Smart Passive Income Review-Can SPI & Pat Flynn Be Trusted

Smart Passive Income Review
Owner– Pat (Patrick) Flynn
Price– Free
Rating- 5 Out Of 5 Stars

(SPI) Smart Passive Income By Pat Flynn

So if you’ve ever tried your luck with earning a passive income online then chances are you’ve come across the name Pat Flynn or visited his website Smart Passive Income- SPI for short.Smart Passive Income Review

Which brings me to the purpose of this review and why you’re here- to get answers to questions like Who is Pat Flynn, What Is Smart Passive Income (SPI) and can they really be trusted.

Sure, Pat publishes his income reports on his SPI website but info like that can be easily faked.

Although, you’re probably painfully aware of the fact that many of the less than legit online money making opportunities, in the MMO (Make Money Online) niche, use this income proof tactic to lure folks into buying their products.

Hell, let’s just call them what they are, Scams- Blatant SCAMS run by scam artists!

It’s a sad, sad fact but unfortunately, it’s the way some folks choose to make their money both online and offline.

Even worse it’s becoming more popular and more prominent part of the world we live in.

As a result of these shady practices, folks are turned from away ever trying to make a living online because these “Bad Eggs’ the Make Money Online niche is being labeled as a scam.

Quite frankly that is just not true but at the same time, you can’t really fault folks for thinking it. Especially when you have companies like MOBE being shut down by the FTC.

At least I don’t!

Any-who, getting a bit off course so let me correct it by diving right on into this review of Pat Flynn and all things SPI.

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Who Is Pat Flynn 

I wouldn’t be doing you any favors if I only gave you a yea or nae in regards to buying what good old Patrick Flynn is selling.

In order to help you make the best decision possible, here’s a bit of good old-fashioned honesty about the man behind SPI and many other training courses/products.

After all, half of what you’re really buying with any product or membership is the reputation of the person/persons that made it.

This Is Pat Flynn

In which case, if you were thinking of purchasing one of his paid courses or books you’d be off to a good start.

Patrick happens to have one of the best reputations in the business.

It didn’t just happen overnight for him either.

He’s been at it since 2008 but has been a moderate to an above average success since 2010.

Late 2009 early 2010 was when he first began his mission of helping others avoid the same trial and tribulations that he went thru building and growing his business.

A.K.A. when he started Smart Passive Income or as it’s known on Facebook- The Crash Test Dummy Of Online Business because he tests everything to make sure it’s safe so you don’t have too.

Since the inception of SPI Pat claims to have generated over 3.5 million in online sales.

Most of which has come from commissions off of the many affiliate products he promotes via websites he’s created but mainly his Smart Passive Income site.

From everything I was able to uncover he’s not lying and if anything he’s low balling that figure a bit.

Pat has also published a few books on the subject of starting an online business presence, across several different niches, including making money online.

Here are those books but if you want to can learn more about the books he has created.

That just names the most popular 3 but he does have a few additional eBooks floating around out there on the internet if you care to find them.

Let’s not forget that Mr. Flynn has also started creating paid courses and a few free companion courses (to complement the books he has written) but if it’s not free you’ll be paying a pretty penny for it.

eBooks The Smart Way By Pat Flynn

Here are his more notable courses that you can purchase through or directly at SPI:

Bonuses that go along with any course you buy:

  • Access to a tailored made private Facebook Groups (depends on the course)
  • Office Hours- One on One Q&A with Pat (a lot like Ask Pat)

So it’s safe to say he’s got quite a few coals in the fire.

However, as of 2016, he has ramped up his game by turning his focus inward towards building SPI’s presence into more of a stand-alone online business.

Instead of just a platform for promoting the various affiliate products he firmly believes in or uses personally.

Just a little side note I should probably point out, that just about all of his students say that his recommendations are as good as money in the bank.

In other words, if he recommends it, you can bet your bottom dollar that it’ll do what he says it will.

Now that’s not something that many in the industry can say for themselves and even less of them have others say that about them.

What do you think so far… sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

Well other than the prices he charges for his courses.

As far as who to follow or take advice from when it comes to learning about starting an online business or making money online in general, Mr. Pat Flynn is a pretty safe bet.

As long as you can afford to learn from him.

Why we’re on the subject of SPI here is the skinny on what you can expect (from what I can tell) is the only free resource he offers.

So, Without further ado…

What Is Smart Passive Income 

Now you won’t find many original quality reviews of SPI because simply put there are no affiliate commissions offered for it, which means there’s no money in it.

Which is why all you find is either or one review duplicated over and over again by many different sites when you google search Smart Passive Income.

You think you would see a lot more about a site that has over 155,000 like and over 250 people talking about it daily on just Facebook alone!

Smart Passive Income Reviews

Being that it’s free and there are no commissions to be spread around not many folks will take the time to do an honest review.

But anywho, let’s get to answering What Is SPI?

I’m sure you remember from earlier, SPI was started by Mr. Flynn in 2008 as a way for him to help others learn how to create and maintain a lucrative online business.

As well as a way for him to promote helpful products so he could rake in some of those sweet sweet affiliate commissions.

Over the years it has rapidly increased its visitor base with over 200,000 visitors daily and that number is growing day by day as well.

It’s not hard to see why he is working to make SPI a stand-alone business and in my opinion, I don’t think it will be too much longer before it becomes a pay to play kind of membership site.

It would be dumb not to but as of now, it’s free.

Smart Passive Income Training, SPI Tv & Ask Pat

There are a great many things to be learned there if you take the time to search through all of the past SPI tv episodes and blog posts you’ll find everything from starting an online business to how to promote it in Social Media.

However, before you go implementing any strategies you find there, it’s a good idea to check the date and make sure it is one of his more recent lessons.Smart Passive Income Podcasts

After-all, SPI has been around for just about for a decade so there are a lot of old tactics and strategies that just don’t work like they use to.

Some can even make Google an enemy of your website causing you to either be deindexed, not indexed at all or lead manual action penalties.

Now the newer guides and tutorials that he produces are a great resource for all beginners or really anyone to follow.

If you’re interested than hop on over and check it out for yourself or just continue on with us and check out what SPI Tv is all about.

SPI Tv/Smart Passive Income Podcasts 

So to give you a better perspective of what it is Pat is delivering within this online business recourse I thought it best for you to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

So here is the workhorse himself.

So as you can see it’s pretty much a weekly training video guide mixed in with a lot of self-promotional content.

It’s free so you really can’t go wrong with checking it out because you just never know his next video might be on the topic of your concern or something you may be planning on implementing on your site.

It covers a bit of everything- from building emailing lists to new tactics on getting the most out of your affiliate programs and affiliate links.

Even if you don’t have your own website to put them on.

All in all, I recommend that you at least give it a look because there is a good possibility that you’ll find something there that will clench your thirst for advanced marketing knowledge.

Ask Pat Podcast 

Out of all of the things this industry leader is known for Ask Pat is hands down his most famous platform.

Basically, it is a daily Q & A session where he answers questions that people have left for him on his voicemail system.

The only real issue I could find with this training resource, other than the same questions being answered more than once, is that it’s next to impossible to get your question featured in his Ask Pat video segment.Ask Pat 2.0 Smart Passive Income

So if you’re going to stand a chance getting your question answered then you better make it original and it better be a damn good one.

After all, you don’t want to miss out on getting your very own Ask Pat T-shirt that he sends to all of the folks whose question he selects.

As of Feb. 2018 he has begun putting together Ask Pat 2.0 which is going to be a more in-depth coaching call than it will be a Q&A.

He plans on speaking directly with the person he chooses so that he can (In HIs Words) get more feedback from the person he is helping so that he can be sure he has solved their issue.

I think it will turn into more of a one on one interview with some of the more successful entrepreneurs in the business instead of being a platform for him to help the little guys of the industry.

Either way, it should be a fabulous source for beginners to get answers to all of those questions that plague us all starting out.

So if you find yourself in a jam and don’t know exactly how to work your way out of it than stop on by SPI and comb through the Ask Pat archives because you just may find that intellectual nugget you’ve been searching for.

Just be prepared to do a lot of combing.

Smart Passive Income & Pat Flynn Review

So above I’ve shown you just a few of the more popular things that have helped propel Mr. Flynn and SPI to a leading name in the online business and internet marketing industry.

As I said before following along with the teachings of Pat might cost you a pretty penny but at least you’ll be able to rest easy at night knowing your being put on the right path.

Before I go let me show you just a few of the other sites online that you may or may not already know about but were a big help to me when I first began online.

They’re cheap, if not free, and are absolutely worth the time and money when it comes to learning how to make money online.

They are:

  1. Wealthy Affiliate Review
  2. Affilorama
  3. Pathway To Passive (An Affilorama Course)
  4. EZ Web Business Builder 2
  5. Solo Build It!

FYI, I listed them in the order I believe are Best, Better, and Good!

They all carry great value but more importantly, they are affordable for us average Joe’s and Jane’s.

This is where I will be leaving you and I hope this Smart Passive Income Review was able to help you understand more about what SPI is as well as answered Who Is Pat Flynn and can the training he creates really be trusted.

Thanks For Reading and Don’t Forget To Like & Share!Smart Passive Income (SPI) Alternative

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