FB Video Ads Mastery Review-Is Mario Brown For Real

FB Video Ads Mastery Advertising Course
Product– FB VAM(Facebook Video Ads Mastery)
Owner– Mario Brown
Price– $97
Rating– 4 out of 5 Stars
URL– videoadsmastery.net

FB Video Ads Mastery Review

I put together this FB Video Ads Mastery Review because recently I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about Mario Brown’s new advertising course that launched in July of 2017.

Most folks don’t just want to know if FB VAM will teach them how to make money with Facebook ads they want to know if it can teach them to make more money.

Fast forward thru a months worth of research, case studies, and combing thru member results and here we are.

In this Review you’ll find just about anything you could possibly want to know about Mr. Brown’s Facebook Advertising course including if it will teach you how to make more money from your advertising efforts.FB Video Ads Mastery Review

Such As:

If you’ve not seen the video were Mario shows you proof of how his video ads are killing it on Facebook than feel free to drop by and give it a look before reading.

No Pressure!

For those of you that wish to continue on, Let’s get to it by discovering what this ads course is all about.

What Is FB Video Ads Mastery

FB Video Ads Mastery is pretty much like it sounds, a course that is designed to teach advertising beginners how to generate more traffic and leads by utilizing video ads inside of the Facebook social media platform.

FB Video Ads Mastery by Mario Brown

What you may not know is that in late 2015 Facebook announced that half way through the same year they had over 8 billion views on videos alone.

They went on to add that FB’s close cousin Instagram had over 4 million in the same time frame.

Now that’s a lot of potential leads for any would be FB and Instagram advertisers.

That is if you are able to create compelling enough ads to captivate this reluctant audience.

Because if you have ever used the social giant than you are well aware of how little attention most folks pay to the ads that they see there.

This is where the FB VAM course comes into play.

No matter your experience level Mario claims that you will definitely take away some little golden nuggets of knowledge from his lessons and what I’ve seen from using his course there’s no reason to doubt him.

FB Video Ads Mastery Pros and Cons


FB Video Ads Mastery Pencils of Promise

  • Geared for beginners
  • has a 30 day money back guarantee
  • tons of easy to understand video training
  • gives real time case studies to back up his claims
  • Gives you all of his Ad Templates used in FB VAM (up-sell)
  • Has a 100% Frontend Commission Resell Rights
  • Sticks firmly to OTO deadlines (sign of a great product)
  • Promises to give a portion of FB VAM sales to Pencils of Promise to help build a school in Africa
  • Gives you proof (Case Studies) of each ads success
  • Teaches you step by step how to make money with Facebook Ads


  • Does not offer much value to intermediate and more experienced online marketers
  • must buy up-sells to get the additional help
  • the OTO Prices are already over
  • Some of the training materials are redundant
  • takes 2 to 3 weeks to get refunded

FB Video Ads Mastery Training-Make Money with Facebook Ads

This video marketing course is broken down into 7 different training modules and has 3 additional membership upgrades to help it’s members get the most out of this advertising course.

Most of the material you find inside of FB VAM will consist of video training lessons from Mario Brown himself walking you through each module with easy to understand step by step directions.

Now lets get into what you can expect to learn from each of these training modules.

Video Ads Mastery Training Module 1

Module 1– This one is just your standard course introduction and goes over what this course will entail.

Mr. Brown also talks about how videos are on the rise and speaks to what I mentioned earlier about Facebook getting over 8 billion video views alone.

All in all though this is just an overview of what you can expect.

Except for 1 small detail, he gives you the same money making formula he is currently using and having tons of success with.

So maybe that wasn’t such a minor detail after all.

Module 2– This module is where you will learn the exact same methods and steps that Mario uses personally as well as the case studies that back up his claims of Facebook Ad Success.

Facebook Marketing Course For Beginners

As you can see from this image a tiny budget is said to be $5 a day.

In all actuality 5 bucks a day is not all that bad but to someone just starting out online 5 bucks a day is not so cheap.

That is great for someone that already has established an online presence and is bringing in a decent income every week or month.

To a beginner, $150 going out every month without something more coming in can easily sink their new website or business.

Especially if the content they are promoting is not up to par.

The good news here for beginners, and one of the best things about this course, is that Mario is showing you the case studies he has done on each one of the video ads that he is currently using.

Not to mention he allows you to copy the same ads that he is having success with and that are converting the best.

Module 3– This is a lot like Module 2 and 4 only the info you find in it is dealing with affiliate marketing.

FB Video Ads Mastery Affiliate Marketing Module

This module will show you how to create an ad that instead of driving traffic to your website it sends it directly to the affiliate product you are promoting.

In other words he teaches you an old affiliate marketing tactic called Direct Marketing or in some cases it’s called Direct Linking.

As for how long Facebook allows this technique, well, your guess is as good as mine.

I say this because Google outlawed this tactic roughly 10 years ago for the fact that it results in a terrible user experience and ad quality.

But it is a very effective tool for affiliate marketers.

Module 4– is an in depth training block on the best practices and techniques for ensuring that when you launch a product for the first time it succeeds.

In other words this is a step by step beginner blueprint to help you get your business up and running the right way.

Facebook Video Ads Mastery

As you probably already guessed, this module gives you the best steps to take for finding top notch affiliates to help you spread the word of whatever it is you are promoting.

This training also shows you the best platforms to use for generating the most traffic to your newly launched product.

This is an absolute must read for any and all beginners because of the success people are having from implementing it’s techniques.

Module 5– In this portion of the training you will be show the landing pages Mario used in his cold traffic case study that ultimately ended in him seeing an outstanding 53% conversion rate.

How To Make Money With Facebook Ads

Which is quite the feat in itself.

If that was not enough for you he is also going to walk you through how to create your own landing pages that when done right will see the same insanely high conversion rates.

To top of this module he gives you a peek at how he sets up tracking for all of his ads and does it in a way that even the newest marketers will have complete confidence in their newly acquired skills.

Module 6– This is probably the piece of training everyone likes the best.

Reason being is because the creator of this course, which is an incredibly successful online marketer, is going to basically take you by the hand and show you step by step how he does it.

Video Ads Mastery Facebook Course

That’s from start to finish and all of this is done using the his personal Facebook ads manager account.

You really do get to see inside of it all with no pulled punches.

During all of this he takes the time to show you how to do all of this yourself for your own ads and how to target the right audience for whatever it is you are selling.

Be it your own product or the product of somebody else.

Module 7– Here is where course creator Mr. Brown gives you access to every single ad he uses on Facebook and a few he is currently using on other big name social platforms.

Make Money With Facebook Ads

He goes into some detail about which ads will give you the biggest bang for your buck as well as which particular ads you should use depending on which outcome it is you are trying to get.

i.e. likes, website shares, web traffic.

He also shows you which of these ads you can use to help you become more of an authority in your niche and which ones can be used to move the needle of your Website rankings in Google.

Module 8– This one is very self explanatory.

So I’m just going to show you an image of what Mr. Mario says it is and will do for you.

What Is FB Video Ads Mastery

There are are 3 membership upgrades that era offered in addition to the other 8 modules but keep in mind that you do not need to buy these in order for this FB VAM to work for you.

Here is a quick look at what these upgrades contain and do.

  1. Upgrade 1 Done For You This package will run you $47 but will give you every single ad he has had success with (Image, Video) as well as every landing page and template you will see inside of the FB VAM Training course. This keeps you from having to create them all from scratch while watching the training.
  2. Upgrade 2 Resell Rights This usually costs upwards of 200 bucks or better everywhere else I have seen it done but only $47 here. Here is the definition according to Wikipedia in case you don’t already know. These rights will give you 100% commission on the basic course and 50% of any and all of these upgrades.
  3. Upgrade 3 Home Study Course This upgrade buys you 5 other Mario Brown products. The grand total of these 5 products alone is well over 1,000 big ones but will only cost you $77. They are Consulting Mastery, FBV Commission Profits, Auto Webinar Profits, FB Continuity Profits, and his live MissionPreneur Workshop he holds in Vegas every year.

Again keep in mind that by no means do you need these upgrades (up-sells) to be able to succeed with FB VAM.

It will just help you get to the end of the success rainbow faster, much faster!

Is FB Video Ads Mastery by Mario Brown Legit

As for this courses legitimacy and if it will really work for you, Well, if you haven’t already guessed it from what you have read so far. 

The short answer is…

FB Video Ads Mastery Money Back Guarantee

Abso-freakin-lutely it’s legit, and Mario is one hell of a teacher!

However, like with almost all courses ever, there are a few drawbacks.

The main one being that you are never actually shown the technical aspects of how to create these world renowned video ads.

Sure you are shown every other meticulous detail that will ensure the success of these video ads but you are never shown under the proverbial technical hood.

Other than that there is really no reason whatsoever that you should not almost immediately be basking in the sweet glow of booming traffic conversions.

This is without a doubt better than any other Facebook ad course out there for the past 10 years or so and with his 30 day money back guarantee you don’t have to worry about loosing your butt if you don’t like it.

Another thing that I am not real keen on is the price.

Considering it was made more for the beginner side of the spectrum you would think that it would be priced so a beginner could afford it.

FB Video Ads Mastery Course Cost

When it first came out it was, in my opinion, severely under priced with an early bird special price of 27 bucks.

Then, in Mario Brown Fashion, he still allowed folks to get in cheap by increasing the cost everyday at midnight after it’s original launch date of July 3, 2017.

  • Day 1- $31
  • Day 2- $33
  • Day 3- $37
  • Day 4- $47FB Video Ads Mastery Price

After Day 4 he bumped up the price 30 bucks to $77 and the very next day after that it went up another 20 to $97.

Here it is now just about a month and a half after the launch and the cost for this course is back to $97 but got as high as $127.

The fluctuating price alone should tell you two things about this advertising course.

  1. It must be out of this world good if the demand for it is high enough that it can continuously increase in price and not slow down sales.
  2. You better get in on it before the price goes up again, especially if video advertising is something you’re struggling with or want to learn how to dominate.

Well Folks, That’s going to do it for me!

I’m going to leave you with this FB Video Ads Mastery Review and let you decide if you think this course is right for you. Let us know how we did with this review, if you have used FB VAM, and did it teach you How to Make Money With Facebook Ads.

Thanks For Reading!

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  1. Jason


    Yeah it is 100% Legitimate Facebook video advertising training course that is taught by one of the best online advertising coaches of the last 5 years.

    He has been around much longer but for past 5 years he has been recognized as one of the top couches online.

    So you really can’t go wrong with Mr. Brown’s instructions especially if you want to learn how the top dogs do what they do.

    Thanks for giving my FB Video Ads Mastery Review a read,

  2. Jason

    Glad My FB VAM Review could help you out.

    After all that’s why I made Honest Online Money.

    There is another option for learning Facebook Ads that is free but it does not go into near as much detail as FB Video Ads Mastery does.

    It is called Facebook Blueprint.

    It is more of a guide book from the Facebook ads team but there is some good materials in there.

    Thanks for stopping by and reading. Come back anytime!

  3. hafizman

    Very happy to read your FB Video Ads Mastery Review.

    It’s was very useful in helping me make my decision of whether or not to buy it.

    A Great Help Really!

    It’s cost of $127 is not all that bad for me because I am already having a little success with FB Ads but I am not earning what I think I could be.

    I am spending at least $127 on my ads now and if spending 127 more could help me increase my ad revenue even a little than this Facebook advertising course would pay for it’s self.

    Just curious but are there any other legit ways to learn how to make money from Facebook ads beside this method?

    Which does not cost as much to learn?

    Always on the look out for ways to maximize my profits!

  4. Austin

    This seems like an interesting training. I have heard people doing really well with Facebook video ads. I am hesitant to pursue it though as I have managed a large retail stores facebook page and understand the struggle of getting traffic to that page. I am glad to see that it is a good system. I have heard of Mario Brown before and have had mixed reviews, but this seems pretty legit.

  5. Jason


    The way it is looking, Video ads, is something we are all going to have to start creating in order to ensure the success of our ad campaigns.

    It is for an absolute all around beginner. Whether it be to online marketing, business creation, or creating ads of any kind.

    It would obviously be much better for you if you already know a little something about creating video ads but it is not something that would hold you back in this course.

    FB Video Ads Mastery does go over the basics of editing software but it is not in great detail.

    So this is something that you might want to look into first or you can just learn as you go.

    The training does show you enough of what you will need to know to ensure your success.

    If these answers were not what you hoped them to be please feel free to elaborate on them below this Review and I will get back to you with an answer shortly.

    Thanks for Reading,

  6. james

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for your FB VAM Review. I’d seen the Ads on Facebook but didn’t realize that there are courses out there which offer training to create the best converting ones.

    I’m starting out on my own niche site at the moment so would definitely consider getting some training on this for when I’m ready to move onto Video Ads.

    So the course mentions you can be an absolute beginner at this and it will walk you through the details.

    Does that also include being an absolute beginner at creating video ads in the first place?

    Reason I ask is that on his site, he highlights that his program integrates with a variety of video editing software.

    As I have no experience in those yet, would be keen to understand if that would be the first step

    Many thanks

  7. Jason


    Yeah he is up there on the riches people in America list and I think he is in the top 50 of riches people in the world.

    There is money to be had out there by advertising on social platforms but by far Facebook is the cheapest one of them to use.

    What you learn from Mario in FB VAM can take you years to learn on your own through the trial and error method and will cause you to spend quite a lot of money trying to figure it out too.

    While the price has increased a few times during the launch, it has now finally leveled off.

    Even though I still stand by what I said about it being a bit to pricey for your average beginner on a shoe string budget.

    You are the right thing by taking your time to research FB Video Ads Mastery even further before you buy.

    Even though I would never steer anyone in the wrong direction with my reviews it’s always a good habit to never take anyone at their word on the world wide web.

    I wish you all the luck in making your decision and I do stand behind my opinion of Mr. Browns course being legit and holding real value.

    Thanks for reading Alice,

  8. Alice

    When I first heard how rich the owner of Facebook really is, I couldn’t imagine how that is even possible. How do people make money by creating social media sites where everyone can join in for free?

    I never understood the concept of making money through Facebook ads. Until I created my first fan page where I can pay to have my page and my posts promoted.

    It was even more overwhelming to me when people started saying that everyone can actually make money from FaceBook advertising.

    I was like, “Okay, you have my attention,” but it’s not as easy as it sounds huh!

    We need to acquire the skills and this is where tutorials, training and courses come in. As much as I would like to dive in, I think it’s quite costly and has increased several times since its original launch date.

    But I’ll think about it.

    Thanks for this FB Video Ads Mastery review.

  9. Jason


    That is a great way of looking at FB Video Ads Mastery.

    There are never any guarantees when it comes to online businesses.

    Well, other than the fact that things are going to change from day to day and week to week, whether it be algorithm updates or marketing trends.

    Online marketing is a constant revolving door of change but with the right training and support backing you at least you stand a fighting chance staying out in front of the ever changing times.

    I believe FB Video Ads Mastery to be just that, the right training and support to keep you out in front of your competition and ahead of an evolving niche audience.

    I appreciate you taking the time to interact with this review and by all means come back anytime.

    Thanks for Reading Bruce,

  10. Jason


    Glad you liked my FB Video Ads Mastery Review!

    I would have to say that I agree with in regards to newbies needing a bit of experience under their belts before diving into FB VAM.

    Like you said, 5 bucks might not seem like much but it does definitely add up very quickly and after paying the $127 for training it does not leave much room for an advertising budget.

    All these expenses can weigh heavily on a site that is lacking in content or age.

    Glad you decided to chime in on the conversation and feel free to come back and let us all know how your run in with Mario Brown’s course went.

    And especially let the rest of the visitors here know if FB Video Ads Mastery helped you Make Money With Facebook Ads!

    Thanks for Reading,

  11. John

    Great review of the FB Video Ads Mastery training program!

    You have thoroughly stated all the info of this course and have saved me a lot of time researching this course.

    It seems to me that at only $127 this is a worthwhile course to invest in for my online business.

    I have seen similar courses being sold for much, much higher, and this really sounds like a great deal with even greater value.

    The only downfall is that you then have to pay for the Facebook Ads.

    Yes, $5 a day doesn’t sound like much, but for many people, it is a lot of money.

    For that reason, I don’t think that Mario Brown’s FB VAM should be used by an absolute newbie but instead by the people looking to grow their already established online business.

    That seems to be the logical next step for them.

    I’m definitely at that stage, so I will absolutely be investing in this Facebook advertising course!



  12. Jason

    Hey Jack,

    Good to hear from you again!

    As you probably already know, it greatly depends on the type of ad you decide to use as to how expensive they can get.

    i.e. branding, likes, link, so on and so forth.

    Some of the ad types like linking can get rather expensive pretty quick and if they are not following thru on your site after the ad is clicked you are just throwing money away.

    It is definitely worth the try and after doing so I am sure you will be happy with your decision.

    I was!

    Thanks for reading Jack,

  13. Jack Taylor

    I just finished reading your FB Video Ads Mastery Review. Thanks for all the great info. I used to advertise on Facebook years ago but gave it up because it became just as expensive as Adwords.

    Anyways, i think I’ll give FaceBook a try again with the FB VAM system. Thanks again for the great information.

  14. Bruce

    This sounds like a more legit way to go than some of the other Facebook ad training.

    The $5 a day sounds like a lot, but really in hind sight with the training and the potential returns, it is really an investment in the future.

    People spend thousands and thousands of dollars starting up there own businesses in the online world and there is never any guarantees of success. So one needs all the advantages that they can get to help them succeed.

    So really investing in FB Video Ads Mastery is more like a pittance for future entrepreneurs!

  15. Jason

    I can relate to the trouble you are having with advertising and I honestly do believe FB Video Ads Mastery can help you get better at it.

    It was almost immediately after using some of the pointers Mario gave in his course that I started to see positive results.

    To get the ROI increase that I was talking about in the previous comment took me about 3 weeks.

    Give or take a few days.

    Mainly because I did not buy any of the upgrades and created all of the ad content myself.

    But I did use Mario’s ads as a baseline for mine.

    The training is actually pretty easy to understand and is taught in a way that is almost impossible to screw up.

    It’s a step-by-step, over the should kind of course.

    I myself was not at all disappointed in the products training content but was a bit unhappy with the price.

    Not because the price did not adequately represent the value of the training but instead because it is suppose to be meant for wet behind the ears beginners.

    It’s hard for someone just starting out to pay that much no matter how good it really is.

    There is the 30 day money back guarantee though! So it’s not like anyone has to be worried with getting scammed out of their cash.

    Which is an awesome plus!

    Hope this helped Chad and thanks for reading,

  16. Jason


    The refund policy for FB Video Ads Mastery does apply to any and all products purchased.

    As far as getting your money back you should not encounter any problems unless it is outside of the refund window of 30 days.

    If you are not yet actively involved with online marketing than you might want to try finding a free resource of some kind before buying into FB VAM.

    It will go a long way in helping you succeed using this Facebook Advertising course.

    If you have any more questions do not hesitate to ask them and I will get back to you with an answer as fast as I can.

    Thanks For Reading,

  17. Chad

    I have been in internet and affiliate marketing for almost 2 years now and I have still yet to get creating ads down to a science.

    I have tried a lot of different training resources but yet I have not been able to find 1 that truly gives me the knowledge that I need.

    Which is why I am here now!

    Was researching different affiliate ad training programs and ran across your FB Video Ads Mastery review.

    I am wanting to know how long it took you to get the results you were talking about in the comment before mine?

    You said you did not have any luck with advertising either so I would like to know how hard you found it to understand FB VAM’s training?

    I would be appreciative for any additional insight you could give me into FB Video Ads Mastery.

  18. Jake

    This is amazing man. I’ve been looking into getting into online marketing as well but that’s the hardest part!

    There is too many “mentors” out there and a lot of scams.

    Sometimes they don’t even offer money back guarantees and you get your money locked in.

    Will I have trouble getting my money back if I decide it is not for me and I want a refund?

    Does the 30 day money back guarantee apply to the upgrades as well?

    Thanks, Jake

  19. Jason


    FB Video Ads Mastery is definitely worth a look and can help you understand, and like the name says, master the technique of creating compelling video ads.

    I don’t see much difference between a compelling ad and a captivating testimonial, so it should help you with that as well.

    As for the price, I can’t speak with a 100% certainty that it won’t keep going up when people keep having positive results from it.

    Although, I think that we have seen about all the price fluctuation that going to and if it does rise again I wouldn’t think that it would be anymore than 20 bucks or so.

    Again I DO NOT Know This For Certain and the only one that knows for sure is Mr. Brown!

    Maybe a few in his inner circle!

    I can tell you that it is right up ‘Beginners Alley’ and if video ads are something that you do want to become an expert at than FB Video Ads Mastery is the right advertising training for you.

    It just comes down to where you are in your website’s or business’s growth and as to what you think an achievable ROI would be for it.

    Still real early on than unless you have some out of this world content, product to sell, or cash you are willing to invest early on than honestly would hold of til you build out your online entity a bit.

    But, that’s up to you, this is only my opinion!

    Hope that helped answer any question you had but if not just drop me a line below.

    Thanks For Reading EJ,

  20. Jason


    I do have some experience with his course and while my results are quite as staggering as his, they have increased my ROI (Return On Investment) almost 25%.

    23% n some change.

    However, I did not buy any of the upgrades and did not get the OTO bonuses because I signed up a little to late for that.

    There is also the whole factor of Mario Brown having about a decade more experience at the marketing and advertising game than me too.

    I guess what you really want to know is though, is did FB Video Ads Mastery pay for it’s self.

    The answer there is yes that is with every thing like money spent on ads and better video creation software figured in.

    Which of coursed is why I am personally backing his course and it would have gotten 5 stars from me if the price didn’t keep going up like it did.

    Hope this answered your questions and Thanks for stopping by and reading Ed,

  21. EJ

    After reading your review of Facebook Video Ads Mastery I am at least moved to take a look at what Mario Brown’s training course.

    I am just looking into “how to do your own video tutorials/ads” As a beginner to marketing I do feel overwhelmed by the massive amount of information out there.

    And a lot of it is useless.

    It looks like you might be able to pay for the course quickly, if it works as stated.

    I suppose with a 30-day money back guarantee it may be a safe try.

    Although you state that FB VAM is basically a beginners guide and the price rises constantly but to me it seems quite high already at $127 bucks!

    I wonder if the price will continue to increase or if it’s finally topped out.

    Great info though, a lot of depth, I wonder how viable the program is in 2017?

    Thanks Jason

  22. Ed

    Hi Jason,
    You have a great site and this article about FB VAM is really well done. It got me interested enough to visit Mario’s website but, to be honest, I like your site better. Mario is a fast talker which turns me off because he sounds like a car salesman with a “too good to be true” pitch.
    Having said that, if his claims are true the price is still very cheap even with upgrades for the result.
    My website videos and FB posts are not working well and I definitely need some help.
    The really positive aspect is the 30-day money back guarantee. If I try this out and don’t get the expected results, at least I’ll get my money back.
    However, please excuse my skepticism and for asking a personal question. What is your experience with FB VAM? Have you tried it out and is your ROI as advertised?
    A testimonial from you will be the tipping point to convince me to jump in.

  23. Jason


    I served in the US Army so that folks can continue to have and express their own opinions.

    However I also am glad for the fact that people in this country can disagree with those opinions they don’t agree with.

    Ma’am, yours is one of those opinions that I would have to disagree with!

    With that said though, that is exactly why Honest Online Money exists. So everyone can post and/or share their opinions no matter if I agree with them or not!

    I do agree that Mario’s course is on the expensive side of things for a beginner to afford but I did not ever mention anything about outdated information.

    On the contrary, it is the exact opposite of outdated and from everything that I have experienced and seen from others using it, FB VAM really is head and shoulders above anything else like it.

    With one exception! Wealthy Affiliate! But then again WA is an all around Educational step by step training platform.

    As for Mr. Brown’s course, well I’m never a big fan of up-sells because like you if I buy it I want the whole car.

    But Upgrade 1 is the best of the 3 and if I was to buy 1 it would be the first of the up-sells.

    Great debate Margaret and thank for commenting on my FB Video Ads Mastery Review and feel free to come back and disagree with me anytime.

    Thanks for Reading,

  24. Margaret

    After reading about FB Video Ads Mastery I am glad I joined WA.

    Your post has given a lot of information about FB VAM and it sounded great until I got to the Cons and found the one thing I hate. Up-sells.

    When I pay to buy a car I want the motor and tires as well.

    I was also put off by the program when you said it was outdated information. It’s a great post but I have to disagree that the rising price is because it is a great program.

    It may be a great program but I feel that Mario Brown is selling an overpriced, get rich quick scheme, aimed at inexperienced people.

  25. Jason


    Thanks for stopping by bud and I feel the same way!

    The amount of scams online is really getting ridiculous but you have no need to fret about that with this course.

    Also you can use and have success with this course with out having a website.

    All you need is a computer, smartphone, or tablet and an internet connection.

    As for a good place to learn the ropes, well I got one in particular on this website that I recommend above all the rest.

    Just click on my logo image at the top and it will be the first post that you see or check out the Honest Programs Tab.

    I’m certain you will find something there that will be right for you.

    Now go ahead and earn some of that extra cash you were talking about and if you need any help just let me know.

    Thanks for Reading

  26. Jason


    Gotta say I have not had a comment like yours in quite some time. For That I thank you.

    It is the little things such as a well worded and thought out comment that reminds me from time to time why I started this site to begin with.

    I do want to clarify something real quick though, Rene!

    I do apologize for not making this more clear in my review but it is a one time payment no matter if you buy just the front end course ($127) or if you buy all of its bells and whistles.

    I do agree with you about the price being a bit on the steep side but as the saying goes “You Get What You Pay For”.

    Your right! 

    That is not always the case in the big wide world of the internet but in this case FB Video Ads Mastery is one of the Good Ones and Mario Brown really does know his stuff!

    Feel free to stop back by anytime Rene! It has been a pleasure and I would not mind at all lending you a hand if you are ever in need of it.

    Thanks for Reading, and again thanks for the wonderful comment!

  27. Rene

    Great FB Video Ads Mastery Review.

    I can imagine that with a few very positive reviews that Mario Brown had no problem raising his price.

    Especially if it is as you said and is really true quality and it helps people do well with their Facebook advertising.

    I would have jumped at $37 bucks a month for real quality stuff but you don’t know that it is until someone does an review such as yours.

    That’s just the thing with purchasing any product, you never know what you’re really going to get until you get it.

    This is why I appreciate reviews such as yours. For you to purchase the product so that you can actually go through the product and either give it a kudos or rip it apart truly takes wit.

    I will always come looking for a review from you at this point in my career, as small as it might be now.

    I also truly appreciate the work, the honesty, and the dedication that Mario put into his creation of this product too. It’s truly up to him to charge what he thinks it is worth although I don’t think I’d pay such a price for something like this, especially knowing how people scam others out here.

    Not that he would do such a thing but without reading your review first, truly I wouldn’t jump into this. That’s the value of your review, at least, that’s what I think.

  28. Garrett

    This is really cool. I’ve been looking into getting into online marketing, but I just didn’t know where to start.

    They’re are so many out there and there are so many scams as well.

    Which I hate!

    You buy into the product and it turns out to be a fist full of crap. Then you can’t even get your money back.

    So its hard to tell the real from the fake. I’m glad you broke this down for me because i’m always on Facebook and it’ll be nice to make some extra cash.

    Do you have any recommendations on where I can learn the ropes of online marketing or can I do this sort of thing without having to have a website?

  29. Jason


    That is a much more common occurrence now a days, and a lot of folks are pretty much just fumbling around until they figure out how to get it right.

    There is no doubt in my mind that FB Video Ads Mastery will help turn your social media campaigns around and have your ROI up in no time.

    Thanks for Reading Austin and I loo forward to hearing about your experiences with Mario’s new course!

  30. Austin

    I run my social media account and do my best, but know that I am missing out on a lot of leads and reaches because I don’t know much about marketing on social media.

    It sounds like this course could really boost my page and help me reach more potential leads.

    Thanks for showing me Mario’s FB Video Ads Mastery course!

    I’ll stop back by and let you know how it goes.

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