online t shirt fundraising program Review-Is This Fundraiser Program Legit Review
Price- Free to start 2.9-6%of total amount raised
Owner- Customink LLC
Rating- 4 out 5 stars

What Is

Online T Shirt Fundraising Programs are not my usual suspect for a product/program review but recently I have been seeing all kinds of Tv commercials promoting

For any of you that have not seen these commercials yet it is basically promoting a way to raise money for a particular cause, organization, or group that is near and dear to your heart by designing T shirts and selling them is legit or scamonline.

This fundraising company has been helping charities now since the early part of 1996 but just seems to have became popular since the latter part of 2013.

Also Booster is making claims that it has helped well over 35,000 different charity events and groups ranging any where from high school football teams to cancer research but none of which can actually be proven since this company is not spoke of often by it’s users.

In this T shirt fundraiser program review I will be showing you the specifics of this crowdfunding website and just how legitimate it actually is.

So lets get started by going over just a few pros and cons of using this company.

What are the Complaints from Booster Users?

Although this website has had it’s URL address since 1996 it still has not yet been registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) but however the company that owns this website has had less than a handful of complaints (that have been resolved) over the last 3 years .

With that said here are a list of Pros and Cons that people have had when using


My T shirt design

  • No money up front to start
  • money back guarantee
  • No shipping on your part
  • don’t have to have your own design to use on the shirts
  • don’t have to buy anything
  • Free design support
  • Outstanding Customer Support
  • free website to promote your shirts


  • on occasions text on the shirts is misspelled
  • charge an extra $5 for shipping per shirt if delivered individually
  • Logos and designs sometimes are not centered on shirt
  • wrong logos on the wrong shirts
  • don’t sell at least 20 shirts they are not made and money is refunded
  • no freedom with website design
  • shirts design falls apart after a few washes

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What about Cost & Support?

We can answer this question by asking another. And that is…www Booster com review

Have you ever used Customink?

The reason that this question can answer the other is because Customink is responsible for the customer service, T shirt Design, shipping, and is who pays you for the shirts that you have sold.

If have ever used Customink than you are probably already aware that they put a high emphasis on customer satisfaction and will pretty much do whatever it takes to keep their customers happy.

Sounds good from a consumer stand point- Right?

The T shirt design works in the same fashion as well. Except that you don’t have quite as many designs to choose from as you do with the Customink website nor do you have to worry about putting up any money to get the process started.

There are 4 steps to be up and running with your own website for selling your newly designed fundraising T shirts, sweaters, or Hooded Sweatshirts and they are:

  • Designing your shirt for your cause
  • Set up your account (Your name, mailing address, Pay Pal info,how you want them shipped)what is t shirt fundraiser
  • Tell “Your Story” (the why and what you are doing) and name your new booster website
  • Launch your new fundraising campaign and get help from Booster’s sharing tools to help spread the word

Also (like Customink) this online T shirt Fundraising program offers free design support to anyone that may need a helping hand on designing their custom  made T Shirt.

This is done by either getting a call from one of the members of the free design support team or by collaborating through emails. So what does good ol’ Booster get out of the deal?

Of course their is someone setting on the back end of this program but with all things considered it’s not a bad idea for making a buck or two online.

See the catch to this sweet sounding system is……

First off you have one month to sell how ever many shirts you decided on selling or your order is basically cancelled and all the money sent back to it’s rightful owner if you were not able to sell at least 20 shirts.

Let’s say you did sell more than 20 but less than your quota, What happens then ? online T Shirt Fundraising programsThis is a screen shot from the FAQ section of this site that sums up how exactly they go about dealing with not meeting your set quota and this is just one thing that sets them apart from other online T shirt fundraising programs.

However either way it goes quota or not they are going to get at least a 2.9% commission from the final total of all of your shirt sales plus service fees and 6% if you do not offer the buyer a chance to give another donation during the checkout process.

Which leads me to ask you the next question for you to ponder upon.


Is Legit?

As I said at the start of my review this type of company is not my cup of tea as far as reviews go and I had to do quite a bit more digging around and even signed up to this fundraising program for myself to get a real feel for it.

During all this I noticed something that stood out to me as a bit odd especially for it being advertised on t shirt fundraising program And that is that there are very few reviews of this program.

So if they are a scam than not very many people are talking about it but I’m sure there has to be a catch to it somewhere.

But until I can find one…..

In my opinion I would have to say that while Booster is getting their fair share of your money pie it is still a decent way to make honest money online because the more shirts that you can sell the more money that you will make.

See, you can sign up to this program and sell shirts for whatever cause you want even if your cause happens to be a selfish one for making you money online.

That is well with in their terms and conditions as long as you are telling the people contributing what it is they are contributing to.

Well, that’s enough of me veering off my beaten path and doing reviews into online T shirt Fundraising programs but all the same I hope it ( Review) helped and that you were able to take something away from it.

Oh, If you have a experience of your own, share it, and tell other users about the legitimacy of this crowdfunding program.

Thanks for Reading experience


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