Home Profit System Review-Legit Or A Link Posting Job Scam

Money Making Link Posting Job Scams
Products– Home Profit System + Known Aliases
Owners– Andreas Shiindi , Philip Jenkins, & Represented by Go Fish Media Services Inc.
Pricing– $2.97-$4.95 Shipping $ Handling, $97-$139.97 one-time + $4.95/Month
Rating– 1 Out Of 5 Stars

Home Profit System Review

If you’re a bit skeptic about the topic of Is The Home Profit System Legit than the Link Posting Scam setting on your BS Detector is working correctly and, to ensure you’re not fooled by their other counterparts, we also listed the names of their scam aliases to this Home Profit System Review.

Home Profit System Scam Aliases

 Known Home Profit System Scam Aliases:

  1. Home Income Profit System
  2. Home Wealth System
  3. Home Income System
  4. Home Income Wealth System
  5. Home Income School
  6. The Direct Commerce Academy

Those are the ones I could Prove Without Any Doubt!

Below I have listed a few other aliases that I’m fairly certain this group of Money Sucking Scammers also go by:

  1. My Home Success Plan
  2. My Online Income System
  3. Home Income Profit Kit
  4. Home Cash System

They have pretty much cornered the market on Link Posting Job Scams and unfortunately they’re exceptional at disguising them with the look and feel of legitimacy.

Now you’re probably wondering why in the heck I’m reviewing a program that is almost a decade old.

Well, I’ll tell you!

You see, on any given day, at any one time, there are millions upon millions of people actively searching the internet, and during the holidays, the amount of folks that are online daily will quickly double.

If Not Triple…

Problem is, the work from home job scam companies, like Home Profit System, Know It Too!

Go ahead, check your inbox on the month or so before any major holiday, whatever major holiday you may celebrate.

It’s OK I’ll wait…

If you’re like me, and never seem to get around to trashing those old emails, than you probably saw the pattern.

Every year, these groups dust off one of these scams, rename it, crank their autoresponders up to 11, and get cracking at preying on the down-on-their-luck guys & gals of the world.

You know the feeling because at one time or another we all get desperate and wish more than anything we could finally catch that break we need to make the lives of our loved one a more prosperous one.

Which is why I decided to dust off the investigative review hat because last year I noticed a big upswing in these type of scams and this year they’ve already been flooding the inboxes of Honest Online Money Readers.

Home Profit System Scam

So, to save you time, I’ll just tell you that if it has anything to do with posting links or has the names home & profit in it than 99% of the time it’s a scam.

100% of the time if a system is promising you riches without actually having to do any of the leg work…

It’s A Money Sucking Scam and there’s no two ways about it.

This also includes Link Post Blogging systems as well.

Here is what Google has to say about link schemes or you if you need it here is how you can spot and avoid internet marketing scams.

Sure, you can make real life changing money working online but it will always take work and time on your part to do so.

Now sure, you could just click away and go about your day, but if you do you’re going to miss out on some real honest options for learning how to make a living online.

How Home Profit System Lures You In

They go all out creating web pages that feature folks like Matt Lauer talking about it how people are having great success working from home.

These same websites will put the logos of CNN, 60 mins, Good Morning America and many other popular trusted news site logos under a title of “Also Featured On”.

Home Profit System Review

As if that wasn’t already enough, they also create these relatable, stay-at-home parent personas, that appear to be the focus of Mr. Lauer’s or another news anchors interview.

Before I go any further, I want to make sure I clear the air here before it gets misconstrued.

While this group of crooks features clips of some of the more famous news anchors- those famous folks are not actually involved in these scams at all.

So don’t go shooting Matt any emails telling him Honest Online Money sent you. lol

How Link Posting Job Scams Work

If you’ve found yourself on one of these flashy sales pages than you already know that they’re pretty vague when it comes to what you would actually be doing to make these mountains of easy cash.

There’s good reason for their vagueness.

Well maybe not a good one but they have their reasons.

Other than they don’t want to much info slipping out too soon.

After all, if they didn’t shroud this in secrecy, most folks would catch on that they’re just getting taken for a ride.

And Not The Fun Kind Either!

So, what’s the real reason behind their secret society type methods?

I thought you would never ask!

As you’ve probably guessed, it has to do with money and them being able to get their hands on at least a little bit of your hard earned cash before you pull back the veil to see for yourself.Home Profit System

This is what they consider to be a selling tactic that only works because of the fake logos and news stories us everyday folks considered to be trusted sources.

After they win you over, with these supposed trusted media outlets, and their heartwarming success story a stay-at-home mom of 3, they drive the final nail by convincing you that you can do the same by only working for 60 minutes a day.

Of course you do as they ask and willing submit your email address so you can get your hands on what seems to be a “Magical” money making course.

So there you are, waiting with the warm feeling of your laptop in your lap impatiently waiting and refreshing your inbox while your imagination runs wild with the thoughts of how your going to spend your new found fortune.

Then comes the first sign of trouble because it’s not the step by step money making blueprint that they said they were sending you.

Home Income System Shark Tank Review

Instead, it’s an email telling you to verify your email address by clicking here.

Which, OK, that’s pretty common.

So you chalk it up to procedure and click away.

Then comes the second sign!

You’re asked (via website prompt) to enter your credit card number to pay ($2.97-$4.95) shipping and handling for the next email that contains a link to follow and sign in to the members area.

In some cases they’ve been known to give out phone numbers and if you ask to many questions or refuse to pay than you quickly discover you’re on the phone with one of the rudest, nastiest, SOB’s that ever lived.

Lets say you make it in the members area and want to check stuff out, because after all, you’re given 3 day money back guarantee.

You’re next step should be to GET OUT and not request the coaching call or whatever name they have assigned to it depending on your entry point.

It’ll take anywhere from 5-10 days to get it and even then it’s just someone trying to hard sell you on stuff you’ll never need.

If you do wait the 5 days, you soon discover first hand, how they get you and why this scam works on so many people.

Home Profit System Pricing

I’m pretty sure by now your picking up what I laying down so I’ll just give a brief rundown on how the pricing of link posting scams generally work.

For those that have no idea what I just said- You get that it’s a scam and I’m not going to waste to much more of your time telling you about it.

Home Profit System Price

So you got your “Shipping & Handling” prices of what typically run between $2.97 and $4.95.

Then if you decide to stick around more than 3 (sometimes 5) days you’re going to get hit with the full price of $97 for the Home Profit System to upwards of $139.95 for some of the others like Home Income Profit System.

As if you weren’t already mad enough after seeing that on your bank statement just wait a month and every month after for your recurring payment of $4.95 for their “Maintenance Fees”.

Before you ask, because I’ve been asked before as well as have sent many emails to quite a few of the scams, I can’t get any of them to tell me what exactly it is they are maintaining for this $5 payment.

Hang on because I’m about to give a few of you some heartbreaking news!

If you stuck around long enough to get charged full price than you might as well go ahead and contact your bank or credit card fraud department because it will be some time before you see that money again.

Not to mention the $5 they will continually try to take long after you have cancelled your membership.

Home Profit System Alternatives

Don’t let one of these many terribly rotten eggs turn you off from trying to learn how to make real money online from home.

There are some legit money making training courses out there and they can and will teach you this trade…

But it takes time and patience (like with all trades) before you are successful at performing them on your own.

You know the old saying “You Gotta Crawl Before You Walk”.

Here are 3 sites that are great for teaching beginners how to accomplish making money online.

  1. Affilorama/Pathway To Passive– Does a superb job of teaching affiliate marketing
  2. Wealthy Affiliate (wealthyaffiliate.com)– Teaches Beginners how to make money with Both, Online Business and Affiliate Marketing. (Recommended)
  3. Chris Farrell Membership– Just Right for Internet Marketing Beginners.
  4. If you like a challenge or are a DIY’er than these are The Best Books For The Job.
  5. Or Take A Look At The Best Affiliate Marketing Training For Beginners.

Now don’t get me wrong there are all kinds of other courses and programs out there but these are the ones that I have seen more people over the years have success with without breaking their banks.

Even if you don’t give one of them a try I urge you not to give up on the dream of working from home.

Because when you find something that works for you there is no greater feeling in the world than waking up to discover you were making money while you slept.

Well, that’s enough out of me- For Now! I hope you found this Home Profit System Review helpful or at the very least found my thoughts on Link Posting Biz Op Scams Entertaining but above all else don’t give up on yourself or trying to learn.

Thanks For Reading And Don’t Forget To Like and Share!Home Profit System/Link Posting Scam Alternatives

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  1. Honest Online Money

    Not sure that Home Profit System and ProfitDrive are the same thing but thanks for letting others know about it before it is too late for them to.

    Hate to hear of anyone getting scammed. Sorry that happened to you.Wish you the best of luck in getting back your money.

  2. col

    I got court out by ProfitDrive DS the website address they provided (www.printcoach.nl) and email (info@printcoach.nl) are fake. I was scammed and paid by Paypal. But did not cancel soon enough so I checked in Paypal and found they had had them selves as an automatic payment for future invoices. I had that removed by Paypal so can’t get any more money from my account and have a statement from Paypal in case anything else happens.

  3. Jason

    Hi Oystein,

    I’m involved in the business of helping folks. That is my first and last thought when I put together reviews like this one.

    As far as affiliate programs go- I’m a member of many different ones.

    However I only actually promote a very select few opportunities they offer because I just refuse to back something just for the purpose of a big payout.

    No matter how big the profit is.

    Just a bit of FYI… this has a tendency of leading to the dreaded money argument in some of my personal relationships. Especially when the unexpected happens.

    I know that is a way off topic but I thought it might help you understand my answer and furthermore that I meant it without the rudeness it came across with.

    For your second question, I paid the $2.97 for “Shipping & Handling” as they called it but that was just so I could see for myself if all of the rumors about the phone calls and emails were true.

    And yes they absolutely were.

    These folks don’t like to be questioned and hate it even more when their told no.

    I should point out that I used a prepaid card that I purchased just for this purpose so I didn’t have the worry of them continually charging.

    I hope this answered any questions you had but if not by all means feel free to ask away.

  4. Jason

    Glad you liked it and Thanks For stopping by to weigh in.

    I would say I wish you the best of luck with WA but Like you I already know luck does not have anything to do with success experienced with in it’s membership.

  5. Stein

    Hello Jason!
    It’s reassuring to read articles like yours. Then we know what to stay away from. Have you used money in this company? Or have you just stayed safe? I’m also a little curious about what kind of company you are involved in. I see you recommend affiliate program Which affiliate program do you recommend?

  6. Angelo

    Thanks for this review!! I can’t believe how many different aliases one company can go by, show you the length that they’re willing to go to to scam people.

    “100% of the time if a system is promising you riches without actually having to do any of the leg work, It’s A Money Sucking Scam and there’s no two ways about it.”

    I couldn’t agree with this statement more, it’s such a shame that innocent people are spending their hard earned money on such scams.

    Your suggestion of Wealthy Affiliate is a great one, I can attest from personal experience that they are legitimate with no false promises.

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