One Week Marketing Upgrade-1 Honest Review

One Week Marketing Review
Owner- Jennifer Ledbetter (aka PotPieGirl)
Price- $97 / 1 time payment
Rating- 3 out of 5 Stars

Are you on the ropes about whether you should buy the One Week Marketing upgrade? Maybe you discovered PotPieGirl’s training center while searching Google for honest ways to make money online.

No matter your reason, this One Week Marketing Review will answer any questions you may have about this honest online money making training program.

So, read on to determine if the OWM Scam rumors are true or if they were made up by users that just couldn’t hack it in the marketing world.

Before we get into what makes this program tick let me first say that if you still find yourself having questions after you read this than shout them out in the comments section and I will answer it for you.potpiegirl one week marketing Alright, are we ready?

Lets do this!


Ads many of you know, this program has been suspended due to an overwhelming load of members. In short, there are just too many for PotPieGirl to keep up with.One Week Marketing Alternative

So, I set out in search of an honest and suitable alternative. I have finally found one that I believe is worthy enough to promote.

It is called Make Money For Babies.

Yes, the name is a bit odd and sounds shady but I have researched this program extensively and know it will work.

I wanted to find something very closely related to the OWM program on all fronts, including legitimacy, and cost.

After going thru this course myself, I’m positive I have done so but as always I encourage you to see for yourself.

I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

One Week Marketing Review

OWM was created by a former Wealthy Affiliate member named Jennifer Ledbetter (aka PotPieGirl) way back when in 2009 when it was a lot easier to get your website ranked at the top of Google.One Week Marketing PotPieGirl

Now a days getting ranked is a much more difficult task but PotPieGirl’s training center teaches you how to make money using free methods such as creating a Squidoo site.

For that reason you don’t have to worry about many of the SEO ranking factors and can concentrate more on picking the right keywords because the site you create will be carrying the weight of Squidoo’s page rank.

More on that in a minute…. Lets get back to Pot Pie Girl !

Jennifer is a very well known force in the Internet marketing industry and in the first year of OWM’s existence she claims to have made just over 100 grand from using the same method that she teaches.

Whether this is true or not, I don’t know but below is a screen shot of her earnings using OWM that you will see when you go to her sales page.

Screen shots like these are usually an indication of a scam.

One Week Marketing Scam

However, if the reputation she has built is accurate than there is no problem taking her at her word.

She is known above all else to be an honest person.

Her honesty does shine through in her program because you will not find any back door up sells or any of the shady marketing tricks that are commonly used by the so called Gurus.

Even better than no up sells is that you only have to make one payment of $97 to buy Mrs. Ledbetter’s system.

If you sign up to her news letters you’ll get addition free advise on how to make money from her PotPieGirl blog.

This advise can help you later on when you start implementing her free money making methods.

One Week Marketing Pros & Cons


  • Easy to navigate members areaOne Week Marketing Ebook
  • no up-sells
  • People do make money with it
  • training is easy for a beginner to understand
  • PotPieGirl has an excellent reputation
  • gives out free Ebooks to help you increase your potential


  • Don’t get to see the training in the sneak peak
  • Squidoo lenses are shut down without warning
  • you don’t creative control over the lenses
  • $97 is a bit pricey for 7 training modules
  • Some of the training is out of date

PotPieGirl’s One Week Marketing Training Center

PotPieGirl’s training center is made up of 7 training modules and a handful of training bonuses.

one week marketing upgrade

These bonuses are offered up by her training assistants Gary and Logan.

If you do happen to sign up for the sneak peek (Module 1) to PotPieGirls OWM training center than you will see her tell you how she taught these two fellows everything thing she knows.

Which is pretty much all you will find in Module 1, a whole bunch of Videos and articles of Jennifer talking about herself and promoting her product.

What you will not find in the sneak peak is training but the free ebook downloads will give you a glimpse of what to expect.Free One Week Marketing Ebook

That doesn’t mean that the training is bogus because people right now are making money with this system.

Now a days that is easier said than done.

Reason being is that she is teaching you how to make all of this “free money” by creating sub Squidoo sites called Lenses.

Now granted you can earn honest money from creating Lenses with Squidoo without any technical skills but in order to do so you will have to find products to promote that are not so competitive.

But…. and this is a big but.

With the rules for what you can and can not do with the Lenses constantly changing you stand a good chance of Squidoo shutting your site down without warning.

Which is becoming quite common these days especially since they frown on there being Lenses duplicated and not adding any quality to the Squidoo community.

See having a Squidoo based business you don’t have the kind of control over what you can do like you would if you had your own website Pot Pie Girl Squidoo Lensesbecause you don’t own the site ( Lenses ) Squido does.

However, Pot Pie Girl goes into what she calls the right way of making money using this method.

With no written updates to these rules it makes me wonder how it is she knows what will and what won’t get you shut down.

That is just something to keep in mind before you pull the trigger on learning Pot Pie Girls methods.

One Week Marketing Upgrade

So, is the training that you will receive worth the price of admission?

Well that is a question that can not be answered in just one or two words but it is one that is worth some consideration.

As I said before the version that is out now is an updated version of the older training and if it would have still been the older one as well as the PotPieGirl of old than I would say absolutely buy it.

However, in the past six months or so Jennifer has recommended a few products that are lets say less than honest and can be very detrimental to your website and it’s rankings.

That is why I say that if you decide to move forward with this program be cautious on which of her recommendations that you take.

With that said, the training she gives you in regards to making money using Squidoo lenses has been said to work and that much of this system is legitimate.

For anything else that she might recommend to you, I would do my homework before hopping on board and applying anything to your website, if you have one.

one week marketing scam

So is OWM a scam or legit?

Well I can honestly say that it is legit and you will learn to make money from PotPieGirl Training but you won’t be able to make a full-time living doing it.

Also with a few of her recent recommendations being some borderline scams be sure you do your own research before taking her word for it.

Well, that will do it for my One Week Marketing Review into PotPieGirl’s One Week Marketing Upgrade but before I go I want to expose an honest online money making training program that will show you honest ways to make money online. It’s as close to a sure thing as your gonna get!

Until Next Time…………………Thanks for Reading

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  1. Jason

    Hi Paul,
    As for your refund you can ask for this through a support ticket in the members area.

    However, if you are having difficulties in getting a hold of anyone there or they are just flat out not getting back to you there is still a way for you to get back the cash you put into One Week Marketing.

    What you need to do is go to Clickbank .com and request your refund there within there support tab and be sure to have your OWM account info handy because you will need to provide this to them in your initial email to speed things along.

    Closed you say hmmmm I have not seen this but it could have been just a temporary glitch in their system.

    Nonetheless, contact Clickbank because they are usually very good about honoring refunds of the products that they allow to advertise with them.

    As for your request for where to get started inside of WA there are two routes that you could go and both of which you can’t go wrong really. At least that’s my opinion and as a matter of fact I suggest that you take both.

    If you already have an idea of what it is you want to promote, such as a hobby or what not that you are very passionate about than I would say go for the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course.

    If you don’t have any particular one thing that you have a decent amount of knowledge of or are just not that keen on any one thing than you should absolutely go the way of the Affiliate Bootcamp and hone in your skills whilst you figure out the whole online money making thing.

    Then when you feel as though you have a handle on what it is you are doing and have built up your confidence a bit (which will come with time) than branch out to the Entrepreneur certification and begin to further grow your Knowledge and your online empire.

    So for you you Paul being that you are already leaning towards Affiliate Marketing than I recommend to you that you give the Bootcamp a whirl. You can check out what it has to offer from my review of it here on this site.

    There are a boat load of scams that are still out there hiding in plain sight waiting to pounce on it’s next unsuspecting victim but luckly my man you don’t have to worry with that any longer being that you have joined the last program/community that you will ever need.

    So, now that I got my long winded response out of the way I say to you this:

    (1) If you ever need any help at all (no matter how small or large of a problem) just hit me up inside WA and I will be more than happy to assist you in anyway possible.
    (2) I hope that this has answered your questions but if it has not or you just need a bit more on the details end of it than by all means stop on by my contact page and drop me a line or find me inside WA under FamilyMan82.

    Hope you are able to get your cash back ole bud and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any more questions,

  2. Paul

    Jason would you happen to know how to get a refund from OWM. I am still with in my 60 day trial but found a OWM site that says sorry we are closed.I am very new to all of this and really want to get involved in affiliate marketing but with so many scams it is very difficult. After a lot of research I will now try WA.Any recommendations on how to begin as a newbie, with no experience?
    Thanks Paul

  3. Jason

    Thank You Micheal for the words of kindness.

    There are many ways to make money but I only recommend 1.

    Thanks for reading,

  4. Jason

    Hello there Rebecca,

    As a WA member you already know that you have a “one stop shop” if you will of learning how to make a residual income online.

    If you are not yet you too will be soon to take your seat at the table of success with Wealthy Affiliate.

    It’s only a matter of time.

    Luck to ya,


  5. Jason

    Your most Welcome Gener,

    I am glad that you found everything OK and that you enjoyed the read.


  6. Gener

    Wow, great work.
    thanks for this kind of articles as it helps people to have a “guide”/review before buying the product.
    Good job there!


  7. Rebecca

    Hi Jason,

    Thank you for this insightful post and your impartial opinion on OWM. I am also a Wealthy Affiliate member and so it is very useful to read about other training available out there, and also to hear of the success that people are having through WA. I wish you all the best with Honest Online Money.


  8. Michael

    Interesting post, I know there are a lot of scams out there and everyone likes to make some extra money. There are a lot of legit sites as well and as we all know we have to weed out the bad ones to get to the good. This seems like a good one as well. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.


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