My Online Business Empire Review-Matt Lloyd MOBE Scam

Is MOBE a Scam or Legit
Product– MOBE
Price- $49 1st month/ $68 every month after + Ludicrous Up-Sells
Owner- Matt Lloyd
Rating- Ponzi/Pyramid Scheme (1 out of 5 stars)

My Online Business Empire Review

What is My Online Business Empire (MOBE)? If this is a question you have ever asked than you’ve ran across the name Matt Lloyd and have also heard the phrase My Online Business Empire Scam. In this My Online Business Empire Review I will help you decide if there is any truth behind these scam rumors.Matt Lloyd's MOBE (My Online Business Empire)

So, is this system another run of the mill Ponzi or Pyramid Scheme?

Well you already know my opinion if you paid any attention to the my rating at the top of this page.

Being the intelligent person that you are, I know you did.

However, read along with me and I will show you exactly why this product is rated so low and a whole lot more about this ludicrous program and the 10’s of thousands of dollars in up-sells that go along with the MOBE system.

So lets climb this pyramid and see if we can’t find the Ponzi !

What is MOBE (My Online Business Empire)

This seemed like a pretty good place to start especially since there are so many mixed feelings about it being a scam, a ponzi scheme or a pyramid scheme.

Granted the only actual rebuttals are coming from the people that are promoting this product and every one else (ex members included) are pretty set on the idea that it is all of the above.

Your intelligent so you tell me.

What if I convinced you to buy into a program that implemented (from it’s name) I was going to teach you how to start an online business but instead forced you to buy more products so that you could have the right to sell them for yourself.

But you still have to give me a percentage of each dollar you made.

Now does that sound like a scammy scheme to you?

Well, that is exactly how this system operates and trust me there is no shortage of products for you to promote and they will spare you no expense to get them.

You see this is how every Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) program that I have ever seen or witnessed works.

They push item after item and product after product in your face until you either get tired at looking at them and quit or they finally catch you with your guard down and you buy.

More on all this high priced jazz in just a moment.

But first…

My Online Business Empire Pros & Cons 

How we doing so far?

You still with me, because you don’t want to miss out on the one good thing about this so called “Empire”.


  • Insanely high priced commissions (if you like taking candy from babies or pushing down little old ladies)
  • Really good at teaching you how to scam others into buying MOBE

What many Cons you HaveThe My Online Business Empire Scam Review

  • Non responsive support team
  • no refunds
  • Unworldly amount of Up Sells
  • Products are worthless (only buy to sell)
  • no real community support
  • did I say up-sells
  • Products are extremely overpriced
  • Don’t actually learn how to create a real business
  • Unethical and a morally wrong program

My Online Business Empire Cost & It’s Up-Sells

So, how many Upsells are there and how much does it cost to be apart of Matt Lloyd’s MOBE System?

Not a bad question and I’m Glad you asked.

Lets first start by answering the more simpler of the two and that is how much to you have to pay each month so that you can be a royal pain in the butt marketer.

Sorry I mean a member.

To just turn the door knob of this website you will have to fork out $49 monthly membership fee and then another $19 a month after the second month.

This will give you what is basically the 21 step guide to scheming little old ladies out of their money by promoting MOBE products.

In other words it will cost you about 70 bucks a month to be eligible to buy more crap you don’t need and that will never teach you useful marketing skills.

Then come the wonderful Up-Sells.

If you don’t care to cheat hard working decent people out of their money this can be pretty profitable for you by earning anywhere from 50%-90% commissions.

Well that is if you can afford to buy them yourself.

If you can here is what you will need for making those oh so honest commissions

  • Titanium Membership for $15,000 (you get $5,000)my online business empire review
  • Platinum Membership for $9,000 ( you get $3,000)
  • Diamond Couching for $3997.95 ( 50%)
  • 10,000 leads for $1997 (50%)
  • 6 figure coaching for $997 (50%)
  • and 3 others for$997 that earns you 50% commissions
  • the Inner Circle & 2 others for $97 that earn you 90% commissions
  • Email Marketing Empire and 2 other products for $194 and a 90% commission for each
  • Affiliate Bonus for $291 (90%)
  • and my favorite for a 90% commission at the price of $9.95 an internet marketing handbook

Now I don’t know about you but who in their right freaking mind would pay these kind of prices.

Especially knowing that the only way you are going to make money is if you can find some other sap to pay the same ludicrous prices for the same meaningless products.

I mean come on Matt Lloyd what the heck where you thinking.

So to recap, the whole up-sell bargain will only cost you about $36,000 to be able to promote these high quality pieces of nothingness that offer you absolutely no training (other than scamming tactics) and never even mention the first thing about starting your own business.

Again I will let you do your own decision making but being the smart person that you are I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that there are much better options for mastering such a task as Starting an Online Business.

Or just getting reputable online marketing training.

My Online Business Empire Support 

This will probably come at a total shock to you but guess what Matt Lloyd does have about the sorriest support systems in the history of support.

Look at this bunch of nonsense that was said to a member of MOBE when he asked Matt about support in the Warrior Forum.

My Online Business Empire Support

To me that is enough said and tells me all I need to know about the level of their Support.

What about you ? What do you think was he just trying to be honest or did he get caught with his pants down ?

Just seams to me that if you are going to shell out the kind of dough that it takes to be apart of a scam marketing company such as this than you should at least get some kind of support when you need it.

I mean come on they got a support team that will help sell people on the high ticket items for you but Mr.Lloyd only has one little old lady (probably his Grandma or mother-in-law) that makes up his entire customer support team.

Ludicrous I tell you… Absolutely Ludicrous !

 JOIN an HONEST Marketing Community that Gives You FREE EXPERT Support and Coaching 

My Online Business Empire Scam

After reading this I’m sure you don’t have a problem understanding where it is I am coming from as well as why I have the opinion of this system being a scam.Matt Lloyd MOBE Licensing Program

This is a Ponzi/ Pyramid scheme by the definition of the word and it is not just something that I am making up to get a laugh of to promote anything.

It just is what it is and I really don’t want to see or hear about how this bunch of crooks got to take advantage of another decent human being by sucking them into there big outlandish crock of lies and deception.

If it seems that I am a bit more than passionate in this review, it is because I am.

The reason being is because products/programs like this one give all of the others training systems a bad name.

I’m sure you have heard the saying “just one bad seed to ruin it for everybody”, Right?

Well, in this case MOBE is the “Bad Seed” and the “Everybody” is Legit Make Money Online Training Courses.

If you want to learn how to start an online business that will stand the test of time and not get beat down by a stupid Panda or Penguin than read this review that I have written and go from there.

Hopefully I’ve answered any questions regarding what is My Online Business Empire Scam or at least made you think twice before you join the Matt Lloyd MOBE scam. If you have any questions or comments about my My Online Business Empire review feel free to drop me a line below.

Thanks for Reading

My Online Business Empire Alternative

5/5 (1 Review)

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  1. joe

    I was scammed too

  2. Jason

    Hi Robert,

    Yes they are and I feel for anyone that got took by this High Priced nonsense.

    I can’t image who would have the money to even get involved with the MOBE group and you’re right if they had that kind of money than I’m sure they could easily by their own business.

    Thanks for your expressing your views and as always thanks for reading,

  3. Robert

    YAWN!!! These scam artists are getting tiresome. But like the saying goes, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Because that is true and why these scam artists exist, to take advantage of people who need money and will be able to be fooled into thinking that they can achieve wealth through their scam.

    Some scams are subtle and then some like this one are as subtle as a nuclear bomb. MOBE Titanium Membership $15,000??? If someone had $15,000 why would they need this piece of crap scam?

    Thankfully websites like yours are exposing these dishonest scammers for what they truly are…CROOKS!

  4. Jason

    Thanks David,

    You have no idea how much it means to me to have a reader tell me how that I have helped them.

    Hate to hear about your set back and I hope that you were able to recover quickly from it.

    Thanks for the Comment and feel free to one anytime.
    Thanks for Reading,

  5. David Snodgrass

    You have a great way of explaining My Online Business Empire in this review and I really enjoyed your opinions on MLM.

    I have been apart of the MLM scheme before as a member of SFM and I can say that MOBE is no different than them guys.

    You have an Awesome site and I would like to thank you because if their is a new money making system that pops up I know I can come here to find out the truth about it.

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