How To Get Started with Email Marketing-2019 Email Do’s & Don’ts

Email Marketing Trends 2019

Hello my name is Jason and this is my introduction to email marketing trends 2018. With in this post I will show you the fundamentals of how to start Email Marketing and how you can make money email marketing using free email marketing programs.


Also I would like to discuss with you the do’s and don’ts of an effective Email Marketing strategy.

Ultimately my main goal is to help any of you that may be struggling with email marketing better understand it and the benefits that it has to offer to your own online business.  

First things first though, I would like to address the rumor that Email Marketing is dead. It’s not Email Marketing is very much alive and in my opinion will be as long as there is an internet platform to use it on.

You see with the popularity of social media and the amount of people that use it on a daily basis email marketing is regularly overlooked as an internet marketing tool. 

As it turns out email marketing is number one in the big three of ways to drive “targeted traffic” to your online money making business.

In second place we have search engines and rounding out the field in third place is social media.

Granted that these rankings are not set in stone and they do fluctuate depending on consumer trends but throughout all the ups and downs of the consumer market email marketing remains the go to guy of internet marketing tools.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

email marketing campaigns convert sales better than social marketing

It might be the dinosaur of the marketing world but it has the highest sales conversion rate of all the marketing tools used to drive traffic.

If you would like to see email marketing statistics to back these finding you can find them at marketing

There they have broke down results of their study in a well organized chart that they posted towards the end of last year.

Email marketing is a very inexpensive if not a free way to help you turn potential clients into return customers. It is said that for every $1 dollar that you spend on email marketing campaign that it will return you an additional average of $40.

However if you are just now starting out in the online world of money making than you might want to consider looking into free email marketing programs that will best suit your marketing strategies.

I will get back to the free email marketing programs in just a moment but first I would like to share with you the Do’s and Don’ts of a successful email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Do’s And Don’ts

Before I go any further into this topic and before you start a successful email marketing campaign there is a certain law that directly pertains to email marketing you need to be aware of.

This FTC (Federal Trade Commission) regulated law is called the CAN-SPAM act and violating any of its rules can stop your Email Marketing Campaign in its to get started email marketing- Email marketing do's and don'ts

To ensure that you don’t get blacklisted by the FTC and/or make a bad rep for your business you should at some point read CAN-SPAM’s email marketing guidelines.

I would recommend reading them before you get started in any email marketing venture because this is one set of rules not meant to be broken.

Now that you know what is expected of you by the FTC lets touch base on email marketing optimization.

I want to help get you moving in the right direction and the best way to do this is by implementing good email marketing practices.

Below I have listed the practices to follow to get the most out of you email marketing campaign.

(1) informative quality contentIn other words make your email worth your clients time by providing them with in depth informative details that get right to the point of what you are wanting to say. This in turn will lead to a higher sales conversion rate.

(2) Understand your audience– Speak to your target audience in a way that they can relate to you. People will feel more comfortable buying from you if they feel like you have something in common with them. Talk to them directly as you would a friend not as a salesman.

(3)  Captivating subject- Everyone has a email and we all go through them in pretty much the same ways. Meaning for example if you get an email and the subject line of the email is dull or uninteresting to you than you are likely not going to open it unless it is from someone that you know personally.

Same with emails from your mailing list that less than interesting.

After all they do not know you on a personal level.The don'ts of email marketing

If you can master these three things than you will ensure a low unsubscriber rate and a high rate of sales conversion which will result in a very successful Email Marketing Campaign.

Here are some things that will negatively impact your Email Marketing Campaign:

(1) Provide false header information

(2) Not unsubscribing someone in a that has filled out the opt out request form. The sooner the better.

(3)  sending offensive or lude content

(4) not disclosing an advertisement

(5)  Condoning illegal activity

(6)  Harassing emails Doing any of these things is sure to get you blacklisted by the FTC or get your business in financial trouble from fines issued. Even worse yet it could result in your business being shut down altogether.

So with that I will get right into how to get started email marketing.

How To Get Started With Email Marketing

I hope what you have read up to this point has showed you that email marketing is still a viable marketing strategy that can and will help your business be successful.

Email marketing and how it is a great idea to grow your business's worth

Here are the basic steps of getting started with email marketing that will lead you to a successful email Marketing campaign.

Step one of how to get started Email marketing is for you to get acquainted with the CAN-SPAM Act. This is going to be one of the most important email marketing practices that you you perform because this will keep your business from falling victim to legal ramifications from the FTC.

Step two is to lay the groundwork for your email marketing strategies. By this I mean that you need to set the goals that you wish to accomplish with your email marketing campaign.

You also need to understand how your campaign is going to fit in with the rest of your marketing strategies such as PPC and SEO.

Step three is your free email marketing program.If you are new to the business world than you are well aware that starting a business can be quite costly. Keeping that in mind you are going to want to invest some of your time into choosing a free email marketing program that will best fit the needs of your email marketing campaign.

When picking a free email marketing program you need to make sure that they offer a membership as well.your business will eventually outgrow what a free email marketing program can do for it.

Another thing that I should mention about picking your free email marketing program is to make sure that you read their terms of service to ensure that your email marketing campaign is within their guidelines.

If not than you might want to consider picking another free email marketing programs or consider starting your own emailing service to accommodate your business’s email marketing needs.

Step four of how to start Email marketing is to create your email marketing mailing list. Now that you have a free email marketing program you need to start creating your mailing list.

There are a few different ways that you can come up with your email marketing mailing list but the most cost effective way is to create an opt-in promotion to gather information about your target to get started email marketing-email marketing trends 2014

Most common promotion people create for their email marketing campaign is to write an eBook related to your niche and offer it to your audience in turn for their email address.

The other option is to just simply buy one.

Step five will be to test the fruit of your labors.

You do this with an A/B split and conversion test.

This will help you to know if you are meeting your goals that you had set in step three.

Also you want to make sure that this test is ran on a regular basis to ensure that your content and subject lines are up to the standard of your email marketing campaign and that you are getting the most out of your free email marketing program.

I hope you have a better understanding about email marketing trends 2014 and how to make money email marketing from free email marketing programs.

I would like to wish you luck and if there’s any questions that you have of me feel free to leave them below.

Furthermore, I thank you for the time you took to read my post on how to start email marketing for beginners and we hope you enjoyed our email marketing do’s and don’ts.

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