options above but to give a bit more about what they are I figured it couldn’t hurt to go ahead and include them here.

First up…

The SAN Solo Ad Success Formula

Won’t go into to much details but the main focus of this is email marketing but instead of using a list you have built, you will be paying someone else to use theirs in hopes of making money online from it.

I’m not a big fan of this and for good reason.

Think about it!

If someone is auctioning off their list to the highest bidders than a question you should be asking is how many people have come before you.

If it’s a high number, which it almost always is than the people on that list have either already bought from someone that came before you or are so use to seeing the same kind of emails that they ignore them all together.

Eventually this will lead to someone filing a spam complaint and if you happen to be that unlucky sole than that spells bad business karma for you.

However, this up-sell comes with training all of its own and some of it can be applied to other email marketing tactics.

Here is a brief rundown of what you will get for purchasing the 5 module Solo Ad Success Formula training for a one time payment of $97:

Super Affiliate Network Solo Ad Success

  • Quality Assurance- basically how to produce quality emails
  • Conversion Influencer- Training relating to how to compose emails that convert
  • Prospect Flow- In a nutshell it’s the proper order in which you send the emails to give them a better conversion rate, from hello message to sales message
  • Optimization Influencer- Training that will show you how to make the most of the money your paying out for renting an email list
  • Going hands free- I’ll be honest I have no idea what this is suppose to be but if I had to assume I would say it has something to do with creating text to speech emails for the hearing impaired. Again just a guess because folks are not that forth coming with all the details

Super Affiliate Networks Monthly Newsletter With Misha Wilson

In my opinion not worth it but that’s just me.

I find it hard to throw away money on stupid crap that I will only use once a month.

This is pretty much what you would think but with a bit of a twist.

Its a once a month video with Misha telling you about tactics and strategies that he and other people in the circles he runs in are currently using with high success rates.

The twist is that Mr. Wilson will show you exactly how to implement these strategies and tactics into your own campaigns via a short training block within the video.

And All This Could Be Yours For A Low, Low, One Time Cost, Of $47!

The Super Affiliate Network Review (SuperAffiliateNetwork.Com)

Alright if you hung around this long than you probably want to know what I think and you want that opinion in as an honest straight forward fashion.

Which I will gladly give you!

On a side note – who would have ever guessed that not being able to hold my tongue and speaking what is on my mind would have helped me land such a job.

Especially considering all of those same qualities have gotten me canned a few times.


There is a few things that I did not hit on in the rest of this SAN Review that really does make up for a lot of this training memberships short comings.

  1. They do have a 2 tier compensation plan in place that will make this system quite the lucrative endeavor for all of the newly trained affiliates that will be learning here.
  2. Misha does not offer commissions on his high priced Maui Intensive Mentoring which does speak volumes for the marketing morals at the core of his training.
  3. While I don’t agree with the whole paying someone for access to their emailing list it is completely legal and most of the big names in business are doing it.
  4. I have never been a fan of coaching calls of any kind but even I have to admit that while it does seem a bit sketchy it is on the up and up and most of the coaches are actually good at guiding folks through the pitfalls of affiliate marketing.

If you remember at the beginning of this SAN review I mentioned factors to take into consideration and being we’re on the subject, not all SAN coaches are the same.

Some are better than others but if what I found from research, and talking with members, is still relevant than there is a process for changing your coach.

It’s not widely mentioned but if you have a good enough reason (with proof to back it up) you can have you coach changed but it will not be the coach of your choice.

That and you could always quit and then clear your browsers cookies and then sign back up under a coach that you have had your eye on.

The other factor that will no doubt determine whether you’re successful with this super network of affiliate training is the amount of money you can spend.

See this whole platform is geared entirely around using Solo Ads Formula with your affiliate marketing efforts and that is the problem because the basic membership does not include the Solo Ad Success Formula.

Which pretty much renders this entire training system useless other than the basic beginner affiliate training your $37 and/or $47 bought you.

So, ultimately my final say in regards to Is the Super Affiliate Network A Scam is the same as above – No it’s a completely legit affiliate training option – but there are cheaper and more worthwhile memberships out there that will give you a much bigger bang for your buck.

This is where The Super Affiliate Network Review and I will leave you but if you have any questions about this Misha Wilson inspired affiliate network or have proof that contradicts my finding of SAN not being categorized under affiliate marketing scams fell free to ask them below.

Oh, and Of Course Don’t Forget To Share and Like. Thanks For Reading!Super Affiliate Network Alternative

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