Take Surveys For Cash Review-What Is Jason White’s System Scam Or Legit

Take Surveys For Cash By Jason White
Product– Surveys For Cash
Owner– Jason White
Pricing– $37, $12, + up-sells
Rating– 3 out of 5 stars

Take Surveys For Cash Review

The concept behind Take Surveys For Cash is not a new one and for years people have been trying to get rich off of online paid surveys. The question that this review is going to answer for you is this, Is Take Surveys For Cash Legit and can Jason White’s program really help you make $3500 a month and $500 a survey.Take Surveys For Cash.com

This Clickbank Product was established and released to the public in early 2010 by a man named Jason White, the self proclaimed “King of Surveys”.

TSFC (Take Surveys For Cash) has been the number one selling paid survey program since 2013 and while that is a significant title to hold this program does not actually have surveys for you to take.

This system shows you the best sites to use in the area in which you live as well as giving you tips for filling out the registration forms for different paid surveys to increase your chances for qualifying.

Mr.White’s program also will give you a list of popular MMO (Make Money Online) eBooks to help you expand your online money making talents to other niches and opportunities.

I will go over this more in a moment but for now allow me to show you a list of this programs pros and cons.

Take Surveys For Cash Pros and Cons

ProsWho Is Jason White

  • Has a Make Money or it’s Free Guarantee
  • Offers Popular MMO Training eBooks
  • Gives Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Survey Profits
  • Shows you which survey sites to avoid
  • Backed by Clickbank’s Money back Guarantee
  • The best selling Clickbank Product 3 years running
  • Has it’s own affiliate program


  • Some of the sites are no longer available
  • Does not actually have surveys on site
  • A few of the eBooks are no longer relevant or out of date
  • Can not actually make $3500 a month from surveys
  • Are very few $500 surveys available anywhere online
  • Some survey sites listed might sell your personal info

If you want to see more about what other people are saying about Jason’s product here is TSFC’s Facebook Page where you can find just that.

I should also probably point out that you should be aware of some of the surveys you sign up for under TSFC because they may sell your personal information to other third party sites like Big Spot does.Take Surveys For Cash By Jason White Review

If you are not familiar with this than to put it in Layman terms if this happens you will have every Tom, Dick, and Harry calling you all hours of the day trying to sell you something useless.

Take Surveys For Cash Members Area

Now immediately upon signing up for Jason’s system you will be taken to TSFC’s Members Area where you will find 6 steps to follow in order to make the kind of money Mr.White claims can be made.

First and foremost let me just say that you’ll never make the $3,500 a month from surveys that he says you will and furthermore there are not that many $500 surveys out there to take.

Chances are that even if you do by chance qualify for one of these high dollar paid surveys you’ll never have it happen to you again as long as you life.

It is really that rare to qualify for them unless you have more money than you know what to do with and chances are if you do you don’t give two flips about making money online from surveys.

Anyways lets get to these steps that this programs members area gives you to follow along with for your survey riches.

Take Surveys For Cash Members Area

Step 1 This is basically just an introduction to TSFC and will show you around it’s members area. Nothing really special about it just your basic tour.

Step 2– This section of TSFC is not all that bad really but is one you’ll need to be cautious of and will require some additional research before signing up to anything offered.

It is a list of the most popular Binary Trading option programs and systems.

While a good portion of binary options are in general risky the payouts can be worth it if you know a bit about what you are doing and which ones to use.

Although I feel I should tell you that these kind of systems generally require a substantial deposit to get started.

Usually in the $100’s if not $1000’s.Surveys For Cash Review

Step 3– This step goes over how to fill out the survey registry forms and gives you tips on how to do it in a way that you will better your chances for qualifying for the better paying surveys.

Step 4– This will go into some detail on how to speed up the form fill out process by offering an auto-fill program.

This step also gives tricks and tips on how to use this auto form fill program to help you get the most out of it and tells us what should be common sense that the more surveys you apply to the more money you will stand to make.

Step 5– Where you will get a list of the best surveys to register for in the area and country that you live.

This brings me back to what I said earlier about being aware of the surveys that you decide to use because you could very well be signing up to have them sell you personal information to 3rd party sites.Take Surveys For Cash Cost

Step 6– This is where you will find the instructional eBooks I mentioned earlier that are geared around teaching folks how to make money online.

This section will share a few other of the more other popular ways that you can go about making money online that the eBooks don’t cover.

Unfortunately, if you are a beginners to the MMO (Make Money Online) game some of this material will be hard to understand and may require you to find additional training programs.

Take Surveys For Cash Pricing

If you have visited the sales page of Jason’s product than you probably already know that there are two separate prices for admission.

The first of which is the original sticker price of $39 and will give you all the same features as the other option.Take Surveys For Cash Discount

You will just pay a few bucks more for it than you would if you try to use the back button to back out of the sales page.

Usually something like this is a classic sign of a scam and you should avoid any program or system that uses this selling tactic.

However, like with everything, there are always exceptions to the rule and this happens to be one of those exceptions.

With that said make sure you use this trick if you do decide to buy TSFC because doing so will leave you only paying 27 bucks instead of the full price of $39.

Now you’ve also probably noticed the bonus offer that is advertised on the page after you enter your name and email address.

It is for a free $50 when you make money off of your first online paid survey offer but there are special terms that are attached to this offer so be sure to read them before starting.

Another of the offers on this page is for a free 3 days 2 nights vacation to 1 of a supposed 22 pre-approved locations and all and all it’s valued at $669.Take Surveys For Cash Bonus

There’s a catch to this offer, well Terms as Mr. White refers to it.

If you recall the sales video that you watched on the previous page you’ll remember the $500 surveys that Mr. White promises to teach you how to find.

That’s the catch!

Most of these high paying surveys are not for actual cash but instead they are for an equivalent prize amount of 500 smackers.

There are some that will pay you cash prizes of this amount but like I said earlier they are few and far between and that is what the rewards and gifts that the sales page is referring to folks winning.

Is Take Surveys For Cash By Jason White Legit

There are a lot of things attached to this product that do raise some flags for me and there is a lot of Mr. White trying to push up-sells that he is directly affiliated with.

Which means he will get a cut of whatever you spend on these offers but that does not make it a scam, it just make him greedy.

So, a word of advise from me to you, is to stay away from the “extras” and up-sells.Take Surveys For Cash Free Vacation

If by chance the MMO eBooks are something that you would like to learn more about than you can learn all about that and more at this free MMO training site.

As for TSFC being a scam, it’s not, because it does offer value for your payment and does have some good information in it’s members area.

At the same time you should avoid the up-sells because they really don’t offer to much in the way of value and for the most part the “training” they offer can be found online for free.

Mr. White does show you how to track down the higher paying surveys as well as give you a few good tricks and tips to qualify for them.

Just keep in mind that is not very likely to qualify for more than one maybe two of these a year but even if it’s only one a year the program has paid for itself several times over.

So this is where I leave you to make your own decisions about whether or not Take Surveys For Cash is Legit from the info I have provided you in this Take Surveys For Cash Review. If you have any further questions about Jason White’s online paid survey training system feel free to leave them below.

Thanks For Reading!Take Surveys For Cash 2017 Alternative

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  1. Jason

    Just because something did not work for you doesn’t mean that it’s a scam.

    It’s like with anything in this world…

    You only get out of it what you put in to it!

    Like I said within this review, you’ll not make near as much as Mr. White claims but if you put in some time and effort (daily) than you will make some extra money.

    Again, I can only speak for myself and a few other folks that I interviewed but the average amount between us was an extra $155.00 a month.

    With some months be upwards of $300 or better.

    As far as the guarantee goes, well unfortunately I have as of late, had quite a few folks say the same.

    However, you’re still not at a loss because, Clickbank, the platform its promoted through has a no questions asked, ironclad, 60 day refund Policy.

    So I would definitely go that route as well as continue to pester Mr. White’s team with emails and phone calls.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for reading,

  2. Patricia Rosada

    It is nothing but a big scam. They offer a guarantee if in two months no paid surveys have been received, but when one claims they do not even respond. They are thiefs.

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