Savage Affiliates 2.0 Review-Is Franklin Hatchett’s SavageAffiliates.Com Legit

Savage Affiliates 2.0 Review

In this Savage Affiliates 2.0 review we will dissect Franklin Hatchett’s course to show you what to expect from his latest update to savage affiliates and if it still holds value in the new search world of Google’s latest algorithm updates.Savage Affiliates 2.0 Review

Just in case you didn’t know, there is already one version of SA (Savage Affiliates) that was released back in early 2018 and since then Frank has released an updated version (2019) that is suppose to keep his course relevant in the post Google Algo update search world.

You may have heard this latest SA update referred to as Savage Affiliates Super or SA 2.0.

However, from our research, Savage Affiliates Super is a membership level and not a course indicator or name.

But we will speak more to the 2 different membership levels and their costs in just a moment.

First lets go over what we here at Honest Online Money found to be the pros and cons of Mr. Hatchett’s affiliate course.

Savage Affiliates 2.0 Pros And Cons

As far as course creators go, Franklin Hatchett, is at the top of that structured pyramid when it comes to success and experience.

He is also still quite active in the affiliate marketing space, but not just as a course creator, he’s also a currently active earning affiliate.

So, well call that our first listed pro to this course.

Here are the rest!

Franklin Hatchett’s Savage Affiliates 2.0 Pros

So again our #1 pro to SA 2.0 is that the owner/creator is still a thrivingly successful affiliate.

  • If you buy any version of SA’s you’re given access the next updated version for free
  • Offers a 60 day money back guarantee
  • is taught thru video format
  • has all kinds of advanced traffic generating tactics (Free and Paid)
  • Has an affiliate marketing introduction so beginners can understand the training
  • has in depth social media advertising video training
  • Done for you templates
  • Mainy people say they have experienced success

Franklin Hatchett Course Cons

While I’m not going to list all of the aspects that I personally believe are course setbacks, as not to influence your decision making, I am going to list all of the cons that can have a direct affect on a students success.Who Is Franklin Hatchett

  • Training is not broken down into a beginner friendly format (Such as Day-By-Day)
  • Contrary to popular belief it is a relatively expensive course
  • Some of the training requires you to buy and use seperate tools (Like Clickfunnels)
  • There are some hidden costs that are not disclosed at the initial sales page.
  • eMail Marketing training is based around you using GetResponse
  • Some implementation claims made by Frank can not be reproduced
  • Lack of SEO training materials
  • Some SEO strategies that are taught are considered, by Google, to be blackhat
  • Success claims made by most reviewers can not be independently verified

Savage Affiliates 2.0 Training Modules

Here is the meat and potatoes that make up Mr.Frank Hatchett’s latest updated affiliate course.

Just be advised that, and we’ll end up mentioning this a few other times in this review, you’re going to need to invest in a Clickfunnels membership if you are going to get the full benefit of what this course has to offer.

Reason being, is that a big part of this courses training modules, pretty much all modules 4-6, is based around using Clickfunnels software.

Just something to consider before you pull that buying trigger.

Another thing here is that for legality reasons we are not going to be able to disclose all of the lesson materials in every  module.

However, we will push that envelope as far as we can and give you insight into what each module will teach you and if what that module teaches is something that you should be following/implementing.

So feel free to follow along.

Affiliate Intro Module

This is what will be most beneficial to any of you affiliate marketing beginners out there or for anyone wanting a bit of a refresher on the terminology associated with affiliate marketing.

You’re not going to experience any major breakthroughs in this module or really anything other than the bare bone basics of how affiliate marketing works.

As well as how to go about becoming an online affiliate marketer.

If you’re new to this online trade I would suggest you find a more viable learning resource for affiliate marketing than what Frank’s course offers because you will be completely lost in the field if you don’t.

Module #1

This module is rightly named Affiliate Products to Promote and I bet you can guess why.

That’s right!

Mr.Hatchett takes you through his process of finding decently profitable affiliate marketing programs and products to promote on your soon to be new website.

Like with just about all of the beginner level training here, there’s not much in the way of high quality value.

The real value from this course comes from the more advanced tactics and strategies that Ol’ Frank Baby shows you.

Like I mentioned earlier… Pretty much anything having to do with Clickfunnels.

Again that’s pretty much what this course is built around anyhow.

A lot of the products he is nudging you in the direction of are products he actively promotes as an affiliate himself.

So take all the recommendations there with a grain of salt.

Module #2

In this “Beginner Level” training called, How To Build An Affiliate Website, Frank guides you through his process of building an affiliate website.

This includes everything from choosing a domain name to choosing a viable affiliate marketing niche.

Again not the kind of step by step walkthrough that a true beginner needs but if you know the basics of affiliate marketing than you could make it work to your advantage.

Although I leave that for you to decide on your own.

I’m just giving you my 2 cents from my last 7 years of experience.

Module #3

This is was where I first began to see the Clickfunnels pattern rear its ugly head.Savage Affiliates 2.0 ClickFunnels Training

It’s named Email Marketing and funnels inside the SA 2.0 members area but it does consist of more eMail marketing training than it does funnels.

However, that EM (eMail Marketing) training relies heavily on the auto responder tool called GetResponse.

I should point out that:

  1. GetResponse is much more than just an AutoResponder
  2.  Even if you don’t use the marketing tool being waived around in your face there is still some unique quality eMail Marketing knowledge to be taken away from this portion of Mr. Hatchett’s Course

Like with all the other modules that have came before it, it is supposed to be a beginner resource.

Don’t get me wrong, it is entry level stuff but its not presented in a way that will maximize your average, everyday beginners, learning potential


In this one, Clickbank Affiliate Marketing, you’ll learn more about Frank’s tried and true approach to marketing Clickbank Products.

This will include:

  • How he finds products
  • How he markets these products
  • How to make your own products
  • How to keep your refunds low
  • How he uses eMail Marketing to promote Clickbank products

Basically anything he has learned from using Clickbank over the years he shares with you and teaches you how to do the same.

Considering he has ranked pretty high on the Clickbank affiliate earners list, for a couple of years now, it stands to reason that you might just learn a thing or 2 from him about using the Clickbank Marketplace to its fullest potential.

Module #5 And #5 Part 2

Now you are in Clickfunnels country and this you’ll know by the name of this module alone…

ClickFunnels Part 1!

Yep, that’s right, it’s part 1 of a 2 part lesson plan and holds a vast amount of Clickfunnels marketing gold.

If you learn nothing else from this course you would still walk away with your PHD in Clickfunnels.

That is why I have listed these 2 together because that is all that they are, an overwhelming reservoir of Clickfunnel:

  • Tactics
  • Strategies
  • Tips
  • Tricks
  • Implementation methods
  • targeting lessons
  • and any and everything else that you could possibly imagine or dream up having to do with Clickfunnels

This is where you will gain the most from Franks course and in my opinion it is where he truly shines as an instructor.

I’m not afraid to give credit where it is due and I’m here to tell ya that there is a serious backlog of credits out there waiting on Frank to come pick them up.

He really does know his stuff when it comes to this sort of thing and he has been making a damn good living around these very strategies and tactics he is teaching his SA 2.0 students.

Yep if you felt a but coming along than here it is!


Be careful which of these “Tips and Tricks” you follow if you’re wanting to keep the site your implementing them on free from Google Penalties in the future.

Google, as of late, is always changing and tweaking their algorithms and these tweaks are only going to get more intense as time goes on.

Now I’m not saying all of the strategies he’s teaching you are bad but there are quite a bit of it that borders black hat tactics.

As long as you mind your P’s and Q’s of Google’s ever changing algo’s you’ll be fine but it is something that you’ll want to research on your own before implementing.

Module #6

Known as Amazon affiliate marketing, inside the Savage Affiliate 2.0 members area, this module teaches you just what you would expect.Savage Affiliates Amazon Affiliate Marketing Module

Sprinkled in this module is also some of the legalities of using Amazon as well as fee’s that go with it.

Mr. Hatchett shows you his take and style on how he gets down with making money from the most well-known affiliate program out there, Amazon.

This, like with other modules before it (and After), will give you a peek into the mindset of how Frank financially benefits from the 10’s of 1,000’s of profitable affiliate products that can be found as an Amazon affiliate.

He gives you a little bit of everything in this module but not too much of any one thing.

If you catch my drift.

It’s just not the strong suit of this course.

Module #7

Google SEO Traffic Training is exactly what you think it is and is another one of those modules where you can easily find yourself in hot water with this search giant if you’re not careful.

In a nutshell though this is your basic on page SEO best practices.

Along, with a few of good intermediate off page SEO tactics.

It’s when he gets to talking about some of the more advanced stuff that you need to perk your ears up about and question.

Those are the “Tips and “off page Tricks” that will lead your website to be imprisoned with a ferocious hungry Google Panda.

A good rule of thumb to follow here is that if it sounds to good to be true or you get that sinking suspicion of “Why isn’t everyone doing this” than don’t.

Just leave that tidbit of strategy alone.

Module #8

This is what Frank calls Free Traffic Training but in reality it is just using YouTube to your advantage.

Things like creating an account, how to make videos and use YouTube’s video editing software.

There is also a big portion of this that goes over the rules of using YouTube as a traffic channel or source and what you’ll need to abide by if you want to keep your Channel from getting shut down.

In my personal opinion YouTube’s resource for teaching you how to use their platform does a much better job of explaining things than this module does.

Not to mention, It’s YouTube, you have a plethora of free videos from all kinds of different skill sets that are eager to teach you how to do the same things for a whole lot less.

I might also add that 65% do a whole lot better job of it too.

Module #9

This module does hold quite a bit of value in my opinion and it’s due to all of the Google and Facebook Ad strategies that he shares.

Frank Hatchett's Affiliate Marketing Course

It’s called the Paid Traffic Training module, and while some of the training is quickly approaching outdated, what remains is still well worth your time to set thru a few videos to learn.

See, running these kind of ads can easily set you back a few $100 before you find something that works for you and your business.

So, if you are struggling with getting your ads up to ROI par than there is a lot for you to take away from what Frank has to say.

Obviously, this covers a bit of everything but by the time it has run its course you’ll know all you need to know about the basics of getting started to being mildly successful.

So take the time to listen in on this module and who knows Frank just may teach you a thing or 2 about earning commissions via paid advertising.

Module #10

Launch Jacking and Web Hosting.

I’m going to level with you on this on, I have no idea what or how this training works.

Nor how it can help you.

If there is one thing that I have always prided myself in it’s this:

I believe when all of the shiny things of life are stripped away a man (or Woman) only has 2 things they can fall back on and that’s Their Word and common sense.

So, with that said, I always do my best not to lie to anyone, Unless of course it’s my kids in relation to Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.

I can honestly tell you I don’t get what module 10 is all about and I’m not even going to try and speculate.

Sorry if that was not the answer you were looking for but, It Is What It Is, I Don’t Know!

Now that you have seen what to expect from this courses training materials there is one more thing that you can expect training wise from this course.

The 11th module is shrouded in a bit of mystery.

Mainly because it is what Frank is referring to as bonus training.

Now, I can’t tell you for 100% sure what this bonus is but I do have ears on the ground in this industry and from what I’ve been able to find out, and of that what I can share without violating someone’s confidence, is this…

The bonus material that you will get is something along the lines of additional funnel software and done for you affiliate systems to promote as your own product.

Or in other words reseller rights on some of his older programs.

At least that is my best guess because like I told you earlier – I’m a bit of a cheapskate and don’t like parting with my money.

Savage Affiliates 2.0 Pricing

Most of the other reviews I’ve encountered online all say the same thing…Savage Affiliates 2.0 Standard Price

“Compared to other courses like it, Frank Hatchett’s course is inexpensive by comparison.”

Personally, I believe that statement to be a bunch of hogwash.

Anytime you’re spending hundreds of dollars on anything you are spending a lot of money.

Money that could have gone to a much more noteworthy cause like traffic, software or web hosting.

However, if you’re looking to breakout in the make money online game than there comes a time that you will have to make a decision on investing into yourself and/or business.

Every entrepreneur ever has came to this impasse and making the right decision at the wrong time can be detrimental to fulfilling your entrepreneurial dream.

Buying Franks course is no different.

If you purchase his affiliate traffic training course too soon than, while you will still have access to it for the foreseeable future, it may be too much for your newly minted business to take financially.

Afterall, when first starting out, you need all of the resources you can get and apply them to spreading the word about your online business or website.

The best way to do that is with paid ads and $200 goes along way when it comes to announcing to the world wide web that your business and/or website is live for all to see.

Before I go on rambling anymore let me just get to the point.

While Mr. Hatchett’s course does have some training targeted at beginners it is not what I would call beginner friendly and is not broken down into steps that a beginner could easily follow.

So with that said, I will leave the decision making on whether or not you should take that financial risk up to you.

In the meantime here is the how and what regarding the pricing behind Frank Hatchett’s SA 2.0. 2.0 Standard Member Price

Like with most training resources of its kind, Savage Affiliates by Franklin Hatchett, has 2 buying options and both of which give you different levels of training access.

Or in other words, the morde you pay the more you get and in most cases this is true.

Although with this one you’re not really getting to much more bang for your buck.

How about I just list the 2 buy-in options and their differences and let you decide for yourself whether or not the extra $100 is worth it for you.

If you decide to jump on the standard members SA 2.0 option you’re going to need $197 in the old bank account to cover cost.

This does not include the hidden costs you’ll need to fork over when it comes to modules 4 thru 6 for Clickfunnels.

Nor does it include the cost of GetResponse that the entire 3rd module is based around.

Sure you don’t have to buy these extras but if you don’t it is going to pretty much make the bill you flipped for Mr. Hatchett’s course a big waste of money and time.

Now on a side note!

If you can afford to get in on Clickfunnels software, which is an extra $97 a month, this affiliate course has the potential to set you apart from your competition.

Then again, Clickfunnels does offer training of its own to capitalize on using their software but they don’t have the same caliber of experienced marketer teaching you the ins and outs of how it works.

Which is what makes Franks SA 2.0 training stand out the most.

He’s been around quite a while now and he is still running multi-figure affiliate campaigns on a regular monthly basis.

Frank Hatchett’s Super Price

Being that our readers here at Honest Online Money, are smart well rounded individuals, you have probably already surmised that the super members portion of the training is going to come with a super price tag.

Whether or not it’s super enough to warrant a $100 price increase is up to you to decide but, as for me personally, I do not believe it to be so.Savage Affiliates Super Price

Then again, I am a bit of a tightwad as they call it and don’t like to spend money on things that are not vital to the success of my business or my family’s well being.

If you do opt for the super package than you are going to immediately shell out 297 bucks.

It will give you everything this course has to offer plus handful of added extras.

Here is what you get with super that you do not get with the standard version of Frank’s course:

  1. Frank’s Personal Done For You Affiliate Marketing Funnel
  2. Clickfunnels Affiliate Academy (Step By Step Walkthrough Training)
  3. Premade ClickFunnel Funnels
  4. Launch Jacking Blueprint
  5. Web Hosting Blueprint

For you this may be well worth it, but for me, not so much, because I’m not a user of Clickfunnels.

Just not a bandwagon I ever jumped on, but, I do hear plenty of my peers raving about the results that they get from them.

To sum up what the benefits of super are, it’s basically a bunch of extra Clickfunnels training, and premade templates.

I can find a better use for 100 bucks but then again if I didn’t have the makings of a future football team worth of kids than I might go out on a limb and spend that $100 but I don’t need it to be successful.

Something you should be made aware of, this affiliate course, is that it is lifetime access.

Not your ordinary standard lifetime access though!

What I mean by that is this…

Everyone that bought the original version of SA ( were given immediate access to its updated counterpart, 2.0, for free as soon as it became available.

So it stands to reason that anyone who buys Savage Affiliates 2.0 will more than likely get the same treatment if or when SA 3.0 gets pushed to market.

This is hands down one of the best promotional tactics that I have ever seen with training resources and/or courses like this one and is apparently something that Good Ol’ Mr. Hatchett is known to do with his other courses.

One of which being, eComm Elites, but that is a review for another day.

Is Franklin Hatchett’s Savage Affiliates 2.0 Legit

Okay, I do have some mixed feelings about Frank Hatchett’s Savage Affiliates course but all in all it does hold value to an intermediate experience level affiliate.

I personally do not believe that a beginner will favor well from the materials within the digital walls of Frank’s Course.

Unless that person has the ability to catch on to new things quickly and easily.

Granted that well rounded beginner will have to work much harder than others to be successful but with lifetime access theses training materials will eventually become a valued asset to anyone that invests.

So is it legit?

My answer is a yes but be on the lookout for any Tactics that seem too good to be true and avoid implementing anything that makes you scratch your head in disbelief as to why ain’t everyone doing this.

There is probably good reason that the masses are not implementing some of those borderline black hat strategies.

So for all that have made it this far, Thanks for reading along with this Savage Affiliates 2.0 Review and take comfort in knowing that Franklin Hatchett’s Savage Affiliates 2.0 Course Is Legit. Just be on the lookout for anything that seems like too easy of a traffic win.

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