Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Course Review-Is It Worth It

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Course Review
Product– Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing (MSOAF)
Owner– Michelle Schroeder-Gardner
Cost– $197 (1-Time); $105 (2-Times)
Rating– 4 out of 5 stars

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Review

If you’ve landed on this Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Review than, like most, you’re seeking out the truth about Michelle Schroeder-Gardner’s Course to find out if her paid tutorials can really show you How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing or Maximize Your already established Blogging Profits.

Unfortunately, not everyone is cut out to be an online affiliate and no one course will benefit every user in the same way.

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Review

Which Is Why we’ll be answering questions about Michelle’s Course that everyone researching it will have in common- “Is Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Worth The Money” And “Can It Really Help You Start Making More Money from Your Affiliate Marketing Campaigns.”

Those are just 2 of the questions we’ll be answering in this review along with providing all the facts so you can make the best informed decision possible.

Oh and so we don’t leave you hanging, the short answer for both, Is yes!

However, there are a few things that should be considered before you take this nod of approval to heart.

Lets call them course stipulations for the purpose of this review and they are as follows:

  • Your Online Marketing Experience Level
  • Whether Or Not You Have an Established Website Or Blog
  • Contrary To What The Sales Page Says- Amount of Traffic to Your Blog/Website
  • If no traffic, How much you’re willing to spend to get it because no matter what anyone tells you it’s only free if you’re ranking

Now granted, you can take this course and use it just like the sales page tells you but doing so will not be free and it’s not the $197 course price tag I’m referring to.

So, take a load off and stick around for a bit, to find out exactly who this training is best suited for as well as what qualifications should be considered before deciding if it is the best option for you.

What Is Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing

Let’s start with the more technical definition.Is Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Worth The Money

MSOAM (Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing) is mainly a pdf content based affiliate strategy course created by a long-time blogger named Michelle Schroeder-Gardner and contains over 30 lessons spread out between 6 separate modules.

More On Michelle Schroeder-Gardner’s Course Modules Below.

It has been designed to help bloggers identify and correct the underlying issues that are negatively effecting their online affiliate campaigns leading them to generate less affiliate sales.

Or in other words…

It’s an online affiliate course that claims to help any beginner or intermediate blogger/website owner learn how to make more money as an affiliate marketer by maximizing the profit potential and fine tuning their traffic generating techniques and/or affiliate campaigns.

If you would like to see a bit more about who Michelle is than click on over to Making Sense Of Cents, her first website that she started in 2011 while she was in college.

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Price

There are one of two ways you can become the proud new owner of this pdf based affiliate coaching course and all of the bonus material that comes with it.

The first way would be to pull out that credit card and pay a one time price of $197.00.

$167 to $177 depending on if you can find a viable coupon code.

The other way would be to take advantage of Michelle’s payment plan.

Although using the latter will cost you a little bit extra and has to be paid in 2 consecutive monthly installments of $105.

The good news for anyone that may be stretching themselves a little this from forking over the $200 this course will cost is that it comes with a money back guarantee.

A 30 day refund guarantee to be exact.

Well as long as you can show and/or prove that you attempted to use the course and take action on the strategies and methods that it teaches.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Discount Price

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Bonuses

If you do happen to buy the Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Course, you’re also going to gain access to several bonuses and extras to help you get the most out of Michelle’s affiliate money making training and all that it teaches.

With that said here is a list of those extra bonuses she provides.

  • The Facebook Group called The Facebook Mastermind Group
  • Pinterset Training Video From The Creator of Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Lauren McManus
  • How To Always Get Approved For Any Affiliate Program
  • How To Maximize Your Reach, Impact, and Revenue With Facebook Ads
  • How Too Increase Your Page views
  • Editing and Writing Strategies
  • + 2 worksheets/checklists, 1 is for affiliate link and the other is for affiliate products & services

The best bonus given from this course, in my opinion, is the Facebook Mastermind Group.

Here are a few things I thought you might like to know about it:

  1. There’s easy access to Affiliate Marketers currently having success with Michelle Gardner’s Course and one of those experts is Michelle herself
  2. She posts regularly and has a theme for almost everyday.
  3. While most days have their own special purpose within the group the best day to be signed in is Saturday because of the Ask Michelle Saturday thread

There is a lot you can take away from these additional pieces of free knowledge that Mrs. Gardner’s gives as an added sign up incentive but the one you don’t want to miss out on is the FB Group.

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Course Modules

Alright bear with me, we are almost to the end of the rainbow.

All we have left in the way is discussing what it is you will actually be learning from this affiliate marketing strategy course and if it is really all that everyone hypes it up to be.

So let’s dive right on in…

Michele’s Course Module 1- What Is Affiliate Marketing

As you can probably imagine this is an introduction to affiliate marketing, what it is, how it works, and howto get started doing it.

Now if you are a brand new beginner to the affiliate world and are set on learning it all from this course than you are gong to want to start soaking it all in here.Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing By Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

If you’re a bit more advanced than go ahead and skip on over this module because you won’t hear anything new.

Pretty much everything in this module can be learned for free online with a little bit of drive and research.

The lessons in this Module are:

Module 2- How To Locate and Apply For Affiliate Programs

This is still located firmly on beginner ground but we do begin to see a bit of the owners way of doing things begin to show through some of the steps and strategies.

However, it still won’t really be anything new to you if you have been playing the online affiliate game for a while.

If you’re a beginner than there is going to be some takeaway here for you and you’ll learn how to do things like how to find a potentially profitable affiliate niche and learn how to spot what it is the audience of that niche is interested in.

To shed a bit more light on the subject, here are the lessons to be learned from Module 2.

  • The Amount Of Traffic You Need
  • How To Determine What Your Readers Want
  • A Worksheet For Brainstorming The Subject Of What Your Readers Want
  • How To Find The Best Affiliate Programs
  • 80+ Affiliate Program Ideas And Their Niches
  • A Checklist Of The Affiliate Programs Your Interested In

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Course Module #3- Follow The Rules

Pretty much exactly how it sounds.

Mrs. Schroeder-Gardner gives you the skinny on how to conduct yourself and the rules you must follow when you take on the affiliate marketing rat race.

These are things we all need to know and abide by so we don’t get shut down by organizations such as the FTC or have search engines like Google deindex our sites.

Now here are the lessons to be learned:

  • Requirements & Disclosures
  • Understanding No Follow Links
  • What To Do If You Live In A Nexus State

Making Sense Of Cents Course Module 4- Converting Readers

This is where the more experienced users will start to find and learn things that they may have not already known.

At the very least it is where you will begin to see why Michelle, and her out side of the box thinking, has become so popular.

However, understanding some of her unique strategies is a see to believe kind of deal because as I stated at the very beginning of this Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Review…

“No One Training Course or Site Will Effect It’s Students In The Same Way.”

It simply means that while we may all be on the same road now, we all got there using a different route so what gets your gears turning might not be the same things that inspire me.

Any who, here are the lessons for this module #4 of Michelle Schroeder Gardner’s Course:

Course Module 5- Strategies & Tactics For Promoting Affiliate Links

This is where the rubber meets the road as far as traffic and affiliate income generation goes.

It is also where everyone no matter their experience level will walk away learning something new to apply to their own websites, blogs, and businesses.

There really is a little something for everyone here and is also a portion of the training that you will find yourself coming back to over and over again.

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Course

Here are the lessons for 5:

  • Introduction too the different Strategies
  • Creating Affiliate Reviews
  • A Checklist Worksheet for Crating Affiliate Reviews
  • Teaching With Tutorials
  • Providing Helpful Resource Pages
  • Using Interviews To Drive Traffic and Sales
  • Creating Emailing Lists
  • Blog Posts And How To Earn From Them
  • How To Use Social Media For Affiliate Marketing
  • How Pinterest Can Effect Traffic and drive sales
  • How She Earned $300,000 From One Affiliate Product
  • Worksheet for keeping Up With Strategies To Promote Affiliate Products

Course Module 6- Rinse And Repeat

If you’ve been around online marketing at all than you’ve heard the phrase rinse and repeat but if you haven’t it simply means to do everything you just had success with over and over again with different products or programs.

A better way to say it for the beginners of the world is that “If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It.”

This section also has a few added strategies to help any of your campaigns around any holiday season perform better and generate more traffic.

Her they are, all the lesson of Rinse And Repeat.

  • The Importance Of A Strong Relationship
  • Maintaining Your Strategies
  • Worksheet To Help You Maintain Those Strategies
  • The Things All Affiliates Should Avoid
  • How To Make Your Strategies Last Long Term
  • Tips For Improving Traffic and Income Around The Holidays
  • Another worksheet Checklist for Tracking Your Progress and Income Growth vs Potential

There you have it, that is what you can expect to learn from MSOAF.

One thing that should be pointed out for anyone that decides to take re leap is that these tactics and strategies are updated by Michelle every so often to keep them relevant.

Like wise with the bonuses.

Is Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Worth The Money

There is really no one fits all answer to this question but if there was ever a course to throw caution to the wind on than Michelle Schroeder-Gardner’s Course would be the one to do it with.

Just remember that there are those stipulations to consider before you go all foot loose and fancy free with that 200 bucks you’ll be letting the winds of change carry away if it don’t work out.

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Course By Michelle Schroeder Gardner

Because the fact of the matter is that unless you’re already reaching 10’s of thousands of people a month with your blog or website than you’re going to be left flipping a pretty hefty bill for the traffic you’ll have to buy.

Unless you’re just some freak of nature that can quite literally sell ice to an Eskimo in the middle of winter.

No disrespect intended to any of our Eskimo friends reading along.

While there are some free options (other than search engines) for driving traffic to your site, they will not come any where close to bringing in the kind of traffic nor the kind of buying clientele that Michelle claims she knows how to get.

Not saying that the methods and traffic driving tactics she teaches in her course are for crap but…

I would almost guarantee she did not go from $0 to the $50,000 paydays she is describing without having either paid through the nose for it or had to wait months if not years before her name carried the kind of authoritative weight that would convince Google and others to propel her to the top of their search engines.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s not going out here scamming folks, and what she teaches you in her course is completely legit.

In fact, her course has on of the better reputations in online affiliate training and the support she gives her students far surpasses that of most in this business.


The people seeing the biggest turnarounds after implementing what they learned from MSOAF are the ones that have had an established online presence or a massive social following for quite some time.

That’s just the nature of the online money making beast.

So if you’re one of those that fall into one of the categories above than Mrs. Schroeder-Gardner’s training is something that you should consider getting involved with.

Now if you’re a beginner to all this online affiliate stuff then I would recommend you hold of on her course for now.

That is unless you have a bad case of the money flu and you’ve got cash shooting out both ends.

Then again, if that was the case you wouldn’t be reading this Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Course Review to find out whether or not the Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing PDF training course by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner is worth it when it comes to learning How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing.Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Course Alternative

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