My Lead System Pro Review-Is MLSP Scam Or Legit

MLSP Review
Product– MLSP (My Lead System Pro)
Price– $1449.97 year/ $149.97 month
Owners– Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz, and Todd Schlomer
Rating– 2 out of 5 stars

My Lead System Pro Review

SO What is My Lead System Pro and Is MLSP a Scam or does it really work? If you have stumbled upon this page than it was probably not by accident and you are wanting the real truth behind this marketing system from an unbiased non MLSP mastery lead system pro complaints

Ask and you shall receive!

A complete non MLSP mastery customer review of this system and insight into complaints past members have made.

As well as a look into why many consider this system to be just another in a long list of internet marketing scams to avoid and not the “rock-star” marketing system that it proclaims to be.

Before I get to far a head of myself let me shine a little light on this program and what it is.

The year was 2008 and at a time when everyone and their brother was jumping on the online money wagon three men named Norbert Orlewicz, Brian Fanale and Todd Shclomer decided to build a marketing network that could help people learn how to use attraction marketing to sell their own products.

What they actually created was another MLM scheme.

For those of you that don’t know what MLM (Multi Level Marketing) is than it is basically having to buy a product/membership so that you can sell that same product/membership to others and whoever you signed up through making a percentage of every sale that you make along with a percentage of every sell that anyone that you bring in makes.

So on and so forth.

Or in other words a Pyramid Scheme.

Although I will give credit where it is due and I can say that you will find some useful training with in this program that can help you out in your marketing campaigns.

Pros and Cons of My Lead System Pro


  • there are some decent training lessonsis MLSP (My Lead System Pro) a scam
  • offers paid hosting to its members
  • has trial offers for it’s different memberships
  • can network with other members using the training
  • System does the selling for you


  • Most of the training lacks content
  • very pricey
  • 10’s of 1,000 of other marketers use the exact same business models
  • lacks customer support
  • training videos are full of affiliate promotions
  • some training is out dated
  • many complaints registered with BBB (Better Business Bureau)
  • basically a Pyramid scheme

Now I’m sure depending on your mind set these lists could go on and on in either direction but this is just a few of each as I see it and I call them as I see them.

MLSP (My Lead System Pro) Training and Support 

First lets talk about support and figure out what that actually in tells.

Now as far as it goes for talking among yourselves as members than yeah you can do that and you can do it pretty easily whether it to be ask questions about the training or you just feel like chatting it up.

As far as it goes with the customer side of support well good luck because there have quite a many of people saying that when comes to talking to someone about a payment error or such than don’t hold your breath.My Lead System Pro review

Although the member to member is solid and could very well be a good reason while this company is still around the money side of support (unless they are making it) is very weak to hardly exists.

Oh and what of the training or is it a lack thereof?

Well it is there and some of it is rather good but lets just say that you will be fast forwarding throw a whole lot of you “should really buy this” kind of promotional messages with in the videos.

Which brings me to the next aspect of the training.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of video training courses with a side order of weekly webinars which like the training videos has its fair share of promotional value.

Don’t get me wrong there are some who swear by the training but they are mostly beginners that and are OK with just learning how to promote just this marketing system.

However if its an outdated duplicated method of making money that you’re looking for then this is the place for you.

Only problem with the whole duplication thing is that is comes and goes and by just learning to duplicate you don’t really learn the essence of online marketing nor do you learn how to create a business that will be able to roll with the punches of an ever changing online marketing world.

But again you are your own person and if this sounds good to you than by all means give them a shot because you could always take advantage of one of their many trial offers to test the waters.

My Lead System Pro Cost?

Well there are a few variations of pricing on the different memberships as well as being able to get a short trial period to each so I will go over them with you starting now. my lead system pro monthly mastery membership

  1. Academy Membership– You can take part in this for 19.97 a month or better yet give it a whorl for three days for $2.
  2. Gold Membership You can test drive this membership for two weeks at a decent price of 9.95 and if you like what it has to offer you pick it up for a monthly payment of $49.97.
  3. Platinum Membership–  this is where it starts to get a bit ridiculous on the monthly pricing. I mean come on if people could afford to pay for high priced memberships than they would not need to buy the supposed training. Anyhow you can get this one for a monthly fee of $99 or get a sneak peak for two bucks.

Oh but wait there’s more!

We haven’t even bought our way into My Lead System Pro yet to be able to get to buy all the little extras that this MLM marketing system has to offer which by the way there is no trial offer for.annual MLSP mastery membership

If you are to become a member of this money triangle than you will have to fork out either one of the two payments

  • Monthly for $149.97
  • Yearly for an insane price of $1449.97

You can also get hosting for your websites that you build with this system along with tools that are meant to help you in your online marketing ventures such as a Facebook ad page template but it will cost you an additional $50 a month.

Now I don’t know about you but that is a high price to pay for some overused highly saturated duplicated marketing system that lacks the training to create an online business that will stand the test of marketing time.

Here’s something that I found when looking into the contests that are held to reward it’s top sellers and I thought that it was interesting enough to share.

Have you ever heard of David Wood’s Empower Network MLM program ?

Well look who is on the leader board of what is suppose to be his competition. What Is My Lead System ProCome to mention it both of these programs are very similar from how they operate right down to how their products resemble one an others.

What Is My Lead System Pro-Scam or Legit

This is where the lines kind of get blurred. My lead system pro scam

See to say that it is a scam would be to say that they offer nothing worth while and only take your money.

However if you look at it in another light you could very well see how it is close to tipping the scale to full blown scam because even though they do offer training it is littered with affiliate product promotions only leaving a very small portion of it being helpful to sustaining an online business.

If you would like to learn how to create an online business that will stand the test of marketing times you can go sign up to be a free member and check them out with no risk of spam or jeopardizing your bank account.

So what is MLSP ? A scam or legit ?

As for my opinion, I would not and could not recommend this MLSP marketing system to anyone that wanted a viable way of learning how to start an online business or for just learning affiliate or internet marketing in general.

I’m sure this MLSP mastery review has struck a cord with a few people in one way or another and if you would like to express how you feel about this MLM system or have a question feel free to leave a comment.

Until Next Time…Thanks for Reading

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