Empower Network System Review-Will Empower Network Work You

Empower Network Review
Product– EN (Empower Network)
Owner- David Wood & David Sharp
Price- $25m, $19.99 affiliate fee, $1500 15k Formula
Rating- 1 out of 5 stars
URL- https://www.empowernetwork.com

What Is Empower Network System

If you’ve heard about the Empower Network System than chances are someone has been trying to cram the idea of this product down your throat. The Empower Network System is a product that relies on hard selling marketing tactics like these because it’s basically just another shady pyramid scheme.

Empower Network Marketing System Review

So, to find out for sure, I have put together the following Empower Network System Review of David Wood’s and David Sharp’s MLM program to discover if Empower Network is a scam or possibly Legit.

Unfortunately, I could not find many active members of this program that would talk to me about this organization and what it teaches.

However, there were plenty of ex members that were more than willing to come forward to tell of their networking nightmare.

In order to be as unbiased as possible I limited my exposure to the negativity from past members and based this review on an equal number of past and present alike.

So lets get to it and see a list of the EN Pros and Cons.

UPDATE:  In 2017 David Woods Lost It All. The owner of empower network got all cracked out on dope and then was arrested. While all of that was going on his EN System went bankrupt and was shut down due to some rather interesting truths he had told in video he made while he was seriously tweaked out.

Here is more info from someone that knows a bit more about it than me.

Empower Network System Pros and Cons

Before I get to actual accounts from membership holders let first go over what the pros and cons would be if you decided to sign up to this program.

Keep in mind that none of this review comes from any of my personal experience and is instead gathered from other peoples accounts.



  • Costs $19.99 extra a month to become an affiliate
  • The Blogs have been deemed spam by Google so they don’t rank well
  • Training is centered around promoting ENWhat Is Empower Network
  • Way to many high priced up-sells (Good Sign of a Scam)
  • Support is hard to come by
  • can’t find the owners with in the members area
  • no way to try it out  (NO Trial Offer)
  • Basically a Pyramid Scheme
  • Uses Very Shady sales tactics to make money

Many of you may still be wondering What is EN ?

Well, I can sum that up in two words “Pyramid Scheme” but to be fair I will tell you what it’s members say it is.

This system is suppose to be a way for you to make money by simply blogging about whatever you want and according to Mr. Wood as long as you continue to do it on a daily basis you’ll start to make money.

However, the testimonials of the members that I spoke to say other wise!

So, who do we believe?

David Wood, the guy that is making money when people get suckered in or the people that pay for the memberships and up-sells?

That’s more of a personal decision, I guess, so I will just keep writing and let you decide.

Review Of Empower Network System Products & Pricing

OK this is a simple enough question – right?

I can tell you this much, the answer was pretty unanimous on both sides of the fence.

In fact it was one of the very few questions that I got a clear answer about.

It’s like this, If you’re going to have any hope of making money with this program than you will have to go break into your wallet or pocket book yet again to buy the first of two up sells this Network has to offer.

Don’t feel so bad if you do just remember that the guy before you got took the same way that your about to if you join.

That was just the first of two things that you will be committing yourself to if you are going to make any Doe ray me.

Alright,  I suppose I need to try and elaborate on this just a bit and for you, of course I will.

Enough of that lets get down to the nitty-gritty and find out what from the horses mouth what we will have to do to be profitable with this system.Empower Network System Review

You know, other than cheating little old ladies out of their social security checks.

First, as we have been told you are gonna have to buy into the up-sells.

Why you ask?

Well because if you don’t buy it for yourself than you can’t sell it.

Not only that you have to actually pay extra to be eligible to become an affiliate.

An extra $19.99 a month on top of your 25 bucks a month for membership.

OH and lets not forget the $100 so you can be in the Inner Circle.

Now we have spent $140 to just get our foot in the door to get started and to make the big bucks you can’t close that wallet just yet.

You still have to buy the High Ticket Academy for $497, the 15k Formula for a cool grand, and $3,500 for the Master Retreat.

Guess what, that’s still not the end of the up sells.

You still got the not so popular Costa Rica Intensive Program for another easy payment of 500 bucks.

No problem right, we all have an extra 5 grand or so that we need to get rid of because it’s cluttering up our wallets.

What do you mean you can’t afford it!

David said we would make it back, Eventually.

It’s OK, I don’t believe people that con little old ladies either.

Even if you did buy into all that you wouldn’t get a lick of training for it unless the person that sold you on the dream is going to give it to you.

Which brings us to our second commitment to this system and that is wrapped up simply by talking about the time you’re going to spend building a down line.

Which is going to be the people you con into joining and buying all the same up-sells that you did.

See in a pyramid scheme, the profits flow up the line, not down.

The guy or gal closest to the top makes off with all the loot and if the people below you aren’t convinced to buy all the extras than you don’t make a dime.

Then this process is repeated by the people they bring in, and so on and so forth.

Just so you guys know, there are great marketing training programs online that can teach you the right way to make honest money online.

Empower Network System Review

I don’t think it is hard to see where I stand on this product and for good reason.

The information that I have rambled on about in this review is honestly based on the experiences of others that have used and are using this platform.

So, to those folks I would like to say thanks for the help.Is Empower Network a Scam or Legit

To the ones that refused to talk to me, Well I wouldn’t want people to know the dirty conniving things that I had to do to sell David Wood’s and David Sharp’s love child.


To those of you that really do want an honest legitimate way to try your hand at making money online than I can help you if you really want it.

You’re not going to become the next online sensation overnight but you will have all the tools and training you need at your fingertips to be able to become successful.

As I said before I was fortunate enough not to be apart of this out right apparent scam and I have to think the others before me for the information I needed to steer clear from this system all those years ago.

I hope this Empower Network Review is able to help anyone who’s thinking of joining and answered exactly What Empower Network Is, a big fat Scam. If there is anything I left out feel free to ask your question below.

Thanks for Reading!

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