Javascript Commission Bot Review-Is Jono Armstrong’s Automated Income Software Legit

Is Jono Armstrong’s Javascript Commission Bot Legit
Product- JavaScript Commission Bot
Price- 12.97 up to a grand total of $320.97
Rating- 2 out of 5 stars
Sales Page- (No Affiliation)

JavaScript Commission Bot Review

In this review of Jono Armstrong’s Javascript Commission Bot (JCB) we’ll go over everything from what it costs to what it is to prove whether or not the “DYF (Done For You) Automated Income System”, is a scam or a legitimate software for you to make money online with.JavaScript Commission Bot Review

If you have read any of my earlier reviews on self proclaimed automated income generating products then you probably already know what my answer to the last question will be.

Which is also why I’m not going to go too deep into the details but instead I will give you a run down of what it is you will get.

However, I will be highlighting the beneficial resources that are associated with buying into this software, as well as the materials you should take great care in implementing on any of your personal accounts.

Afterall, some of the things that this software will be doing can and ultimately will get the social media accounts tied to it shut down and removed.


What Is JavaScript Commission Bot

The Javascript Commission Bot was released a few days ago (July 7, 2020) by a YouTuber named Jono Armstrong and by buying this product you get access to 5 additional bonus products.

They are:

  • Instagram Influencers
  • Access Limitless Traffic
  • Gemini
  • Insurgency
  • Lockdown Formula

Armstrong’s main selling focus revolves around the shadier of the make money online systems and softwares.

You’ve likely seen these type of shady systems/software being represented as TurnKey, Push-Button, or Totally Automated Online Income Generation Methods that have the potential to earn you $100’s, $1000’S, or even $10,000’s, seemingly overnight.

For doing little more than just buying it. 

That’s great and all but there’s only one small problem with that.

There is no such thing as an automated make money online process that isn’t a scam or highly illegal.

Yeah, there are plenty of suckers in this world that you could trick into giving you their money but know that eventually the FTC will catch up to you and shut it down.

Then fine you and through you under the jail, but anyways, here is what the JCB is and does.

Basically it’s a spambot that you can customize.

You set it up so that it will automate the process of following the followers of Influencers and Authorities in your niche, via the Twitter platform.

Before you do that you will need to set up your Twitter Profile in a way that will captivate any curious folks acting on the notification they’ll receive when you begin following them.JavaScript Commission Bot Price

This means you will need to put the affiliate link that you were given when you bought Javascript Commission Bot in your profile and hope someone clicks it.

You don’t need to worry with creating a website or content, other than social media profiles, because you will be sending any potential action takers to a splash page (sales page) where Jono Armstrong will be doing the selling for you.

Here is where you can get into trouble with social platforms where you use this software.

By using a bot to automate the following process you’re in violation of the terms and conditions for nearly every social media platform in existence.

Then there is the whole affiliate link in your profile thing.

Most online social watering holes don’t like that sort of thing in your profile description because…

Yep, you guessed it! It’s considered a spammy link and can get your account suspended or worse ~ removed. Pricing

Before I list out all the prices you will encounter with your purchasing venture, I want to help you save all the money you can if you do buy into Mr. Armstrong’s product.

This will only save you money on the upgrades you’ll be bombarded with after you have bought the software at it’s initial sales price of $12.97.

To save on any further purchases just simply navigate to the back button in your browser on the upsell you wish to buy and you’ll be given a discounted one time price for the same upgrade opportunity.

These discounted prices are known as downgrades and usually save you anywhere between $20 to $100.

So if you decide that Javascript Commission Bot is for you then I would recommend you take full advantage of it’s downgraded pricing scale.

Now here are the Upgrades/Upsells and the prices for each. Sales Price And Materials

The initial price for Jono’s software is $12.97 and it comes with all of the training you’ll need for learning how to operate the software and being able to get it up and running.

Javascript Commission Bot System And Bonuses

However, this version of JCB only allows the use of 5 user accounts.

Which means you only get to run it 5 times or with 5 different social campaigns.

So if you mess up in implementation or need to adjust your campaigns you’ll have to buy the pro version after using up your 5 user accounts.  

Upsell #1 Pro Version Of Jono Armstrongs Automated Income System

The pro version will run you 47 bucks but can be bought for $37 if you utilize the downgraded price.

This version gives you limitless user accounts as well as access to a built in link shortener service.

In other words you can use it as many times as you want and with the link service you can save time by being able to edit just the link instead of the entire campaign.

Javascript Commission Bot Upgrade #2

Known as DFY (Done For You) Campaigns and costs $97 but again can be gotten for less by utilizing the downgrade sale price of $77.

With this upsell you will be given a 7 of Jono’s personally used campaigns that he claims to have a combined overall profit of over $50,000’s.

These DFY campaigns are made up of:

Javascript Commission Bot Upsell #3

This upsell goes by the name of “High Ticket DFY Funnels and Limitless Traffic” and will give you access and usage permission to his personal Google Adwords Library and Audience.

This is a bit more on the expensive side at $197 but can be obtained at a discounted price of $97 via it’s downgrade.

The best part about this upsell in my opinion is the DFY email marketing templates and retargeting ads that come with it.Jono Armstrong Javascript Commission Bot

These templates are also out of Jono Armstrong’s personally used collection.

One thing you need to be aware of is that in order to use his Google Adwords library and audience you will have to install pixels so that your sales pages and auto-webinar funnels can be tracked.

Not sure why, being that you’re not supposed to have to create content or a website, so I would be very cautious if you decide to proceed with utilizing this upsell.

JCB Upsell/Upgrade #4 Reseller Rights

This is exactly what it sounds like but like the one before it it will cost you.

The sales price is listed at $197 but like with all the other upsells/upgrades can be gotten for much less ($97) by using the downgrade option.

Buying this means that you can cut Jono Armstrong out then market and resell his software as your own.

Then you can either:

  • Enlist Other Affiliates To Sell It For You 
  • Just Do It Yourself And Take Home 100% Of The Profits

In addition to reselling rights for JCB, he’s also giving you those same rights to a few of his other creations.

They are 3 of the same bonuses you get for buying his product for $12.97

  • Gemini
  • Insurgency
  • Lockdown Formula

Is JavaScript Commission Bot A Scam Or Legit

Now let’s get down to the bottom line of Jono Armstrong’s Automated commission software so you can determine for yourself if it’s worth the

If you take the time to read the terms and conditions of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media platform, (for that matter) you’ll see that using automated software is frowned upon.

Automating the process of getting followers, likes, shares, or following others, is strictly against their rules and will result in you getting your account suspended.

Or even worse, deleted and removed altogether. 

Not to mention, it will be flagged as spam when it hits your targeted audiences social inbox.

So, you may get by with it for a bit but it will catch up with you sooner or later.

With the advancement of the AI that most, if not all social platforms use nowadays, it’s likely to be a lot sooner.

Even if you were to get by with it, the strategy that the software is built around is relying on a whole lot of luck and “what if’s” for it to be successful.

Think about it, when was the last time you clicked thru to a sales page from a notification of someone following you?

Even if you did, I’d just about bet my house that you clicked back before seeing what they were selling.

Especially if it was associated with the make money online niche.

Just as I promised, here is the reasoning behind why I gave it 2 stars and why some of you out there may be inclined to pull that buying trigger.

That’s the bonuses that come with it and if you jump off far enough into this rabbit hole…

The Done For You Email Marketing Materials and Jono’s Personal “Supposedly Proven” DFY Campaigns that you get for buying into upsell #2 and #3.

He claims that the materials in upsell #2 netted him a combined income of over $50,000 but I can not prove such allegations.

Sure, on one hand, you can find screenshots of him saying so but on the other I can show you screenshots that say I earned over a million bucks last month.

Which is not true, but I can photoshop it to make it look as though I really did.

Anywho, below are the benefits of this product as I believe them to be:

  • DFY Video Reviews (Upsell #2)
  • DFY Product Bonus Pages (Upsell #2)
  • Most Of The JCB Gemini Bonus
  • Mr.Armstrong’s Personal Email Marketing Templates and Retargeting Ads (Upsale #3)
  • Reseller Rights To The Gemini Bonus (Upsell #4)

Before I close out this JavaScript Commission Bot Review, I want to extend an initiation to anyone using or that have used Jono Armstrong’s Beginner-friendly, Online Income Method; to post their reply to Is The Javascript Commission Bot A Scam Or Legit in the comments below.

Until Next Time, Thanks For Reading!Javascript Commission Bot Alternative

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