Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof-Real Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials

Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

Folks are all the time writing testimonials about their honest money making programs but they never seem to tell you the real Truth behind their success stories. So, I present to you My Wealthy Affiliate Testimonial/Success Story, a real behind the scenes look at the marketing training program that showed me how to make money online and some income proof to back it up.

My Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

If it’s a Wealthy Affiliate Review you’re looking for or if what you read here compels you to discover more about what WA is than click these blue highlighted words.

This is simply a look into the earning potential of this money making training system based on my past and present member experiences.

In other words, a real world earnings testimonial, from a real person just like you, that shows whether or not this training site can honestly teach you How To Make Money Online From Home.

As most of you have probably already noticed (from surfing the web) there are a lot of people that will try to convince you that when it comes to making money they are the best of the best.

They’ll even go as far as conning you with their Guru tricks to get you to believe their regurgitated BS.

Well, not me, at least not anymore!

To be quite honest with you, if you take anyone on the internet at their word – without first having good reason to trust them – you kind of got it coming to you.

I don’t mean to come across as rude but, you don’t believe everything you see on TV, Do You?

Right, so why would you believe what you read on the internet!

After all, doing so would mean forking over all that money you worked so hard to earn for you and your family.

Which is why, I always suggest, you do your homework before you sign up for anything that involves you handing over any of your money to someone online.

If it wasn’t for the fact of Wealthy Affiliate offering a completely free membership (with no requirements of entering credit card info) I…

  1. wouldn’t have signed up myself
  2. wouldn’t be suggesting you do the same

I do, in fact, still stand by my previous statement of doing your homework before signing up to anything.

That includes Getting Started With Wealthy Affiliate!

With that said, lets go ahead and move on with this wealthy affiliate income proof testimonial.

If you are anything like me than you’re going to want to experience and research it first hand for free.

After all, Knowledge is power, and the best way to gain knowledge is to discover it from first hand experiences.

Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials (Success Story)

OK, I guess we need to begin where it all started for me which would be about 4 year ago.

Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials

I had just been laid off from my job due to the wonderful economy and it only snowballed from there.

Needless to say I started looking into what had been a dream of mine for some time.

Earning a full-time income from home while being able to spend more time with my young son.

Now I had heard all the same horror stories as you probably have about how it’s all just a scam and that there was no such thing as honest online money making anymore.

But being a stubborn country boy I refused to believe it.

So, I tried about every free marketing course that I could find and well, long story short, I finally came across WA.

Yes, as you already know, I signed up for what I thought was going to be just another big waste of time.

Much to my complete surprise, I was actually learning about online marketing and how I could start an online business for free.

Upon signing up for a free membership I was given two Free websites so I could get started putting to use what I was being taught.

Yeah, that was great and all, but I was still waiting around for them to pull the rug out from under me where all I had to do was enter a credit card to continue my free service.

Again, much to my surprise that never happened at least not till I wanted it to.

When they told me free they actually meant it and that’s not something you find anymore in today’s world but like all good things it had it’s end too.

Which by this time I was already convinced that I discovered something that was not only worth it but was a legitimate way for learning the whole internet marketing thing.

So I signed up for the Premium Membership.

Which is 49 bucks a month and includes free domain hosting, 24/7 live chat support, literally hundreds of hours of video/text training, and a weekly live webinar class.

Something you need to understand about me is that before this training that Wealthy Affiliate gave me, all that I knew about computers was how to search the web and play games.

I didn’t know the first thing about online marketing or anything that it entailed.

I understand, you’re wanting to know if I have made money online from it, am I right.

Well I’m going to get to that in just a bit but the short answer is, yes I most certainly did.

Shortly after I finished my training with Wealthy Affiliate I set out to buy my very own domain name and built a web property around it.

Something else you should know is the training is intended to walk you through this process step by step so you are actually going to be doing this as you go.

Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof
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I just did the training then went and did it again after I bought my domain name to make sure I didn’t miss anything the first time.

It took me about 3 months worth of typing up content and scouring around for low competition keywords before I started to see any money roll in from my efforts.

It was very small amounts at first but the more I wrote and the more honest online money making training that I took the more money I began to make.

Wealthy Affiliate Earnings

I’m not going to go into specifics on how much money I make online because (as I said in the start of this) I’m not writing this article for money making purposes I am writing it to show you that Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate place to start.

Lets just say that WA helped my Dream of making a full-time income from home come true.

Wealthy Affiliate Earnings

Just know that if you take action on what you are being taught that it’ll lead you to making honest money online by creating your own online business or website.

Furthermore, if anyone ever tells you they can make this kind of thing happen over night they’re absolutely full of it.

That or marketing is not the business model they’re trying to sell you on and they need help scamming honest folks.

Sure you could probably make a living online (for a little while) from running scams on people but eventually it will catch up with you.

Should I say Google will catch up with you and shut your site down like they did to most of the Google Sniper Sites.

The choice is yours but remember what I said don’t take anybody online at their word and question everything.

If you like what you find out about WA I do have a discount for 59% off that I can let you in on if you decide to go this route and sign up for the Free Starter Membership.

The payoffs might not be big at first but if you invest some time and be consistent doing so, you too will make honest money online from what the WA training system teaches you.

Well that’s it, My Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials (Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof) which shows this honest money making program really does work. If you have any questions about this real life honest success story, please just ask.

Thanks for ReadingWealthy Affiliate Success Rate

Honest Online Money

Name's Jason, and I make my living online. Over the years, I've helped my fair share of folks avoid internet scams with the Make Money Online Reviews and How-To articles found within the digital walls of Honest Online Money. If you're willing to invest the time, dedication and countless hours of hard work than you too can Become A Full-Time Online Money Maker/Marketer. However, it's a fast cash, get rich quick, kind of thing you're looking for than you might as well click away because you won't find them being promoted here. There's just no such thing. So go ahead and have a look around to find your life changing course or program.

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  1. Jason


    Like you I thought the same and for the most part your story and mine align.

    All BS aside, you really will find the help you need there and with right at a million users now, you’ll definitely find quite a few someone’s willing to help.

    Me included!

    Tell you what, go sign up, it’s free to do so and take a look around. As far as blogging they can teach you even more on that as well as a good way to monetize.

    Understand though Tim, this is not as you said “One of thoss Laptop Lifestyles” it can very well lead to one but it will take work on your part to accomplish that.

    They will give you 2 websites, again for free, to get your blog or business started. Not to mention they have what is called the site speed tool to ensure your site stays faster than the rest as well as SSL protection which is the direction Google is moving in anyhow.

    There are others to use if you don’t want to go with EA but as far as decently priced the only other one that I know of that can compete is called Fizzle.

    However they are more for online business creation as Wealthy Affiliate is for pretty much all things online wise that pertains to making money.

    To be Honest, I would and do recommend WA.

    Hope this helped and if you do sign up from here than I’ll know and will help you out all that I can.

    Good luck Tim and Thanks for Reading,

  2. Tim

    I am new at this. Ive been researching online now for 2 months. I ran across WA a few weeks ago but scratched my head and moved on. I figured it was one of those “Laptop Lifestyle” gigs. But as I continued searching “WA” kept scrolling up. So I thought what the hell. I checked the site and read your testimonial along with others. So I’m thinking of giving it a shot. Now with that being said I haven’t got a blog ready. I pretty much know what I want to blog but not sure on how doing it. Does WA help with that type of thing or could you recommend someone or something for help with my blog setup?


  3. Jason


    Glad you liked it and allow me thank you for stopping by and speaking to the all around awesomeness of the WA program.

    It really is the best online marketing training platform like it.

    Oh Yeah and it’s FREE too.

  4. Jason


    The answer to your first question can very depending on the person and how much work and time they are willing to invest into making it happen.

    On average and if I had to put a number to it I would say 5 to 6 months but it has been done in as little as a month.

    The answer to your next question is much like the answer to your first.

    There are quite a few Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials that say it was easy but again there are many variable that go into answering this question.

    However, a lot of these variable scan be taken out by just simply following along with the courses that are laid out for you in the WA training.

    Most folks that find it difficult are usually the same ones that are impatient and jump around in the training.

    That wraps that up Maxx, Thanks for dropping by and come back and give us a read any time.

  5. Jack Taylor

    Hi Jason,

    This is one of the better Wealthy Affiliate testimonials I have read and I’m glad you are having success. 

    It’s inspiring for me to see others have success making money online. There is a bit of a learning curve but once you get past that.

    Well, you can literally make money at will online. 

    Anyways, I’m a WA member too and for those of you that want to learn how to make money online, join NOW!

    After All, It’s FREE to try!


  6. Maxx

    I have heard about Wealthy Affiliate a long time ago from a few of the review websites that recommend it as one of the top affiliate training programs that would help you make money online. 

    Seems like it is.

    WA does seem like a reasonable place but how long will it take for one to make money online? 

    How easy or difficult is it to get an online business going to earn a full-time income?

    Thanks, Maxx

  7. Derek

    I joined Wealthy Affiliate just under a month ago. 

    I can say without a doubt that it has been 100% worth it. After I worked through the lessons provided with the free membership I signed up for Premium.

     I’ve had a great time on WA so far and look forward to the things to come. 

    I found out about Wealthy Affiliate through an article like this and if it weren’t for that I still wouldn’t know.

     so thank you for sharing this article!

  8. Jason


    That is excellent news and to be quite honest I don’t know which feels better, the first time you see your site ranking on the first page of Google or the very first sale you make.

    They both gave me the push I needed to keep moving forward because I’m not going to lie to ya, at times you will wonder if what you are doing is really worth the time and effort.

    But I assure you there is not much else that compares with the feeling you get from either scenario.

    It will seem pointless at times and you will probably want to even quit but hang in there, it will happen.

    It just takes time, hard work, and a whole lot of patients!

    After all every thing in life that is worth it or worth having takes time to get and a bit of dedication.

    Thanks for coming out Thomas and if you should ever need a hand feel free to ask me here or inside of WA.

  9. Jason

    Hi there,

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts about this testimonial and of WA.

    They have indeed helped many folks turn their hobbies into a full time income without them ever having to leave the house.

    If you are ready to be patient and do the initial work it will take to get started than generating an online paycheck is really not all that far fetched of a concept.

    More importantly, it will absolutely happen, it just takes a little time and old fashion hard work.

    Thanks for reading and come back anytime,

  10. pmbaluka2016

    This is a one of the better, more straight forward success stories about Wealthy Affiliate I have read lately. 

    I like the way you have explained and given your testimony on your involvement and success in WA. I’ve read many reviews about WA but not one as interesting as yours.

    Truly, WA has transformed many lives around the globe and I really do have to respect the sincerity and truthfulness by the founders.

    It all takes patience and persistence and online business is the key and solution to many people that are passionate and don’t know where to begin making money from that passion.

  11. Tomas Bishop

    Seeing the results in the picture got me all hype! $80 in a day, just from blogging? That is so awesome!

    I became apart of the WA community like 2 days ago and I have been grinding my butt off. 

    The tutorials in the program made it really simple for me to get my blog up and running the same day. 

    Today I got an email saying that my blog was finally included in Google, so the traffic and sales should be rolling in at any time! 

    Wish me luck!

  12. Jason

    Thanks for giving this testimonial a read and I look forward to hearing about your story next.

    Thanks for stopping by,

  13. Minhaj

    Hi Jason

    Another wealthy affiliate success story, the training really works and is a complete bargain for the price they charge.

    Like others, I too had to go through several scams before I came aboard the WA train.

    I think one of the reasons I didn’t think much of them is because they were not telling me that I could become rich in the next 30 days.

    I wish more success in the future, convincing testimonial.

  14. Jason


    I’m glad this testimonial has inspired you because I was in the same position as you not all that long ago and reading WA income testimonials like this one inspired me just the same.

    I’m just happy I could help give back as others did before me.

    For keywords I am a fan of Jaaxy but to each is his own.

    As for tips for finding the right ones, I personally type the general search term I am thinking about and look for the “People also ask” section in Google serps.

    This gives me a more focused ideal of what the most asked or searched terms are for any keyword group or phrase I may be thinking of targeting.

    Then I just plug it into my seo tool and find the best to deliver on.

    Thanks again for stopping by and reading Woody.

  15. Woody85

    This is great inspiration for me.

    I am one month into the premium WA membership and I’m loving every minute.

    It has been so helpful so far, and reading stories like yours make me realize that making a full time wage from it is a genuine possibility.

    I must admit, that I’m struggling with finding good keywords at the moment though. Any tips?


  16. Jason


    Yes sir, we have found the “holy Grail” of online money making training and I think my lucky stars everyday that I found this helpful community.

    Thanks for coming out and sharing Greg,

  17. Maxx

    Hi Jason, Yeah. I do agree with what you said above. If it’s not Wealthy Affiliate 7 days trial I would not be here earning income with them.

    I am sick of being scammed online and the moment I sense this is the genuine way to make money online I subscribed within 7 days (3 days to be exact) get my hand dirty.

    At first almost wanted to give up but luckily I manage to stick with the formula and see the results after 6 months.

    It works for the system/formula.

    I wish you all the best.

    Thank you Wealthy Affiliate helping us to achieve our goals.

  18. gregS

    Hi Jason
    A wonderful testimonial from you on Wealthy Affiliate. Glad to see that all the training you’ve received has paid off.
    Many people online end up losing money to scams, myself included, purely because i didn’t know much. We are always looking for the ‘holy grail’ online, and it can sometimes take years to find.
    Like you i have found WA, and have started my journey. They are completely legit, and are worthy of a small monthly payment.
    The upside is thousands of dollars per month.

  19. Jason


    I agree wholeheartedly with your statements.

    There are a lot of online scams to dodge and it is a breath of fresh air to know that Wealthy Affiliate goes out of their way to make sure they do all they can for folks.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts Jeff anfd thanks for reading,

  20. JeffWA

    Hi Jason,
    Quite frankly anyone who gets involved with an online business opportunity without first doing research, and something that you mentioned would need to be done, in my opinion is a fool.

    There are so many scam artists online whose sole purpose is to deceive innocent people into buying into their garbage. I agree with your other statement, it is all about having integrity and honesty online.

    As for Wealthy Affiliate, the proof is in the pudding. Over 800,000 people at one time or another being members of this program since its inception back in 2005 is the greatest testimonial about any business opportunity having the upmost level of integrity possible. Otherwise as has been the case with thousands of other programs that are no longer in existence people would detect it as a fraud.

    I know that I’ve been a member since early 2015, and it’s one of the best things that I’ve ever done in my quest to build a lucrative online business for myself.


  21. Jason


    Thanks for sharing your opinion here and I’m glad you found it useful.

    You’re absolutely right about the mass amount of scams online and there are more popping up everyday.

    As long as everyone does their do-diligence in researching before buying we can shut them down before they build up to much steam.

    Thanks for coming out and I look forward to hearing from you again soon.

  22. Caito Junqueira

    I find it very important to have someone honestly give their testimonial and vouch for an online internet marketing platform. There are so many scams online that it is very difficult to separate what is good or what is bad. Thanks for sharing your experience. Have a nice one and thanks for sharing your income proof!

  23. Jason


    It is good to hear from you again. I believe the last time we spoke you were getting ready to throw your hard earned money away on the SFM program.

    I’m glad you found a place that will help you grow as an online entrepreneur as well as help your business expand in it’s success.

    I wish you the best in filling up your bucket of profits ans I’m sure that with a bit more time under the wing of Wealthy Affiliate and it’s experienced knowledge base you will do just that.

    Also thank you for your kind words and my search engine presence has grow just a bit as well.

    But like you, I’m always wanting to do better!

    All the Best,

  24. Simon

    I was in a similar situation to you where finding a job became increasingly difficult.

    I thought I’d walk through Wealthy Affiliates doors to learn how to become an affiliate marketer and start a home-based business of my own.

    They really have a knack for showing people how to choose the right targeted niche and how to promote products or services in that niche.

    I have noticed that it’s much easier for me to attract visitors now.

    I’m still going through the training but I have already learned so much more than I have at any of the other sites that I have tried in the past.

    I recently purchased my own domain and joined WA premium membership to take my business to the next level.

    It’s all about attracting visitors to view your articles and they’re experts in teaching people how to generate a steady stream of traffic.

    I have also noticed (from the training) it’s vital to implement every step of the training into your website and have determination to write regularly as this is where high rankings with the search engines are gained.

    I am starting to make money slowly and can see a bright future however I have still got half of the training to go through, yet I adore being able to writing about my passion.

    Even though it is just a small drop in the bucket on what I hope to be able to earn in the months and years to come.

    Good luck with your future business, it looks like you are doing well because I’ve seen your site ranked one the first page of Google for many search terms.

  25. Jason


    If you’re in need of fast cash than this is not going to help. It’s just not that sort of thing.

    You are right, it’s a long term investment and if you do not nurture it than your investment will not grow.

    Now it is a very reliable program but you will only get out what you put in.

    So, if you’re willing to put a little time towards it everyday than you’ll probably be able to pay off any student loans you may have when you are done with college.

    I would almost guarantee it, especially if you are committed to taking action on what Wealthy Affiliate will teach you.

    We all have a tendency to being our own worst enemies when it comes to keeping ourselves motivated.

    I wouldn’t recommend biting off more than you can chew but if you have the extra time than I would go for it.

    All The Best,

  26. Jason


    They have help a great many people with teaching them the ins and outs of making money online.

    We all seem to fall victim to one or another of the make money online scams but I am a firm believer it is what we do after them that makes us succeed or fail.

    I know many people just give up and think that it can not be done but those of us that keep trying eventually find a way.

    After all that is what this site is all about. Letting people know that it’s not all a scam and that it really can be done.

    I wish you the best in breaking into the MMO niche and hope that you find great success.

    Warm Regards,

  27. Jason


    I’m over joyed to know that if even just one of my articles is able to help someone try and pursue their dreams.

    I will be adding another one of these income proof testimonials sometime in the future. I don’t know exactly when but I am definitely going to.

    I’m glad that you found it useful and as always, Thanks for reading.

  28. Jason


    Reading other people’s success stories is a good morale boost for me and when I first started out it helped me keep pushing forward.

    To this day I still enjoy reading them because I like to see that others are able to find the same success as I did.

    It can be overwhelming at times but I really do believe that Wealthy Affiliate has invested a lot of time in finding the best way to approach the training without having this happen.

    We all work at different speeds and learn at different levels and finding our comfort ones, like you have, goes along way in ensuring our online success.

    Thanks for reading,

  29. Tar

    Hello Jason,

    Thank you for sharing how you started out with WA and telling us your journey.

    It’s nice to know other people’s experience in WA which brings more confidence in making good decisions on certain investments like paying membership fee or getting a domain with annual charge fee on your own.

    It is quite overwhelming to a number of people but when you have plenty of time, just take it step by step.

    The right approach is to schedule ourselves which additional lessons and webinars we should go for at different time on different days.

  30. Jacob


    I am a student who is in need of some fast cash, do you think I should join this program?

    I read and realized this is not a fast money scheme but instead this is like a long term investment.

    I have joined many programs in the past and they failed to delivered what they promised.

    So I Guess I’m Asking Is this program reliable?

    Please advice.

    Thank you.

  31. Mark

    Your article and webpage is very informative and very useful.

    I always look for new things to learn and I will continue to read your pages.

    I hope you will post an update of your Wealthy Affiliate income proof in the future because it has really helped motivate me to keep going.

    I also use wealthy affiliate and I personally know this is a quality site that people really can learn from.

    Thanks and good luck with all that you are doing.


  32. Kent

    I think we’re lucky to have WA out there helping people that need a make money from home opportunity.

    I never wanted to work a job, I want to be my own boss and be a content creator.

    I fell for many scams before, all promising success in short time.

    The more I fell for these scams the more I learn how to avoid them and I think the one that I persuade me that WA is legit is that I can’t find any bad reviews on it.

    I am also interested in the make money online niche, I plan on starting that one pretty soon!

    Reviews like yours just prove to me and everyone else that people really do make money online.

  33. Jason

    Hi Shrey,

    I’m glad you asked!

    Some call it hype but those of us who are members know it’s just truth.

    Yeah you do get a great commission rate of 50% but it’s much more than about the money you can make.

    It’s a college education!

    Granted you won’t get a degree at the end but you will get the knowledge that would come from attending an ivy league college.

    There are no up-sells and you will not be propositioned to buy anything at all.

    If you wish you can stay a free member and never buy anything.

    Hope this helped answer your questions.

  34. shrey

    I have read a lot of good things about Wealthy affiliate on the internet these days.

    I want to know what is the hype all about?

    Is it because of the commissions you make by your referrals or is it just that good?

    How long will it take me to make my first sale and is it worth the money, because I have observed that there are so many other programs like WA that have tons of up-sells you have to buy in order for it to work.

  35. Jason


    I wish you the best of luck in your online conquest but as long as you have WA in your corner you won’t need much in the way of luck.

    It’s not so much that they are against it but instead they don’t spend a lot of time talking about it because if you try to early on you could hurt your website and business more than help it rank.

    I do not concentrate on it a lot but I would suggest that you do create an online presence for your business’s website.

    Such as a Facebook page, Google+ page, and Twitter.

    Be sure to include your web address on these pages to get some of there link juices flowing.

    Also be sure to share some of your posts on these outlets because a social share with the inclusion of your URL does hold a bit of ranking power.

    Just don’t try to force it and it’ll all work out.

    Glad you stopped by Jeremy and if you would like to talk about this further feel free to message me here or inside WA.

  36. Jeremy Hood

    This is an awesome story Jason, I’m glad you were able to create your full time income so you can spend more time with your son.

    I to am trying to build an online business with the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

    I know they are not big on link building but I have seen many mixed opinions.

    Do you yourself do any link building?

  37. Jason


    Well, If I remember correctly, I believe it was somewhere around the 6 month mark before I had my first sale under my belt.

    It was right around 8 months or so before I began seeing a steady stream of income from Wealthy Affiliate.

    Success stories and testimonials still give me that same feeling of excitement and motivate me to strive for more.

    Thanks for coming out Riaz and I hope to be reading your success story soon.

  38. Riaz Shah

    Hey Jason,

    Loving your story and testimonial, I too came across a wall before coming across WA and today, its my 2nd year here.

    Out of curiosity, how long did it take you to make your first sale?

    Reading success stories make me feel excited and pumped up to work harder and get to where you are.

  39. Jason

    Hey Thanks,

    They do have one hell of a community and it helps that they set it all up so people don’t get overwhelmed or drown by information.

    I too wish I would have started off with them and done so a whole lot sooner.

    But I’m thankful for finding WA in the first place and for what Wealthy Affiliate has allowed me to become.

    Glad you stopped by and come back anytime.

  40. carlosdelzo

    Great article and testimonial, Jason.

    You’re right when you say that Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best choice to make when starting an online business.

    I’ve had an incredible journey myself with the program, and it’s been a great time learning all I need to know about affiliate marketing.

    I wish I would have started with WA from the beginning instead of wasting so much money on other prior programs I used.

    The best part of it is that it has a great supportive community so we all can grow together.

    Thanks for keeping it real!

  41. Jason


    Yeah I guess I should have mentioned the getting better part.

    I’m glad you weighed in with that and made sure everyone knows what WA is really like.

    I also appreciate the kind words you’ve spoken about my review and hope to see you back here again soon.

    Much success to you as well my friend.

  42. Aydo

    Hi Jason,

    It really feels great to know that honest folks are still existing out there in the online world.

    You surely know how to express the truth, and that is something to admire indeed.

    All you said about WA was right but you just forgot to add that once in it only gets BETTER.

    Glad to hear you’re seeing success within the community and online.

    Thanks for sharing what wealthy affiliate really is like to all of those who don’t yet know.


  43. Jason


    It has become an epidemic of sorts. With folks wanting to get something for nothing.

    We all can’t win the lotto and we all will not be an online success story.

    At least this is one that is within our control, though.

    Meaning if you’re doing your do-diligence and putting in the work it will take for your business or website to take off than you just might be the next big thing online.

    You are absolutely right about it not coming easy.

    Well, at first it doesn’t but after a while you will get a feel for it and it becomes second nature.

    Patience is a necessity when you’re starting out but if you have it, you are more than likely going to make it.

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your opinion of my Wealthy Affiliate Testimonial.

  44. Jason

    Hi Glen,

    Thanks for the share and for stopping by to give me a read.

    Believe it or not I have had this same question asked and like you I feel 7 days is plenty of time to know whether or not this program is right for you.

    Some folks aren’t living unless they are trying to get one over on someone else. That is a true tragedy.

    I have had several folks sign up under one of my links and after the first 7 days is over they do it again under another email address.

    Just not cool.

    If these same folks would put just half of that effort into actually creating a business as they do into trying to get over on someone they could of been millionaires probably 3 times over by now.

    Anyways Glen, thanks again for the comment and for the share.

    I wish you the best and look forward to seeing you around here again.

    Hopefully Soon,

  45. Glen

    Excellent story about keeping it real, Jason. I shared this on Google+ for my followers.

    One comment I hear a lot is the 7-day trial is too short.

    Why make it 30 days, for example?

    Do people really need 30 days to procrastinate on a decision?

    If someone cannot see the value within 7 days, then they need to move on.

    Because that just says they do not have the desire or motivation to succeed.

  46. Carthik

    Hi Jason,

    Being a premium member of WA, I completely agree with your views on WA.

    There are many people (over the internet) who look to earn money fast and easy.

    I was no exception, though fortunately, I’ve never invested in any such online programs before.

    There are lots of sites that take advantage of such people and exploit their innocence.

    Eventually, they learn that nothing comes easy. You’ll have to work for your money and there are legitimate ways to earn money which is what one gets through WA.

    However, it will take some time and one needs to have patience and perseverance so they can reach their goals.

  47. Jason

    Hi John,

    I’m not sure how exactly you want me to elaborate but the images you see within this Wealthy Affiliate Testimonial is pretty much the same all year.

    Currently I’m in the MMO (Make Money Online) niche and while it’s a bit harder to break into than the rest I am very happy and satisfied with my decision.

    I am not pursuing other niches to enter but I’m just starting out in the and I’m still trying to get established.

    Most of the revenue I am making now comes from WA and the images that you’ve seen here is only income from WA.

    Make like 100’s of other themes are free to use if you are a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate and like all the others it is hosted for free.

    Back to your first question.

    I have not exactly been slaving away on my sites. If I had I am sure that the my WA earnings would be much more than they are now and it would have probably taken me less than the 8 months that it did to earn this amount steadily.

    Another thing to point out to you John is that your income will continue to increase as time passes.

    Thank you John for taking time out of your day and I hope these were adequate answers to your questions.

    Have a wonderful New Years,

  48. John


    Please elaborate on the income you have been able to build over the past one and a half to two years since discovering WA.

    No Judgement, I just want to gauge how long it would take me to earn a $5,000 or more monthly income.

    Which Niche did you decide to pursue and are you happy with this niche?

    If I don’t have a niche do people actually get wealthy marketing Wealthy Affiliate site memberships?

    Oh, one more question.

    I see you have built this site using Make.

    Is this hosted free through WA or is this in addition to your WA hosted sites?

    Thanks Much!

  49. Jason

    Hey Joe,

    I agree 100% with your opinion.

    I have tried a few other programs and out of them all The Wealthy Affiliate Community by far has the very best support system I have encountered. It almost feels like family at times and I think all would agree that is great for encouraging success.

    I would like to thank you for your encouraging words as well and I also wish you much success.

    But we both Know that is just another byproduct of a Wealthy Affiliate Membership!

    So, Thanks again Joe and Good Luck To Ya.

  50. Joe

    Wealthy Affiliate is one of, if not THE best communities for support, answers to all of your questions, very positive environment and they have everything you need to make it to your goal and beyond. Very good read, your story was entertaining and I wish you more success in the future.

  51. Jason

    Hello Antilena,

    That is unfortunately true and these same people are the reason it is so hard for others to trust in the fact that there’s still some legitimate opportunities out there that will actually teach you how to make money online.

    As you stated “making money from the very start is not true”, it does take some work, time, and above all else HELP.

    Help in the form of training, Help from others that are already making money online, Help understanding the lingo and what it all means.

    That is why I will continue to try to expose folks to Wealthy Affiliate and all the HELP that comes with it.

    Thank You Antilena for taking the time to read my testimonial of WA and for sharing your thoughts about it.

    Good luck to you and yours,

  52. Antilena

    Hi Jason.

    I liked your Wealthy Affiliate Testimonial, I liked that you were honest in saying that it took time, hard work and commitment before you started to make money. There is a lot of people who will tell you that they started to make money from the start and that is not true.

    To Your Success!


  53. Jason

    Howdy There,

    You are more than welcome and I am particularly happy that it was of use to you.

    Thank you Jose for the Comment and I wish you the best moving forward,

  54. jschicanha

    I Think of myself as lucky to find this educational testimonial of Wealthy Affiliate because I have been searching here and there to find out more about WA but all the info that I used to be getting seems to be of no use or less vital you could say.

    Thanks for the info you provided here it has been a big help.


  55. Jason


    I would have to agree that you are one of the lucky ones in regards to finding and purchasing Wealthy Affiliate as your very first online marketing training platform.

    I do believe it is up there on my list of the best things I’ve ever done. Without a doubt my WA Membership is the reason that I have a website and why I am making money online.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. My only regret with Wealthy Affiliate is not finding it earlier.

    Good Luck to you Kenny Lee and thanks for the comment.


  56. Kenny Lee

    Great sharing of your story at Wealthy Affiliate. I must say I’m lucky in the sense that WA is the first online marketing course that I’ve stumbled and joined. I didn’t lose money to scams like others. The clean and open concept with a supportive community made me sign up for the premium membership in less than a week. Now I’ve got a beautiful website running with traffic and subscribers picking up.

  57. Anh Nguyen


    Honesty is so important in our line of business, well, it’s important in everything. And I have to say that Wealthy Affiliate is some of the very best training I’ve used to make money online.

    It’s thanks to WA that I made my first sale and some more. It’s not easy though and it really depends on you to commit. Like all things worth having in life. An online business is still just that, a business.

    Thanks for sharing!


  58. Jason


    Thanks for the kind words about my review and for taking the time to comment about it.

    I have no doubt that you will have success if you are implementing what you have learned from Wealthy Affiliate’s Training.

    Just remember that it will not happen over night but that is also why your success will last.

    So good luck to you and if you ever need any help please feel free to ask.


  59. Owain

    I am so glad that I came across this article. I have joined Wealthy Affiliate three months ago, and am slowly building up my site.

    I do want to make this full time and within a year if possible. I am glad that you have been able to do this. It is really encouraging. I’ll just keep plugging away and hopefully it will come true for me.

  60. cesario solorsano

    Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online with the least initial investment. I host earn recurring revenue from home on WA and as a member, I can say that the training is priceless on how to build a successful affiliate business. There are few, if any website builders that offer a free option, with the advanced training Wealthy Affiliate brings. WA has never left one of my questions unanswered, as there are thousands of helping community members. They are very helpful for beginners. Fantastic review of a fantastic affiliate program. Cheers!

  61. Matt T

    I appreciate you sharing your own Wealthy Affiliate story. I never heard of the platform 2-3 years ago, but I’m happy I did. I was skeptical at first, but once I signed up for the free trial and saw it for myself, I knew it was legitimate.

    It took me about six months before making a substantial sale (over $100), but after that the momentum started rolling. All of the hard work I’d put in for months was starting to pay off. I recently hit the 5-figure mark in income and plan on increasing that year-over year. There’s just so much opportunity online – it’s remarkable.

  62. Jason


    As to you choosing to take the time off to do more of the family thing, well sir, I applaud you.

    Now in all honesty this is a legit way to make money and as you will be told over and over again in WA( Wealthy Affiliate) the more time you put in the more value you will get out of it.

    It will work if you put in the effort but it will not be over night and more than likely not over 3 months but soon after this you will start getting some cash value out of your time investment.

    Not a lot but a sale or two.

    After about 6-8 months you will begin to start making (usually) at least a minimum wage income. If you work at it.

    The year mark, well, the question you have to ask is…..

    How bad do you want it?

    In the initial months you will have to put a considerable amount of time into it.

    Hope this helps you but before any commitment check it out and ask around to others in the community.

    If you need any help along the way feel free to ask,

  63. James


    This information sounds legit. I am interested but I’m a little bit older than you and I have tried various network marking ploys that go back to 1989.

    I believe in network marketing and this is the FIRST time I have ever heard of Affiliate Marketing.

    I like your honesty and straight forwardness on some of the other businesses out there that I have never heard of due to what I disclosed above and mostly, how you are trying to give your potential colleague the advice to stay away from them. This speaks volumes of your character.

    I also like how you did not provide personal information regarding what you are currently making because what you earn in regards to salary is irrelevant to me. I may not NEED to make as much as you or I may want to make more.

    I have recently stopped working to spend more time with my son. I too am focusing on starting an home business that would allow me to generate some extra income to help support my kinder age son. I am a single dad starting over but this time I want to be involved in child’s life. I believe I was a great dad to my three older children but working in the educational field kept me from attending many of their school functions and events. Please understand I wanted to attend, but I could not leave my other 167 children that attended my class everyday as a teacher. And then the near 700 students that attended the school that I cared for as the lead principal.

    Jason, please hear my heart and do not take offense to what I am going to say, please only response to let me know if this really legit and something that MAY give me the opportunity that you earned and that is to be with your little guy, all just by taking advantage of the business that seems “too good to be true.”

    Thank you in advance for your sincere and genuine response.



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