How to Find Profitable Keywords With Low Competition For Beginners

How To Find Profitable Keywords With Low Competition

A very important part of any new online business strategy should be focused around How To Find Profitable Keywords With Low Competition to start attracting visitors. In order to do that you will need to be familiar with the Keyword Research and Analysis Process For SEO Beginners as well as obtain a worthwhile keyword rankings tool.

How To Find Profitable Keywords For Beginners

When looking for a keyword competition tool you will notice that there are all kinds to choose from and all of them claim to be the best for the job.

Later on I’m going to give you a list of free keyword research tools that have been proven to be some of the best on the market.

Also I’ll show you the same step by step Research and Analysis Process For SEO competition that I use myself.

If you have the right keyword tool than finding profitable keywords can be a breeze but keep in mind some of these SEO tools can get rather costly.

However when you are just starting out with your business than you probably have your money tied up in other areas of marketing.

If this is you than I would suggest using one of the many free keyword ranking tools for making your high paying keyword list.


Just bear in mind that while most free keyword ranking tools work they will not support all of the different functions that a paid version would.

If you want a research tool that will give you professional results without the professional price than I would suggest signing up for a free account at

Personally I find that Jaaxy is the best search engine keyword ranking tool there is to use and signing up for a free account gives you 30 free quality searches to try this efficient SEO competition tool.

Here is a video that will show you how to find profitable low competition keywords using the Jaaxy keyword research and SEO analysis tool as well as all of the amazing features it has to offer.

So before I get into how to find profitable keyword with the best keyword competition tool let me give you a list of some great free keyword research tools that are available online.

Keyword Research And Analysis Process For SEO Beginners

These steps were made with the consideration that the person using them have at least a Free Jaaxy account and has already took the time to build a website.

If you do not have a Jaaxy account you can still use these steps in much the same way with any other keyword competition tool because these are the steps that I use in general (just works better with Jaaxy).

Step 1: Find Keyword-  Step one of how to find profitable keywords is to see what keywords your competitors are using.

When doing this you want to go to Google and type in the broad keyword that describes the content that you are creating.

This is just to get an idea of what keywords/Phrases to start off with in your search at Jaaxy because if you have Jaaxy than all the steps on how to find profitable keywords can be done within.

Not using Jaaxy.

No problem!

You can still learn more about finding lucrative low competition keywords for your affiliate marketing niche by using the link in this sentence and proceeding to step 2 (Research).

There are many tools to do this type of search with and some of them are free and work very well.

Step 2 Analyze Keyword- In this step on how to find profitable keywords with low competition we need to go to Jaaxy and sign in to our account so we can do some research into the keyword that we have picked for our content.

Now that we are signed in we need to enter the keyword/phrase that we want to start with and click search.Find Profitable Low Competition Keywords For Beginners

This will bring up a bunch of different variants to the keyword we entered.

On this screen we want to pay attention to the fields marked Monthly search, estimated traffic and QSR (Quoted Search Results).

Monthly search is the amount of times that keyword was searched in a month.

Estimated traffic is the estimated of amount of traffic you would get if you were ranked on the first page of the search engines.

QSR is basically the amount of competing websites for that keyword that are ranked for it.

To locate the a keyword that will be profitable for you and rank highly in the SERP’s than you are going to want your keyword to meet certain qualifications for these fields.

First look at monthly search and make sure that it has at least 500 searches.

Depending on the QSR rating you can go as low as 150 searches.

The lower the QSR is the lower the number can be for the monthly searches field.

Next look at Estimated Traffic.

In this field you want to see at least 50 searches with a low QSR rating and here the higher the QSR rating is the higher the number needs to be for estimated searches.

Now to QSR rating.How To Find Profitable Keywords With Low Competition

With this field you want to typically have a QSR rating of at least 300. As I said this is the number of competing pages for a particular keyword.

So if your keyword/phrase has a QSR of 7 than it is safe to say that if you are practicing good SEO strategy and you get ranked for that keyword than you would be ranked on the first page.

Step 3 Keyword Competition- In this step for finding profitable keywords is to check keyword competition because you don’t want to use a keyword that everyone and their brother is using.

To do this inside of Jaaxy we just have to click on the competition tab. Note that the keyword needs to be typed in the search bar before you click this tab.

Now just scroll through the results and look for a yes or no answer and see what position your competitor is ranked.

If you see none to few any competing sites than you have a green light to start building your content around the low competition keyword that you have just found using this keyword competition tool.

Are you interested in seeing a video for some great tips on content creation?

However if you are seeing a lot of competitors in this tab than repeat step two or just pick another of the low competition keywords that you already have from your previous search.

Below I have provided you a video that will break down these fields and better explain what to look for in each field of this keyword competition tool.

This video will give you a demonstration on how to use Jaaxy to find profitable keywords.

If you have any questions about How To Find Profitable keywords with Low Competition or need additional information about the Keyword Research and Analysis Process For SEO Beginners than drop me a line.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share!

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