Solo Build It Review-Is Solo Build It! Scam Or Legit

Solo Build It (Site Build It)
Product– SBI!
Owner– Ken Evoy
Price– $29-Month; $299-Year

(SBI!) Solo Build It Review

So this Review has been created because of something I had seen in a Google Search this morning that got me a bit worked up and lead me to uncovering a boat load of Solo Build It Scam Complaints.

Solo Build It By Site Sell

I guess I should be telling you what it was that got my feathers ruffled in the first place.

My wife was searching on Google this morning for something and called my attention to an Adwords ad at the top of her page.

So she asked me “What Is Solo Build It!” and why does it say that people from Wealthy Affiliate are writing false/fake reviews of it.

The first part of that question was easily answered since obviously, I am in that line of work, but for those reading this that don’t know…

SBI is at it’s core a membership training site that shows folks (mainly beginners) how to build a website or business from just an idea with step by step directions that they call an “Action Guide”.

Now the next part of the wife’s question was a complete and utter shock and honestly damn near floored me.

See I have been a member for quite some time now and have never heard anything like this nor the part of this article that stated the Owners of Wealthy Affiliate were making people write negative reviews about SBI!.

They went on to say that if the members of this “Company” refused to Google-bomb SBI that they would be kicked out of the inner circle of the membership.

Not in a million Freaking years would these 2 guys (WA Owners) tell folks to do this let-alone tell their members to do it.

Long story short, I created this review, (if you want to call it that) for no other reason other but to show how unsatisfied folks really are with Ken Evoy’s SBI! system.

Is Solo Build It! Scam Or Legit

Even though what was said, by whom I am pretty sure was Mr. Evoy himself, got under my skin and annoyed the absolute crap out of me I still have to say that all in all his course is not a total scam.

With that said, people are unhappy with the performance of SBI! but brand spanking new beginners to online marketing can learn a thing or two from it but that’s it.

Solo Build It! Site Build It! Scam Review

You will learn but you won’t make any kind of real decent money using Mr. Evoy’s platform.

Unless of course you are one of the folks that not only use this system but are also on the SBI! payroll.

I’m not referring to payroll as affiliate commissions either!

One of the things you should be aware of is how difficult it will be to move any site you created there to another hosting platform.

This has to be done page by page and post by post.

Another thing that seems to be a thorn in the side of beginners starting out is how much different creating a website using SBI! is from any and all other website building programs.

People even refer to how the terminology is nowhere near the same as what is considered common terminology in the online marketing trade.

Solo Build It! Content 2.0 Tool

The cons list does not stop there either.

There are quite a few recurring complaints among most members of SiteSell’s SBI system, and because I want to keep this review as unbiased and honest as possible, I have provided member testimonials from past and present members.

As to its legitimacy, well as I stated just a second ago it is not a scam and your first timers will get quite a bit of use from it’s Action Guide.

Which is what the training is known as inside of the SBI! membership area but be warned that when you do decide to go elsewhere it will be like you’re having to learn everything all over again.

I will show you all of these member complaints that prove word for word what I am telling you so that this review can not be misconstrued as a fake or false claim.

Go ahead scroll down a bit more and see for yourself.

Solo Build It Pros and Cons

Just to show that I am truly trying to be a good sport with this Review I am going to do like I normally do and give you the pros and cons of this step by step business building training platform.

To the best of my ability.

Let’s start with the good news regarding an SBI! Membership.


  • 90 day money back guarantee
  • great for beginners
  • step by step training
  • Action guide is broken down into a day to day planner
  • Has recently started offering the option of WordPress sites
  • has a community forum for supportWhat Is Solo Build It
  • does offer technical support
  • is responsibly priced if only one domain


  • Training is limited to beginner level marketers
  • Some of the training is outdated (only a small percentage)
  • Training does not help out side of the SBI! system (different from all others)
  • The price of $29 a month is for each domain you registrar
  • Same for Yearly $299 per domain per year
  • Hosting platforms such as Host Gator do not allow you to move a SBI Site to there services
  • Moving a site is unbearable slow and complicated (Page By Page)
  • No Auto Save function If you loose power you loose your work
  • Deletes pages or posts after you get to a certain number (50)
  • If your Site gets 500 visitors a day or above you are required to pay more (Premium Upgrade)
  • Community Forum is not active with actual professional marketers
  • No help from Ken Evoy
  • If you are failing they charge you extra to find out what is wrong
  • 301 redirects do not follow Google’s guidelines for best practices
  • SiteSell domains are commonly hit during Panda and Penguin algorithm updates

There is a list of more cons I could ramble off here, but hey, why bother.

I’m pretty sure, from what is already listed, you can tell that unless you plan on only creating one domain and never leaving SBI! for another service than you might want to invest your time and money else where.

Don’t just take my word for it.

Below are quite a few other folks that feel the same way.

Unfortunately though, they did not have mounds of member testimonials to comb through to convince them not to make this time consuming mistake.

Solo Build It Testimonials

So shall we take a look at what all of the members are saying, past and present.

Tell you what to be fair and to show that this program will work for beginners here are a few of the testimonials from current membership holders.

Note that I have blurred out the names of the folks making these claims due to the fact that the owner of SBI! is known to verbalize his opinions when folks speak out against his system.

Which is why I am sure shortly after this post is to be published that I will get a few stern emails or threats of taking legal action against me for acting on my god given 1st amendment right.

But, what the hey. lets make waves.

Review of SBI! Scam

SBI! Solo Build It

Solo Build It Review

Those were a few of the more recent comments and complaints about Kenny boys system and below you will find a few more that are anywhere from a few months to a few years older than the ones above.

I only added a few more because in all honesty this list could go on and on and on…

SiteSell Solo Build It Scam

Ken Evoy Solo Build It Scam

Solo Build It Complaints

Solo Build It! Alternative 

Now that you’ve seen what past and present members are saying, I’ll leave you smart folks to come to your own conclusions on whether or not this training system is right for you.

If you are serious about making money online and don’t want to worry with what you’re going to do when you have surpassed the training capabilities of SBI! than try the all-in-one Online Business Building Training Program Ken was so quick to bash.

Here’s a bit of what they have to offer that Mr. Evoy’s training site does not.

  • A lifetime worth of the Starter membership
  • Free 7 day premium membership Trial
  • 2 free websites with all free memberships
  • 59% first month discount
  • Paid memberships can host 20 domains at no additional charge
  • live weekly classes
  • continual stream of new training materials
  • and a whole lot more

Glad you stuck around to read all of this Solo Build It Review and I look forward to any comments or experiences that you have in regards to Is SBI! Scam Or Legit. If any SBIers have any objections feel free to chime in, I welcome the debate.

Thanks For ReadingSolo Build It Vs. Wealthy Affiliate

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  1. Honest Online Money

    For starters this is not promoting an affiliate site builder.

    2nd, the only unethical thing that is being done here is Solo Build It having one of their “Invested Personal” trolling Google Search and leaving comments like this on any page that is ranking on the 1st page and calling Site Build It (Solo Build It For what it really is.

    A complete and total Sham that sends its owner out to bully its members when they disagree with the cold call sales team.

    Oh I’m sorry you know them as mentors inside of SBI.

    Guess what…

    I’m not one of your scared intimidated members that will be scared by your CS bully of an owner.

    So Eat S#*T because you don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to ethics or morality for that matter.

    If you did you would have offered a rebuttal instead of going straight to the ignorant tactics that are taught by your unethical dictator.

    So feel free to add actual facts to back up what your trying to convince others of and I’ll be happy to post them then prove them wrong.

  2. erin

    It’s not ethical to format and promote this page as an unbiased review, when it’s obviously a sales page for your affiliate sitebuilder. Shame on you. I hope no one is taken in by your deception.

  3. Jason

    Hey Jack is it?

    Alright bud not a problem at all giving my two cents but unlike the garbage link you found your info from I will give you a real way to test this for yourself.

    I’ll do so without throwing around a bunch of made up numbers that are unfound and no more reliable than what was said by the bullshit of a comment that the angry math flunky from SBI had to say.

    See they say 33x here and 22x there. Notice a pattern? It’s multiples of 11 because They only have 11 SBI sites ranking.

    Or at least that is all I could find. which is also the reason for the delay. It took some folks that long to get back to me.

    Want to guess the 11 that took forever to respond?

    So “Jack” and I apologise if you are an actual real person with a real question but my feeling is that you are some sort of paid SBI lacky that doesn’t like the fact that yet another Wealthy Affiliate Site is ranking over your Bullshit, out of date SBI site.

    Oh but then again I guess that’s why it’s called “SOLO” build it because you’re one of the SOLO outcasts that chooses to go down with a sinking ship.

    Again Jack, If you’re an actual visitor with a real concern or question than please from the bottom of my Heart accept my apology for the earlier statements but either way you can test the numbers from the SBI comment you linked to by doing what I did.

    It’s simply take a handful of any randomly selected 5 niches > Take 5 common Google suggested keyword search phrases > go to the top 5 sites on each Google SERP’s page > Scroll to comments if any (If not pick another result from 1st page search results) > ask the individual who owns the site if he /she is or has ever been with WA or SBI and which of the 2 they prefer > tally those results and then use your basic level 5th or 6th grade math education to determine if Solo Build it is really as the person commenting (Ken Evoy the owner of Site Build it/ Site SEll) says it is.

    After all Old Kenny Boy is a toy maker from Canada and taking mathematical percentages from him as a certainty would be like taking hairstyle tips from President Donald Trump or life advice from a 50 year old heroin addict.

    There’s just some things you don’t do, Jack!

    Go ahead and conduct your own and I will bet that you get the same results as me. Which is that well over half of the website owners I talked to had used WA to get where they are today or is currently still residing as a WA Member because using the SBI tactics corrupted their entire perception of how online marketing and SEO actually works.

    Good Luck Jack and again if you’re not really just a plant commenter like Ken Evoy is and does all over the internet than please accept my apology and you will see which is the better of the two if you do as I suggested.

  4. Jason


    From my online experience I can say that there are a few places that will help you and don’t cost near as much as other internet marketing courses and systems.

    Better yet they don’t have any introductory cost and you can experience the paid membership for free for 7 days. You can check out the training and tools for free so you can judge for yourself if it is something that you believe is right for you.

    But it takes work as well as time before seeing positive results.

    I listed it in this review as a Solo Build It Alternative.

    If you do decide to give them a whirl I would be interested to see what you thought and if you’re opinion on the matter has changed.

    Look forward to your return but until then thanks for reading,

  5. Scott Russell

    Is there anyone out there willing to help anyone without killing a bank account?
    I have no problem paying for something that will really work for me but I have to see it first! By that I mean my site shows profitable results, I’m not expecting wealth within the first 6 months / year or even two years!
    Just show me a system that’s working for me and I will gladly pay the asking price. Everyone knows that you’re not going to be able to show positive results with an introductory offer time frame and before you know it OH! Times up! WE get to keep your introductory payment! Now if you would like to continue just send us more money.

  6. jack

    Jason – I’m only posting this after reading your above on SBI because after leaping without looking, kind-hearted naive sap that I am, into another (company name withheld for somewhat-shame factor) online business training racket, my head is spinning with all this good/bad/ugly info on Wealthy Affiliate, SBI, etc. RE: your –

    September 17, 2017 at 10:44 PM
    ,,,,With WA Winning out over SBI!

    ….I would have you read this, which has info about the lawsuit that W.A. lost:

    *(unlinked for SEO purposes just copy wording below and paste into google for link to comment)*
    ripoffreport com/reports/wealthy-affiliate/internet/wealthy-affiliate-a-real-review-of-these-cons-internet-1135252 #comment_5

    …and I’m wondering if there’s really any “racket” that is worth paying for. I have the general idea at this point (pick a “niche”, set up a site, get some decent content on there, get it approved for Google Ads and/or WordAds (like my WordPress site is), drive people there, hope they click on the ads, get paid, live happily ever after in your villa…and so on), and I think I’ll just try to work it WITHOUT paying anyone any more dough. Luckily with my longtime I.T. career I don’t have to depend on any of this nonsense, and at 60+ I could give a damn anyway haha! But curious for your feedback. I don’t think I’d pay anyone more than $100 a year for any such service/training/support. I mean, just how many “niches” can you clobber on-liners with??
    Cheers, jack

  7. Jason


    Yes sir, there are quite few a big differences between SBI(Solo Build It) and Wealthy Affiliate but by far the success rates are the most drastic.

    With WA Winning out over SBI!

    Most folks start turning there very first profits in the 4 to 6 month range but results vary between people.

    Mainly because of work ethic and how well you stick to following allow with each step of the training.

    You would be surprised at how many folks fail just because they do not follow directions laid out in the training.

    Thanks for reading,

  8. John

    Thank you for your review on Solo Build It. It is an eye opener to knowing that such program exist. A lot of people can also discover that better alternatives are available.

    I preferred the alternative you provided. It is far better than Solo Build it. Most especially the aspect of paid membership owning 20 websites for the same monthly fees.

    The objectives of the two programs is to make money online so how soon can one start making money on the alternative training program you provided?

    Thank you


  9. Jason

    Yeah there are quite a lot of other Solo Build It reviews and complaints that I did not bother adding.

    Most of them talk about the same thing you are saying about he is just trying to con folks into stretching out their memberships by convincing them they just need to add more content.

    But all it ends up as in the long run is a bit more padding for his pockets.

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing,

  10. Jason


    Tell your cousin if he has any questions about this SBI Review or where he can see some of these Solo Build It Complaints to just stop by and me leave a comment below.

    I would be glad to help him or her.

    Thanks for stopping by Kenny,

  11. Del

    Those Solo Build It reviews from existing customers of ‘Solo Build It’ are almost laugh out loud funny!

    If your own customers are telling you that you’re behaving like the dictator of a small country and the whole thing is a cult, then other than for your own egotistical purposes, what would be the point in continuing with it!

    He’s obviously still making money from it so why would he stop.

    As you say there are better ways out there and I hope his ‘cult’ members realize that and get out soon.

  12. Kenny

    Hey Jason!

    Thanks for the awesome post. It is a breathe of fresh air reading your Solo Build It! review.

    My cousin recently wanted to join this business opportunity and asked me what i think about it. I told him to search for SBI complaints FIRST before even considering to join a new business opportunities.

    I guess I will just direct him to your site. Thank you again for the amazing review Jason my man. I will bookmark your site from now on just in case another opportunity may present itself and I need more info before making a decision.

    Kenny Wong

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