How To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate For Beginners

Recently, How To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate For Beginners and Can You Really Make Money On WealthyAffiliate.Com, has been increasing in popularity among The SERP’s. (Search Engine Results Page)

How To Make Money On Wealthy Affiliate For Beginners

They’re probably not the most popular ones but they’re the ones we are going to be addressing here today.

Yep, That’s right!

We’re going to turn our attention towards and all of the different money-making programs, that you as a beginner, can use to make money online with and join for learning how to build a business online and earn a living Online for years to come from it.

So, if this kind of thing strikes your fancy, than take a journey with me to a place that has nearly a limitless income earning potential and together we’ll learn all the ways you can earn some Do-Re-Mi with Wealthy Affiliate.

Can You Generate An Income On

The answer to this is a simple but absolute one.

Yes, 1,000 times over, Yes!

I’ve been doing it for years now!

You can see some of what I have been getting paid by visiting my WA Income Proof Article.

When you get paid by WA you have a few different options for doing so.

One of the options you have is Paypal and another is by check of course.

There is also the option of direct deposit but inorder for that to happen you must also be paying for your membership via the same bank account.

It is probably worth pointing out that you can now pay for your premium membership with WA credits.

The same credits, comments and domain referrals, that I’ll be talking a lot more about in just a moment when I go over the many different ways on how you can create additional revenue streams with WA.

Can You Really Make Money on Wealthy Affiliate

Although, I do not recommend this option because it works out to being a bit more than it would be if you paid out of pocket it.

How To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

When you sign up for a WA membership (Free Or Premium) you’re granted access to several different ways of legitimately accumulating profits – via the internet.

In addition to 1,000’s of hours worth of constantly updated (and added) online business creation training and Online Marketing Training Courses for all experience levels.

Even if you opt out of building an online business, or creating your own website, you can still create a lucrative internet side hustle to help make ends meet between paydays.

Better even yet, the founders of are always testing out new potential revenue streams to add to their membership platform. (Every Year Or 2)

As well as posting new training materials on how to use these money-making opportunities to their fullest potential.

What do ya say we quit talking about it and get to the core of how to make money with The Wealthy Affiliate Platform As A Beginner.

The Fastest Way To Earn Money With Wealthy Affiliate

This is one option that anyone and everyone can do.

No matter your skill set.

It’s something internet trolls do all the time for free. Only they use derogatory statements while they cower in the security of their parents basement.

The something I’m talking about here, is commenting on other members websites after obtaining the Certified Commenter Status.

There are a few requirements you must meet before jumping on the commenting bandwagon, but it’s something anyone can achieve with a bit of patients, a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Here are the Site Commenting rules and requirements that you’ll need to abide by in order to qualify for earning extra cash as a WA Member.

  • Comment Must Be Posted Thru Your Site Comments Dashboard
  • Visit And Read The Website And Content Before Commenting
  • 50 Comment Minimum
  • Out of Those 50 Comments Less Than 20% Skip Rate (Not Interested)
  • Those Comments Also Need An 80% Approval Rating
  • All Comments Must Be At Least 50 Words Long

See it’s easy… Right?

Fastest Way For Beginners To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate

Most people do this exact same thing all over the internet everyday for fun and at WA it is by far the fastest way to get paid as an online money making beginner.

Making Money Using The Wealthy Affiliate Credit System

There are 3 potential revenue streams with the WA Credit System that can earn you either affiliate credits or cash credits.

2 of which can be cashed in after you reach a certain threshold.

  1. Cash Credits – 20 cash credits equals $10.
  2. Affiliate Credits – 40 affiliate credits equals $20.
  3. Community Credits – This is the site comment feature that I mentioned earlier but they can not be cashed out without meeting those requirements.

WA Affiliate Credits

Affiliate credits is what you recieve for referring people to the WA platform but that person you refer must fill out their profile in its entirety.

When they complete that task, you’ll earn $.50 per referral, whether they come to WA through a website you create or through social channels such as Facebook or Twitter.

In other words, let’s say you refer someone to WA and they start creating a website.

Chances are they’ll also buy a domain through Wealthy Affiliate’s site builder feature.

If this happens you would have earned $1.50 for that one referral.

That’s not counting what you would make from them buying a premium membership but I’ll talk more about that in just a bit.

WA Cash Credits

Here is how you can go about earning Wealthy Affiliate Cash Credits.

One of these I touched on a bit just a moment ago, called Domain Registration, and if any of your referrals register a domain through WA you’ll make a quick buck ($1)

The other is all about creating training to help other members.Earning An Income Online With Wealthy Affiliate

However, just creating it isn’t enough to open the online income gates to let profits flow in, the training must also be popular and voted as helpful by a decent amount of fellow members.

Other members are able to cast their votes for training popularity in the form of likes, shares, and other forms of engagement. (i.e. comments, questions, and visitors to the training)

WA Community Credits

I’ve already mentioned the way you can earn money from WA’s Community Credits.

However, Offering Up Website Comments falls under both Community and Cash Credits.

That is if you meet the Certified Commenter Status.

The same Credits earned from commenting can also be earned by giving whats called site feedback.

It’s a lot like commenting only your feedback is not being posted to a website and you don’t get to cash them out.

The only way you can spend these community credits is by using them to request feedback for yourself or by requesting comments to your sites.

There is also the option of sending these credits to another member and if you choose this route, the recipient can cash them out.


Requesting feedback from other members is done so by choosing the type of feedback you desire.

These are the 5 categories that you can choose from:

  1. Website Design
  2. Overall Content Quality
  3. Page Layout or Structure
  4. Image and Video Relevance and Quality
  5. General Feedback (Just All Around Constructive Criticism)

All of these categories have the potential to help make you a better content creator and website developer/designer.

If you’re willing to let it, that is!

Although, they don’t bring the same kind of SEO benefits to the table as getting quality comments on your site does.

Reason being, Comments are considered as Visitor engagement by search engines and Google uses this as a Ranking Signal.

Flipping Wealthy Affiliate Domains For Cash

Now this is not an option that has its own tab or feature and as far as training goes there’s not a whole lot on it.

However, there is an entire niche market for just this sort of thing and it’s really not that hard to do.

The only drawback is that you have no idea when someone may want to buy that particular domain name, so it may take time to receive a return on your investment.How To Earn Cash With Wealthy Affiliate Domain Registrations

Which is why it is best to go after the other domains (.com,.net, .org, so on and so forth) of already established sites.

An example of this would be a new company like wal-mart opens and they are called

So you would go out and buy and .org and wait until they try to buy them.

At this point, a domain that you paid $12 to $15 for, could be flipped to this hypothetical WaalyWorld company for 3 or even 10 times that amount.

Which again would be something really easy to do but comes with its own set of risk vs reward scenarios.

Again you can find some training at WA on this but as to how much…

Well, I couldn’t tell you, I’m not into flipping domains all that much anymore and what I do know about it wasn’t learned at WA.

If you find it is something you want to pursue than shoot me a message either inside My.WealthyAffiliate.Com or here on this site’s contact page.

Most Profitable Way To Earn Money On Wealthy Affiliate

The affiliate program is without a doubt the most lucrative of money-making opportunities available on the wealthy affiliate training platform.

No matter what your membership status is, free or premium, you can generate the type of profits needed for earning a living online.

If you do try your luck at creating a revenue stream using this option, you should know upfront, that it’ll take time to make it happen.

Unless, of course, you’re willing to spend bookoos of money on an advertising budget.

Keep in mind that you can also build a passive income on for free.

Speaking of free!

As a free member, your commissions won’t be as much as premium member rates.

In fact it is half as much.

Here is the earning potential for both:

With a free membership you’ll earn $11.75 for premium monthly referrals and 117.50 for all yearly premium sales.

The premium membership nets commissions of 23.50 for premium monthly and $235 for yearly premium sales.

Now, there is a bit of a twist to commissions that will only affect your bottom dollar 1 time.

The twist here is that the commission you earn from the initial sale (1st month) is going to be less than every commission from there on out.

In other words a free member will earn $4 and a premium member will earn $8 due to the special premium discount making the first months membership $19.

Which is an awesome deal when you take into account the massive amount of potential WA holds for generating an online income from home.

If you have any questions Regarding Can You Really Earn Money On or How To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate For Beginners than feel free to give me a shout in the comments below.Making Money With Wealthy Affiliate

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