Rapid Profit System Review-Does RPS Really Work

Is Rapid Profit System Legit
Product– RPS
Owner– Omar & Melinda Martin
Price– (OTO1-$9.95)(OTO2-$16.95)(OTO3-$19.95)
Rating– 2 out of 5 Stars
URL– rapid-profit-system.com

Rapid Profit System Review – What Is RPS

In this Review of Rapid Profit System I’ll be going over what the 3 phases of this training course are, what RPS actually is, RPS pricing (including Up-Sells), and if Omar and Melinda’s product actually works.

Rapid Profit System Review

First, let me start by answering What Is Rapid Profit System?

To Sum it up RPS is a 3 phase training course, from HLS, that teaches affiliates how to leverage the power of free bonuses to generate more sales of JVZoo products while at the same time they are growing their mailing list.

Or in other words, RPS is suppose to be a sneak peak at the same techniques and tactics that the Higher Level Strategies team uses to win all of those JVZoo affiliate contest.

Now if you are a member of the affiliate network JVZoo than the names of the RPS creators probably sound very familiar to you.

That’s because they pretty much dominate all of the affiliate contests that usually coincide with any new product launch at JVZoo.

In most part a big reason for that is their willingness to give away bonuses to folks that buy these products through their links.

However, most of the bonuses that I have seen them give away is no more than outdated info or info that can be found on the internet for free by doing a few simple Google searches.

That is not to say that RPS is outdated or useless but if you have watched the sales video than you probably already have your doubts.

I will get to more about my thoughts and opinion of Melinda and Omar’s RPS after I give you the rundown of what all this course entails because honestly with out knowing a bit more about it my final thoughts won’t make much sense.

Higher Level Strategies Rapid Profit System

For those of you that know already know what makes RPS tick here are some links to help you navigate through this review with ease.

Rapid Profit System Pros and Cons

Without further delay lets dive right into the pros and cons of RPS so you might be able to draw your own conclusion of this product and not just take my word for it.

Although, I wouldn’t BS you but doing your own research is always a good habit to get into when it come to buying anything online.

Rapid Profit System Affiliate Contest


  • has tons of additional bonuses
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • The creators are at the top of every affiliate contest leader board (their doing something right)
  • is not insanely expensive
  • Training is easy to understand and follow
  • Are well trusted inside JVZoo
  • Includes PLR Rights


  • Made only for affiliate products in JVZoo
  • Bonuses are the Up-Sells and not really free
  • Price continually increasing until Monday Aug 28th
  • No verification of RPS profits

Rapid Profit System Profit Plans (Training & Prices)

Now let’s get to the core of the RPS course so you can see for yourself if this is something that just might tickle your fancy.

As you probably remember reading earlier RPS at it’s core is broken down into 3 separate parts and will cost you $16.95.

Keep in mind that this is the 2nd OTO price, with the 1st being $9.95, so this price will go up again when the launch is over and done with Monday the 28th of August 2017.

Price Update– As of today, the 28th day of Aug. 2017, there has been a 3rd OTO added to the mix in the form of a $3 increase. This is due to end by midnight tonight and will undoubtedly mean yet another price bump.

So if you are planning on seeing what tricks of the trade RPS can show you than you better hop aboard before it’s cost outweighs its actual value.

Now back to your regular scheduled programming!

These parts are called Profit Plan Phases and are what you will get at the entry level price without having to purchase any of the up-sells.

Rapid Profit System Profit Plan Phases

These 3 phases are made up of 5 training videos and in them you will find:

  • Screen Shares
  • Step by Step Tutorials
  • Text Slides

So getting right to it here are the 3 phases and what each of them consist of training wise.

RPS Profit Plan Phase 1– This phase is names Your Ideal Market and goes thru how the HLS team finds a new up and coming niche market.

It goes over the exact steps that they take and tools they use to determine how profitable a niche will be.

As well as how difficult it would be to rank in or become an authoritative voice that the market audience would listen to.

Basically this is a step by step process for finding a profitable niche.

Profit Plan Phase 2– This is rightly named Your Affiliate Funnel.

If you haven’t already guessed it teaches you just that…

How to properly create your affiliate funnel and what content should be in which part of your funnel.

i.e. reviews, landing pages, sales pages, and lastly your affiliate link or product page.

The little special something that they teach you here, that you won’t find everywhere else, is how they incorporate bonuses in their sales funnel to increase conversion rates.

Omar makes claims that this is where he will teach you how you can make your market audience buy from you or only use your links.

Profit Plan Phase 3– this phase is called Your Promo Campaign.

Rapid Profit System Turbo Upgrade

This is the phase that Omar and the Higher Level Strategies gang will teach you their way of cherry picking traffic that is full of motivated buyers.

He will show you how to do this a few different ways and most of them you have probably already tried or heard of unless you are completely new to all of this.

Either way the main two ways that he teaches, with his own personal spin on it of course, is by using Facebook ads and email marketing.

Which is what will lead you to the first of 2 up-sells but in my personal opinion the front end aka $16.95 version is really all you should be spending your money on.

As far as RPS goes that is!

Now, let’s take a look at the content part of RPS.

Content is what Omar calls his dirty little up-sells.

RPS Turbo– The first of two up-sells and this one will cost you the same as it did when the launch first started.

Which is 27 bucks but that is not to say that the price for this is not going to increase after the launch hits it’s end date of Aug.28, 2017.

Again if I were you I would not waste my time unless you just really want to get a life time of done-for-you content to offer up as bonuses in your funnel.

In the Turbo package you will find:

  • 20 new bonus product plus the PLR rights to them
  • 4 Optimizepress Page Templates
  • 4 Done-For-You Email campaigns
  • Swipe Files- which is the Crush Campaign email Series and the training that comes with it.
  • Email Vault (just drag and drop your affiliate link to make them work)

Again if trying your hand at bonuses or building a mailing list is what you’re missing in your affiliate campaigns than you may want to consider getting the Turbo package.Rapid Profit System Powerhouse Upgrade

The Powerhouse Package– Basically it is just a whole bunch more Products that HLS have created in the past plus the PLR rights to them.

With a bit of training sprinkled in here and there and this plus the extras below will run you $37 for the time being.

No one knows for sure what Omar and Melinda will jack the price up to when the RPS Launch is over.

I do know that You will also get the following Powerhouse training resources:

  • Secret Traffic Session
  • Secret Funnel Session

Both of these were recorded, at what is claimed to be a 4 star hotel, and was done so live as part of a secret training seminar that he only opened up to a certain amount and class of marketer.

Oh and lets not forget that each one of these individuals paid over $400 for their seat to this secret training show.

There is what you can expect from everything that RPS has to offer training wise as well as the bonuses (up-sells) that go with it.

Does Rapid Profit System Work

Now that you know a bit more about what RPS is you are probably wanting to know if this system really works or if it’s just a way for Omar and the gang to make a quick buck.

Well, the sales video kind of speaks for itself when it comes to the legitimacy of RPS!

If it really is so great and works than why would they give away so many additional bonuses and even more than that the PLR rights to almost all of the products they have ever created.

Rapid Profit System

Don’t get me wrong all of the extras are nice and PLR rights that give me 100% commissions to all of the front end offers is even better.

However, from my past experiences when someone is trying to sell you one thing and is giving you dozens of other products just for buying that one thing…

Well, common sense tells us, that the “one thing” is probably a very pretty colored, well packaged, extraordinarily sweet smelling pile of crap!

So with that said I’m guessing you think you know where I stand on the whole RPS “thing”.

For the most part you are absolutely correct but I must confess that the HLS team is doing something very right to be winning all of these affiliate contests.

For this reason, and this reason alone, I believe the front end offer of RPS is worth investing in but only the front end offer.

Unless you are an online marketer that is looking for a boat load of additional content to use as bonuses to help you build your mailing list.

Heck it is really not that bad of an idea for the beginner marketer either. It beats the hell out of trying to build a mailing list from scratch.

Other than that the up-sells are utterly useless to anyone.

Except for maybe the recordings of the private live classes that Mr. Omar claims people paid over 400 bucks a piece to sit in on.

If that is something that appeals to you than I have a much better training program with a ton more content than these classes could ever offer and to top it all off…

They’re much cheaper and have a live class on a different subject every week where you can ask your questions (and get answers) in real time.

Oh, and they are by an actual professional marketer that makes money online from dozens of different affiliate programs.

Not just one!

Well that wraps up my Rapid Profit System Review and hopefully I was at the very least able to help you answer Does Rapid Profit System Work and Is RPS Legit. If you have any experiences of your own with Omar Martin’s course feel free to let other readers know below.

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  1. Jason


    That is not at all a bad decision.

    If the price for Rapid Profit System keeps rising the value of this product will end up being way less than it is actually worth.

    Gotta point out that these bonuses that they are giving do take a long time to work up so if you are wanting to get involved with increasing your mailing list this would be a good place to acquire these sort of incentives.

    But you sound like you know what it is you are looking for so good for you on doing your own research first so you don’t regret your decisions later.

    Thanks for stopping by and reading my Rapid Profit System Review Dave,

  2. Dave

    Hey there,

    If they are using up sells in the name of bonuses and they keep increasing their costs, it shows that they are money oriented, not customer oriented.

    And a company like this is not something I want to get involved with. They are most likely to scam me in the future.

    I think I will go with other options.

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    Thanks for stopping by to read my Review of RPS and if you don’t mind me saying so, you have a very interesting name!

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    What an amazing Rapid Profit System Review you put together!

    Reading through your site I felt as if I was talking with a friend.

    You were really looking out for our bank accounts on this one by giving us a real honest peek at Rapid Profits System and many others with your reviews.

    Thanks for pointing out the”money monsters” in this world of scam products!

    They take advantage of to many hard working families all around the world.

    I Do Not See How They Sleep At Night!!!

    Thank God for people like you who deliver true value! If you could add some video to your site it would be awesome!

    Thanks again for the review and Stay blessed.

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