Kevin Thompson’s Automatic Income Coach-Scam Or Legit?

Kevin Thompson Automatic Income Coach Review
Owner- Kevin Thompson
Price- $800 Basic System or $1,200/High Speed System + $97/month
Rating- 1 out of 5 stars

Lately I have been receiving emails from folks asking me What is the Automatic Income Coach and is Kevin Thompson’s Automatic income Coach a scam or not. Due to the volume of inquires I created this honest review to help give people an unbiased look inside of this automatic income system.Automatic Income Coach Review

The fact is that if you set out looking for reviews of this Automated Income System you will mostly find ones written by Kevin himself.

Lets just say he is going to have a rather biased opinion of his own system.

Wouldn’t you?

If there is one major flaw to doing what I do (reviewing “money making” sites) it would have to be the countless amount of spam mail that I get when I sign up to look into programs like Kevin Thompson’s Automatic Income Coach.

Usually I can tell the legitimacy of a product or program by the emails I receive before I ever begin researching them.

Although, I have to admit there is the occasional surprise or should I say an exception to the rule.


I am not yet convinced that this system is one of them exceptions and instead, as of now, I am leaning towards that it defines the rules/guidelines of the common run of the mill scam/scam artist.

What Is the Automatic Income Coach

That is a very good question and in fact is not anything like what the name suggests.

You see, that is because there is no such thing as an automatic income anything.

To even come close to generating an income automatically you will first have to put in years of work and hard core dedication into your online business.

Or any business for that matter.

But anyways, Lets get back to Kevin Thompson’s system of “automated” money making and what he says it is as well as what he says it will do for you…….’On Auto-Pilot’.

automatic income coach scam

The Automatic Income Coach is a personal online business training program where Kevin himself is going to take you under his wing, for one year, and personally teach you how to create a top notch online business.

He does this by teaching you how to create your own product that you can base your brand new niche website around.

As well as coaches you through creating squeeze pages and building emailing lists of people that you can promote your product to in the future.

If that is not enough excitement for you and you have the money of course, you can indulge yourself in more quality time with Kevin.

How you ask……by giving him $3,500 to spend three days at his house watching him do whatever it is he does.

Personally, I can think of better things to do with $3,500.

Another-thing, if you have that kind of money to blow on something this ridiculous I know something else you might be interested in.

I would like to offer you my exclusive, iron clad, full proof, guaranteed not to fail business model for making you a millionaire automatically in a year.

Interested ?

Of course you’re not!

So why should it be any different when Kevin tells you that he guarantees you an extra $20,000 automatically in your bank within a year.

 Kevin Thompson's Automatic Income Coach

Pros and Cons for Getting Kevin Thompson’s Automatic Income System


  • There are some people having success with his system
  • The training can be applied successfully
  • Kevin will coach youKevin Thompson Scam
  • can also have a book version of his system
  • Offers a refund if your not satisfied


  • Most of the training can be found online for free
  • his personal coaching comes at a high price
  • are charged extra to have the physical version mailed to you
  • the ones making money with his system are already established online
  • must pay for the system for 1 year to be eligible for refund ($97/month+coaching fees)
  • Refunds are not Guaranteed
  • offers many other up sells

The Automatic Income Coach Training and Price

As I said in the pros section of this review, there are people using this system to grow their online business’s income.

However, they are folks that already have a business in place already know quite a bit about what it takes to run an online business.

With that said you can take a few things away from Kevin’s system that will help your business in the long run and in some instances in the short gain as well.


You can find almost (if not all) of what he “coaches” on the internet for free with just a few simple Google searches.

If you don’t feel like sifting through mountains of internet information you can learn every bit of what he teaches you from the same place that taught me for free.

As for the specifics of what dear ol’ Kevin’s system teaches, well, here is what he says 1,200 bucks and a monthly payment of $97 will get you.

Better known as the High Speed Option and you can make 3 payments of $397 if you do not have the whole amount up front.

Automatic income coach scam

But wait, there’s more fabulous free information that you can pay Mr. Thompson Top Dollar for and this has come to be known as the Basic Option.

You can get this little darling for the low low price of 2 payments of $397 plus the same additional monthly payment $97.

Automatic Income Coach

Regardless of the way Kevin words his training, it breaks down that he is teaching you how to create Squeeze pages and Mailing Lists for a niche site that will take at least a year to get enough traffic to call it a business.

This is besides the fact that almost every bit of it can be found for free if you are just willing to put in a little effort to find it.

Automatic Income Coach Review

Look, I realize what you have read up to this point might lead you to believe that I am in agreement of this system being a scam but that is not exactly the whole truth.

The fact still remains that a percentage of people are using this system and increasing their online income but as I have said repeatedly…

“They already either have an operational business or they have a pretty good grasp of online marketing techniques.”

So if you happen to fit in these categories and can afford it than by all means give it a shot but know you are wasting money on something that can be had at a much cheaper cost.automatic income coach trial html

If not for free.

Now as for the money back guarantee, I could not find anyone willing to show proof or still actually having the proof of being denied one.

Weather you can get one or not you should consider the price that you will have to pay just to be eligible to receive it.

In other words, Like Kevin says, you must let him be your mentor for a year and if you have not made at least 20 grand or are not satisfied than he will pay you $500.

Oh, and don’t forget the 3 months of membership you get for free.

Kevin Thompson automatic income scam

Well by my calculations that is still going to leave me in the broke house for $1600 if I was a fool and bought the High Speed Option.

And even if I factor in getting a refund…..

Which by the way is only for the price you paid for either the Basic or High Speed System and not what you have been dishing out every month for what is essentially a newsletter.

I would still be to the bad for 400 bucks.

If you factor all of the numbers for the basic package and calculate it you still come up with the same negative figure of $400.

  • $1200 for your monthly subscription
  • automatic income coach system cost$800 for the basic package
  • $500 Kevin gives you out of his pocket
  • 3 months free subscription

Well, there are no two ways about it, you end up giving away $400 of your hard earned money and that’s including refunds and all.

So is the Automatic Income Coach a scam?

Yeah, for the average man and woman trying to learn how to make a buck or two online it comes out to a $400 one either package you take.

As I mentioned before there are other options of learning the same techniques and the same program that taught me can teach you too, if you are willing to put in the time it takes to learn.

Not to mention that they also offer 1-on-1 coaching and you won’t get it from a rambling fisherman.

You’ll get it from experienced marketers that have success stories of their own to tell.

Well, that’s it for my Automatic Income Coach Review and I hope it answered your questions of What Is The Automatic Income Coach.  So, what do you think?  Is Kevin Thompson’s Automatic Income Coach a scam or not?

Thanks For Reading!

Automatic Income Coach alternative

Honest Online Money

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  1. Jason

    Hello Sam,

    Gotta say that you have made quite a few valid points and have seem to dedicated a bit of your time to your comment here.

    For that Sir I commend you and welcome you to come back here and share your views anytime.

    As I said in this review there are people having success using Kevin’s system and I will have to agree with you about it ultimately being up to the individual as to the level of their success.

    Well Sam Thanks again for your well worded comment and I hope you were able to help your father over his hang up with the lessons.

    Good Luck to you both,

  2. Sam

    Hi Everyone!

    Well, everyone has seemed to steer completely clear recognizing that this seems to be a scam.

    I disagree. That OK with everyone?

    I consider myself an educated person and have snuffed out my fair share of e-mail, marketing, craigslist, etc. scams out there. I’ve responded to some but luckily I’ve caught the ones that were really good just in time enough to not lose money.

    My father recently invested in Kevin’s system. He worked the steps and learned what Kevin had to teach one step at a time. It’s important to note that while Kevin sells his own products and certainly speaks by his own experiences (as any person should), he makes it very clear that these steps applied are only going to be as good as what market you are aiming for and the content you create. As any person who has been in even one business class knows, supply and demand still reign supreme.

    I spent some time talking with my dad about it and he said “I’m stuck on this step…” so I decided I wanted to help him get over his barrier. In order to do so, I told my dad to hand over everything he had so that I could be on the same page where he was. I do not own my own business, do not have a list of clientele, don’t even have a blog…but I know how to sniff out crap. Furthermore, I learn incredibly easily so if there’s anything to be learned, I’ll learn it. So I dove into Kevin’s stuff. My father paid $1200 to get the full package deal. Take your thoughts and everything that has been said on this post and just step back with an objective ear for a moment, whether you disagree or not, and listen to someone who has access to the actual material. Here’s my opinion…

    I have the folder right beside me. I listened to the audio recordings. I get a CD of the group calls that happen once a month along with the Q&A’s. I received the CD version of the system and receive monthly newsletters. I’ve clicked on his links, visited sites he recommends, studied relentlessly his approach and concept. I’ve learned all this from scratch, having no idea how to set up a business online and “generate” automatic income. I have also read the postings on honestonlinemoney about Kevin’s material and do see that certain points about Kevin’s material are in fact good for a certain group or select individuals that “have the right stuff.”

    Well, I didn’t have those things. I’m bare bones and beginning from square one. I have been studying the steps to his automatic income system while reading many many different articles, utilized countless resources, and did proper business planning and structure outlines to ensure my business idea was comprehensive, attainable, and had the supply/demand necessary for it to thrive. So far, not just a “select group” is capable of this…anyone can do the same thing and by “do” I mean – find answers to questions they have because that’s all I’ve been doing….looking.

    It is quite possible that there are cheaper or even free places out there to gain information about how to do what Kevin is doing. I’ll concede that. Is Kevin the one-stop-shop for all things internet-automatic-money-making? No. And after reading much of his material, it’s very clear that teaching isn’t quite his strongest point. But I can overlook a man’s lack to seek to understand what he is trying to get across. I know, some will say “for $1200 it better be crystal clear”. Then head to google and try Jason’s approach. It will take lots of looking to put the different resources and pieces together that Kevin has already placed in one package. So some of what he’s selling isn’t new – it’s convenient. Isn’t Cliff’s Notes still coming out with books too? No one calls them a scam…you’re buying the convenience of summation to someone who did the work of reading the whole thing. He’s also offering his experience. Kevin will never say the buck stops with him when it comes to automatic income. He will tell you that what he is doing is working and then he shows you exactly what he’s doing, how he’s doing it, and why he went that direction. The fact that he is making money telling others about this, or the sole fact that there may be better ways to do it doesn’t make him automatically a scam artist. Even Jason said his stuff can work and can be applied successfully (even though he’s only taking that on the account of people are succeeding by following his steps…which is a convincing argument that it in fact ISN’T a scam, doesn’t it? I haven’t seen any Nigerian scams have disclaimers that it worked for “some people”…)

    A man doesn’t dedicate himself to 7 years on Alaska’s waters and then turn tides and decide he wants to scam people out of their money for a living. Someone who decides scamming is their way of life wouldn’t have made it a week on Alaska’s waters. And some of the people that are just as lazy are ones who have commented on this page speaking from zero experience and zero of Kevin’s material as evidence to back up their opinion. That’s fine, that’s why my post is more authoritative…cause I’m holding his stuff.

    I’ve been studying it in-depth, a full 40-hour work week and then some for the last 3 weeks and one day.

    So what’s my point?

    The main point I want to get across to the readers here who want to know what’s truly behind Kevin’s stuff are as follows:

    -From a guy who knows what a scam looks like, this man’s intention is not to scam people out of there money. Kevin has put a product out on the table. Kevin advertises that he can lead others to do what he has been successful doing. Loads of countless lazy individuals expect this to be plug-and-play but Kevin is speaking to adults that read his material and are willing to create for themselves the opportunity to succeed using his steps. According to his curriculum and from someone who knew nothing about any of this, I can follow and apply his teachings. It IS for the layman as well as the elite, and Kevin trusts that YOU will be wise enough to decide whether this is for you or not for you. Don’t blame Kevin for you taking a step to buy his product if you make that choice. He advertised, you made a decision. How much you choose to apply yourself will lead you to your success with his program or not.

    -Kevin’s information is outdated. Did you see that? I too have an objective side and after 3 weeks of having his information I’m can faithfully say that, for example, much of the links he says to use that are free access now charge. Times have changed. But let me tell you what this means to me…it means that the sites that were free at that time (several years ago) were indeed resources that were so valuable, they became in such demand (because they were good and they worked) that they began charging people and are making a killing doing it! Which means the sites Kevin is giving you are not only legitimate, they’re growing in popularity and profit because they work! So Kevin’s may have outdated links, but evidence is pointing to the idea and process he’s getting across to, yet again, have some credibility.

    Kevin’s house – Jason mentioned more than once the ridiculousness of this offer. Nope, haven’t gone. But, there again, Kevin is making an offer. He says that if someone wants to come and see what he does, see his life first-hand, not as just some face or voice on a computer, that they can come. It is an opportunity to see that he’s legitimate. And because not a single person on this site, from Jason to myself, has ever been, then all opinions here are simply that – zero experience, all speculation. We don’t know whether it’s worth the money. So we can say maybe it’s not. Wherein we must also entertain – maybe it is. For some, you may say it’s stupid to spend that kind of money. For me, if a person is willing to spend that money to find out, then it isn’t stupid…it’s a movement toward a goal. And I commend a person doing so, if for nothing else, taking one step chasing a dream or a goal. That’s more than you, reader, may be able to say for yourself. Think about it.

    My final view is this – Kevin has to offer something that has succeeded for him and decided to share that knowledge with others. The choice to buy his information and experience is up to each individual who sees his offer. Toss aside how he asks people. Objectively look and decide. From one who made a decision, am reading his material and logged into his site as we speak, and have been studying his things and applying his steps for 3 weeks, I can confidently one truth…I’ve seen “scams”. This man isn’t one. He may not be for everyone, but everyone is capable of learning and following his steps if they decide they are ready to learn something new or consider an alternative.

    He is sharing the steps to success. Ultimately, your success depends on you.



  4. Jason

    You hit the nail on the head there Neil,

    That is a common misconception that most of these systems feed off of and are hoping to get the unsuspecting newbie to get caught in their web of deceitfulness.

    Unfortunately that is how a lot of other systems are doing it too, with them selling what can be found for free. That shows they have no place in this industry calling themselves a coach or a mentor.

    It’s good to know that you are finding my site of use and as always thanks for reading.

    Because without my readers this is all for nothing.

  5. Jason

    Hey John,

    Yeah Kevin is something else and that just goes to show how clueless this “Coach” really is. Kind of makes me wonder if he is actually running his system.

    Glad to have you here John and stop on by anytime.
    Thanks for Reading,

  6. John

    Great review Jason!

    I lost credibility with Kevin Thompson when he got Brian Tracey and Bob Proctor confused! He didn’t even know who he was affiliate marketing for!

    I will be staying wel clear of this one!


  7. Neil

    Thank You for your insight in to Kevin Thompson’s program, Jason. Each time I visit your blog, I learn about another new program, so thanks for keeping us all in the loop.

    Just like Empower Network, it’s only the “established” online marketers with big lists of contacts, who continually place PPC ads and have successful blogs who are the ones who earn the real money.

    The thing that annoys me is that they make it sound so quick and easy for others to make money online when in fact it’s taken “themselves” a while to get to where they are online.

    As for Kevin’s program though, the idea of paying $97 a month for training that can be found free, is a big turn off!

    Cheers, Neil

  8. Jason

    Hey Dan,

    Absolutely, if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all.

    Automatic income……what a sham!

    Hopefully I can reach the ones that are new to the online world before Kevin or the other coaches get their hands on them.

    Glad you took the time to comment and voice your opinion.
    Talk to you soon Dan,

  9. Jason


    Your very welcome for the review and I hope that it was able to help you out.

    I know exactly how it made you feel because I too have been caught up in getting taken advantage of by someone that swore they knew how to help me make it.

    Twice Shy is a good way of putting it. I never believe what any of these so called coaches promise anymore for just that reason.

    It’s no more than an empty promise.

    Unfortunately the only guaranteed way to success online is through hard work consistently and patience for waiting on the big pay-off.

    Glad to hear from you and thanks for reading,

  10. Jason

    Howdy Fred,

    Thanks for coming out and sharing your personal opinion of good ole Kevin’s Income Coach System.

    I agree having a mentor in this game of internet marketing can be very beneficial to ones success but the bad part is out of all these so called “coaching” products only a very very small percent of them actually deliver.

    Even then there is no guarantee that their way to success is going to be right for you.

    Still have to take action and the way most of these folks coach you is going to involve spending quite a bit of cash that should be spent on other aspects of getting your career started.

    Hey, Glad we got to talk because this gives me an excellent idea for an article.

    Who or what is the best online marketing coach/mentor or the best coaching system.

    As always thanks for reading and stop on by any time,

  11. Frederick Owen

    Yo Jason! Love the honesty and do agree with you 110% that when a product guarantees someone to make a certain amount of money it usually is a guaranteed scam. Having a coach or mentor is not a bad thing, but if they present it in this fashion it is something to stay away from. Great review!

  12. Therese Work Bali

    Thank you for the review.. Got caught in one of these scams one time and that was once bitten twice shy.. Just makes you wanna give up on internet business when you get caught out.

  13. Dan

    Hey Jason,
    I haven’t heard of this one but it is typical of the ones I have seen. I have never liked programs where they guarantee you will make so much money if you use their system. Excellent work and great job with the review.


  14. Jason

    First off Howie, I would like to think you for what I believe is the most thorough and honest comment that I have had here on Honest Online Money.

    I absolutely agree with your opinion of these kind of programs taking the wind out of many peoples business sails and as shameful as it may be as long as their are folks with money troubles these Yahoos will always remain in business.

    Sure maybe one day there will be a Google algorithm to weed out the BS Biz Opp and home based business scams but until the masses can be made aware of these scamy products, the internet/affiliate marketing industry’s name will remain soiled.

    Simply because they are associated with this industry it causes folks to think that everyone else marketing online must be just as dirty.

    As one that has fell for one of these money pits many years ago, You are right about how these types of programs can not only break your bank but as well be very hard to come back from the set back that it causes in your life.

    You are promised (GUARANTEED) a like no other system for generating an online income but are delivered (more often than not) a flashy sales page for the upgraded version of what you just bought or a phone call trying to sell you the tool that you must have to make it all work.

    For that reason alone Howie is why I spend many of my nights signing up for or researching what I think I know to be a scam. So I can either be proven wrong or expose the nasty little skid mark for what it/they truly is/are.

    Many people think that if you are promoting what you call a better option or the best place to learn that you are only in it for the money.

    However that is not true. Sure money is nice (we all need it to live) but their are some of us out here that just want to help others avoid the same mistakes.

    And above all else, stop seeing these leaches get rich from crushing hard working Gays and Gals dreams. It’s hard enough to get by without people like Kevin and his Automatic Income Coach taking even more off of your family’s table.

    As for WA (Wealthy Affiliate) dang Skippy I recommend it but it is only because of what I have seen it do for others and for what I know it has done for me.

    That is why on several occasions I tell folks not to take my word for it and to go out and research it further. It might be bad for business but at the end of the day I honestly just want to help out people that are trying to get their start online.

    Well this is going to end my ramblings Howie but before I go I would again like to thank you for inspiring this conversation and expressing your thoughts and opinions.

    Thanks for Reading and come back and comment any time.
    Until Next Time,

  15. Howie

    Great, thorough review of this program. Honest and to the point. I absolutely despise programs like this because I believe they not only give a bad name to Internet Marketing, but they quickly drain the motivation and faith of many to start their own online businesses.

    I don’t like programs that make outrageous claims and charge insane monthly premiums, only to up-sell their customers even further after they just committed to a substantial financial commitment to their system.

    To me, I believe it starts the relationship between the customer and their business off on the wrong foot immediately. $97/month is a lot for most people and probably not an easy decision for most people either. To finally make that commitment, only to find out you are still not receiving the “best” possible support and system is quite disheartening.

    I fell victim to many programs years ago and nearly gave up on my dreams to start my own online business. It was because there are so many programs like this that offer very little value at extraordinary prices and then have the nerve to up-sell their customers further.

    They never stop “selling” to their customers and most businesses run like this are much more concerned about taking more from their customers than giving back to them.

    I appreciate your candor and honesty about the program. Although it may not be technically classified as a scam, I believe the marketing tactics and system provided by “Automatic Income Coach,” are in fact misleading and dangerous for people to get involved.

    Unfortunately, people like Kevin are not concerned about the potentially detrimental impact they can have not only on someone’s wallet, but on their lives as well.

    I could not agree more with your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate. After nearly 7 years on and off doing Internet and Affiliate Marketing, it is the FIRST legit system that literally provides every last tool you could possibly need, along with ongoing support to make sure that if you want it, you will achieve your goals.

    Thanks for providing a great review and I will be sure to check back in the future. All the best and much success to you!

  16. Jason

    Hi Ms.Linda,
    Yeah, There are quite a bit of these kind of scams out there that prey on folks emotions about their current money situations.

    The worst part about it is many of them buying systems like Kevin Thompsons’ are in a tight spot and are suckered in by false testimonials or false guarantees of wealth.

    When people get desperate they will do just about anything to provide for the ones they love and I’ve been there I know how they feel.

    What really crawls all over me is the fact that these A-holes know that what they are promising will never happen nor will they give a man/woman their money back.

    I thank you for leaving your opinion.
    Thanks for reading,

  17. Jason

    Hey Thanks Anthony,
    It means a lot to know that I am helping folks avoid online money making scams and can help them keep to the real deals of money makers.
    I appreciate you taking the time out to share your experiences.
    Come back anytime,

  18. Anthony

    Excellent review! I’ve fallen for a similar scam once before, and that was one time too many. I now do a lot of research before I spend any money on “making money” products and it’s sites like your that has helped me a lot.

  19. Ms. Linda

    I have seen so many of these Scam’s in the last year, but Kevin Thompson’s Automatic Income Coach is a new one to me. Before I found everything I needed at WA I would look to opportunities like these for making money online. Thank goodness I didn’t fall for this one.
    Thank’s for the great information about Kevin’s system and hopefully others will find your review before it’s to late.
    Ms. Linda

  20. Jason

    Hi Steve,
    Great to have you back here sharing you thoughts.
    You got that right and personally after hearing this guy talk in his videos I knew there was no way he was going to be my “Coach”.
    I hate to hear about folks having terrible accidents but I believe this guy hit his head harder than he thought on that deadliest catch fishing boat.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

  21. Steve

    Another review that is informative AND entertaining! I like your style man. Automatic income screams “scam” and “they” love using the word “coach” which is usually nowhere to be found either. It’s like not only does the emperor have no clothes, but there isn’t even an emperor! Keep up the great work buddy,

  22. Jason

    Hello Wendy,
    I would have to agree this system set off all kinds of alarms with me as well.
    The bad part is that many of the people using this system are not aware that the information they are getting is the basic knowledge that can be found for free else where.
    Thanks for stopping by,

  23. Jason

    Glad I could be of assistance Steve,
    Thanks for leaving us with your thoughts

  24. Jason

    Thanks for coming out Riaz,
    I would have to agree with you about the price it is extremely to high and if you got that kind of money to throw around why wouldn’t you give it to someone with a cleaner business history.

    But to each is his/her own so you can never tell what some folks will do.

    Look forward to seeing you again,

  25. Wendy

    I haven’t used this system myself, but when ever I see a site that wants lots of money for stuff you get on line for free I am very skeptical. And the hype is a red flag. It certainly sounds like a huge scam. Thanks for this valuable information. Hopefully it will help people from throwing away their hard earned money.

  26. Steve

    Hmmmm…. I had seen this about that place and was thinking of adding it to my business arsenal, but several things didn’t smell right… thank’s for this timely and very thorough review… I have made my decision ;)

  27. Riaz Shah

    a very comprehensive review you’ve made here Jason! I’ve never heard of Kevin Thompson but the progamme sounds like a scam alright, and price is way too high too. Thanks for taking the time making this review ! This would help a lot of people from falling victim to this scheme

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