Paged Profits Formula Review-Does It Really Work

Paged Profits Formula Review 
Sam Mann & AJ Montoya
Price- $19.95 + $147 up sell
Rating- 3 out of 5 Stars

In this (PPF) Paged Profits Formula review I am going to be exposing the inner workings of this system right down from what is Paged Profits Formula and if you can really make money using Sam Mann and AJ Montoya’s methods.

Paged Profits Formula Review

Now for the most part the idea behind this system is solid and in my opinion is a genius approach to making money online.

But…….Does it work the way that Sam and company claims it will using Google and the new 2014 Facebook timeline update for businesses.

Well, that’s exactly what I will be uncovering in this honest review of yet another system making claims of an easy to follow, money in minutes, kind of approach.

So, what do you say?

Set back and let me show you around the hype to see if this is a honest money making opportunity you to build a business around.

What is Paged Profits Formula

If you are a regular within the Facebook community than you are probably already aware of the newest update to Facebook business Timelines.

Paged Profits Formula

Which is basically no more than a cosmetic change to the way Facebook organizes the information on your business’s profile page but does stand to positively impact the first impressions that folks will have when they visit your businesses Facebook page.

This is where the PPF comes to light by helping you find the businesses that have a Facebook page but are not properly utilizing the new update to their advantage.

Simply put you are going to be finding these businesses and reaching out to the via email to get them to retain your services of making their Facebook Fan Page more attractive to visitors and to help get their fan page more likes.

More on that in just a moment……

If you watched the sales video for this system than you were hard pressed to miss how it is emphasized that you do not have to make cold calls or email anyone if you use this system but that is no where near the truth.

A matter a fact, emailing businesses is one of the most important steps in this process and is pretty much like you placing cold calls just using your computer instead of a phone.

Even though you were blatantly lied to during the sales video the concept behind PPF’s methods is a good one and has the potential of making you money as a Facebook fan page creator.

Pros & Cons of Paged Profits Formula


  • Quality training videos
  • High potential of making money honestly
  • downloadable PDF training
  • Easy way of finding businesses
  • can outsource all the work involved
  • gives you email formats to follow


  • send out a lot of emails to get results
  • invest a lot more time and work than you are told you will
  • less than a 4% conversion rate by users

The Cost of Paged Profits Formula and It’s Up-Sell

Ever since this product was first launched on August 19th of this year the price for it has fluctuated quite a bit with it starting out as low as $7.95 and finally coming to rest at $19.95 present day.

What is Paged Profits Formula

This is a tactic that many product developers deploy when they launch a new product so they can leverage an “early bird” type of bonus offer to get more folks to buy into what they are selling before the price skyrockets.

Usually when you see a product start out this low in price is because there is some sort of high priced up-sell that is associated with it.

Which is no different with this product.

Once you buy into PPF you will be offered an up-sell of $147 for once in a lifetime chance at three 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Sam Mann himself showing you how he uses PPF’s strategies to make money online.

Paged Profits Formula Training Modules

If you decide that creating Facebook fab pages for other businesses is something that you could excel in than PPF can help you out by providing you with five methods of training and in these methods you will find:

  • 9 high quality training videos
  • 13 downloadable PDF tutorials
  • detailed proven action plans
  • 2 different email formats
  • In-depth mind maps
  • 1-3 lessons a method

So, now that we know what Sam Mann and AJ Montoya will give us inside the training lets learn what each one of these methods will teach us so that you can better decide if it is a route that you might want to go.

Paged Profits Formula blackhat

In the very first training method you will be gearing yourself up to take on the Facebook world of Fan Page creation by learning some of the steps for seeking out the businesses and niches that you are going to want to target.

However in this method you will also be taught how to use sites like Yellow pages to find niches and businesses in those niches that you should be focusing on due to them having the least competition. This will lead you to higher profits for it.

For the most part in this method you’re more or less just becoming familiar with the members area and the basic principle of what PPF is teaching you.

paged profits formula warrior forum

In this method you will be learning how to take the niche market that you discovered to have the least amount of competition and break it down using Google search engine to find businesses to reach out to that have Facebook Fan Pages.

You will be doing this by using the secrete code that you are given and putting it into a Google Search along with other keywords that will help define the type of niche based business that you are hoping to make your money from.

In other words you paste the code into Google and if it is motorcycle shops that are in the niche driven business you are looking for than you would use motorcycles or motorcycle shop as the keywords to describe the businesses you are looking for.

paged profits formula training method 3

This is where I believe that the sales page lies to us because it plainly states that we do not have to worry with emails at all.

Although that is what this entire method is about.

See once you have determined which of the businesses you found in the previous method you are going to pursue you will use this method to learn how to email them in hopes of them retaining your services.

Keep in mind that you will have to type out individual emails to each one of the businesses that you hope to land which will lead to much more than the 60 minutes of work that you were told you wouldn’t have to do.

However, also in this portion of the training you will be given a format to follow for typing these emails as well as a few pointers from Sam Mann on how to do it so that you are not flagged as spam and how you can get more interaction from them.

Paged Profits Formula method 4

As I said earlier about getting a business more Facebook likes, well, this is where you will be showed how to use sites like Fiverr to accomplish this feat for your new clients as well as how you can use the same sites to outsource making the Fan Pages look more attractive to visitors.

Now if you have ever been on sites like these than you know just how easy it is to find folks willing to do these types of tasks for next to nothing.

If you have used these sites to secure the services of others to help you out with completing some tasks like these than you know why the saying stands that you get what you pay for because some of end results are not quite up to par.

If you know what I mean.

Which ultimately leaves this to chance or even worse just becomes a big waste of time and you end up loosing one of these hard worked for clients because you did not deliver on time.

Now a lot of folks look at this as a less than honest way of getting likes to a fan page but at the same time it is a very effective and in this method you will learn how to do it for pennies on the dollar.

So along side all of that you will also learn how to set it up through Pay Pal to get paid by these new found clients and how you can do the same to pay your new Fiverr workers in the same manner.

Paged Profits Formula Facebook Fan Page System

This is were you will basically learn how to close the deal out and in other words how to rinse and repeat.

You will also get some tips and tricks from Sam Mann on how you can make as he puts it “Killer Graphics their visitors will love and tell their friends about.”

Other than a few simple software recommendations that is it for this method in the training and I guarantee you now that you will be spending a lot more time using these methods than what the sales page and people lead you to believe.

Paged Profits Formula Review

Now as for the business model that this system is offering to it’s users it is not at all a bad idea and I can say that it does carry a mass amount of potential with it.

However, it will take much more work on your end than what these two guys say it will because there are just too many emails to send out to too many businesses.

If you stand any chance of being successful in reaching them you will have to put in the time it takes to make these emails as personal as possible.

This is where I have my moral dilemma, if you will with this system, because they just out right lie to you within the first 15 seconds of their sales video, which I don’t know about you, but causes me to question everything else that is said to me from there on.

Which leads me to this. Why is there no picture of Sam Mann but there is of Aj?

See even if you look this productPaged Profits Formula by Sam Mann and AJ Montoya up on the affiliate network it is housed on there is never any mention of Sam Mann in the product creators profile.

You can make of that what you will but to me it really makes me think just how honest are the creators of this product.

Even though I have my doubts about the folks behind the curtains of PPF I would still have to stand firm behind my decision that this product is legit and can be used to make money but you will need to gather yourself some good training in order to scale it up from there.

Simply put if you don’t know what to do next you will not get any repeat business such as offering other services for that same company.

Like running PPC ads or SEO consulting which can lead the same folks retaining your services also recommending your services to their business owners they know.

But again all of these dreams will die before they ever have a chance of taking life if you are not trained in these fields or at bare minimum have access to a community of marketing experts that will help teach you how.

Well folks, that’s gonna do it for me and my Paged Profits Formula Review. I hope I was able to help clear up any questions of what It is and if it is a legitimate system to own. Remember folks if you found this at all entertaining or helpful than be sure you share it with your friends, If you have any! Oh, and feel free to comment.

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  1. Jason

    Yes Sir Dustin, it is confusing when it comes to products and systems like this one and just makes you wonder why they just don’t go that extra little bit to be an honest option all around.

    I don’t recommend folks go out and buy Paged Profits Formula in hopes of making a full time living.

    For the most part the folks that don’t want to put in the work to find the learning materials for free it is a marketing product that they can take away 20 bucks worth of info.

    I appreciate you sharing your opinion and look to see you back here soon.

  2. Jason

    Hi Amanda,

    Your absolutely right, Paged Profits Formula should not be so hesitant to be honest and let people know the amount of work it will take to accomplish their “easy” way of making money and a name for yourself.

    However vague their sales tactics the opportunity that they are presenting does stand to be one that you could make good money at but as I said in this review I wouldn’t try to build your business around only this.

    It would be a very good side project while trying to launch a new online business and has good potential of being an outlet to fund said business.

    I would like to thank you Amanda for taking the time to express your feelings on the matter because it really tickles me to see folks being active and taking initiative to let their voice be heard.

    Hope to see you back soon,

  3. Dustin Garness

    Products like this always confuse me a bit. The material they are selling is legit, but yet they continue to package it in such “scammy” boxes that it immediately turns off anyone who knows anything about the millions of similar products out there.

    Because there are a few REALLY GOOD products out there that can teach you everything Paged Profits Formula can teach you, plus much more, I wouldn’t actually recommend people to purchase this product specifically. I think they can spend their money much better elsewhere!

  4. Jason

    Hey there Steve,

    Your very welcome and it’s good to hear that you found what you needed from my Paged Profits Formula Review.

    There are much better systems and programs out there but Paged Profits Formula is definitely not the worst that I have seen.

    Good luck with your search and anytime your not sure you can always just request a review be done about any internet marketing program that you wish.
    Thanks for stopping by,

  5. Amanda

    Thanks for the review. It really is helpful to see what is out there. I really don’t like the idea that they make it out to be easier than it really is. Anything worth doing is going to take some time and commitment. I would rather them be honest about this fact. Probably can find something else worth my time.

  6. Steve

    Thanks for this timely review. I’m constantly looking for new weapons for my online business arsenal and had come across PPF but needed an in depth review before I acted… I’ve seen worse but even so, I’ll keep looking. Thanks again ;)

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