Pathway To Passive Review-Mark Ling’s Affiliate Income Success Guide

Pathway To Passive From Affilorama
Owner– Mark Ling
Price– $37 (One-Time-Payment)
Rating- 5 Out Of 5 Stars

What Is Pathway To Passive

There are quite a few reasons that you landed on this Pathway To Passive Review but for most of you it’s probably because Mark Ling’s new Affiliate Income Blueprint has peaked your interest and you want to know if it can really teach beginners How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing.Affilorama Pathway to Passive Review

No matter what your reason may be you’ve come to the right place and you’re looking into the right affiliate money making guide to shave months off of the online affiliate marketing learning process.

In this review I’ll show you around Mr. Ling’s new affiliate training guide so you can see for yourself how the professional tips and expert tactics in P2P can save you from a lot of the hardships that usually befall new affiliate marketers.

Which means the time it takes you to start earning commissions will be drastically reduced as well.

So before I dive into the training aspects of this system allow me to present you with a bit of history on the creator of P2P and break down for you in a few words what P2P is.

So I’ll start with What Is Pathway To Passive (P2P)?

P2P (Pathway To Passive) is a step by step blueprint that will show you how experienced online marketers are currently making successful, income generating, content based affiliate websites from scratch so that you can avoid the common mistakes that hold affiliates back from making money when they first get started.

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Who Is Mark Ling

Now let’s jump into who mark is so you can be sure that the person on the other end of this guide is someone you can trust and that you’ll be comfortable getting your marketing knowledge from.

After all there are all kinds of Self Proclaimed Affiliate Guru’s out there that swear by what they teach but end up being money hungry scammers like Rory Ricord.

Is Mark Ling Pathway To Passive Worth It

Mr. Ling is not at all new to the affiliate game, nor is he new to online marketing as a whole, and has been making his living online now for well over a decade.

He has created some superb training products and eBooks over the years but he is most widely known for his training membership program called Affilorama.

Some of his other products include:

  • Rocket Piano
  • Jamorama
  • The 5 Million Dollar Code
  • Learn Build Earn

Affilorama alone has taught and helped 10’s of thousands of beginner and experienced marketers alike achieve their dreams of making money on the internet.

That there, my friends, is no small feat by any account and there are not too many people that can legitimately say that they’ve been able to one person moreless 1,000’s.

Pathway To Passive Beginners Training Guide

If you’re new to affiliate marketing than the training materials in this course is an absolute must read.

Especially if you’re wanting to learn the newest tricks, tactics, and expert hacks for starting your own lucrative affiliate marketing website.

Even if you are already hold a membership to a marketing training site elsewhere!

Mark Ling and his Affilorama staff have packed this “Read First Guide” full of proven time-tested marketing tips and tricks that he is currently implementing on all of his personal commission based websites.

Without further ado here is exactly what you can expect to take away from this perfected blueprint to affiliate success.

Pathway To Passive By Affilorama

How To Find Profitable Niches and Affiliate Products– Within this section of the training you’ll be taught Mr. Ling’s personal process of how to:

  • Find profitable affiliate products using Marks personal strategy of weeding out the products that have no potential and don’t sell or that will end up having high refund rates.
  • Compete in the most competitive of niches using his “Sub Niche” and “Value Proposition” methods.
  • Discover the 11 best niches of 2018 to enter and get his personal evergreen content strategy that is proven by many experts to be profitable.

How To Generate The Most Profitable Traffic– This strategy alone in my opinion is worth the $37 and the materials in it can be carried over to any kind of online business, website, or niche.

What you’ll discover in this portion of the training is How to create 4 different kinds of content that not only make you money but will rank easily and not be smothered with competition.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Find more profitable keywords to develop content around using what Mr. Ling calls the “reverse engineering” technique which will help you appeal to those folks either ready to buy now or that can be easily persuaded.
  • Write product reviews like the pros using a step by step guide that focuses on the power of persuasion and learn which words have the ability to trigger the buying parts of the human mind
  • Write product reviews for those products you’ve never used before in an ethically professional manner
  • Tips and tricks expert writers use to get over a case of writer’s block and a guide for learning how to write even if you think you’re terrible at it.

How To Convert Visitors Into Buyers (A.K.A. Profit Sales Funnel)– Here is what you can expect to learn within this section:

  • How to identify the 5 levels of Buyer Readiness so you can better understand the state of mind of your visitors and say what they need to hear to turn them into customers.
  • How to monetize your content effectively & efficiently based upon each type of content whether it be a review or a How To article.
  • How to maximize your sales funnel and structure it in a way that will naturally lead visitors towards your final goal of a sale without leaving out any of the essential steps.What Is Pathway To Passive
  • How to get more clicks from the SERP’s using a handful of different tips that experienced marketers like Mark have perfected over the years.

How to create Link Building Content– Like with the other lessons in this guide it consists of a few different classes in each. So here is what you’ll learn from this one:

  • Learn a content creation process that will take the work out of link building using the tactic that is known as “critical mass” to P2P students.
  • Discover 16 different time tested, creative content ideas that are known for generating more quality backlinks. Each of which is given it’s own unique P2P name so you can easily identify them in the training. As is says on the sales page, Mark’s favorite is the “Hollow Legs” method, but what is not said is how that same method converts very well as content for your Social Media Marketing plan.
  • How to find out what your audience likes best so you can use it to your advantage when creating laser focused content that targets folks ready to buy. Which will lead to more clicks from search engine.
  • Tips & Tricks the pros use to receive high quality authoritative backlinks. Not only do you learn what kind of “window dressing content” drastically increases quality backlinks but you’ll also learn what you should avoid doing so you don’t ruin your chances of easily generating links.

Pathway To Passive For The More Experienced

In addition to the beginner training you’ll also receive tips and tactics that more experienced marketers are currently having success with!

The main focus of these insider tips will give you insights into free & paid traffic as well as show you whether or not your existing site is targeting the right kind.

If this is not your first marketing rodeo than this is what you can expect from the training in this passive income blueprint:Pathway to Passive Affiliate Training Guide

Site Audit Blueprint for the more experienced– This block of insightful knowledge is pretty much just like it sounds. It will give you a step by step guide for walking you through a site wide audit to determine your sites areas of weakness.

What makes this different from the other site audit guides is that this one also give the tools and know-how to fix any areas of concern without charging you any extra.

Such areas include Traffic, Conversion rates, Sales and Search Engine Rankings.

Site Wide Optimization– This advanced training is chalked full of inspirational ideas for finding new lucrative keywords that you may have overlooked.

You’ll also find training on site organization to help you keep moving in the right direction by using tactics that the biggest names in affiliate marketing implement to build their empires.

There is also a short section on how to build out your online business or small website with it’s future growth in mind.

Is Pathway To Passive Worth It

I’ve looked into a lot of different informational courses and programs over the years and I’ve asked and answered this very question for each of them.

However, with Marks newest affiliate money making guide P2P, doing so has never been quite so easy.

With the exception of the training program that I personally use and still a member of called Wealthy Affiliate.

With that said, Affilorama is one of the top affiliate training courses online but I’ve never been particularly fond of it or any of it’s other many tools.

Now that P2P has been added to the Affilorama arsenal my opinion of it being too expensive to be worth it just may need to be changed.

I will tell you this much!

If P2P would have been around when I was first learning how to start affiliate marketing I would of undoubtedly learned all I could from Mr. Ling’s training guide to success before becoming a member of

So to answer the question Is Affilorama’s Pathway To Passive Worth It?

Well, I’ll finish this Pathway To Passive Review by answering yes, it’s an exceptional step by step course for showing beginners How to make money and be successful with affiliate marketing. Surprisingly it offers some valuable tips and tactics that even an experienced marketer will find lucrative. If you would like to learn more or sign up just click the image below.

Thanks For Reading!Pathway To Passive By Affilorama Price

5/5 (1 Review)

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    Very intersting article and pretty detailed!
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    Affilorama has never been  anyone’s 1st choice but I can guarantee you that after adding this to the monthly premium package he will be giving even Wealthy Affiliate a run for their money.

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