Rory Ricord Review-Is RoryRicord’s Link Post Blogging Program A Scam

What Is
Owners– Rory and Tanya Ricord
Price– $97 (1 Time)($28 Quarterly)+upsells
Rating- 1 out of 5 stars

What Is The Rory Ricord Program

Now there are a quite few reasons you may be looking into Rory Ricord’s Link Post Blogging Program but the most prominent reason among folks seems to be a sudden bombardment of text links sent to their Android phones. Which undoubtedly left many scratching their heads wondering Who or What is and Is RoryRicord a Scam or a legit work from home money making opportunity.What Is Rory Ricord

No matter your reason for hunting down answers this review will give you those answers along with any and all other questions you might have about this Work-At-Home program or its legitimacy.

So, how about we get to those answers I promised?

While we’re at it, I’ll show you what “The Word On The Street” is from past and present RoryRicord Program users by showing their testimonials and/or complaints as well as what the Better Business Bureau has to say about it.

Before I jump off the deep end I want to help you find what you’re looking for a bit quicker by listing a few links below that will take you directly to the truth you seek.

You would probably like to know exactly what is, what it does, or is suppose to do.

So here it is…

The Rory Ricord Program is an online income earning system that teaches people the Link Post Blogging technique as a way, in his words, to make a substantial amount of money online marketing anything and everything under the sun.

This online opportunity was developed Rory and Tanya Ricord which happen to be the same 2 folks that, 18 years ago in Jordan Utah, came up with a marketing consultant company called Brunette Marketing.

It is now under a new name of Brunette Online but it’s the same BBB F rated bunch running it.

Rory Ricord Brunette Marketing

The creator of also makes a far out claim that he is the sole inventor of the Link Post Blogging technique which pretty much resembles the same process that every other, far fetched, get rich quick, turn key automation scheme online today.

But sure Rory, if you want to tie your name to the likes of every other scam online than be our guest.

Just leave us hard working, get our money honest, type people the alone while you do it and go out and scam your own kind.

Anyhow, you might be wondering what LPB (Link Post Blogging) is and for that just read on a head to the next section of this review.

What Is Link Post Blogging By Rory Ricord

Link Post Bogging is basically a marketing technique where you create one website that caters to multiple different niches and niche types so that you can implement affiliate links from a wide variety of different kinds of affiliate programs.

When used right or after you’re LPB site has enough time to gain search engine trust and become authoritative, this method of marketing can be rather profitable.

However, that takes a lot of time and a lot of advertising dollars.

Which means to an established marketer this can be one of the more lucrative ways to make money online but to folks just starting out or for marketers that don’t yet have a positive authoritative online persona, this tactic is doomed to fail.

The main reason for newbies and intermediate marketers end up failing with LPB sites is simply because Google and the other Big 3 search engines do not take kindly to websites when their Niche topic is not be easily discernible.

Put simply, it will be next to impossible to rank a Link Post Blogging site highly in search results.

As I said, next to impossible, not impossible!

Here are the two most common workarounds most marketers can implement to make the next to impossible, possible.

  1. Spend a boatload of money (1,00o’s monthly) out in advertising fees to places like Google Adwords, most popular social media sites, or really any ad space you can obtain where there is already 1,000’s of daily visitors. To make it work out in your “Ranking Favor” you’re going to need a Fantastic ROI and CTR percentage in order to get search engines attention.Rory Ricord Complaints
  2. Get the top authoritative sites in each of your LPB sites niches topics to mention and link to your site often and using anchor texts that have your site name and/or the keyword you most want to be ranked for. Which, mind you, will still cost you a very pretty penny. Well 10’s of 1000’s of pretty pennies.
  3. This option is probably the least expensive by far but also probably the hardest to do. Ask a highly respectable, Top Authoritative name, to use his heavy Google Authorship status and bring your rankings right to the top by having him or her put their credentials as the author of your posts and pages or perhaps put them down as the owner of your site.

If you know anything about Google Authorship you’re probably thinking I have no Idea what it is I am talking about because Google supposedly killed it’s Google Authorship back in late 2014 early 2015.

That is half true!

The picture of the person no longer shows up next to there Search Listing but their name itself still holds quite a bit of weight with Google search.

Without name dropping the who done it’s, I will say this, look towards your more well known SEO’s and SEO consulting sites and check for their recent case studies.

You’re sure to find more than a few that were able to replicate each others findings saying that the Author themselves still carry quite the big stick when it comes to being bumped up in Google’s SERP’s.

This weight was carried beyond just their home site and seemed to follow them wherever they quest posted as well.

OK, that’s enough of getting off topic!

Now you know what Link Post Blogging is and some of the more obvious setbacks of committing to a site like it.

Who Is Rory Ricord

Long story short, he is an internet marketer that has been around for quite a while and has also brought about many different money making programs.

Or in my opinion, has brought about more than just a few scams.

He also claims that he is the sole inventor of the Link Post Blogging technique but when it comes down to it his technique is no more than a wildly confusing, unrankable, multiple niche, affiliate website model.

I know for sure this genius did not invent Affiliate Marketing.

See in his almost 20 years online his name has been brought up time and time again in association with many different scam complaints with the BBB and pretty much any other site where people can post their experiences with scam systems.Who Is Rory Ricord

Don’t get me wrong, he has made his share of money online, but he has done so by silver tonguing people into buying (In My Opinion) BS products or by having his mentors sell you those same products that he “endorses” or “is so proud to be apart of“, as he says.

Then after one system is caught onto by the public he goes out, renames it something flashy, changes the steps around a bit, and then shoves that regurgitated garbage onto some other poor unsuspecting sole.

After which he performs and exciting ritual those of use in the marketing world like to call “Rinse and Repeat”!

Go check out some of these programs for yourself and you will see just what I mean.

Not to mention the never ending list of folks complaining about how Roryricord scammed them.

Just to let you know, I am not going to be directly linking to these because it don’t want Google to get the wrong idea and assume my site is affiliated with Mr.Ricord’s sites.

So I apologize for any inconvenience ladies and gentlemen but if you feel as if you need to see more examples of programs like this one, that were proven to be scams by the folks that used them, than just search for the names I have provided below.

  • Make Me Wealthy
  • Cash From Home
  • Lead Stream Marketing
  • My Income Blast
  • Direct Sellars
  • Blogging For Cash with Rory- To see an example of a RR site click just click any URL on this Google search results page that makes no sense or has a string of numbers or letters as a domain name.

Just a little word of advice here, even if you were to overcome all of the SEO problems that come along with using one of his LPB sites having a domain name made up of only random numbers and letters will most likely never rank on it’s own for free..

RoryRicord Complaints

I pretty sure you have ascertained by now that there is no shortage of complaints with any of the systems this guy is associated with.

So to keep from having the next day or 2 of you time taken up sorting thru scam testimonials I have provided the ones that best sum up what the majority of users think. scam

These next 2 are from the Better Business Bereau website and were not posted all that long ago.

Is Rory Ricord a Scam

Rory Ricord Program Reviews

As if what I have already provided is not enough here is one more that I am sure you will find to be interesting.

Rory Ricord Scam Complaints

As you can see from this review style compliant RR also offers a $500 make money online guarauntee.

Which basically means that if you do not make money with in 60 days of starting this program the owner himself will reach deep into his scam funded pockets and give you 500 of his own dollars.

Again, as you can see from the above testimonial, this did not happen nor will it.

You see, this was just one of the great many complaints like it, with the same “Sad But True” Stories of fraudulent claims made by this company.

There are many many more of these real-life scam stories and you can see a few more here.

Discover An Alternative That Actually Works!

RoryRicord Cost

I’m sure you have noticed the price for this LPB system in one of the testimonials but just in case you missed it here is a quick run down of those prices and why they are asking you to pay them.

Entry Level Cost– This as it suggests, the cost for you just to get your foot in the door with good Mr. Rory and it will set you back a one-time-payment of $97.

Web Hosting, Maintenance, SEO preparations– To get one of his websites you will need to pay a fee of $28.95 every 3 months but don’t be worried about how cheap it is because he will have one of his minions give you plenty more opportunities to throw more money at him.

I mean that’s what we all live for, right! To find the fastest way to give the most money away at once.

My bad I was thinking of Rory’s site slogan!

Upsells and “Investments”– Here is where these Yahoo’s make the big money! There is no where in the terms and conditions or any other policy page on RR’s site that says anything about asking for additional money to “invest” into creating you a money making website of a niche specific nature (Like They Are Suppose to be)

Yet when you do finally get in touch with a mentor that is what they try to swindle you out of.

In every single testimonial that I have seen while investigating this system I have found the recurring theme of a mentor asking for more and then disappearing as if it never happened.

There is not set or determinable price for these investments but I can tell you that they start at a $1,000 and for the most return $0.

Is A Scam

If you’re still with me after this lengthy half rant half review than you already know the answer to this Question.

For those that skipped here via the links above I will give an answer anyway.

Yes It is an absolute blatant outright BS of a scam that is perpetrated by a man that has a lifelong track record of scamming people out of their hard earned money.

You don’t have to take my word for it because the internet is littered with 18 years worth of his scams.

How in good conscience a person can take money from honest, hard working people, like the ones being scammed by RR mentors, and Mr. Ricord himself, and go home to sleep at night is beyond me.

Even worse, how could they be able to look at their children in the eye and try to teach them right from wrong knowing that they are making a living by robbing other families life scam review

Judging by the amount most folks get conned into dishing out.

I’ve been called a lot of things and I’m far from perfect, but damn man, you are on a level of your own.

Alright Honest Online Money readers I again will have to apologize for that bit of a completely called for rant but somebody’s gotta say it.

Truth is Truth and making money on the internet wouldn’t get such a bad rap if more people would put their own moral values over that of the almighty dollar.

Not to mention how much better off the world would be in general if more people knew how to speak the language of truth and honesty.

I’m getting a bit worked up so I will leave you with my final thought on the question of Is Rory Ricord A Scam.

It’s an Absolute Scam and we should all do our part to make sure we spread the word so we can watch him slowly “GO BROKE” online right in front of us like he has been doing to others for years. Hopefully on YouTube so we can rewind and watch it again and again.

OK, Now I’m done with my review of that answers What it and Link Post Blogging really is as well as my opinion of Is Rory Ricord a Scam or legit money making opportunity.

Rory Ricord Program Alternative

0/5 (0 Reviews)

Honest Online Money

Name's Jason, and I make my living online. Over the years, I've helped my fair share of folks avoid internet scams with the Make Money Online Reviews and How-To articles found within the digital walls of Honest Online Money. If you're willing to invest the time, dedication and countless hours of hard work than you too can Become A Full-Time Online Money Maker/Marketer. However, it's a fast cash, get rich quick, kind of thing you're looking for than you might as well click away because you won't find them being promoted here. There's just no such thing. So go ahead and have a look around to find your life changing course or program.

This Post Has 19 Comments

  1. Honest Online Money

    Rory, I mean Rob,
    Well Rob, I served so folks like you can freely and openly express their views and opinions. No matter how wrong they may be and in this case you are far past wrong and entering ignorant.

    But whatever floats your boat buddy.

    As for my morals, they are right where they should be considering I’m doing what I can to keep people from falling victim to money sucking scammers such as yourself.

    I don’t need to Trash this program. The support team does a good enough job of that on it’s own with their intimidation tactics and bullying of people asking simple questions that should be clearly outlined on the sales page.

    But hey, that’s for stopping by, I needed a good laugh today.

  2. Honest Online Money

    WOW Susan,

    Asking about a savings account is a new one on me as well.

    Yes, you’re right, it’s called Burnett Marketing and if I am not mistaken, it’s the name of the business Rory and His Wife Sara created to host all of the different aliases these scammers go by.

    Being a tech savvy woman you should be fine to continue on without a program such as this one.

    There are free options out there but just keep in mind that you may need to comb through a few of these free resources before you get all of your angles covered because they are very limited in what they teach.

    As for your last statement about government oversight, it’s called the FTC. They only problem is that it must be reported to them directly by the consumer and after sufficient amount of complaints have been lodged they will begin an initial investigation to see if they need to take further action.

    Not a lot of people go through the process of reporting to them.

    If that is something you would like to look into on your own here is their number: 1-877-FTC-HELP.

    Unfortunately, I don’t know much more than that as far as reporting these crooks go.

    As for your hypothesis about the domains being for his monetary benefit is spot on.

    Hate you got wrangled in with this group of deplorables but don’t let that stop you from chasing your online money making dream. It can be done but it will absolutely take a big investment in time and and work. With some money towards domain and hosting. Just nowhere near as much as they said it costs.

    Good luck moving forward and if you have any questions I will be glad to help you out as much as I can.

  3. Rob R

    People, you have to remember this about this review! The person doing this review is trying to sell his product by trashing another person’s product! Think about this what kind of morals this person has if he stoops to trashing another program!

  4. Susan

    Thank you for posting this information and validating my gut feeling. I was recently laid off due to covid and while searching for a new job this article popped up for the top 3 legit programs from an Author named Sarah ( leaving last name off purposely); ( I think was Rory because I couldn’t find her on the internet). Said it was a 3 step process and it cost 39.00 ( normally 400) to purchase the program and have a mentor assigned that walked you through the process and had the same guarantees others spoke of here. I got an email yesterday and followed the steps setting up all these sights and I called to set a consult with my “mentor” but got a voicemail to some random person named Deanna. Not sure I had the right number I didn’t leave any message Got a call from a Brian and we set time to start working with me, that was set for this morning, he called it my consultation. I had written questions one of which was I wanted to know how this all worked and the costs involved. This guy calls me and tells me ( like he is doing this peon (me) a favor by offering that I can have a one on one mentor if I will sign to be one of their program promoters which they have are to update annually. I said I need to know what this program is, how it works, and costs before I affiliate my name with anyone. Well he didn’t like that and told me this is an interview and I have to be chosen to move forward with a second interview before I can get the mentor. Since when do you have to interview to have your own business?! I told him I’d pass on the mentor ship. I’m tech savvy and have a long history with corporate America. He then started insulting me and outright talked down to me like I was stupid. Told me that I’m closed minded and don’t know about business, blah, blah, blah. When I tried to respond he just cut me off so I finally told him how you DON’T do business and then told him I was done talking to him. I hung up. I called the help number and spoke to a lady about the experience and she apologized and said she would be my 1 on 1 contact going forward. She sent me an email with 4 links in it. This is where I found out I had to now dish out the 97.00 plus the quarterly domain name which I did not do. I called her back and she was a bit put off at first because she was grocery shopping. I asked her why I would pay him for a domain that I could create for free with free blogger templates and where I could own my domain. She said your paying for the education, yet his video which showed his domain seemed outdated and kind of cheesy to me. I let her go so she could shop and I called the help line and that lady told me they charge the fee to keep the cost of the domain down. It’s a group effort. Yet what it sounds like to me is your paying him to keep his name out there on his domain and we are working to make him money all the while he is charging you more. The first call today showed me he was not being honest in his claims of a legit business where you could make money within weeks maybe even the same day. I also was put off with Brian’s initial questions about how much money I have, if I have a savings account. That is none of your business, but huge red flag for me. I initially tried to find out more about this business but he seems to have multiple names so the business course sold to me was called Computer Invent. The email I got from my contact a different name. But once I heard his last name in a video, I checked with the BBB and he was found under yet another name brunette marketing, I believe. Anyway losing 39.00 is fine but glad not to have invested anymore. I’m not giving you money to help you make your domain money, and paying you for it. The government needs to start making these kind of people accountable for their actions or lack thereof.

  5. Jason

    Hi Lindsay,

    While researching this blatant scam artist, and the link post blogging scheme he is promoting, I talked to many people with much the same story as you.

    Except the wine sales… that’s a new one on me! (Thanks for adding it by the way)

    The fact that you were able to get a refund at all is a silver lining to the Rory Ricord Scam Cloud. So I guess that is something to be thankful for.

    As far as making money from home, well, there are legitimate options out there and from the sound of your comments conclusion you are the right track to finding one of those programs/courses that are on the up and up.

    I have a few listed on this site but I will leave it to you and your research skills to draw your own conclusion as to which of them are right for you.

    I wish you well and if you ever have any questions or need a hand than feel free to reach out to us here at Honest Online Money,

  6. Lindsay

    I have signed up for this in January of 2019. A few things Rory and his team does not tell you…
    1.) NOTHING is free
    2.) Once you spend $97 for the website they then have you spend another $200+ for wine they want you to sell. If you sell the wine they make a profit. That’s where this all begins.
    3.) Yes, there is someone who is assigned to help you through the process of link posting BUT they are not clear on how long the process takes as well as being honest about how much money you spend out of pocket. They simply help you sign up and take your credit card info.
    4.) Direct Cellars is the wine company they have you sign up with. I had 30 days to ask for a refund because I felt I was getting scammed, they were understanding and gave me my refund. Unfortunately they didn’t realize I was being told by Rory and his team to sign up for this.
    5.) As someone who went through this “make money from home scam” for 4 months with ZERO results and my bank account draining – I would highly recommend you all do detailed research before signing up for anything. It was a stressful 4 months and I just wish these people were honest from the beginning.
    6.) I reached out to Rory 13 times in total. Email after email trying to ask for help. Not once did I get a return. NOT ONCE. All I ever got as a response was “he’s busy.”
    7.) Be wise. This is not free and it’s NOT honest money.

  7. admin

    You’re damn right they do, Robert!

    Good old Mr. Ricord has duped more than his fair share.

    He even came after me for a while over this review, saying it was false and inaccurate but, you more than most, know 1st hand why he was not able to carry through with his threats of legal action.

    Hard to seek legal remedies when you’re fraudulently promoting online biz ops and conning decent people out of their hard earned money.

    I always have to hear stories like yours.

    Not only because it is a nasty feeling when we get manipulated in such a way but also because most folks usually give up on trying to earn an income online after this sort of betrayal.

    Don’t give up Robert, legitimate options are out there!

    Thanks for your sharing your experience,

  8. Robert Totleben

    Enjoyed your article on the RR Scam, I’ve been getting swindled by this garbage, for the last 15 months. Website never made a penny! Never heard from the so-called Mentor for 10 months, after she made a commission, from some gimmicky, key FOB, that was supposed to balloon to peoples phones. All the extra fees, they charged for Back Links, and other Mumbo Jumbo, they kept saying was required, never generated a single sale. I can’t believe I fell for this Scam, There Customer Support, is a complete joke, after 3 months of calling them, they never did a thing! They never even assigned another Mentor to me at all, or did anything to help my website. Some of the Support people told me, they couldn’t even get my so-called website to even come up! What the hell did I pay for all this time? Tired of paying for Rory Ricord’s vacations!! I hope they get indicted for fraud, they all deserve it!

  9. Jason


    I really appreciate you reading it and I’m quite surprised by your experience with WA and it’s training. As well as your comment about live support.

    The live support is made up of members but then again so is the support team. (Technical and customer)

    Most of the training and support is handled by experienced online marketers and the biggest percentage of them have 10 years or better worth of success online. Not to mention that the owners themselves are actively engaged in live support for a few hours on and off everyday.

    I don’t know exactly which videos you were watching but if you happen to still hold a free membership than I would encourage that you give them a second look.

    Because on the same page as the training videos you’ll find that lesson in a step by step textual form as well for that exact reason.

    Another thing that you might not be aware of is that but if you’re having these kinds of troubles and do not think you are getting the help you need the owners encourage you to reach out to them. They even have this as an option to choose from if you attempt to private message them.

    Anyways, I hate to hear that for you but in the future feel free to reach out to me as well.

    I will do all I can to help,

  10. Jason

    Unless he has some sort of “do not compete” type clause in his terms of service policy than no!

    He has done the same to me and harassed me over this review via private Facebook messages, comments to this site, and has evidently told his lackey’s to do the same.

    See “scam artists” and “con men” say things of that nature to try n stop the spread of their worthless programs being a waste of time and money.

    Scaring folks into thinking they are going to get sued is a tactic they use because for the most part average everyday people don’t know any better.

    So they just cut their losses!

    I assume you were using one of his sites. In which case if I were you I would read back over your service agreement because if you did do something illegal it would have to be something to do with that because the people contacted willingly divulged their contact info publicly.

    Even then I doubt it was illegal but instead a violation of 1 of his policies.

    Wouldn’t worry too much about it Lee.

    Thanks for stopping by,

  11. lee

    dude you hit the nail on the head. And i had a nice run in with the so called guru himself today. I was following his teachings but using a different approach and in doing so I was reaching out to other students via email that they had used as their contact info in classifieds for free. Rory contacted me via skype telling me I am no longer welcome in his program and his attorneys were coming for me because of what I did was supposedly illegal. Is it illegal to do what I have done?

  12. Lourdes

    Hi Jason
    I really appreciate your review.

    I tried Wealthy Affiliate but It was very difficult for me to set up a WordPress and there is not a LIVE support system, unfortunately.

    The support system are the members and no matter how many videos I watch I still was not able to finish the website.

  13. Jason

    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to share your thoughts.

    Yes I encourage all to do their homework on anything they have to open their wallets or pocketbooks for.

    Especially if it’s something online because, well let’s face it, the internet is absolutely littered with scams and new ones are being born everyday.

    On a side note, Mr. Ricord himself recently left a comment on this post threatening to take action against me, for what I can only assume, is because I’m spreading the the truth about his BS LINK POST BLOGGING SCAM he is pushing off on folks at

    If it had not been for an unfortunate server side error, on my end, I would have published this comment with my Honest thoughts and remarks to what he had to say.

    But because of giving my legal team the time to analyze the possibility of legal action or actions I was not able to get it posted live.

    I say this because, I am sure he has had to hire an entirely new team, to work around the clock, if he is out there posting comments and replies to everyone that has called his program a scam.

    Trust me there are a great great many of scam complaints about all of the systems he has ever been apart of creating.

    Well Wayne, thanks again for stopping by and feel free to come back anytime or contact us if you have any questions or requests.

  14. Wayne

    Mr. Familyman,

    I like your real world review of Rory Ricord Program and like a lot of systems advertised online the real truth is hidden until you buy it.

    I was glad to find your review of Link Post Blogging because I was thinking of trying that but after reading what you wrote, and knowing what I know, it only makes sense not to buy into the RoryRicord Link Posting Website Scam.

    I Liked The ending of your post and it’s message of encouraging people to do a lot of research before you spend any money!

    Don’t see to many people making money on the internet spreading that kind of message.

    Best to You Honest Online Money,

  15. Jack Butler

    Hey Jason, I found your article very informational, with techniques that may work for some people but certainly not for a new affiliate marketer like myself, that has produced his first website yes thru WA, awesome encounter the real deal, with a solid platform for training and expert advisors for no I repeat no extra costs, I did like the point you also made about link post blogging technique, it sounds like it would probably be, for older high ranked sites, very fulfilling review thank you Jack

  16. Jason

    You are most Welcome Annie!

    I did get a bit worked up over Rory Ricord’s link Post Blogging scam.

    I apologize if I made you feel uncomfortable or if I offended you.

    What chaps my butt about Mr.Ricord and his programs is that not only is he scamming folks he being rude and disrespectful to them why he does it.

    I get that to most that’s a turn off for a system but I can personally contest to the fact that when you are desperate or in dire need of providing for your family you will put up with anything.

    As long you believe the end result will be the one that puts food on the table.

    That is what he does! He plays on peoples emotions and then rips whats left out of their bank accounts and leaves them and their family’s SOL.

    We have all been down on our luck at some time or another and for someone to profit from that is ludacris and should be considered a hate crime in of itself.

    Well, thanks for reading our Rory Ricord Review and also don’t forget to share this with your friends.

    Happy New Year,

  17. Jason


    First of thanks for the kind words and for taking the time to pay our Online Money Making Reviews Section a visit.

    I am, in fact, in the middle of researching Bitcoin from a few different angles and calling on a few favors from my online investor buddies.

    I don’t do the whole name dropping thing mainly because I want this site to succeed on its merits alone and not because of successful and connected people giving it shout outs or whatever it is the cool kids are calling it nowadays.

    With that said, one of the folks I am in talks with now about BC, well lets just say, he was one of the first handful of people that got in on the ground floor.

    Anywho, that review will be out within the week, but to answer your question, its something you can invest in and make money.

    However it is a cryptocurrency so you need to know that the market for such a thing is very sensitive and could make your investments more of a roller coaster instead of a sure thing.

    Check back in a few days for more on that review but as for our Rory Ricord Scam Review we hope to see you pass it around to your friends so we can try to shut down Rory “The Crook” Ricord and save a lot of folks the pain and heartache of being duped.

    Until The Next Time,

  18. Prabakaran

    Hats off to you for bringing into light about one more scam scheme.These scammers are so clever that they prompt the people to buy their products.The reviews like yours should educate the people to understand the legitimacy of the products before investing.I have a humble request for you.Can you write a review about bitcoins? Is there any future in investing in bitcoins?

  19. Annie

    Wow, you sure put a lot of passion in your indictment of Rory! I can really see how angry you feel about someone who you have uncovered with all his scams. Love the “Rinse and Repeat” that you report on! Cool phrasing for what he has done and continues to do.
    Thank you for bringing out the facts to back your passion on this scam. It is helpful to have those pointed out so people like me can avoid getting sucked in.

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