What Is Crazy Cash Club Scam Or Legit-Crazy Cash Club Review

Crazy Cash Club Review
Martin and Roger
MLM Scam

What Is Crazy Cash Club

This is a very good question that can not be easily answered and in my opinion I don’t believe even the paying members know exactly what Crazy Cash Club is.Crazy Cash Club

Reason being is the CCC (Crazy Cash Club) webpage is no more than one big attractant for gullible folks that are desperate to be the next person to become a millionaire via the internet.

Everything I was able to dig up regarding what it is that you’ll be doing to make money with CCC is vague at best.


I can tell you it resembles some sort of MLM referral program and the mysterious unknown creators of it want to reach one million members before it launches in late Oct. early Nov. 2014. Which never happened!

Matter of fact the only things that anyone involved with CCC was clear on is the insane amount of money that one can make as a member and that it missed three separate launch dates.

You’re also told that if you buy one of their three “products” you stand to make more money because you will be guaranteed a spot in the top 10% of members.

Which sounds a whole lot like a pyramid scheme or in other words MLM program or Ponzi Scheme.

That is for you to decide but in my experiences you never jump on board with something that is not willing to tell you upfront exactly what it is, what you will be doing as a member, and who the owners/creators are.

Now, according to the secretive creators, it’s a once in a lifetime chance to get in on a new age business model that will have you making upwards of 16,000 bucks your very first day by doing no more than referring others to this millionaire type of lifestyle.

Here is what I think it is according to the research I have done.

It is going to be some sort of traffic generation system mixed with the classic MLM referral program because of the squeeze pages, webinars, and 20,000 in laser targeted traffic that whom ever is behind this madness is trying to get folks to buy so they can be in the “guaranteed” top 10% of the team.

What It Costs To Join Crazy Cash Club

As I said before this is one of the most confusing systems/products that I have ever laid eyes on more less reviewed.Crazy Cash Club squeeze page

There is only a few things that are for sure certain about CCC and one is the price you’ll pay for the four products they have to offer folks wanting to join this smoke and mirrors opportunity.

Here are the four things that CCC tries to sell to it’s new recruits:

  • Monster Cash Mini Webinar System– This is one that is said to buy you into the top 10% of whatever CCC turns out to be but will cost you $177.00.
  • Hands Free AR Splash Page– This is also one that will buy you into the alleged top 10% as well but like the other will come at a price and that price is $147.00.
  • 20,000 Laser Targeted Visitors– This product will cost you $57.00 and like the rest are non-refundable and no matter what you’re told it hardly ever works as a means of targeting potential customers. Instead are no more than automated clicks so to say.
  • 5,000 Laser Targeted Visitors– This product will cost you $17.00 and is also non refundable when it does not work for you.

The thing about these so called products is that none of them are actually from CCC and are products that are brought to you by a company called Free Mega Traffic.

Here is their note to you before you buy anything that they recommend to you.

Crazy Cash Club Scam

Is Crazy Cash Club A Scam Or Legit

Now we are going to get down to the brass tax of all that is CCC or at least what it is I was able to gather from my research into them.Crazy Cash Club Review

So as far as the owners of this mysterious system, they are staying under the radar and no where in anything that is put out by any other members or CCC itself are their full names given.

I wasn’t unable to find out to much of anything about them other than their first names which are Martin and Roger.

With that said I can tell you of another Martin and Roger that I know of and were the crooks that took part in scamming folks out of their money in what was known as Club Colossal.

However I can find no proof that indicates that these are the same two fellas associated with that Colossal scam but it’s rather a very big coincidence that CCC and Club Colossal are almost identical MLM programs with the same two names attached to both.

Just Saying!

OK, So is it a scam or will it really be a legitimate way for making money when it launches in November?

I would have to say that because there’s no one willing to tie there name to it and no one is willing to come clean and tell us exactly what you’ll be doing to make money when it finally launches.

Well, than it’s probably not something anyone should waste their money on just yet.

Instead just join for free until they come clean about their entire operation.

Crazy Cash Club Review

So we have determined that no one really knows what it is they will be doing as a member and that no one is brave enough to call it their own creation.What is Crazy Cash Club

You’re also told that you can join for free and you stand to make a heck of a lot of dough starting as soon as the first day.

$16,000 on your first day to be exact, $120,000 your first year, and $1,200,000 your second year and all of this can be accomplished quick and easy as a free member.


With that said, I have a question you should ask yourself before you join “for free” that may just change your mind about doing so.

If it is free to join CCC than where do they get all of these big chunks of cash to pay you with?

What do you think?

See even though they tell you that you can join for free they also say that when it goes live you’ll be apart of one of the largest paid network marketing programs of like minded entrepreneurs.

I don’t know about you but that sounds all to much like a scam to me especially being that you’re told you can do this with hardly any effort whatsoever.

If you are serious about wanting to obtain your financial freedom via the internet you’ll first have to be willing to put forth the effort as well as have a well developed reliable support system to show you the best way how.

And you will run into times when you need help. That is just part of learning and is something you will have happen to you from time to time as an online marketer of any type.

Here is a legit, no hidden cost, highly recommended educational internet marketing training program that is 100% free and will teach you how to earn an honest living online.

As for CCC I would have to say that it holds nothing of value and in my opinion it is a scam that more than likely will never really launch.Is Crazy Cash Club a Scam

Instead it’s trying to persuade a whole lot of people to buy the products they are getting paid to promote and when the launch date comes the creators of this system are going to have vanished with their cut from the sells.

This concludes my Crazy Cash Club review and as soon as I find out exactly What is Crazy Cash Club I’ll let you know but for now there’s no doubt if it’s a scam or legit.

Thanks For Reading!

Review of Crazy Cash Club

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  1. Jason


    Wealthy Affiliate is a online marketing training platform that allows you access to thousands of hours of training videos, live 24/7 real time support/help, and a place to get help from current successful marketers.

    So yes Bud, it is not only training that you are getting in return for your money it is a community of other folks that are either trying to learn the ropes of making money online or that have already figured out how to and are just merely trying to lend a hand to others that are in the same position they were when they started.

    Also just to clear the air on something else that you might have heard wrong about the free trail offer. The Free trail is for a 7 day free pass to what is the premium membership but remains a free membership after that 7 days just without premium advantages. Oh and your first month is only 19 bucks not $47.

    Also, just so you know, this is not at all a MLM/Pyramid scheme that you made it sound like with your “Car of your Dreams” reference.

    It is just everyday people helping others try to reach their goals of making money via the internet. You don’t have to sign up anyone at all, nor do you have to be an affiliate of WA. You can just simply take advantage the step by step training and of the fact that good hard working folks are willing to go out of their way to help you better understand how to earn a lasting income online.

    That is if this kind of thing is for you. Better yet it is free for you to see if it is your cup of tea.

    Good luck to you BUD and thanks for commenting,

  2. Bud

    I just watched a training video from WA. Maybe you can clue me in on what this Affiliate Bootcamp is? I finished watching the video and had no clue what I had just watched? Other than if I gave away one subscription per day, and the person actually signed up for the program after their free 30 day trial period, then I would make a $40 commission every month as long as they remain in the club. However they never once mentioned what it was that you were giving away or what you or the people that you sign up are getting for your money. Maybe it was for training? Oh yeah, if you signed up 100 people in 100 days, they will pay for you to lease the car of your dreams (up to $500 per month) and if you signed up 200 people, the lease amount increased to a maximum of $1,000.

    So what are you signing people up for?

  3. Jason

    Hello Tom,
    Thanks for your insight and I wish you luck with these guys.

  4. tom

    they started a new attempt with Crazy cash club. launch end November 2016.
    not with their own matrix but other programs.

    they do not have control over those programs, but what they do is try to make money off that by their landing page and their traffic but all of that you get when you join the other programs.

    But i give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

  5. Rich

    I hear ya Larry. The fall launch turned into a January launch and then they claimed to have bought the amazing million member launching company themselves so they could control things better for their faithful Crazies…and now it has become a Feb 28th launch. The part that really cracked me up is when Martin said in a webinar that he and Roger were going to have to get “real jobs” in order to finance their new purchase. These guys also run the 5 For Free site that “gives” you $5 to join but claim you can’t succeed without paying for their super-duper magic “plug-in”.

  6. Larry

    Hi Jason
    Good Research on this the two guys in this are Martin Morse and Roger Mcintyre the same two guys the ran the Club Colossal scam 10 years ago and are running another scam now (crazycashclub) no launch will ever happen. I joined
    the so called club but refused to buy their products just to get into the top 10% group but alot of people have and will be greatly disappointed when nothing happens

  7. Jason

    That is a tough decision to make Rich but we have a responsibility to our subscribers and followers to give them the truth so that they can come to their own conclusions on whether or not they believe it is a good fit for them.

    Me personally I would express my concerns so that they don’t get caught off guard.

    As far as being blacklisted…well I look at it like this, If they are going to blacklist me because I am not willing to back a scam that they are apart of than they are not the right kind of guru’s to be getting in business with. One could make the case that they are not gurus at all.

    I do hope it all works out for you and I think that the folks that you referred would appreciate you all the more for being honest with them about your concerns sooner rather than later.

    It is a hard spot to be in and I truly hope it all works out for you.

    Good Luck Rich and I hope to hear from you again,

  8. Rich

    Hi Jason,
    At first glance, I jumped in their club. I of course never bought into anything they were peddling but did set up a capture page and autoresponder campaign. I had a couple of dozen opt-in before I caught on. My dilemma was do I tell my subscribers my fears. I suppose as Internet marketers, regardless if we are honest or not, we shouldn’t expose our peers. After all, it is everyone’s responsibility to proceed with caution with any program. I simply stopped broadcast messages and ads for my capture page. Would you have sent a broadcast to warn your subscribers? And also, what if this crazy thing did end up real?
    These guys have run a forex scheme, a weight loss scheme and also a garbage program called 5 For Free, just for starters. I was just wondering your opinion on our responsibility to our subscribers. Spill the beans or live and let live? Can we be blacklisted by the “gurus” for being whistle blowers?

    Talk soon,

  9. Jason

    Hey Rich,

    It seems that the old saying still stands…If something seems to good to be true than it probably is!

    When I first researched this supposed guaranteed online money making opportunity I found more than just a few things wrong with it and even more so suspected that the unfortunate folks that paid to be a part of it would never get to see this company actually launch.

    For that I feel sorry for the honest folks that got took advantage of by these two known con-men and can only hope it does not break their spirits in trying their hand at making money online.

    Because it can be done and there are a few honest programs out there that can teach them how or help them better what they are already doing.

    For instance I can think of two right off the top of my head that I use and trust to do so for me month in and month out.

    Wealthy Affiliate University and Affilorama are the two I trust the most.

    But really anything would be better than Crazy Cash Club.

    Thanks for weighing in Rich and hope to have you back soon,

  10. Rich

    Uh…yeah. supposed fall launch turned into January 26th. One other point to make is that these splash pages and mini-webinar pages they sell, the prospects are going to Martin and Rogers list. The poor souls promoting this thing don’t even get the contacts. And the latest big news is that the original owners of the mysterious million member program have agreed to sell the whole deal to Martin and Roger. Really??? They are going to let this goldmine go for $20,000 to the boys?? Martin also stated in a webinar that he and Roger are going to have to get “real jobs” to pull off the takeover of Program X. Anybody that has been around awhile can guess what comes next…the guys are going to need financial help from their loyal club members. P.S. The January 26 launch date has now been postponed.

  11. Jason

    Thank you for your comment Lorraine and I would have to agree with your opinion on this crazy cash scam.

    I understand that you want to help your family with their efforts of internet riches but the best thing you could do for them would be steer them in the right direction.

    In my opinion that would be to create a reputable and consistent online business instead of a get rich quick scheme.

    If you would like to give them a suggestion of where they can learn for free or if they are really serious about this than they can do so for a very affordable rate of 47 bucks a month at Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thanks again for your kind words and I hope that you and your Family member will find Wealthy Affiliate as helpful as I do for making a living online.

    See you on the inside of WA and if you ever need any help feel free to message me there or here on my contact page.

  12. Lorraine

    Hi Jason,
    Thank you for your review. Appreciate people like you that take the time to thorough research for us :) I have been asked by a relative of mine and I must say their webpage is a dead give aways as well. If they have that much money to give away, they can certainly afford a better web developer don’t you think? Anyway, I am thinking of just signing up for my relative’s benefit but to also send her the link to your review. For me personally, like the old saying, if it’s too good to be true, then it is probably is. Thank you once again.

  13. Jason

    Your very Welcome Andrew,

    Yes it was also a deadline for the splash pages sale but in the webinars that Crazy Cash Club puts out for it’s members they also said that the release date would be towards the end of Oct. to the 1st of Nov.

    However according to some of the channels that I use for researching programs and systems like CCC most of everyone associated with them were lead to believe that they would launch on the 14th (same as deadline).

    Which ever way it works out I leave you with this question to ask yourself… Where will they get all of this money they are promising people that they will make if the majority of the members are FREE Members?

    Just a little food for thought Andrew and maybe a question that you and your friends can address the next time CCC comes up in conversation.

    Oh and one more Question, Why did they change the launch date from Oct.-Nov.,like was told to us in the webinars, to Jan.?

    Don’t get me wrong I do hope it turns out to be a legitimate income generator but there are too many red flags pointing in the way of some sort of Ponzi Scheme.

    For both of our wallets I hope that’s not true but if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck than it’s not a pigeon.

    My feeling is if they do finally launch you will be forced to buy or leave.

    Thanks again for the conversation and if you don’t care come on back and let me know how Crazy Cash Club Turns out for you,

  14. Andrew

    Thank you so much for that, Jason. My friends say that the October 14th date was not for the launch, but it was a deadline to actually purchase a splash page, and that no date was ever given for the launch until recently, which will be in January. What I think I will do is get in for free and stay free to see if they deliver as promised or not, because frankly, as a free member I will have nothing to lose if I make no money. But if I don’t get in for free, and if my friends who are in for free make the promised amount, I will feel like a total ass for not at least getting in for free. I won’t pay for anything regardless of what they say. I will keep you updated on what happens, hoping to get your thoughts on it.

  15. Jason

    Hey Andrew,

    I can not say for absolute certain that their will not be an actual launch date because only the folks calling their selves the creators of crazy cash club can answer that question.

    However, Andrew I can tell you this…

    CCC was had came out and said the last day of their big Splash Squeeze Page sale that they were going to be launching on the 14th. I received that email on the 13th from CCC but yet the system never went live but there is also rumor of this happening around the first week of November too.

    So should you sign up for this system?

    Well, look at it this way, it is free to do so and as far as signing up for the free version I can tell you this much, I did.

    After all what could it hurt, it’s free and on the off chance that it turns into something I want to make sure that I can get in on it too.

    And so should you. Only for free though.

    Absolutely Andrew, you can reach me here anytime or you can reach me inside of Wealthy Affiliate. If you are not a member than I recommend if you ever sign up for anything that pertains to learning how to make money online that this is the one membership that you need.

    It’s free to do so, no need for a credit card, and it is the sole reasoning behind me being able to make a living from the internet.

    So if your not already Andrew do yourself a favor and become a free member of what 10’s of thousands of people consider to be the best money making training community there is online.

    Oh and tell your friends to be very cautious about buying anything just yet that a way they don’t have to worry with getting ripped off and to stay away from Crazy Cash Club’s laser targeted traffic systems. They don’t work because any traffic that you can buy like that is no more than a useless click on the stat sheets.

    So, Andrew did this help?

    Thanks for stopping by and I am truly glad you enjoyed my article and hope that I was able to help with your friends. They are lucky to have a buddy like you.

    Feel free to look me up inside of Wealthy Affiliate if you decide to become a Free WA Member.


  16. Andrew

    Jason, the information you provide is very researched. Are you sure that this is a scam and that there will be no launch at all? I know people who have signed up, and they say that launch will come soon. When their launch date comes and goes, regardless of what happens, can I still contact you here? It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on whatever happens. But based on what you have said above, you are recommending that I not join because I won’t get paid anyway. I will follow your advice because you are definitely saying that this is a scam and I wouldn’t be losing out on any money. I just have to figure out what to tell my friends who have joined.

  17. Jason

    Hey Wayne,
    Unfortunately ole bud I am aware of the regularity of scams out there and like you I hope that it will be changed.

    But I don’t see Google or any other faction being able to keep up with the rate at which these scams are put out at least not without accidentally condemning some of the legitimate programs as scams as well.

    I thank you for your kind words and for the knowledge that you have shared about the frequency of scams.

    Maybe one day Wayne we will get a cleaner version of the internet without all of the folks with hidden agendas…..like the creators of Crazy Cash Club

    Thanks again for reading Wayne,

  18. Jason

    I have also joined for free just to see how deep this scam really goes and since joining I have still not received my email confirmation to give me my so called referral link.

    Along with that I have recently started receiving emails from the member I signed up under encouraging me to get in on the “excellent” squeeze pages and mini webinar packages so I can be pushed to the front of the line so to speak and be a part of the top 10%.

    Well like I told him is just the same as you have said here…..When I get paid the money that Crazy Cash Club pretty much guarantees and I can confirm that it is not a scam then he can get his 100% matching bonus from me buying something.

    Lets just say that I haven’t been hearing anything else from him since I sent that message. Which kind of answers the scam question for me.

    But Good Luck to you and thanks for coming out to voice your opinion.

  19. Hilda

    The reviews you published in this article can greatly help people who want to generate income at home to avoid scams. Honest opportunities do exist but people need to know about them. Blessings!

  20. Wayne

    Hey Jason,

    I never heard of this one. CCC sure sounds like another one of those scams that will grab anyone that is new to online marketing.

    I am so glad that you are providing a place for people to get the real deal. My only concern is that they get sucked into one of these BS scams before they find your website.

    I know that Google has made some major advancements in weeding out the scammers and spammers but I wish they could put an end to them altogether.

    Did you know that 54 out of every 55 online marketing opportunities that are presented online are bogus. 98% of work from home job opportunities are scams created by opportunist to suck people in and don’t deliver what they claim.
    The internet is a constant growing changing entity and hopefully one day it will become a place where people can come and trust the information they are looking for.

    I don’t know if it will happen in my life time but it is a dream of mine.

    I’m sick and tired of people taking advantage of other and it really has to change.

    Thanks for being one of the people on the front lines that deliver the valuable information.


  21. booklover2

    I joined for free and am smart enough not to have given them any money yet “til I make my first $2500” as they claim and I’m still waiting til november to see!

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