Six Figure Mentors Review-Six Figure Mentors Scam Or Legit

Six Figure Mentors Scam
Stuart Ross, Jay Kubassek
Price– $25/m, $97/m, +Up-sells & App Fee

Six Figure Mentors Review – SFM Review

Chances are you have searched all over the internet trying to find a Six Figure Mentors Review that does not come from either someone promoting it or someone calling it the 6 Figure Mentors Scam. All you really want is an honest answer to What is Six figure Mentors and does The SFM Digital Business System really work.

Well, in this review, you’re going to be shown exactly that…

Six Figure Mentors DEA Review

An honest, non affiliated look inside Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross’s Six Figure Mentors System.

Below is a preview of what this SFM Review will cover but if you are looking for something in particular about this system than feel free to use the jump links above this review.

  • What it is
  • How much it cost
  • Who it is intended for
  • Pro & Cons
  • What the training consists of
  • My professional opinion of it’s legitimacy based on member interviews

Oh, and lets not forget about what you and everyone else really wants to know above all else…..

Can it make you money, and if so, just how much?

So, sit on back and take a load off , while I hit you with some Six Figure Mentor facts that will help you decide (For Yourself) whether or not this MLM Program, brought to you by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek, is a scam or a system that is really worth your Time and Money.

UPDATERecently They have opened their doors to a Free Affiliate Program.

Reason I am telling you this is because a little further on into this review you will find me telling you about having to pay to become an affiliate.

That is no longer the case.

It’s still up to you if you want to give it a look to see if it’s a product you can get behind but I still believe that the 6 Figure Mentors (and all variations of it) is no more than a scam.

What is Six Figure Mentors

SFM (Six Figure Mentors) was originally released in August 2010 by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek as a way for them to be emotionally rewarded (as they say) for helping others live the same kind of lavish lifestyle that they brag about living.

Stuart Ross Six Figure Mentors scam

However, due to the exponential fail rate that their students were having, Stuart and Jay went back to the drawing board to tweak and recreated their Digital Business System Training Program.

Basically all they did was add a team of telemarketers to act as your personal sales team and dumbed-down the technical know how part out of it so that anyone could understand it.

And then in 2012…

They released their revamped system as a way for all walks of life, young and old alike, to have a community where they could go and learn all about Internet marketing and how to make money as an affiliate of SFM.

This is where my Check Scam Light began to go flash.

Stuart and Jay want you to fork over cash just for the privilege to call yourself a SFM Affiliate.

In all of the affiliate programs that I have ever been involved with I have never at any point and time had to pay or have I been asked to pay a fee to become affiliated with them.

This is because legitimate affiliate programs do not charge you, they pay you a commission for either the sales or leads that you generate as one of their affiliates.

The only people paying out in the affiliate marketing process are:

  • The customer you as an affiliate sold a product to
  • The Vendor when they pay you your commission
  • The Vendor paying the Affiliate Network to find them affiliates
  • In Some Rare Instances You will have to pay membership dues but even then your paying for the product or service and becoming an eligible affiliate in an added bonus. (example: Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Course)

So, What is the Six Figure Mentors Program?

Well, it’s supposed to be a Digital Business Platform where you can either learn how to make money online as a beginner or learn ways to make your already established business more successful.

In reality, it is a MLM (Multi Level Marketing) scheme that offers its members basic Internet/Affiliate Marketing Knowledge that can be found peppered all over the internet and for free.

If you’re willing to put in the time to find it, that is!

If not here is a free option for learning the same thing that SFM teaches.

Although, it has been reported that 6FM has paid out over 40 million bucks in commissions since it was started back in 2010.

So they must be doing something right!


Or is it all just smoke and mirrors to lure you into buying the very expensive up-sells?

Six Figure Mentors Training and Cost

6FM has an application process you must first go through before you can be considered a full member and this application will cost you $29.95 plus monthly dues.

Six Figure Mentors Digital Business Platform

According to Mr.Ross this is done for two reasons:

  1. So he can evaluate you to see if you will be a good fit for his system
  2. So that you can determine if his system is going to be right for you

You ask me this is nothing more than a common MLM selling tactic to make people believe that they’re going to become apart of something really special.

I say this because as long as you are willing to go all in (aka buy the elite membership package $3,000) plus pay the monthly fee that goes with it, than you are let in with open arms all most immediately.

But wait….

I thought Stuart wanted to weed out the people that were not truly serious about making money so he could keep his system full of folks with the “Right” mindset.

It sounds to me like he wants to weed out the folks that have the sense enough to know better when they are getting took for a ride and keep the ones that pay first and ask why later.

What Is Six Figure Mentors Scam Or Legit

I will leave you to decide that but as you have probably already seen, you can find him mentioning this application process in his introductory video.

As for the cost of admission, and the “training” you’ll get for it, comes in three different forms but all of which you will have to pay the application cost first.

On the plus side, you do get a free video series.

Being that you are doing your homework on Stuart and Jay’s system, I am sure that you have already seen what it says on the sales page.

But here is what it all that actually means.

Digital Lifestyles Free Video Series

This is what I like to call click bait.

Basically it is a way for them to get your email address so that they can bombard you with emails that try to convince you of how great of an opportunity it is.

All it really is is a bunch of short flicks of them telling you how good they got it and how if you can do the same by buy into their affiliate program to sell SFM to others.

Introductory Membership Package

In this package you will get to have a look around the Digital Businessman Lounge (DBL) area.

Six Figure Mentors Membership Scam

As well get access to the INTRO Six Figure Mentors Training Module which is another video of them talking about their selves.


Also included in this $29.95 package is a recording of their training before it was “Revamped” along with other footage of them coaching other before you.

If you go this route you can expect a business call from a coach on or about your 28th day. 2 days before your money back guarantee runs out.

Six Figure Mentors Complaints

If you think this one is right for you it will cost you an additional 25 bucks a month on top of the application fee.

Basic Membership Package

This is where you will begin to access the training modules for learning how to make money using basic Digital and affiliate marketing techniques.

This package will also expedite your application process from 28 days to a mere two or three.

You will also get everything that was included in the package/membership before it, premium DBL membership, the Digital Entrepreneur Blueprint, and the live weekly training video courses.

Six Figure Mentors Program Review

If you opt in to this package you will be paying a one time payment of $297 on top of a monthly payment of $97.

Oh, and you still have not bought the right to become a “Six Figure Mentors Affiliate”.

SFM Elite Package

Now, if you buy this high dollar membership package you’ll now have the right to call yourself an affiliate of Six Figure Mentors.

And to think, it only took a monthly charge of $97 and rock bottom one time payment of $2,297 for them to bestow that privilege upon you.

This privilege is known as the DEA Affiliate Enrollment which will make you eligible for the $1,000 high ticket affiliate commissions.

Is Six Figure Mentors A Scam Or Legit

You’ll also gain access to one on one coaching, with Mr. Ross or Mr. Kubassek, along with everything offered from all other membership levels leading up to this point.

Six Figure Mentors Pros and Cons


  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Does teach you basic affiliate marketing techniques
  • Videos are informative and easy to understand
  • Possibility for $1,000 commissions
  • A Sales team to close your leads
  • Can continue to make 10% commissions off of your referrals, referrals
  • Includes a website in elite membership package
  • Is upfront in sales video that you will not get rich quickSix Figure Mentors Cost


  • It is a MLM scheme disguised as an Internet marketing training program
  • have to pay hundreds of dollars to get the actual training
  • pushed to buy all of the up-sells in order to get what was initially promised
  • have to pay to become an affiliate
  • have to buy 2 separate memberships (SFM & Digital Experts Academy)
  • Sales page is littered with scam warning signs such as the high priced Cars & Houses.
  • Misleading as to what each membership gives you
  • Highly priced Hosting & Website Fees
  • Training can be found for free with a few Google Searches
  • Flat out costs to much for what you are actually getting
  • Must remain a paying member to receive your affiliate commissions

Is Six Figure Mentors A Scam Or Legit

As I mentioned above, you will be holding two separate memberships if you buy into this distracting MLM Scheme.The Six Figure Mentors System(6 Figure Mentors)

  • Six Figure Mentors (Stuart Ross’s Product)
  • Digital Entrepreneurs Academy (Jay Kubassek’s Product)

This is what they meant when they told you in the introductory video when they said they partnered up.

Don’t get me wrong both of these guys are great marketers in their own respected niches but my opinion of what they are selling you is no more than a dream.

Because unless you already have your own business up and running or unless you have a few grand upfront to get started, you will not be making any money from this system.

This is just one of the many comments that I ran across in forums all over the internet saying this very same thing in one form or another. This just happened to be the one of the more polite ones.

However, the training videos and courses that are there are very informative but they are of basic marketing techniques that can absolutely be found almost anywhere else for free.

Matter of fact I can think of two right of hand that are free and come with a community of expert marketers to boot.

They are Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama.

That is just two and that is just the first two that I thought of. There are many other options as well as can be found from doing some Google searches if you want to go it alone.

Six Figure Mentors Affiliate program

So, can you make money with this system and does it work?

Yes potentially, but you will have to invest quite a bit of money just get the wheels greased enough to get moving.

So, if trying your hand at Internet or Affiliate marketing is what you want to do than go check out this online training university and become a free member.

They taught me everything I needed to know for starting my own successful online business plus the same techniques Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek’s system teaches you.

You will also get access to a community of marketing experts, 1-on-1 couching, 24/7 live chat support, and 2 Free Websites with hosting to work with how you see fit.


Whether you spend thousands on becoming a member, or you find a free way to learn as I did, it’s your decision to make.

Either way, that is it for the Six Figure Mentors Review and I hope I was able to give you a better grasp on exactly What is Six Figure Mentors. If you have any questions at all, don’t be shy, feel free to ask them below.

Thanks For Reading!Six Figure Mentors SFM Alternative

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  1. Jason

    First off let me say that I hope all is well and that you and your family were not affected by this terrible pandemic.

    Secondly, I want to congratulate you on doing your due diligence before committing any hard to come by funds to Stuart Ross’s morally questionable online business course and marketing tactics.

    However, just because one is full of you know what, does not mean that there are not viable options out there to help you obtain your end result of earning a living via the internet.

    You seem to be a smart woman, so I will not waste your time by giving you a laundry list of them.

    More than likely you’re already researching one now.

    Thanks for stopping by and for your vote of confidence in our work here at Honest Online Money. It really means a lot to us and if the need ever should arise we are here to help.

    Until then,
    The Honest Online Money Team

  2. Estella.

    Hi Jason!
    I am not sure how old these postings are as I have not actually been looking out for the dates on here. But my point is, I nearly got bitten by Stuart’s SMF bug! I watched then re-watched their initial webnair which was actually recorded! I thought that perhaps the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, was a sign for me to stop procrastinating and get on starting an online business! But I exercised prudence and decided to have a quick side-look at this tempting invite. Especially because they are charging $99 as entry fee (Brought down from $1,000!), plus their monthly subscription of $97 and at a time when disposable income is very hard to come by. So when I chanced your article and found out that the ccurrent $99 registration fee used to be only £29 before, I knew I truly got a very lucky escape! The other warning clue for me during the webnair too, was the fact that he was demonstrating using US dollars rather than GBP pounds! I found that quite odd, but did not really question it as it was only a recording. My guess here now is that he is taking great advantage of the pandemic and tempting lots of vulnerable persons out there, who are stranded and without many job prospects, etc. etc. His webnair was really pandering to the current world-wide situation!!
    Anyways Jason, I just wanted to say ‘Thank you so much for your vigilance and keeping such persons in the public limelight.

  3. Jason

    The good news is that you caught this early so getting a refund should not be too big of a problem- as far as being eligible to receive one.

    The bad news is that getting this refund is going to be one big pain in the you know what.

    Even after the headache of getting them to finally agree to sending your refund, you are going to be waiting for it to be posted back in your account from anywhere between a week – a few months.

    Personally, I would follow the proper steps of asking for your refund through SFM and afterwards if they give you flak, or do not respond in a timely manner, I would report this to your credit card company or bank.

    Which ever one it was you used to pay for it needs to be notified of this transaction and that you have taken the proper steps to get a refund with the business that received the funds but either they refuse to respond or are declining your refund.

    You still might have a bit of a wait on your hands but alerting your financial establishment to the problem will force this bunch of crooks to handover what is rightfully yours.

    That’s what I would do, anyways.

    OH, and don’t let these kind of scam artists put you off on trying to earn a living online… It is possible to do so, you just need to find the right kind of course or community to help you.

    Whomever, it is you decide to learn from just make sure that you feel comfortable and confident in the training that they are giving you. If they are talking a lot more about how wonderful life will be after taking there training instead of the training itself than move on to the next.

    Hate we conversed under such terrible circumstances but I’m glad you stopped by and if you have anymore questions feel free to ask.

  4. Mary Kay MacShane

    I joined SFM on Monday this past week – 3 days into it. The hype and drive to do better hooked me in. I am currently reading Chapter 2, in which they list a “success story” Jane Ball and her website. This prompted me to visit her website, which is up for sale. Some air just came out of my bubble. More internet research led me to this article. I had a gut feeling that this is an MLM operation. Ugh…I think I am wanting out. HELP!!! Any advice would be welcome and appreciated.

  5. Jason

    I think you absolutely should!

    That is if you’re really wanting to learn the skills that it actually takes to make money online and not just how to perpetrate a pyramid scheme.

    Because sfm has definitely got the whole pyramid scheme thing mastered- if not they would have gone belly up ages ago.

    That’s just my opinion but there are several hundred other folks (many Former SFM Members) that share this opinion.

    Glad you stopped by to give us a read and share your thoughts.

    Come back anytime,

  6. Larry

    Jason thanks for the SFM review …I just paid the $29.95 and was considering going further, but with the info I just received from you I will be checking out other sources. I am very new to the notion of making a living online and I am seeking knowledge so I can build a stronge foundation in this new venture ….. I noticed that you asked for my name and email address … .. I give it willingly …. Thankyou for reinforcing this primary principle and I got it here for FREE

  7. Jason

    Yeah they are out there on their prices and for those wanting to get into MLM that wouldn’t be so bad if wouldn’t take so long to see a return on that investment.

    Well, that and if they carried more credibility or even offered something even remotely close to value.

    It can be done and there are legit programs out there that can teach you how!

    So don’t give up Liza because it is more than worth it when you do finally start bringing in revenue.

    Thanks for reading,

  8. Liza

    Hi Jason,
    Thank you for your review, I just finished watching their 6th video, I know it was a MLM from the get go but I watched it anyway. I just did not know that it will cost a lot. My job takes me away from home months at a time, I would love to stay home and enjoy fishing! lol.
    Again, Thank you for your unbiased review.
    Liza H.

  9. Jason

    Don’t be too hard on yourself!

    There have been a large number of people to say and do the exact same thing you just did.

    It might take a bit of time to get Six Figure Mentors or one of there sister programs to refund your money but eventually they will.

    Just do not take no for an answer and alert your bank or credit card as soon as possible and get them involved with matter of your refund.

    It will go a long way in the amount of time it will take to get your money back.

    Best of Luck and thanks for reading,

  10. Jules

    OMG! I just subscribed! Why did I not do a bit of research before parting with money that I cannot even afford? How many out there are as desperate? I will be getting my money back. Thank you for your honest review.

  11. Jason

    I would welcome that Lucy!

    However you do not have to pay to be an affiliate of WA. You just won’t get the max commission rate as a free member.

    As I am sure you will soon discover, I promote WA like I do because they’re the only ones out of many that actually delivered on their promises of teaching me how to earn a living online.

    But kudos to you for being on guard and I take no offense. Like I said you’ll soon find out for yourself that earning a living from home is possible.

    Until next time,

  12. lucy

    Hang on a minute…. WA charge you to become an affiliate $49 per month?
    i am greatful for your review as i have been looking into sfm and i have to admit that after a couple of long conversations and several emails no one can confirm exactly how much i need to invest before i start to see roi, your review has made me take a step back and relook, however you do seem to be pushing WA which makes me wary of you too(no offense) this whole thing makes me feel a little untrusting – i have signed up with wa today before seeing your review and i have also joined sfm (on a free trial) maybe i could do an honest factual comparison and send it to you(if you like?) i havent paid anything yet for either platform and promise to be brutally honest you see
    im new to affiliate marketing and would like to replace my working wage to be at home with my children and dont have money to throw away, can someone please tell me IS IT REALLY POSSIBLE??

  13. Flavia

    I enjoyed reading your honest review and I do agree with you. I started off using Six Figure Mentors and I was put off by many of the hidden costs and schemes they used as you went further on with their training. To me I felt like their whole system is a bit overwhelming and so costly.

  14. Sunny

    I’ve been looking into different affiliate marketing options and it’s been tough to know which ones are legitimate. I haven’t heard of six figure mentors before, but it’s good to know what options are out there and which ones to avoid. Thanks for giving a heads up!

    I personally am having some success through Wealthy Affiliate as well. Happy to know I’ve made a good choice there.

  15. Jason

    First off, thanks for sharing your thoughts and you are more than welcome for the help.

    Second thing I want to throw out there is that while I use WA myself and it is my go to recommendation, I don’t want to give the illusion that I am just trying to cut down on site to promote another.

    The SFM program is in my opinion one big scam and not worth the time or money.

    WA on the other hand is the complete opposite but there are also other courses and programs out there that are very close to the level of training and support of WA.

    Just want to throw that out there as to silence any skepticism as to why I offer up WA as a much better alternative to SFM. Not just because I am affiliated with WA but because they are truly just an all around better site to use for learning online marketing and online business creation.

    Thanks for bearing with me Andy and thanks again for stopping by and sharing.

  16. Jason

    I welcome all comments even if they are from folks that are saying that I have no right rating their training.

    However, being that I talk with 100’s of folks a month that have taken the so called “A+ training and support” and 9 out of every 10 say the same thing.

    That they feel as if they have been duped and the only thing that is consistent from the SFM program is the constant bombardment of the people from Six Figure Mentors trying to up-sell them.

    Telling them things like you will have much more success if you just upgrade to a higher (more Expensive) level of membership.

    Personally, I have known more people to fail with this bunch than have had any success whatsoever.

    Let me ask you this Javier!

    How much of that $10,000 have you actually gotten back? What is your ROI with SFM?

    Look forward to your honest to goodness response and I thank you for stopping by and adding to this debate.

  17. Andy

    Hi Jason ,well I am lucky I looked you guys up. I am just on the 7 day free video I won’t be taking this any further.
    Thank you for the free advice and I will definitely be checking out wealthy Affiliate.
    Thanks again!

  18. Pawan

    The article is great. Gentleman has done his homework and he is correct about most of the facts he has mentioned.

    But has he joined the SFM mentorship program and gotten hands on training? If he has not then he has no right to judge the training SFM provide.

    Their training is A+ and the support is even better. I invested 10000 into them and could not be happier.

    The mentorship

  19. Jason

    You are most Welcome Marian,

    I have not and will never recommend anything on Honest Online Money, Or any where else for that matter, something that is not on the utmost of the up and up.

    So to speak!

    They do have a very captivating sells page but unfortunately that is where the good things about SFM stop.

    There is really no take away value from this course and the only way they teach you how to make money is by coning people you know into making the same mistake you did.

    There are much better options out there for folks that are really serious about making money online.

    I named 2 of them by name and they both offer absolutely free memberships.

    Not Free Trials… FREE memberships! Of which will teach you the tactics and methods that Six Figure Mentors claims to teach.

    Wish you all the best Marian and if you should need any further help please feel free to ask.

    Thanks for stopping by and reading,

  20. Marian

    Oh I’m asking for my money back straight away. I hope I can trust you Jason. Thank you very much.

    I just joined last night, the $25 a month. I understand I will be stuck in a rut. Thanks for sharing the other links. I’m getting out now

  21. javier

    Good thing I saw this Six Figure Mentors Review. I have been into Affiliate marketing lately. There are so many companies out there that claim to be the next big thing! I am glad you post their prices, too. I don’t like upsells. I will be very frustrated if I give the initial money and don’t receive what I was promised. great article, very informative.

  22. Jason

    Hi Mavis,

    I really hate to hear that and I know it might mean anything to you but you’re not the first one that this has happened to.

    If you paid with a credit card you can file a grievance with your credit card company.

    They might be able to stop the payment or force DSM to reimburse you.

    Another option is to write a letter to the customer support team of DSM. This is one of the processes that they tell you to use for a refund.

    If you haven’t emailed DSM support or put in a support ticket about a refund do that as soon as you can so you have the evidence that you tried the proper refund channels.

    This will keep them from saying later on that you missed your refund window and no longer qualify.

    Also make sure that you’re still in the window of a refund.

    Hope this helped and keep attempting contact with them and you might try incorporating the better business bureau in one of your emails.

    They might act faster if they think you stand a chance of hurting their reputation. But no promises that will work.

    Come Back Soon,

  23. mavis munoz

    Hello Jason,

    I just pay $195 to a Companie named Digital Success Mentoring they said the phone is broke up a little let me call you back and this was thursday last week i been trying o reach them since then and nothing happen they dont pick the phone what can i do now?

  24. Jason


    You’re very welcome as well you should be suspicious of systems like these.

    Especially this bunch!

    I hope you find the one you’re looking for and that you find much success.

    Thanks for reading,

  25. Patricia

    I really appreciate guys like you who do these reviews. I’m always suspicious of these types of income opportunities. An important part of my research into offers like SFM is checking out reviews like yours. Keep up the good work.

  26. Jason

    Hi Sue,

    I first want to tell you, because you’re new, that anytime any program or system wants to to pay money to them so you can be an affiliate, RUN The Other Way.

    99.99% of the time it is going to be a scam.

    After all, if you’re an affiliate for them than you are doing them more of a favor than they are you by letting you be one.

    Basically, you are their free advertising!

    You’ll make it far in this line of work with instincts like that and as I always say, question everything you see on line before you buy anything.

    If you don’t mind me asking, which one had the ‘dodgy activities’? If you reveal this certain individuals testimonials than you might just help keep others safe from him.

    Did you get your money back or was it too late for that?

    Well Sue, I’m glad you found me and I hope to see you around the water cooler in WA.

    Thanks for reading,

  27. sue d


    I am so new to this online marketing world I had no idea you didn’t have to pay to be an Affiliate!

    So this is an eye opener for me.

    I was just about to get sucked in further by these guys ,(I did purchase the $29.95 package) then something made me google one of their testimonial guys and found a string of “dodgy ” activities surrounding him.

    That started me thinking further and led me to your review.

    I must say I just keep getting disappointed by my ability to be taken in by scammers.

    Their information was well put together and seemed quite legit but as they say live and learn.

    Thanks for your review and now I am off to WA for some free education!

  28. Jason

    You’re very welcome!

    I’m glad you got out before you sank anymore money into this blatant MLM scam.

    WA is definitely a much better alternative but for the sake of honesty I would like to point out that there are other legit money making training programs out there.

    For instance, the CFM (Chris Farrell Membership) program is also a legit option.

    Best of luck in what ever avenue you decide to pursue.

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing,

  29. Chantal

    Thanks Jason for this valuable info!

    This would have bankrupted me to just keep paying and paying for it and for what!

    I will certainly take your advice and look into the Wealthy Affiliate program.

    Thanks again!

  30. Jason


    Digital Success Marketing is a suppose to be an extra tool for you to use with the Six Figure Mentoring Program and from what I could find out about them from the Better Business Bureau was that they were out of Memphis Tn..

    Other than that there was no other information about them.

    I will see what I can come up with about the Aspire Program but I can tell you now that if they attempted to contact you through Email or by phone randomly than stay away.

    More times than not they have bought your information (Email or phone number) from a data collection agency online.

    I’m aware you either already know this or might just not want to hear it but there is no easy way to make money online. It is like any other job, you have to really work at it and be trained properly to do it.

    Thank you again for reading Simon and I will dig up what I can for you.

  31. simon

    Hi Jason !
    I have been contacted by ”digital success mentoring”, i was suspicious but i still gave them money. Actually the guy on the phone told me to go to online business bureau .com to check them out.

    I’m out a couple hundred dollars but I did cancel my credit cards since.

    Do you know more about them?

    I’ve been in contact with the aspire program from digital altitude.

    Are they legit? Please tell me more.
    Thank you and good job!

  32. Jason

    Hi Lindsey,
    I Dug around a bit trying to find out what I could about your Inquiry.

    First off I just want to say that if any business online approaches you about something like this and is not willing to give you some sort of free or reduced price trial basis, Do Not Do It.

    As for Digital Success Marketing, they are a company based out of Memphis,Tn. and are not accredited by the Better Business Bureau(BBB). Now that is not to say that they are not legit but from further investigating and a few well placed emails, I would not give them a dime. That is unless you like throwing away money.

    Pretty much the only people making money from this is the folks that are conning others to buy it. That and the developers.

    Basically a MLM/pyramid scheme.

    Hope this helped you out Lindsey and keep shopping around because there are some very good and Legit Money Making Opportunities out there online. Just got to know where to look and like you are doing now, always do your homework.

    Thanks for reading and come back and comment anytime,

  33. Lindsey

    I came across this website because I received a phone call from Digital Success Mentoring and of course they wanted a couple hundred right out of the gate and before I sign up I thought I would do a little research of my own which brought me here. Is there anything you can tell me about this company and do you believe it is a scam?

  34. Jason

    Hello Jason,

    Your Wifi Life was made to work along with tools that are offered by Six Figure Mentors and if I am Not mistaken it was made by the same folks that created SFM’s.

    It is, from what I can tell, yet another up-sell of the SFM System. Just a bit better disguised than the rest.

    Thanks for reading and for your comment.

    Come back anytime and Good Luck with your decision,

  35. Jason


    I was searching for a review of your wifi life .com when I came across your page. Seeing as both products seem remarkably similar I’m guessing that your wifi life is the new name for Six Figure Mentors.



  36. Lloyd

    Hi Jason …..thanks to you and all of the others who have made comments I have made a decision not to proceed with these guys and could “smell” what it was about. I was searching for an online business opportunity after falling into the pitfalls of Binary Trading . It seems there are lots of parallels with the two and easy to part with your hard earned money. I will have a look at WA .Thanks again

  37. Jason

    Whether it be you are to to the whole making money online process or you just need help learning a few tricks of the trade for a business you already have started Wealthy Affiliate can help.

    WA has live training every week on different subject matter or you can utilize one of the thousands of training videos on any subject you are wanting to either learn or just sharpen your skill set.

    Above all else you will learn how to build a sustainable business that will last for years to come. Not like some of their competition that only tries to capitalize on a few back door loopholes.

    Hope this helps and if you do decide to join Wealthy Affiliate feel free to message me there if you should ever need any help.

    Thanks for reading and I hope you are able to get a refund from Six Figure Mentors.

  38. TottyB

    Dear Jason

    I am echoing the statements of many people who have posted on your blog, just about to free-up the $29.95 to the Six figure mentors and then suddenly, I get a gut feeling to check this out further via independent reviews and lo and behold after having sifting through blogs promoting SFM – I persisted and noticed your blog (Search engine optimisation at its best!) – I am so glad to have read it! Thank you for taking the time to do this – especially for newbies like myself.

    Does Wealthy affiliates hold online workshops only for those starting up from scratch to learn the process or, do they hold training sessions in ‘brick and mortar’ buildings?

  39. Jason

    Hey Dave,
    Sorry to hear that and hope you were at least able to get your money back.

    I know it can be rather disheartening and make you want to give up on your dreams of making money online.

    It might not seem like it but there are legit money making training courses out there.

    Just remember the less work they it takes the more likely it is to be another scam to avoid.

    I list a few of the legitimate ones that I trust here on my site if you care to give them a look.

    Either way I hope you are able to find a program that will work for you.

    Good luck Dave,

  40. Dave Black

    I did pay the application fee and after watching the 7 videos and looking at reviews(should have done it before) I made the decision that it goes no further. It is no different really than the other marketers that take you so far and then they wall you until you give up more money. Thank You for the review.

  41. Gloria Molina

    It is a huge brainwashing scam. I hope all the money they scam from innocent stupid people like me can help them sleep for years to come.

  42. Jason

    You are most welcome Dora!

    Glad I could help and thanks so much for stopping by and sharing.

  43. Dora

    Thank you Jason!
    I was just thinking that if I had to join for $29, it would not be a bad investment! Just as well I did not join because I didn’t realise that all other costs would start creeping in, before I could even make a dollar! OMGoodness! So, thank you for your comments and review!

  44. Jason

    Howdy Ros,

    The marketing training program that I am referring to is not a program that I can take credit for but instead it is the one I used myself to get the help and training I needed to enable me to make an online income.

    I am still a member of Wealthy Affiliate to this day.

    As far as how much you can make, Well, that is up to you because the training you would be receiving is a work at your own pace kind of program.

    Meaning the more time you can put into it the more reward you will be able to get out of it.

    Be aware though Ros this is not a get rich overnight kind of gig. You will have to put in the time and effort in order to start generating an income.

    If you would like to take a look at the WA(Wealthy Affiliate) community you can do so for free without any obligations of having to buy.

    You can stay a free member for as long as you like any if you so happen to want to become a paid member it will run you 47 bucks a month.

    There are a few extra perks that come with being a premium member, such as: unlimited free websites and website themes, access to even more in depth training, and live 24/7 chat with successful veteran marketers from all over the world.

    This program will teach you everything that the high dollar training courses will and more at much better price.

    Hope this helps answer your questions and with your future decision.

    Good luck Ros and I am here to answer anymore questions you may have,

  45. Ros

    I have very limited computer skills and have been looking at the SFM as a training and income platform. However I have very limited funds and, as you said, it can become expensive.
    I am wanting to find out the total cost of your entire program- you have to make money too! Also, how do you earn income if there is not charge for the training? Would you mind sharing what potential income one could make after completing your training.
    Also, what approximate monthly budget for different programs – funnels, landing pages, sales data, website, etc.
    Appreciated your input.

  46. Jason

    Hi there Brenda,

    I am sorry to hear about the injustice that has been committed against you and your wallet. Unfortunately this is a story I have heard all to often and more times than not The Six Figure Mentors Scam is the product that’s associated with them.

    However don’t let this spoil your hopes of generating income online because there are some pretty spectacular marketing mentor programs that do work for all experience levels and that also don’t cost an arm and a leg to join.

    Good luck in your search for a marketing mentor and I truey hope you are able to get your small fortune back from these so called mentors.

    If you would like a step by step training course to help get you on the right track for online marketing than try giving Wealthy Affiliate a try.

    It’s where I learned how to do it.

    But that is up to you.

    Wish you luck and much success,

  47. Brenda Roy

    I was one of those people who did invest my money into your six figure company called ProU and the being Co founder promoting himself as a Canadian farmboy who worked as a muffler salesman taking a leap of faith into the Internet profit making businessand I was hooked. Basically the story of a good ole boy making it big. He also said that he had a mentor who walked him through his process in the beginning, step by step and when he also claimed that his company is a mentorship based company and that when you invest the money and time you will profit, I was definately hooked. I did not know anything about Internet marketing and I had hopes that I could make a living at this profit industry. I had 7 days after I invested my money to pull out of the project and gain my money back but I stayed with it for 3 months trying to figure out how the process worked and each month adding more money to the bank account of the company. I was unable to contact the people who claimed to be my mentor. After numerous attempts to contact (Justin Wolff), the person who initialIy contacted me and with each attempt coming up with nothing, I started searching in my profile pages and found out that the Co founder Jay Kubbassek was my mentor. After numerous attempts to contact him and again with no response I felt I was left hanging. I decided to leave the company before all my funds were depleted. I contacted the company to discontinue my membership and they shut down my account without even finding out why I wanted out and in the end I received no product in my hands since everything is done online and I was out $20,000.00 with no explanation of why they had dropped ball. If they promote themselves as a mentor based company they should follow through with their claim. I was also under the impression I would have the product in a hard copy so that I could refer back to it without being online. If I had product in my hands in the end then I might feel that the business deal had been complete. But since they have my money and my product I feel that they have reneiged on the business deal and that their claims are false and that their business should be shut down due to false claims.

  48. Jason

    You are very welcome Lisa and you’re instincts about this “Exclusive” club were spot on.

    Glad you found out before it was too late.

    Good luck to you and I hope you can find the right fit for your needs,

  49. Lisa

    Thank you so much for this review and the additional links/information! I watched a couple of these guys’ videos and although the concepts made sense, but I felt a bit uneasy about how “exclusive” they wanted to appear. Now I know why. Much appreciated!

  50. Mike

    Thanks so much for the review! I watched their 7 free videos and I thought they were interesting, but I also grasped their concept and figured why can’t I do this also myself or for free?
    They also left me confused because they say that they teach you to go after only the popular items which singnificantly reduces the options, which is a good thing, but then again, if it’s such a hot item that can make so much money why would they give the chance to you to make money and not keep it for themselves?
    How about this – they say to market the things that you are passionate about, like if you experienced a certain crisis etc… What if there would be a conflict of interest? They mention quitting smoking a number of times, how can more than one person try to market products for quitting smoking without making them competition?
    Besides, these guys have been around for a number of years, I presume they already have the hot items, what’s left for everyone else?
    Lastly, I wanted to call them and ask them simple questions like the ones above and the phone number provided on their website will always say that their agents are not available and that you should leave a message.
    So although they may come across as regular honest people, after thinking about it a little, it seems a bit sketchy.
    I agree with the author that they are trying to target the people that will act before they ask.

  51. Jason

    You are most welcome Bryan and I hope you are able to find that system out there that is right for you.

    Good luck on your future ventures and if you ever have any questions feel free to ask them.

    Thanks for your engagement and look forward to hearing from you again,

  52. Bryan

    I was almost about to press the buy button. I’m so glad I didn’t LOL Thanks for the review, I really appreciate it.

  53. Steve

    I finally found a “real” review on this program. There are many out there that are full of hype and “pie in the sky” promises without much substance as to how this thing really works. I appreciate you taking the time to break this thing down and showing us the real deal!


  54. Jason

    Unfortunately Robert yes another bogus MLM scam trying to pass their selves off as Affiliate Marketing training center.

    While I was constructing and doing research for this SFM review I couldn’t but help to think the same thing that you stated about it being a lot like Empower Network.

    Yeah it is a joke how they try and convince people that they need to pay to become an affiliate. Ha what a crock.

    I just don’t understand why these guys just don’t come forward and say what it is they are really wanting you to sell. I mean people will still buy into this kind of system especially if they are offering the training to teach them how.

    Even more so with quality training mixed with some advanced stuff.

    It is beyond me how folks sleep at night knowing that they are putting families, some with multiple young children, in the poor house by running scams like the Six Figure Mentors scam.

    Well, hopefully folks will see this bunch for what they are sooner rather than later.
    That’s for the insightful comment Robert and until next time,
    Thanks For Reading,

  55. Jason

    Hey there Neil,

    I agree with your opinion on paying out ridiculous membership fees for little to no success to show for it and the Six Figure Mentors system is no different.

    Personally I don’t believe you should have to pay thousands of dollars for anything that is not able to provide a decently quick ROI.

    Hate to here that about your run in with Empower Network but if it is any consolation you are in a mighty big group of people that felt the sting of the EN scam.

    WA is an awesome place for accomplishing the task of online money making and I agree the best online marketing training that is available on the web today.

    As always thanks for reading and more so for sharing your experiences and opinions here on Honest Online Money.
    Look forward to seeing you back here soon,

  56. Neil

    Hello, Jason

    Thanks for a fantastic review on the six figure mentors scam. That’s what I really hate about these scams is that they use a low fee as bate, reel you in and push upsell after upsell in your face.

    I don’t see why people should invest ridiculous amounts of money before they start seeing any kind of success. I fell for the Empower Network scam, but now I am wise to these type of scams because they all look the same.

    There are various platforms out there that do work but I have found Wealthy Affiliate to be the best and most effective online money making training by far.



  57. Robert

    Oh Jeez! Another MLM? This almost reminds me of a scaled down Empower Network SCAM! I totally agree with you that you should NEVER have to pay to be an affiliate. I am an affiliate with several companies small and large and I have never had to “pay” them to become an affiliate. Companies like EN and this SFM mis-use the name of “Affiliate” and give Affiliate Marketing a bad name.

    I see that you mention Wealthy Affiliate. They are GREAT! I am so glad that I joined them because I have learned so much in how to build and grow a REAL successful online business and not be fooled by another scam. – Thanks for sharing this Six Figure Mentors Review.

  58. Jason

    Hey Wayne,

    You are absolutely right, the percentage is in the high 90’s and even though Google is trying to eliminate scams I fear that they may cross that line and eliminate or at least heavily restrict Affiliates.

    Especially with them pretty much controlling online Searches.

    It’s kind of like owning the only gas station for hundreds of miles. You can charge what you want and people have no choice but to pay.

    Granted Google’s not charging but you get my drift, they can basically do as they please and us as marketers have no choice but to buy gas.

    I would also have to agree with you about the internet changing faster than life it’s self but as you stated the users will always be the main focus.

    Well, at least for me and all websites that I have control of because above all else it is imperative not to forget where you came from.

    I can not thank you enough Wayne for stopping by and leaving your compelling thoughts.
    Thanks for Reading,

  59. Wayne

    Hi Jason,

    I read somewhere that 98% of start your own business online programs are scams, and after what I’ve seen online I wouldn’t doubt it.

    Google has been fighting this for years. This is the number one reason they have implemented the panda changes.

    Panda changes have certainly hurt a lot of online businesses and unfortunately in the proses some legit affiliate marketers have been hurt too.

    In the end I believe it’s all going to work out for the better for everyone involved though.

    The main focus should always be on your readers and giving them a quality user experience.

    We are in an ever changing world and the internet seems to have the fastest changes happening.

    I believe that the days of the 98% will be behind us all in the very soon future and marketers will have no choose but to be straight shooters some day.

    Thanks for all of your great research and the information provided.

  60. Jason

    Glad you found and like this Six Figure Mentors Review.

    Also Tom I do as well hope that the soon to be Affiliates of the world are able to get this information before falling victim to the Flashy Attraction Marketers.

    Thanks for your kind words,
    Thanks for reading Tom hope to see you back soon,

  61. Tom Moffett

    Great information. As others have said, I hope that would-be affiliate marketers see your review before they get tied up with the 6 Figures guys.

  62. Jason

    Howdy Gill,

    You sure got that right, they prey off of the hopes and dreams that people have about being able to live that kind of fancy lifestyle they describe on their flashy sales page.

    Attraction marketing at it’s best.

    Thanks for coming out and sharing your opinion, Gill

  63. Jason

    Hello Ms.Linda,

    Unfortunately falling for scams starting out seems to be something that all of us have in common but like you said most of them are easily spotted after a few times of learning the hard way.

    However this is one of them that are not easily identified. Even to a trained eye.

    One big reason for this is that all the information that you find about Six Figure Mentors comes from those that stand to profit the most from sucking you into their new way of life.

    But with a little luck and some good on page SEO hopefully I stand the chance of reaching them before the “Mentors” do.

    Thanks for coming out Ms.Linda and sharing your thoughts,

  64. Jason

    Hey there Margot,

    First I would like to say for Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Six Figure Mentors Review.

    Second, I sifted through many days worth of forums, comments, and interview recordings from past and present members and the common denominator in all of them was the fact that they all felt mislead or deceived about what they paid for and what they actually got.

    As far as paying to be an affiliate.

    Well, that’s just ludicrous and if that was the case, the online marketing world would not be flooded with affiliate marketers.

    I agree with you because I sincerely hope that others are able to find this review instead of the ones that are done by the folks promoting this MLM product.

  65. Ms. Linda

    I am also a Affiliate. My goal is to help as many people as possible to Work from Home Online. I have fallen for so many scams. But you learn to recognize them pretty quickly. I got my start with Wealthy Affiliate and I couldn’t be happier.
    Thank You for the great information.
    Ms. Linda W.

  66. Margot

    Hey, this is some good information to know. There’s nothing like spending your time on “free (or cheap) training” just to find out you listened to an hour or more of an online infomercial. You’re right also about questioning why they would make YOU pay to be an affiliate. I’m glad I came and read this review. It will save a lot of headache and heartache for alot of people.


  67. Gill Watkins

    Great to see an honest and thorough review online. As you say, most are a veiled attempt to draw you in as they are affiliated with the product.

    Thank you for this interesting information.

    Keep up the good work.

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