DS Domination Review-Is [DSD] DS Domination Scam or Legit

DS Domination Review
Owner– Roger Langille, Kevin Hokoana, Hitesh Juneja
Price– $9.95 Affiliate fee; $20/month pro; $99/month elite + up-sells
Rating- 2 Out of 5 Stars
URL- www.dsdomination.com

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that you’ve heard the rumors and you want to know for yourself is DS Domination a scam or a real way for you to learn a legit method of making money called “Dropshipping”.

So in this DS Domination Scam Review I will do just that, give you the facts about DSD so that you can decide if you want to pursue your desire to become a DSD member.

DS Domination Review

DSD meaning Drop Shipping Domination is a drop shipping training platform plus a MLM System.

It was released in September 2013 and basically is suppose to teach you how to copy and paste your way to success.

The four creators behind this so called automated success system are:

ds domination review

  • Kevin Hokoana- A MLM schemer
  • Roger Langille-A Titanium Ebay Power Seller
  • Hitesh Juneja- Computer programmer that designed the DSD Website
  • Jason Rose-  Chiropractic Business owner and DSD’s Compliance agent

This system is broken down into two basic parts:

  • The training side where you learn the approach to dropshipping that mainly consists of how to buy from Amazon and sell on eBay.
  • The affiliate program where you basically learn the classic referral scheme that is known as MLM.

As for the training side of the house, well, I will go into detail about that shortly but for now let me give up some facts about the affiliate program, other than I’m not to crazy about it.

Why don’t I like it?

For starters you have got to pay to play so to speak!

Meaning that if you want to be an affiliate you will have to pay an extra $9.95 a month plus the cost of your membership training fee.

That alone is despicable if you ask me.

Oh, and don’t let me forget the whole MLM crap where you first have to buy whatever it is you are hoping to get a commission of for selling.

But…join ds domination pro

According to the sales page you don’t have to be an affiliate and you can just join to learn their techniques for drop shipping.

If you do not know what drop shipping” is it in a nutshell is when you sell a product that you don’t own, transfer your customers shipping details to a wholesaler, the whole seller ships the product to your customer, and the difference in price is your profit.

In other words you would list a product on lets say eBay and if someone bought it than you would go to your wholesaler (let’s say Amazon), buy it at a lower price and have them ship it to your buyers address.

You put whatever money left over in your pocket.

Sounds great right?

Sure it does but there are many pitfalls and risks to consider when doing this kind of thing and the most common one is:

What if you had to give your customer a refund and they don’t return the product.

Then what?

Your left paying for it out of your own pocket because even though Amazon allows drop shipping they don’t offer support for it.

Is DS Domination scam or legit
The image you see is a comment left by the Amazon forum admin in one of the threads regarding if drop shipping is allowed or not because there is a lot of controversy about this among marketers.

So Even though drop shipping is allowed there are circumstances that can and will lead you to having your Amazon account suspended from practicing what DSD teaches you.

For instance Arbitrage, this practice is very similar to drop shipping but it violates Amazon’s TOS ( Terms Of Service ). Below is a screenshot of Amazon’s TOS licence and access.DS Domination sign in

Which leaves me to question the legitimacy of this program because they are actually teaching you arbitrage and calling it drop shipping in the DS Domination Pro version.

Now I do not know all of the different ways your Amazon account can get suspended from practicing drop shipping but when a DSD member is telling potential buyers of the program things like this :

ds domination member

Well lets just say that causes red flags to fly everywhere for me and makes me wonder what kind of back door marketing techniques they are teaching.

Get suspicious… there is a fine choice of comforting words.

DS Domination Pros and Cons


  • You do learn the technique of Drop Shipping
  • gives you a list of the cheapest priced wholesalers
  • you can make money implementing the training
  • video training that is to the pointDS Domination BBB
  • the system is easily navigated
  • beginner can easily understand the training


  • No money back guarantee
  • no free or discounted trial offer
  • will take quite a bit of time to make any money
  • support is limited to whom you signed up through
  • have to pay extra to be an affiliate
  • if your willing to dig you can learn this method for free
  • referral program (affiliate) resembles MLM ( Proof Below )
  • walks a fine line in violating retail wholesalers terms of service policies
  • very low success rate and the company is still young which means unstable

DS Domination Training and DSD Cost

First off let me start by saying if you are upset about what I have said so far in this review, well, I sincerely…

DS Domination Scam ReviewDon’t give two flying monkeys!

However from my research I do realize that there are some folks out there using this system that are doing so in an honest ethical fashion, so to you I apologize .

Back to the issue at hand, the training.

As for the drop shipping training it will mainly depend on which one of the training membership platforms that you stand on because like with other products like this it leaves you hanging towards the end so you will buy the next level to learn more.

Don’t get me wrong the training aspect is good and you can make money if you implement it correctly I just personally feel that this is something that the referrer should be more upfront about with the referee before they join.

If you do join this network you will find five training platforms for learning drop shipping but keep in mind two of them are memberships you will have to buy in order to be qualified to access the up sells.

Here is some info about the training and what it costs but remember you still have to pay the extra $9.95 a month to be an affiliate.

  • DS Domination Pro- The Pro members pay a monthly fee of 20 bucks that gives you access to the basics of drop shipping and teaches you how to get started doing so.  It is made up of 19 Training modules that are taught to you by Roger himself and will show you how to sell products that will make you between $5-$100 commissions on each.
  • Elite- For a payment of $99 a month you will gain access to more wholesaler sites and 10 training modules, taught again by Roger,  that will show you how to make $200-$300 commissions on each item that you sell.  Also included in the Elite package is a scraping software tool that is suppose to save you time by finding products for you.
  • Unleashed- This is where the up selling begins and more importantly where the training should of started. Because this is where Roger is in a “tell all” kind of mood and gives you his secrets on how is consistently making the eBay Power Seller list.honest ds domination review  A one time payment of $249 will give you Rogers “Secretes” and a few more tools that will “Automate” your money making.
  • Monopoly-  A one time payment of $499 will kick off the second of the three up-sells.  It will teach you all about Amazon and how to use them to maximize your profits.  As well as show you how you can get a bigger discounted price on the Amazon products that you are selling to eBay customers.
  • Market Extreme-  Also an up sell and it goes for a one time shot of $199.  As for what it includes I have to be honest and tell you that I don’t really know because I could not find many mentions of it.  From what I did find out was not much other than it is intended for training the affiliates that buy it how to to convince others to join.  It’s also suppose to build on the training from the platform before it.

What Is DS Domination Scam Or Legit

During my research I found many member reviews that were claiming that DSD is not at all a MLM scheme.


Than why is this what it says on the sales page at dsdomination.com!
ds domination scam

So, unless the definition of MLM (Multi Level Marketing) has changed or DSD has stopped offering you a percentage of what your referrals bring in than…

Guess what?

It’s multi level marketing and there’s no two ways about it.

What about the scam claims?

I looked long and hard, read hundreds of user comments on DSD Reviews, and from my research I found several signs that suggest the claims are real.

  • No refund policycancel DS Domination
  • no average income potential
  • have to pay to be an affiliate
  • The contact phone # sends you back to their website
  • Takes multiple emails for a response from support (4 week response time)
  • Pro version teaches you Arbitrage not Drop Shipping
  • DSD’s #1 article in the help desk area is How to cancel your membership

There are some people making money with this drop shipping training program but the percentage is small and most of the people profiting from DSD are the ones convincing other folks to join.

Understand though that there are other whole sellers other than Amazon and dropshipping/Arbitrage is very lucrative for a lot of people.

So if that sounds interesting to you than you can learn it without the help of Roger and his crew. Just know that this method has become quite competitive and there are much better ways to make money online.

Is DS Domination a scam?

Lets just say they are walking a very fine line and even though I believe the affiliate program to be a sham I think that you could possibly learn a thing or two about dropshipping/Arbitrage.

Just don’t expect to create a business with what DS Domination is selling and steer clear of the up-sells and affiliate program. Unless you like the MLM thing.

Thanks for Reading!DS Domination Alternative

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  1. Jason

    Hey there Tracy,

    If it makes you feel better, I have heard the exact same complaints that you have listed here from many of my online marketing associates that have branched out to try new methods.

    Unfortunately this is just another one of them systems that can work but only if you keep feeding the beast money which in turn only lines the pockets of the fat cats at the top of this pyramid.

    But then again that was the creators intentions when they created this scheme.

    To hit on what you said about having to have a ridiculous amount of items listed in order to basically break even, well…. my best guess is that this is where this system takes advantage of the folks that are new to selling on Amazon and Ebay and just don’t know any better so they keep pumping their inheritances and trust funds into the pockets of the owners of this sham called DS Domination.

    Sounds to me like you already had a good grasp of doing it on your own and to be honest it is really more of just knowing what people like and don’t like or what the hot products are in the now.

    As long as you’re not providing shady customer service and not marking your prices up as high as some Yahoo’s are doing on Ebay than your products will sell themselves. Remember there are all kinds of people on these sites everyday looking to buy one thing or another and sharing your listings on your social channels (i.e. Facebook,Twitter,G+) will go a.long way in helping boost your sales.

    Glad you got to cancel your elite and I wish you the best of luck moving forward,

  2. Tracy

    I have been a Pro member of DSD since January of 2014. My experience is that I have wasted almost a year and a half of valuable time. Thankfully I only tried the Elite program for a month and was able to cancel. For the entire year of 2014 I had 60 items listed on my ebay site which has been in effect for over 10 years. I sold over $6000 on this site over the year and the bottom line after all the fees etc. was $650. I started using the listing tool “Listing Integration” in January 2015 and to date have not sold another item. Why?? Who knows but I find it very strange that I went from selling 10-20 items a month to zero after signing up for L. E. Bottom line is if you don’t have over 1000 items listed, you won’t make enough money to pay the electric bill. And if you don’t have a good tool to control price changes and out of stock items, you don’t have enough time in the day to keep checking these problems which can lose you money or your status on ebay. I tried Dropship /Toolbox which is supposed to take care of this but it is way to complex for me and has problems. I would appreciate your comments. Thanks.

  3. Jason

    Hi there Kennedy,

    You can get this information for free in many different places….Ebay being one of them!

    But if you are interested in learning more about this than you can find out a great deal about it from just performing a search for it in Google. If you are not getting the kind of results that you are hoping for in a search than try rephrasing you search term or by being more in-depth about which aspect of the industry you wish to learn more about.

    Hope that helped but what many folks seem to overlook is that Ebay has resources that will help you learn the same things as DS Domination teaches…only you don’t have to pay 100’s of dollars to get it. It’s free, you just have to be willing to sort through it and be able to read between the lines a bit.

    Good Luck to you and wish you a happy new year,

  4. Kennedy ware

    Can u please send me the info about selling on ebay

  5. Jason

    Hello Todd and I’m glad you liked it,

    As for your question…
    Well to be honest I am not one that does a lot of drop shipping, I have just recently spread my wings in this field but I do however plan on writing an article in the very near future that I hope will answer this question for you.

    After writing this review and reading your article on counterfeit Amazon products, I thought this would be something that honest entrepreneurs would want/need to know.

    Great question though Todd thanks for asking it.
    Thanks for reading,

  6. Jason

    Hello Robert,
    Thanks for chiming in on this one because I have referred to your website a few times for advice about eBay selling tips and it has been very helpful to me.

    I to it prevents people from getting wrapped up in the misguided MLM world because honestly their are much better ways of making money than bombarding your family & friends with spam.

    Have a good one,

  7. Todd

    Hi Jason,
    I have done some drop shipping on Amazon and eBay and it’s always interesting to read about these kinds of companies. It’s pretty bold of a company to think they can charge a membership service for such simple information that can be gleaned from the internet for free. Excellent review and now you have taught me one other company to stay away from. Excellent research, job well done. One thing would be nice to know who are the other wholesalers for Amazon, if their like Aliexpress (who sells counterfeit products), or if there are legit wholesales. If you know, please let me know.
    Thanks again and take care,

  8. Robert

    As an eBay Power Seller who does REAL Drop Shipping I think DS Domination is NOT a good thing to get involved in for all of the reasons you mentioned above and for a couple more that I know of being that I know the rules for participating in selling on eBay. I agree with you that DSD may not be a 100% Scam but it surely is walking a fine line between misleading and full on scam. I offer free information on my website in how to sell on eBay and how to find Legitimate Drop Shipping Services. – Bravo on this review of DSD and I hope many people are saved from joining by reading this review.

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