How To Rank A Keyword & Get High Google Rankings In 2019

Experimental SEO Ranking Strategies

[wp-review]Whether you’re new to online marketing or you helped right the rule book, we all want the secret formula for how to Get High Google Rankings.  We all have the same desire of being the one that cracks the code secret formula for how to rank a keywordfor how to rank a keyword on the first page of Google whenever we write an article.

Unfortunately, Google’s ever changing ranking algorithm makes this virtually impossible but thanks to our marketing forefathers we have a somewhat of a beaten path to search engine dominance.

Well, that is if you are able to read between the lines of SEO and are not afraid to think outside of the box with different experimental SEO ranking strategies.

Just don’t go crazy and venture to far outside of that proverbial box.

As we all know by now, if you get to far outside of the white hat zone you stand a very good chance of your website facing off against Google’s Panda 4 update.

Trust me that Panda will eat your site alive and then you will spend the next three to six months trying to get released from Google’s bad side.

So, what’s the best way to get high Google rankings other than being a big name brand or an authority site of some kind like Amazon or Wal-Mart?

High quality engaging content that will add value to not only your site but enough so that others will want to link out to it from their sites.

Also be creative enough that it will cause your visitors to want to shout it from top their social mountains.

So, lets say you have just written this glorious content……..Now what?

Well, there are a few things that you can do to get out in front of the search engine spiders and give your content a push towards the top before they get to crawling around to rank your content.

To be more specific, you have about an hour after publishing your content to accomplish as much of the following as you can to help boost it’s rank before your content gets indexed.

Before you hit publish send emails to the sites that you have mentioned in your content to thank them and as well to let them know you will be publishing soon.

This will hopefully lead to a link from them in the very near future and in some instances almost immediately.

Be very subtle and try not to come across as needy for a link.

Share your new publication socially on all of your businesses social platforms and be sure to experiment with what time of day your readers are monitoring their social networks.

how to rank a keyword on the 1st page of Google

This will play an important role in you getting your content in front of as many eyeballs as possible in hopes that they will tweet, plus one, like, or stumble upon  your amazingly engaging content for others to find.

Which will also create links/social signals back to your site for the spiders to crawl on.

In turn convincing search engines that your content is providing value and that makes your keywords rank higher.

Make sure you have Social Buttons on your site so when all of the folks you just told about your content arrives on your new gloriously engaging post they have a fast easy way to show the rest of the internet how great it was.

This will also lead to the all mighty re-tweets, plus ones, and favorites that in turn lead to even more Buzz Generation.

Which by the way is now part of Google’s ranking algorithm and is how a site can outrank it’s competitors without having as many back links.

If you think about it, that is basically what a social share is, a back link.

All of this will help you get indexed faster and ranked higher but non of this is even possible without the all powerful keyword or long tail keyword phrase.

If you can not search engine optimize a post or page around a relevant keyword people will use to find your site than all of this previous work has been for nothing.

So, lets go over some tips for ranking a keyword highly in search engines without effecting the way your readers will engage with your content.

First let me ask you this……… Do you know any tips or tricks that seem to help you get pushed to the front of the crowd?

How to Rank a Keyword 

First things first, you have to find the keyword that you’re hoping to rank for and also that folks will be searching for.

Keep in mind that if your site is relatively new than you should keep to the low competition to rank a keyword higher in 2019

After all, you can have one of the most powerful low competition keywords known to man but if no one is searching for that term than it will be a very lonely number one spot to hold.

If you would like a few tid bits of advise for locating a quality search term than check out my process for finding profitable low competition keywords.  It would also to behoove you to have one of the better keyword research tools and for that I offer you some information about

OK, now back to the task at hand of ranking a keyword closer to the top of the big G.

So what do we do?

Most folks in the industry will tell you to just keep writing high quality content and it will naturally happen.

This is true for the most part and is absolutely something that you should be doing on at least a weekly basis.

Especially if your site is fresh out of the gate.

There are some little extras that you can add to you content that will help it get a boost in the search engines and the more frequently your site is producing fresh content the more effective these tips will be.

Just a little something to keep in mind when considering these tips for keyword domination.

 Tips for Keyword Ranking Awesomeness 

So here are the same tips that have given me results like these highly ranked search queries.

Just to show I’m not talking out of the place that meets the toilet seat and to prove these results have not been manipulated in any way I have given you the links so that you can see them for yourself in Google Search. You may click on the image as well.get higher Ranking In Organic Google Search

I could keep on naming high ranking keyword search queries that I hold but you want to know how you can do it for yourself…..


Article Tittle Tag-  This is one of these common knowledge things that anyone who has a website knows about or at least should know about.

Something you might not know is that you should try to include your keyword as close to the start of the title name as possible while still giving it a catchy name that folks will want to read.

Be sure that you do not stuff your title full of keywords and try to target the main one you’re wanting to rank for.

Keyword H Tag Just in case you are not aware of what I mean by H tag it is the blue wording that is underlined in green on this post.Getting a Keyword Ranked in Google

It is a good idea that you include your keyword or keyword phrase in at least one of these but can be done more depending on the amount of times you mention your keyword through out your post/page.

The less you use your keyword in the content the more you should try and use it in your H tags because this will boost your rankings when used correctly.

This is where the experimentation that I spoke of earlier comes in to play.

Content Body Placement This is one that more than likely you already know about but is a very important part of the ranking process.

While it does not hold the same value as it used to years ago it still is a factor that can lead you to great success.

Make sure that when you are writing your content that you include the keyword you’re targeting in the very first paragraph of your article.

Also in the very last sentence of your article or as close to it as you can with out stuffing it.

At the bare minimum make sure it is in the last paragraph and that your article still reads naturally.

As long as you are writing for the reader you will be fine.How to rank a keyword and get high Google rankings

Image Alt Title Tags and descriptions When you place your images into your post for visual effect be sure to include your keyword in the alt title tag.

Also you should include the keyword you used in the alt title in the description of that image.

This will not only help you move higher up in the SERP’s for a keyword but will also help with getting that particular image ranked.

What I do here is find as many different variations of that keyword and use them for the rest of the alt titles and descriptions.

DO NOT use duplicate alt title tags or descriptions because this works the same to Google as keyword stuffing or having duplicate content on your site.

Meta Description If you decide to write your own meta descriptions make absolutely sure that you include the same keyword phrase that you have used in all of the above.

You don’t have to write your own but from some of my experimentation I believe that it helps you greatly.

Keyword Ranking Tips For Beginners

Internal linking- This is something that most webmasters seem to overlook when trying to rank for a keyword or post/page. As you can tell I’m a firm believer in this strategy.

When implementing this method be sure not to link to keyword rich anchor text more than once for any keyword phrase for all posts you write because this will be looked upon by Google as spam.

This is also a tactic that can be done to help the rank of individual post and pages but don’t try to do it all at once.

This as well will throw red flags to the great Google.

Bold and Italic highlighted keywords– This is one that I had heard a lot of controversy over on whether or not it really works to rank a keyword.

I have personally used this method and have seen great results. In some cases as how to get ranked in googlemany as 70 positions but these are keywords that were ranking way back in the field.

However, since highlighting these keywords I continue to see them increase anywhere between 2-5 positions a week.

Keep in mind that as soon as you hit the first page these keywords become quite difficult to move unless you gain more links pointing to your site.

Now, here is another piece of personal experienced advice I can give you.

Like I told you there is much controversy around this subject and in my opinion it is half right.

See when I used bold highlights I saw little improvement and in a few cases even negative results but every time I use italic highlights I have seen only improvement and substantial amounts of it.

This is not one you should over due and in my opinion (how I do it) only use this in the first paragraph and the last paragraph on the keyword phrases that you are targeting.

If you choose to try this do not over use your keyword/ keyword phrase or it will back fire and cause your rank to suffer.

Get Your Keyword Ranked

There are two things that I did not previously mention that will result in the Big G giving your site extra credit so to speak and ultimately that means a slight boost in rank… wide.experimental keyword ranking strategies

  • A responsive mobile site design to compliment your desktop version
  • All sites as of recent using https instead of http in their URL will now get a boost to site rank
  • An easily navigable site with little to no ads above the fold (the section of your site folks see when they land on it)

There are a few more suggestions I know for a fact will work and if you are willing to experiment with them further than maybe you will learn some of the other ranking advantages it can lead you to discovering.

But I can’t give away all of my secretes to you because that will take out all of the excitement you will get from discovering new tactics of your own.

I will tell you though if you experiment with new rank increase ideas of your own it is a good idea you give any changes that you make a week or two before convincing yourself it didn’t work because some changes take longer than others.

Anytime older content is changed around to much Google will immediately jump to the conclusion that you are up to something spam related or just all around up to something fishy.

If you don’t know this already Google does not like affiliate sites and some of the higher ranking Google employees have come right out and said as much publicly.Top SEO strategies for ranking low competition keywords

That’s just something to keep in mind when creating your websites and running your experiments because quite a few folks have been known to cross the lines of experimenting and just flat out try to cheat the system.

So, remember to keep it HONEST and don’t cross over to the dark side of SEO ranking strategies or the Panda and Penguin will get you.

Keep it WHITE HAT and don’t ruin anything for the rest of us.

That’s all I have to share with you regarding How to Rank a Keyword.  Being that you’re finding my post on the front page should go to show you I know a little of what I’m talking about when it comes to showing folks how to Get High Google RankingsGood Luck and Feel Free to ask questions or share tricks (tips) you know about getting ranked highly in search engines.

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