Survey Real Savvy Scam Review

What Is Survey Savvy
Product– Survey Savvy & Savvy Connect
Owner– Luth Research
Price– Free
Rating– 4 out of 5 stars

Survey Savvy Review

In this Survey Savvy Review we’re going to take a look as to What Is Survey Savvy, What Is Savvy Connect and if in fact it’s one of the best paid free survey sites to earn extra cash or is it all a scam.What Is Survey Savvy

If this is a survey site you’re interested in or if you are considering downloading the Savvy Connect market research system than this will prove to be a must read review for you.

Here you will be able to discover exactly what other users are saying about this survey panel.

As well as find out for yourself if it is right for you.

What Is Survey Savvy

This online paid survey panel was started in 1999 by a market research company named Luth Research LLC.

Luth Research has been around since 1977 and is based out of San Diego California with it’s founder Rosanne Luth still listed as the current president.

A long with it’s president being the first chair woman of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in 1998 they also claimed to have paid out more money than any other market research company.

A staggering $14 million more to it’s members.

Now that’s a lot of cheese but is it true?

Well that is something only Luth Research knows.

With them having an A+ rating from the BBB, and having over 1.5 million users spread out over 200 countries, I would say that it’s a safe assumption to make.

Survey Savvy Rewards & Survey Savvy Surveys

First off to be eligible for any of the surveys you’ll need to be at least the age of 14 and of course have internet access.

If you meet these requirements and you qualify for a survey, you can earn on average $2 per survey.

They pay you by check and will mail one to you whenever you decide to cash out.

That is as long as you have at least one dollar in your account.Survey Savvy Savvy Connect

However, this is where most of the complaints about this survey company start.

It’s said by many members (including myself) that getting your check can be a rather long drawn out process.

The average wait time is right about 8 weeks and sometimes longer.

Now with that said, they do tell you up front that this process, from start to finish, will take anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks.

Still that is a awfully long time to wait for a check but it is free money.

OK, even though you might have to wait 3 months to get a check there are some great advantages to becoming a member of this free survey site.

For instance, if you happen to be eligible for a survey and find your self disqualified sometime during it, your name will immediately be put in a monthly drawing for fifty $10 prizes.

That is not the only perk to being a member of this online paid survey site.

There is also it’s referral program.

Which is quite awesome.

Survey Savvy Referral Program 

This is where the rubber meets the road on your cash flow potential.Survey Savvy Reviews

You see, it is also where this paid survey site differs from any other like it.

In that it gives you the possibility to cash in on a percentage of the money that your referrals make.

The profits of the referral program do not stop there.

You can also earn even more money by receiving a portion of your referrals referrals survey earnings.

In other words a 2 tier referral program.

Now for a survey site this gives them an incredible leg up on it’s competition as far as earning potential is concerned.

From my experiences with them and other sites like them the referral program puts this savvy bunch above the rest.

What Is Savvy Connect-Savvy Connect Review

Savvy Connect was released in late February 2013 as a software download that would basically allow you to be discovered by more paid survey opportunities.

This is done by tracking your likes and dislikes from your web surfing habits.

There is also another earning potential with this software other than the obvious extra surveys.

It is the $120 incentive you can What Is Savvy Connectget by downloading and allowing your online usage to be tracked.

However, this is another instance where other members have had complaints with this paid survey site.

Members are saying that they have had a difficult time uninstalling the software.

As well as folks saying they have trouble with still being tracked when they switch to incognito in their browser.

This is what the privacy policy tells you to do if you don’t want to be tracked by the software.

This is where I say to you, as a fellow survey taker, you should never download any software from a survey company or any other company without doing extensive research before hand.

If you do decide to go the way of the Savvy Connect than you can expect to get a number of extra survey opportunities you would have otherwise not have gotten.

Survey Savvy Savvy Connect 

So as far as getting paid to take surveys online this can be one of the best paid free survey sites for the job.Survey Savvy Savvy Connect Reviews

Just keep in mind the complaints of past and present members before you make any final decisions.

Especially about the Savvy Connect market research software download.

Even though they offer you the incentive of 120 bucks you should know that you have to keep it installed for a year to get the entire $120.

If it is just some extra cash you are wanting to make and paid market survey research is a route you want to go than this is a legitimate site to do it with.

I personally do not use this or any other of the best paid free surveys for earning cash anymore.

If making honest money online is what you’re wanting to do than just know there are much more profitable ways to do so.

What did you think of my Survey Savvy Review? I hope it answered your questions of What Is Survey Savvy, What Is Savvy Connect and whether or not they are legit.

Thanks for Reading!

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    Survey Savvy is absolutely scam. I completed many surveys they did not make payment to my account. They keep saying we will make control and it will be taking 3 months to be place in your account. So I never recieved money. My advise is not to be member on because you waste your time and your energy

  4. Jason

    Your right there Robert it is better than no money at all.

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    I have never been able to see how one can make enough money doing surveys or even $5 bit jobs on Fiverr. That’s less than minimum wage but then again some money is better than no money. But 4-12 weeks to get a check? Wow! That would make me not want to get involved with that.

    Thanks for the great review. I enjoyed reading it.

  6. Jason

    Hi Sherri,

    Thank you for your kind words Young Lady

    Like you I am not a big fan of Paid Surveys either mainly because of how little reward there is for the time that I invest. Especially when there are much more lucrative options to invest my efforts.

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  7. Sherri Grotts

    Jason, I really enjoyed reading your post. Personally, I haven’t had much luck with making money on surveys, but if I ever change my mind and decide to give it another try, I’ll be checking this out. Good job young man!

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