QuickSprout University Review-Does Quick Sprout Work

QuickSprout University Review
Owner- Neil Patel
Price- $47m, $197 6months, $247y
Rating- 1 out of 5 stars
URL- www.quicksprout.com

What is QuickSprout University

Quicksprout University is an online training program that is said to teach website owners how to get a crazy amount of traffic and a swarm of followers to their website using the quick sprout traffic system.What Is QuickSprout University

QuickSprout University was designed by a marketing consultant named Neil Patel.

He created it for the purpose of helping the people that can’t afford his personal consulting services learn how to generate more traffic to their websites.

Mr. Patel is also the co-founder of Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics but he has also been a consultant for many other big name companies such as Wal-Mart, Yahoo, and Mazda.

Just to name a few.

Those are some pretty impressive accomplishments and some great companies to have your name tied to.

You see, Neil proclaims himself as kind of a big deal and for the most part rightfully so.

However, within this Quicksprout University review I’ll show you why this system is kind of a big scam and one that you should stay away from because it’s a money pit.

Does Quick Sprout Work

According to what I was led to believe, when I signed up to this ground breaking traffic generating system, Neil was to be the one that was going to be my teacher.

He was suppose to do for me like he did for TechCrunch and increase my traffic 30% in a mere 60 days.

Well lets just say that I gave up looking for him because apparently he was a figment of my marketing imagination.

That’s right you guessed it!

No Mr. Kind of a Big Deal, only some guy named Brain Dean.

Now I’m sure Brain Dean is an expert in his own mind but I had never heard of him and frankly was left feeling scammed.Does Quick Sprout Work

Lets go over some of the so called training good ol’ Mr. Neil Patel is suppose to be offering us in his Quick Sprout Traffic System.

All the above training was promised to be in-depth video courses that were to pretty much guarantee you a spike in traffic if you implemented them correctly.

That would probably be true if the training was actually in depth and the videos lasted for more than 3 to 4 minutes.

But just like Neil Patel that is missing too.

Speaking of missing, the potential of this system working has also gone into hiding.

But Wait, There’s More!

QuickSprout Review of Membership Pricing

OK, so before I tell you the price of the training, let me point out that if you’re 100% new to marketing than this would probably help you learn the ropes on things like PPC and other basic strategies.
QuickSprout Review

However, there are much better training courses for beginners that would help you do the same things as this program plus a lot much more and at a better price.

If this is something that you feel you need to own you can purchase this program in a few different ways.

  • month to month basis at $47.
  • 6 months at a time for $197
  • Or a yearly rate of $247

QuickSprout University Support

This is another thing I believe I spent most of my time looking for, other than Neil himself, and I kind of found it in the form of a forum.

The thing about this is, you really don’t know how reliable the information is because it’s hard to tell how knowledgeable the person is giving it to you. Neil Patel Course Quick Sprout Traffic System

I just expected so much more in this area, especially with Mr. big deal himself, endorsing it.

Like a Professional Marketing Consultant.

So, does it offer support?

Yes, but are you willing to take that chance of ruining your online efforts by taking some bad advice?

Quick Sprout Traffic System Pros and Cons


  • 30 day money back guaranteeIs Quicksprout University a Scam Or Legit
  • membership fees are discounted at initial sign up
  • 135 step by step training videos
  • good for an absolute beginner


  • no access to Neil Patel
  • training videos are very short
  • misleading sales page
  • training videos lack information
  • no accurate support
  • hard to navigate through the training lessons
  • have to write a letter to get a refund
  • can not post questions to particular training lessons
  • NO NEIL PATEL (it’s worth mentioning twice)

QuickSprout University Review

So would I recommend this so called university to a fellow marketer?

Absolutely not!

There are a few reasons why I wouldn’t but the major one has to do with my own morals.

See, to me, it’s not OK to put your name on something then leave it to poor unsuspecting folks to sign up and find out you were lying about your involvement after they had already spent all that hard earned money.

That’s just not good business.

How are you suppose to trust the training is accurate if the guy teaching you isn’t who he was suppose to be.

QuickSprout University Review

On top of that there is not credible support and some of the training is a bit out of date.

On the other hand if you are a brand spanking new internet marketer and don’t know the first thing about it than there is the off chance that it might teach you the basics of marketing.

I would not recommend you start your career off on the wrong foot when there are so many other training options out there that are better than this one.

If you are interested in something cheaper that will also give you 1-on-1 coaching and live 24 hour support than go take a look at some real income proof that backs up my claims.

You’ll not only learn how to create an online business that generates money, you’ll also learn how to create a website that will rank highly in Google.

Either way, this decision is yours to make. So Good Luck.

That’s going to do it for this Quicksprout University Review on Neil Patel’s Quick Sprout Traffic System. Hopefully it answered all questions about Does Quick Sprout Work, What Is QuickSprout University and Is QuickSprout a Scam or Legit. If you have any further questions about this system feel free to leave them below.

Thanks For Reading!QuickSprout University Alternative

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