Kevin Thompson’s Automatic Income Coach-Scam Or Legit?

Kevin Thompson Automatic Income Coach Review
Owner- Kevin Thompson
Price- $800 Basic System or $1,200/High Speed System + $97/month
Rating- 1 out of 5 stars

Lately I have been receiving emails from folks asking me What is the Automatic Income Coach and is Kevin Thompson’s Automatic income Coach a scam or not. Due to the volume of inquires I created this honest review to help give people an unbiased look inside of this automatic income system.Automatic Income Coach Review

The fact is that if you set out looking for reviews of this Automated Income System you will mostly find ones written by Kevin himself.

Lets just say he is going to have a rather biased opinion of his own system.

Wouldn’t you?

If there is one major flaw to doing what I do (reviewing “money making” sites) it would have to be the countless amount of spam mail that I get when I sign up to look into programs like Kevin Thompson’s Automatic Income Coach.

Usually I can tell the legitimacy of a product or program by the emails I receive before I ever begin researching them.

Although, I have to admit there is the occasional surprise or should I say an exception to the rule.


I am not yet convinced that this system is one of them exceptions and instead, as of now, I am leaning towards that it defines the rules/guidelines of the common run of the mill scam/scam artist.

What Is the Automatic Income Coach

That is a very good question and in fact is not anything like what the name suggests.

You see, that is because there is no such thing as an automatic income anything.

To even come close to generating an income automatically you will first have to put in years of work and hard core dedication into your online business.

Or any business for that matter.

But anyways, Lets get back to Kevin Thompson’s system of “automated” money making and what he says it is as well as what he says it will do for you…….’On Auto-Pilot’.

automatic income coach scam

The Automatic Income Coach is a personal online business training program where Kevin himself is going to take you under his wing, for one year, and personally teach you how to create a top notch online business.

He does this by teaching you how to create your own product that you can base your brand new niche website around.

As well as coaches you through creating squeeze pages and building emailing lists of people that you can promote your product to in the future.

If that is not enough excitement for you and you have the money of course, you can indulge yourself in more quality time with Kevin.

How you ask……by giving him $3,500 to spend three days at his house watching him do whatever it is he does.

Personally, I can think of better things to do with $3,500.

Another-thing, if you have that kind of money to blow on something this ridiculous I know something else you might be interested in.

I would like to offer you my exclusive, iron clad, full proof, guaranteed not to fail business model for making you a millionaire automatically in a year.

Interested ?

Of course you’re not!

So why should it be any different when Kevin tells you that he guarantees you an extra $20,000 automatically in your bank within a year.

 Kevin Thompson's Automatic Income Coach

Pros and Cons for Getting Kevin Thompson’s Automatic Income System


  • There are some people having success with his system
  • The training can be applied successfully
  • Kevin will coach youKevin Thompson Scam
  • can also have a book version of his system
  • Offers a refund if your not satisfied


  • Most of the training can be found online for free
  • his personal coaching comes at a high price
  • are charged extra to have the physical version mailed to you
  • the ones making money with his system are already established online
  • must pay for the system for 1 year to be eligible for refund ($97/month+coaching fees)
  • Refunds are not Guaranteed
  • offers many other up sells

The Automatic Income Coach Training and Price

As I said in the pros section of this review, there are people using this system to grow their online business’s income.

However, they are folks that already have a business in place already know quite a bit about what it takes to run an online business.

With that said you can take a few things away from Kevin’s system that will help your business in the long run and in some instances in the short gain as well.


You can find almost (if not all) of what he “coaches” on the internet for free with just a few simple Google searches.

If you don’t feel like sifting through mountains of internet information you can learn every bit of what he teaches you from the same place that taught me for free.

As for the specifics of what dear ol’ Kevin’s system teaches, well, here is what he says 1,200 bucks and a monthly payment of $97 will get you.

Better known as the High Speed Option and you can make 3 payments of $397 if you do not have the whole amount up front.

Automatic income coach scam

But wait, there’s more fabulous free information that you can pay Mr. Thompson Top Dollar for and this has come to be known as the Basic Option.

You can get this little darling for the low low price of 2 payments of $397 plus the same additional monthly payment $97.

Automatic Income Coach

Regardless of the way Kevin words his training, it breaks down that he is teaching you how to create Squeeze pages and Mailing Lists for a niche site that will take at least a year to get enough traffic to call it a business.

This is besides the fact that almost every bit of it can be found for free if you are just willing to put in a little effort to find it.

Automatic Income Coach Review

Look, I realize what you have read up to this point might lead you to believe that I am in agreement of this system being a scam but that is not exactly the whole truth.

The fact still remains that a percentage of people are using this system and increasing their online income but as I have said repeatedly…

“They already either have an operational business or they have a pretty good grasp of online marketing techniques.”

So if you happen to fit in these categories and can afford it than by all means give it a shot but know you are wasting money on something that can be had at a much cheaper cost.automatic income coach trial html

If not for free.

Now as for the money back guarantee, I could not find anyone willing to show proof or still actually having the proof of being denied one.

Weather you can get one or not you should consider the price that you will have to pay just to be eligible to receive it.

In other words, Like Kevin says, you must let him be your mentor for a year and if you have not made at least 20 grand or are not satisfied than he will pay you $500.

Oh, and don’t forget the 3 months of membership you get for free.

Kevin Thompson automatic income scam

Well by my calculations that is still going to leave me in the broke house for $1600 if I was a fool and bought the High Speed Option.

And even if I factor in getting a refund…..

Which by the way is only for the price you paid for either the Basic or High Speed System and not what you have been dishing out every month for what is essentially a newsletter.

I would still be to the bad for 400 bucks.

If you factor all of the numbers for the basic package and calculate it you still come up with the same negative figure of $400.

  • $1200 for your monthly subscription
  • automatic income coach system cost$800 for the basic package
  • $500 Kevin gives you out of his pocket
  • 3 months free subscription

Well, there are no two ways about it, you end up giving away $400 of your hard earned money and that’s including refunds and all.

So is the Automatic Income Coach a scam?

Yeah, for the average man and woman trying to learn how to make a buck or two online it comes out to a $400 one either package you take.

As I mentioned before there are other options of learning the same techniques and the same program that taught me can teach you too, if you are willing to put in the time it takes to learn.

Not to mention that they also offer 1-on-1 coaching and you won’t get it from a rambling fisherman.

You’ll get it from experienced marketers that have success stories of their own to tell.

Well, that’s it for my Automatic Income Coach Review and I hope it answered your questions of What Is The Automatic Income Coach.  So, what do you think?  Is Kevin Thompson’s Automatic Income Coach a scam or not?

Thanks For Reading!

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