Pat Flynn Online Courses & Books-Are They Worth The Money

So you’re looking to learn more about Pat Flynn Online Courses, or is it one of Pat Flynn’s Books that has your finger reluctantly hovering over a buy now button.

Courses & Books By Pat Flynn

Either way, we’ll get you sorted out with all the info you’ll need to make an educated buying decision.

Let’s face it, Mr. Flynn’s courses are not cheap, and If you’re like me, (or any good sensed person) you want to be sure that they’ll deliver the desired effects before you go tossing it in the old virtual basket.

So, for those of you that want it, here are a couple of other informative Flynnish related links.

The last one there, the StudioPress theme with Genesis Framework called SPI Pro, is a review that is to come at a later date.

So as the older folks in my neck of the woods say- Come On Back Now Ya Hear!

No, but seriously, in a few weeks, I will publish my findings.

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Now, before you go dipping into the rent money for any of Pat’s courses or books, take a look at the info below to find out if the product you’re looking to purchase Is Worth Your Money.

Pat Flynn Passive Income Courses 

If you’ve been researching any product with Pat’s name on it, then by now, there’s probably a few things that jump out at you.

For instance:

1. He has an insanely loyal “Cult-Like” following.
2. Pretty much all his products or courses carry a hefty price tag.
3. Has 1,000’s of students enrolled in his courses at any one time.

With those 3 things in mind, you can pretty much bank on the idea that both, his free and paid, teachings promote success.

After all, you don’t generate such a loyal fan base or following by ripping folks off or putting out low-quality products.

Pat Flynn Online Business Course

On a bit of a side note, during my research, I found that roughly 70% of all his students bought into his paid courses after first experiencing his “Will It Fly” companion book course.

Although that could be directly related to the fact that he didn’t start creating paid courses and products until late 2015, early 2016.

If you can’t wait to become a Flynnian and start learning at the feet of Mr. Pat Flynn, then you can head on over to to get access to his courses.

As for the rest of us, let’s take a peek at whether or not his companion course makes his book worth buying.

Pat Flynn Will It Fly Companion Course

In a nutshell, it’s just a guide to help you take action on the stuff you’ll learn in the book.

Before I go any further let me point out that while I have not personally followed “said guide” it does have quite a lot of positive feedback from the ones that did.

So if this tickles your fancy than just head on over to Smart Passive Income to get yourself enrolled.

To see what’s inside the Will It Fly Companion Course just continue reading.

Will It Fly Companion Course Details

The first thing you should know is that this entire course is made up of training videos and like with all of his courses you will find a bonus tutorial upon completion.

The second is that this course is absolutely adored by his followers and the people that took it.

Unlike his paid courses, the Will It Fly Companion Course is made to take, an absolute, wet behind the ears beginners and turn them into a knowledgeable, capable online Entrepreneur or internet marketer.

Trust me if you’re completely new to the whole making money online thing then you’re going to need this course to get through this 3rd year, college graduate level book.

So that’s enough talking about it now let’s jump right in and see what all of the fuss is about.

Part 1-Mission Design
  • Chapter 1 – Before Your Journey Begins
  • Chapter 2 – The Airport Test
  • Chapter 3 – The History Test
  • Chapter 4 – The Shark Bait Test
  • Chapter 5 – Folding Your Wings
Part 2 – Development Lab
  • Chapter 6 – Before You Print Your Business Card
  • Chapter 7 – Germination
  • Chapter 8 – The ONE Sentence
  • Chapter 9 – Conversation and ObservationWill It Fly Companion Course
Part 3 – Flight Planning
  • Chapter 10 – Diagnostics
  • Chapter 11 – Your 1,000 True Fans
  • Chapter 12 – The Market Map
  • Chapter 13 – The Customer P.L.A.N.
  • Chapter 14 – Elixirs
Part 4 – Flight Simulator
  • Chapter 15 – The Silent Hero
  • Chapter 16 – Principles of Validation
  • Chapter 17 – The Validation Method
  • Chapter 18 – Validation in Action
Part 5 – All Systems Go

Chapter 19 – Countdown

You’re not going to find too many books out there that come with their very own how-to course attached.

If you do, I would just about bet my left pinky toe that they won’t be free.

Especially, if they’re on this niche topic.


Stay tuned for a rundown of the book that goes with it a bit later on in this review.

Pat Flynn’s Online Business Course

This course is basically a collection of all of the info and training ever put out on his Smart Passive Income site.

Only difference- besides the access you get to his private Facebook Community- is all of the training and strategies mentioned here are as up to date as one can get.

Instead of just rambling on about it, I’ll just tell you this…

It is legit and if you’re willing to put in the work, it can work for you, but (like I said) it ain’t cheap.

Let’s not waste any more time talking about it.

Here is exactly what you will get for your payment of $247.

Smart From Scratch Course Details

Again, I want to point out that this course also comes with the official Flynn Bonuses.

Pat Flynn Online Course Smart From Scratch

Which, just in case you forgot, are the custom-made Private Facebook Groups and his Q&A Bonus called Office Hours.

Also in typical Flynn fashion, this course is made up of step by step, video training tutorials.

For all that are interested in learning how to successfully start, run, and maintain an online business then this is one of those courses that could turn out to be a real life changer.

To find out if it has the potential to change your life for the better than have a look at all of the lessons that make up this 3 stage online business course.

Stage 1: Idea and Market Visibility
  1. Setting Expectations
  2. Focusing On Real Business
  3. Figuring Out Your Top Idea
  4. Discovering Your Niche
  5. Researching Your Customers
  6. Positioning Your Business Idea
  7. Reaching Out for First Reaction
  8. Reflecting On Your Plan
  9. What’s Coming Up in Stage 2!
Stage 2-Adjust and Refine
  1. Creating Goals
  2. Building Your Mind Map
  3. Making Sense of Your Mind Map
  4. Prototyping Your Idea
  5. Connecting for Feedback
  6. Checking Your Excitement Levels
Stage 3- Testing
  1. Finding Your Direction
  2. Selling Before You Build
  3. Developing Your Pitch
  4. Collecting Payments
  5. The Fortune Is in the Follow-up
  6. Maintaining Your Smart Business

In addition to the bonuses I mentioned above you will also be given access to his BYOB (Build Your Own Brand) 5 day challenge.

Which is exactly how it sounds only from the experiences of the creator of these SPI courses.

It’s not at all a bad idea to take a look at the BYOB course even if you don’t buy the Smart From Scratch Course 1st.

There’s a lot of value in this free brand building bonus course that any newcomer to the online business world will have to know if they’re going to have a decent shot at success.

Pat Flynn Build Your Own Brand (BYOB) Course

Here is a quick description of what awaits you inside BYOB (Build Your Own Brand) 5-Day Challenge.

  • Day 1– You’ll be picking your brand name and purchasing a website for your brand to call home.
  • Day 2– You’ll be picking your theme and setting up some of the more important plugins that you’ll need.
  • Day 3– Creating your Homepage, Menu (Navigation), and other important pages
  • Day 4– Getting Social Accounts in order and learning how to spot the top dogs of your niche (Niche Authorities)
  • Day 5– Creating future Content Plans, Logos and other key website items like eMailing Lists

So go ahead and click on over to check it out for yourself. It won’t cost you a dime.

After you finish this review, of course.

Pat Flynn 1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing Course

This course teaches you pretty much what you would imagine it to with a name like 1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing.

It’s a step by step guide on the process of getting started with affiliate marketing as well as how to make a website for promoting affiliate products.

Again it’s not at all cheap, but its sticker price of $397.00 is still not his most expensive.

Also, this course is not recommended for beginners but instead Pat recommends only intermediate level affiliates and above enroll themselves in this course.

Which in my book, is a big plus for the Flynnster to be upfront about the fact of beginners having a low success rate with it.

Or it’s an absolutely genius marketing tactic!

Tell you what, take a look at what’s in it and let us know what you decide…

Upfront Honesty Or Brilliant Marketing Tool?

Either way, here’s what you’ll get for a time payment of 400 bucks.

If you so decide to buy it yourself!

Pat Flynn Affiliate Course Details 

As soon as you start this course you come across a brief crash course in affiliate marketing.

I do mean brief and nowhere near as in-depth as the rest of the course.

Pat Flynn 1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing Course

In it, you’ll find everything from what affiliate marketing is to a generalized lesson on affiliate marketing best practices.

Here’s what it’s made up of:

1. Affiliate Marketing 101
2. The Mandatory Rules for Long-Term Success
3. How to Use This Course

In other words, it’s what you need to know before you get started, and even though you get this brief rundown, it’s still not a course for the greenest of greenhorns.

Now, Let’s look at the stuff training dreams are made of!

Step 1: Choosing the Best Product

1. What Kinds of Products Work Best?
2. Brainstorming!
3. Choosing Your Next “Focus Product”
4. What Is an Affiliate Link?
5. How Do I Get an Affiliate Link?
6 What If There’s No Affiliate Link?
7. What Should You Do with Your Affiliate Link?
8. Building a Relationship with the Affiliate Company
9. Before We Begin Promoting

Step 2: Passive Promotional Strategies

1. What Are Passive Promotional Strategies?
2. Adding Links to Your Archive
3. Adding Links to Your New Content
4. Setting Up Your Most Profitable Page
5. Home Page Conversion Strategies
6. A High-Performing Page You Likely Don’t Have
7. Your Email Autoresponder Sequence
8. Set Up Your Passive Promotional Strategies

Step 3: Active Promotional Strategies

1. What Are Active Promotional Strategies?
2. The Top Tools Round-Up
3. The Demo
4. The “Step-by-Step” Process
5. The Interview
6. The Before and After
7. Your Email Broadcasts
8. Affiliate Bonuses
9. Your First Affiliate Campaign
10. Next Steps

In addition to the other usual bonus suspects for his courses (Office Hours & Private Facebook Community), you’ll also get something he has dubbed “The Affiliate Marketing Recipe Book.”

In it, you will find a few more videos to help you get the most out of your affiliate campaigns.

The Recipe Book has videos about:

Remember, let us know below… Genius Tactic or General Honesty?

Pat Flynn Podcast Course 

During his online career Pat has become quite the pro at putting together educational and actionable podcasts for a variety of different kinds of niches and business ideas.

So it’s easy to see why he has taken his skills and packed them into a set of informative video tutorials for your online learning pleasure.Power Up Podcasting Pre Launch Course

If there is one course or skill that I would say Mr. Flynn corners the market on- It’s without a doubt podcast creation.

Even though he is arguably the best in the podcasting business, he still could do us all a favor (not to mention make more sales) and lower the price.

Us average folks can’t afford to pay through the nose just to get access.

After all, his entire SPI Brand is built around the persona of him being an average, regular, everyday guy that just wants to help other everyday, average Joe’s do the same thing he’s doing.

Not sure about you but I don’t know too many other average everyday folks that can afford to pay $799 for something that does not come with an equal to or greater than ROI guarantee.

Even if you do take advantage of his 3-month payment plan of $299 a month over 3 months.

No, you did your math right, he’s charging you an extra 100 bucks for being broke.

Power Up Podcasting Training Materials

This podcasting training is made up of 7 stages/steps and in these 7 stages, you’ll find 51 videos totally 6 hours worth of content.

Furthermore, these stages are broken down into 3 groups and they are as follows:

  • Steps/Stages 1-5 will cover the How-To’s of Pre-launch
  • Step/Stage 6 teaches you everything you need to know and do during Launch Week
  • Step/Stage 7 is labeled Post Launch and discusses how and what to do to after you launch so you can keep the ball rolling

At the end of this course, you’ll be given access to a number of bonus training videos to sweeten the pot.

Oh, and like with all of his other courses you’ll be given access to a custom, course tailored, Private Facebook Community.

That way you can connect with like-minded folks that are participating in the same training as you.

Let’s not forget the access top his Q & A sessions called Office Hours.

Below you will find what awaits you if you decide to enroll yourself in his Podcasting Course.

Step/Stage #1 You and Your Future Podcast
  1. Welcome to the prelaunch (Intro video)
  2. Your Podcast Equipment
  3. How Podcasting Works
  4. Common Roadblocks & How To Fix Them
  5. What’s Your Show About
  6. Your Show Details
  7. Podcast Artwork
  8. Let’s Recap
Step/Stage #2- Pre Launch Planning Your Podcast Episodes
  1. Step 2 intro
  2. Your Shows Introduction
  3. Episode Content
  4. Guests & Interviews
  5. Calls To Action
  6. Stage 2 lessons Recap
Step/Stage #3- (Pre Launch) Recording & Editing
  1. Step 3 Intro
  2. Hooking Up Your Equipment
  3. Setting Up Recording Software
  4. Master Files Organization
  5. Tips For Recording and Editing
  6. Part 1 Interviewing Tips (Before You Record)
  7.  Part 2 After You Record
  8. Putting It All Together
  9. Lessons Recap
Step/Stage #4 (Pre Launch) Preparing Your Audio Files
  1. IntroPat Flynn Power Up Podcasting
  2. Exporting Your 1st Episode
  3. Running Audio Thru Auphonic (affiliate product promotion)
  4. How To Tag Your Show
  5. Upload To Hosting Co.
  6. Understanding Your Feed
  7. Setting Up An iTunes Account
  8. Web Page Set Up Plus Notes
  9. Transcripts
  10. Lessons Recap
Step/Stage #5- (Pre Launch) The Launch Plan
  1. Intro
  2. How Rankings Work & Your Launch
  3. Make It An Event
  4. Finishing Up Pre Launch & Lessons Recap
Step/Stage #6 Launch Week
  1. Launch Week Intro
  2. Submitting Your Podcasts To iTunes
  3. Sending Reminders To Your audience and Network
  4. What To Do Now That Your iTunes Are Approved
  5. The Day Before You Go Live
  6. Happy Launch Day
  7. Launch Week Recap
Step/Stage #7 Post Launch Plan
  1. The Process Of Publishing Future Episodes
  2. Stats and What They Mean
  3. New & Noteworthy Keeping Up With What Hot
  4. How To Stay Consistent
  5. What To Do From Here
  6. A Recap Of The Entire Podcast Course

Power-Up Podcasting Bonuses

  1. Growing Your Audience- 3 Video Bonus Course
  2. Podcast Monetization- 5 Video Bonus Course
  3. 1 Video On Recording a Face To Face Interview
  4. 5 Tips For a Perfect Podcast Interview Recording

There you have it- a list of everything you can expect from Power Up Podcasting.

Feel Free to let us know what you think or thought about it in the comments below or stick around to take a little journey with us through his self-published books and what they initial.

Pat Flynn Books 

Just as a reminder, some of his books come with equipped with their own free walk-through courses that you can find within the web-pages of

Which in my book is an added bonus because not to many folks take the time to put together these little extras to help people get the most out of what they just bought.

So for that, I applaud you, Mr. Flynn.

Will It Fly: How To Test Your Next Business Idea So You Don’t Waste Your Time And Money

This is the book that offers up the added bonus course for its readers and it can be found at Amazon for those of you that would like to skip ahead to purchasing it now.

Your welcome to stick around and see what you can expect to find between its covers.

Although the name pretty much sums it up but just in case you’re still curious.

It’s a book that gives you actionable steps to take when determining whether or not a niche/business has all the telltale signs of being profitable, worthwhile venture.

Likewise, this book will show you how to take your 1-in-a-million idea from a thought process to a functioning business by helping you identify your potential client base.

a.k.a. your new customers.

However, what really makes the success rate among its readers go thru the roof is the companion course we talked about earlier.

That alone makes it worth the $15.99 it will cost you to add it to your shelf.

So here is what people are saying about it.Review Of Pat Flynn Book Will It Fly

These customer reviews alone really do shed a light on the quality of products that Ol’ Pat Baby is putting out.

Will It Fly Verified Purchaser Review

Don’t You Think?

You don’t need to answer right now but I look forward to hearing from you in the comments below.

We’re not done yet, so hang in there for a little bit of the same only this time it’s about…

Pat Flynn Book Let Go

This books full title is Let Go: How To Transform Moments Of Panic Into A Life Of Profits & Purpose and it’ll run you in the neighborhood of $15-$20.

Unfortunately, this one does not come with a companion course but as you’ll see from the verified customer reviews…

It really doesn’t need one.

Then again that might have something to do with why this book earned him a best-seller award.

Pat Flynn Book Let Go

This little diddy takes its readers on a bit of a journey of the life of Flynn.

You’ll get a rundown of how he came about becoming a successful online entrepreneur after he was laid off (Hints Let Go) from his architectural day job.

There are lessons to be learned from this book but they’re not given to you as straightforward as they were with the aforementioned Will It Fly.

Nevertheless, you won’t be getting bored with the story line because it easily applies to the majority of us that were hit hard by the recession that came about after those terrorist pricks attacked us on 9/11.

So, if you’re interested in knowing what lies ahead for you in your quest of becoming a successful online entrepreneur than give this book a read.

More importantly though, make sure you follow through and if you don’t know exactly how or where to start than let someone that’s been down that road show you the ropes.

Believe it or not, that is what a good percentage of the people making money online full-time now came from…

A Dead End Job That We Were Laid Off From.

That’s alright though, it was the best thing to ever happen to me and even more so to Pat.

Are Pat Flynn Online Courses & Books Legit

You’re damn right they are but unless it’s one of his books your after you’ll have to pay top dollar for it.

It could be that he hopes the rest of the world lives by the motto “You Get What You Pay For” as his reason on why he charges so much for them.

Or maybe he wants to ensure that only truly serious determined people sign up.

Either way, you’re going to learn and be able to do what he claims his courses will teach you.

He makes no monetary gain promises beforehand, but if you take the time to talk to a few of the folks that have been there and done that, you’ll find that more often than not they’re experiencing a little taste of success.

All of which is directly because of what they’ve learned from this successful online entrepreneur.

So, if you can afford it then rest assured you’re not going to be flushing your money down the poop shoot like you would be with a big percentage of the other so-called “Gurus”.

I know there was a lot of info to take in from this Review Of Pat Flynn’s Courses & Books. I just wanted to ensure that when you leave here, you do so knowing whether or not “That Course” is worth it for you and if you can really help you earn a passive income online.

Especially, when it involves forking over so much money for one of these online business courses (mainly his podcasting course).

Thanks For Reading & Don’t Forget To Share!Pat Flynn Course Alternative

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