How To Choose The Best Social Media Platforms For Business Marketing

Best Social Media Platforms For Your Business Marketing

What started out as an entertaining way for Family and Friends to keep in touch, has since given birth to Social Media Marketing- a cheaper, more effective traffic generating solution for promoting and growing your business online. This Beginner’s Guide on How To Choose The Best Social Media Platforms For Your Business Marketing efforts will help you ensure you get your social marketing presence started off right.

Best Social Media Marketing Platforms And Channels For Business Marketing

It also covers some of the more commonly asked questions and aspects of setting up an effective Social Media Business Presence.

More specifically, this guide will show you:

  • What Is Social Media Marketing
  • What are the cheapest Online Social Media Marketing Platforms for Advertising
  • How To Choose The Best Social Media Platforms For Business Marketing

So let’s get this show on the road and start by checking off the first question on our list.

What Is Social Media Marketing

So, What Is Social Media Marketing anyways?

I know, the name pretty much says it all but on the off chance that you may need a technical definition for this phrase than here it is, as Wikipedia has it.

More or less!

Social Media Marketing is the utilization of Social Media Platforms (such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter) for the purpose of promoting and advertising any kind of service or product that will ultimately lead to financial gain.

So in layman’s terms…

Best Social Media Platforms For Business

It’s when you use a business’s or your personal social media platforms to Grow Brand Awareness or increase and gain traffic as a way to make money online.

Easy Right!

For the most part it is but only if you’re promoting on the right social platforms where your target niche audience hangs out the most.

We’ll get to all that jazz in just a bit because right now it’s time to check off the second aspect that most folks starting out ask about.

Best Social Media Platforms & Channels For Advertising

Now I’m sure you’re aware that advertising is one of those business tactics that can’t be measured by one metric alone.

We can all run ads for a dirt cheap price but without decent ROI’s (Return On Investment) your Social Media Marketing Plan can quickly turn into a big waste of money.

Not to mention that while one platform may work for me it very well may not deliver the same results to you.

There are many metrics that go into preparing a strong ad campaign and we would be here for quite some time if we tried to cover them all.

So to save us all some time we’re only going to list the prices for advertising on these Social Media Platforms from least to greatest.

However, if you’re not familiar with all the considerations that should go into the planning of profitable ad campaign we would recommend that you look into taking a few free or paid training courses.

On a side note, I want to point out that most of all of the big names in Social Media have at the bear minimum a free introductory course for advertising on their platforms.

So before I list the cheapest social advertising platforms I thought it might be helpful for you to know exactly what kind of traffic each get each month.

So here are the rough estimates of active users!Best Social Media Platforms For Marketing Beginners

  • Facebook- 2.2 Billion
  • SnapChat- 800 Million
  • Instagram- 800 Million
  • Google+- 500 Million
  • LinkedIn- 450 Million
  • Twitter- 330 Million
  • Pinterest- 200 Million

Now here are the prices they charge for running the ads that we all have seen when we log into our favorite internet watering holes.

  1. Facebook and Instagram
  2. Twitter
  3. Pinterest
  4. Linkedin
  5. Google+ (Google Ads)

How To Choose The Best Social Media Platforms For Your Business

There have been thousands of studies over the years into the who, what, when and where of social media engagement.

In other words:

  • Who– Basically it’s tells us the age, race, and gender of the users on each platform
  • What– Breaks each platform down into user behavior or what they most use the site for
  • When– Breaks down engagement of each platform into the time of day (hour by hour) folks are most active
  • Where– Takes all of the above data and filters it by Social Platform Name

Example: The end result of this research will tell you that “Said Platform” is mainly used by Men between the ages of 25-40 that are interested in DIY woodworking projects and are most active between the hours of 6pm to 9pm.How To Choose The Right Social Media Channels For Business Marketing

Again that is just an example of how to use the data you gain from these studies for helping you choose the right platforms for your business.

It’s important to know these things so you are not wasting valuable time creating ads or social campaigns at the wrong times.

Even worse the wrong platforms all together!

Step 1-Identify Common Trending Habits Of Each Platform

Now this first step is easy enough but is a pretty important part of understanding which social platform would be best for your business.

You want to choose one that has common trending content like the kind of content your business will be producing socially.

You see if your social presence is going to be a visual one than you’re going to want to make sure that you’re choosing a platform that’ll give your content the best chance for going viral.

In other words if its videos you’re into than you want to choose YouTube instead of Twitter.

Step #2-Identifying Which Platform Your Target Audience Likes Best

In this new era of online marketing a strong social business presence is a must and without it you may just find yourself falling far behind the competition.

However if you’re creating your presence on the wrong platforms than you’re not only wasting a lot of time you’re also missing out on valuable leads.

Luckily over the years there have been an abundance of case studies done into what audience demographic hangs out where.

From those studies here is what the experts have been able to ascertain.

Cheapest Social Media Marketing Platforms For Advertising

Facebook– The Short answer for whether or not to use this colossal social site is Yes. Facebook is an all around Medium for every kind of interest, age, gender, and customer demographic.

This Old-School giant had a major hand in the creation of Social Media Marketing and still to date has the largest user base by more of 1.28 Billion.

Which is more than 2x what it’s nearest competition sees.

So quite literally, everyone and there brother use this site and most do so a few times a day.

With the users age ranging from 18 to 49 and run pretty balanced percentage of men and women users.

Instagram– These faithful followers are much like the ones you’ll find on Snapchat in relation to age and the type of content they like to ingest.

One notable difference here is that the users are more likely to visit a business’s social profile to do research on siad business.

More than half the time these same users, if they like what they see, will buy directly from a business’s Facebook page as well as share what they just bought with their friends.

The average ages of users are between their 20’s and 30’s with a slightly higher percentage of women to men.

Snapchat– With over 100,000,000 users this social dynasty is where most of our world’s millennials hangout.

With a common age grouping of 18-24 with visual driven platform of consistent daily users are in a league of their own when it comes to scouring social media for the latest and greatest deals.

This bargain hunting style user base has had many big businesses use this to their advantage in many different social advertising campaigns but to date the Levi Denim Jean Company has capitalized the most.

I’m sure you remember all of the mini video ads of folks flipping out of bed and into a pair of levi’s.

Pinterest– While this platform is relatively new in regards to others like Twitter or Facebook, the amount of traffic that can be generated from Pinterest is just as reputable.

Mainly comprised of the upper middle class, ranging in age from 18-49, the scales tip more to the side of women.

However the entire group of users are avid DIYers and the biggest part of them are known for liking to keep up to date on the most popular premium online memberships.

Which converts well for you if you’re a membership site or can offer them some sort of DIY handbook or a new list of homemade projects to try every week/month.

Twitter– While it only weighed in at 255 million users it has been known for rapid new user growth.

An example of that was during the last US presidential elections with a spike in numbers due to the Tweeting habits of our newest American President.

Go Trump!

Best Social Media Platforms For Marketing

Sure that might piss a few of you off but hey that is the exact reason I am Proud To Be An American.

Anywho, let’s get back to #3 of the Big 3 social platforms. While it is not as all around as Facebook it is an excellent stop for any B2B businesses wanting to make new connections.

It is also becoming popular stop for visual content connoisseurs over the last few years and of course we can’t forget about the hashtag trends with a new #Trend sweeping the nation each week.

Google+   UPDATE-  You can pretty much disregard everything that I have stated in this article about using G+ because the geniuses running the Big G’s Social platform have decided to pull the plug on the entire Google plus platform as of April 2019.

This socially integrated platform has its roots attached to almost everything online anymore but unfortunately its user base is relatively meek compared to the competition.

Although you will find find a better Social Media Platform that holds more SEO weight than that of G+ but that is probably because of obvious reasons.

While the big G Search, and its high-ups, swear that they give no extra SEO value to links coming from their social platform over any other, there have been many of the highly respected SEO Authorities perform tests that have proved them wrong.

So I’m not going to dive into all of the specifics of G+, instead, I’m going to just go ahead and recommend that you do your business the favor of marketing on this social platform.

You can find more in-depth details of this kind of info by stopping by one these statistical resources.

  1. HootSuite
  2. SproutSocial
  3. DreamGrow
  4. Data and Marketing Association
  5. Statista

Or by using one of the great many social marketing tools that are on the market.

Step 3-Setting Social Goals And Selecting Platform Content Types

Now that you have your vital user information from step #2 we can take it one step further and dive just a bit deeper into the social presence of your business.

Step #3 for finding the most productive social platforms for your business is geared around knowing what type of social content will perform the best with your target audience based on what you hope to achieve from posting it.

For instance:

Types of Content

Types Of Goals

Granted there are many more reasons for one claiming a stake of the online social world but what it will boil down to is that one will lead to the next.

In other words if you are setting up for brand awareness than it will ultimately lead to more site traffic which will lead to more sales.

That is why choosing the right platform is essential to making the most out of your campaigns and reaching your social media goal posts.

So concentrate on doing one really well and the rest of your goals will soon fall into place.

Step #4 To Finding The Right Social Media Channels Is All About Data

Or AKA Data Analysis!

In This Step of the social media business platform selection process you’ll need to gather all of the data from the previous steps in one place.

Then go thru all of the social media marketing statistics and audience data for each platform to see which will best line up with the content and goals you’ve set socially for your business.

This part of the process can be rather time consuming but getting it right the first time will save you much more time and money in the long run.

Best Way To Find Social Media Platforms For Business Marketing

Not to mention the increases in site traffic and how that will lead to an influx of new sales/returning customers.

However, sometimes though there is really no way of getting around good old fashion trial and error.

Which is likely to happen when you begin drawing up your new social media marketing plans and ads in the future.

As long as you stay consistent with your social content production and stay on task choosing your new public relations outlet using these steps will get you on the right path to the all important social business engagement.

It can make or break a business’s reputation so no matter how insignificant you might think this process is don’t take it for granted and be sure to invest the time to get it right the first go around.

Step #5-Selecting And Signing-Up For Social Media Business Platforms

Now the time has come to choose and create your new online social presence.

When doing so I would suggest you sign up for and create at least 2 social business accounts on 2 separate platforms.

If you don’t feel like you can manage 2 at a time it would still be best to go ahead and create the page.

You’re going to want to go ahead and do this for any of the platforms you may want to use in the future.

Reason being is this keeps someone else from coming along before you do and taking the name you would have chosen.

This is something that happens quite a bit and even more so if you’re business is successful or your followers are growing rapidly.

Some people are just out to make a quick buck and do not care to pose as your business to do it.

So just nip this in the bud now and save yourself the headache of trying to have it taken down later.

Top 2 Social Media Platforms For Business Marketing

Now, I know you’re probably thinking why in the hell did I do all of this research if these are the 2 I should be using.What Is Social Media Marketing

Before you go and sign my death warrant allow me to explain exactly what I’m getting at first.

Remember back to step 2 when I stated that Facebook was a great all around social platform for all kinds of target audiences and Google+ was not good for much else than SEO.

That’s why!

See every business since the emergence of Social Marketing has had their hat in the FB ring.

Because of that it has become a rather common occurrence for customers to look for a business’s Facebook Page when trying to decide it’s legitimacy.

Also there is such a huge user base there it would be just silly not to try to get your little piece of the Facebook pie.

As for Google+, well it’s like this!

They own something like 95% of the free organic search market and if a business is going to be successful online they flat out have to be ranked highly in Google Search.

No matter how much the big wigs of Google’s Search Department says, they don’t give any SEO boosts to businesses with G+ profiles, there’s been to many replicated studies done by many reputable SEO sites and authorities for it not to be true.

From a business perspective, why wouldn’t they, it just makes good sense for them to encourage the growth and promotion of all of their business platforms and outlets.

Think about it! If Google was your baby wouldn’t you give incentives to keep folks coming back to use your services?

So, what do you think, am I still scheduled for a hanging or did my reasoning allow me to slip the noose?

Well, hopefully the latter, but either way I’m afraid this is where I leave you.

Until next time that is!

If you have any further questions about the Best Social Media Platforms For Business Marketing or this beginners guide on How To Choose The Right Social Media Platforms For Marketing Your Business than by all means feel free to leave them below.

Thanks For Reading!Social Media Marketing Beginners Training

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