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What Is Crazy Cash Club Scam Or Legit-Crazy Cash Club Review

Crazy Cash Club Review
Martin and Roger
MLM Scam

What Is Crazy Cash Club

This is a very good question that can not be easily answered and in my opinion I don’t believe even the paying members know exactly what Crazy Cash Club is.Crazy Cash Club

Reason being is the CCC (Crazy Cash Club) webpage is no more than one big attractant for gullible folks that are desperate to be the next person to become a millionaire via the internet.

Everything I was able to dig up regarding what it is that you’ll be doing to make money with CCC is vague at best.


I can tell you it resembles some sort of MLM referral program and the mysterious unknown creators of it want to reach one million members before it launches in late Oct. early Nov. 2014. Which never happened!

Matter of fact the only things that anyone involved with CCC was clear on is the insane amount of money that one can make as a member and that it missed three separate launch dates.

You’re also told that if you buy one of their three “products” you stand to make more money because you will be guaranteed a spot in the top 10% of members.

Which sounds a whole lot like a pyramid scheme or in other words MLM program or Ponzi Scheme.

That is for you to decide but in my experiences you never jump on board with something that is not willing to tell you upfront exactly what it is, what you will be doing as a member, and who the owners/creators are.

Now, according to the secretive creators, it’s a once in a lifetime chance to get in on a new age business model that will have you making upwards of 16,000 bucks your very first day by doing no more than referring others to this millionaire type of lifestyle.

Here is what I think it is according to the research I have done.

It is going to be some sort of traffic generation system mixed with the classic MLM referral program because of the squeeze pages, webinars, and 20,000 in laser targeted traffic that whom ever is behind this madness is trying to get folks to buy so they can be in the “guaranteed” top 10% of the team.

What It Costs To Join Crazy Cash Club

As I said before this is one of the most confusing systems/products that I have ever laid eyes on more less reviewed.Crazy Cash Club squeeze page

There is only a few things that are for sure certain about CCC and one is the price you’ll pay for the four products they have to offer folks wanting to join this smoke and mirrors opportunity.

Here are the four things that CCC tries to sell to it’s new recruits:

  • Monster Cash Mini Webinar System– This is one that is said to buy you into the top 10% of whatever CCC turns out to be but will cost you $177.00.
  • Hands Free AR Splash Page– This is also one that will buy you into the alleged top 10% as well but like the other will come at a price and that price is $147.00.
  • 20,000 Laser Targeted Visitors– This product will cost you $57.00 and like the rest are non-refundable and no matter what you’re told it hardly ever works as a means of targeting potential customers. Instead are no more than automated clicks so to say.
  • 5,000 Laser Targeted Visitors– This product will cost you $17.00 and is also non refundable when it does not work for you.

The thing about these so called products is that none of them are actually from CCC and are products that are brought to you by a company called Free Mega Traffic.

Here is their note to you before you buy anything that they recommend to you.

Crazy Cash Club Scam

Is Crazy Cash Club A Scam Or Legit

Now we are going to get down to the brass tax of all that is CCC or at least what it is I was able to gather from my research into them.Crazy Cash Club Review

So as far as the owners of this mysterious system, they are staying under the radar and no where in anything that is put out by any other members or CCC itself are their full names given.

I wasn’t unable to find out to much of anything about them other than their first names which are Martin and Roger.

With that said I can tell you of another Martin and Roger that I know of and were the crooks that took part in scamming folks out of their money in what was known as Club Colossal.

However I can find no proof that indicates that these are the same two fellas associated with that Colossal scam but it’s rather a very big coincidence that CCC and Club Colossal are almost identical MLM programs with the same two names attached to both.

Just Saying!

OK, So is it a scam or will it really be a legitimate way for making money when it launches in November?

I would have to say that because there’s no one willing to tie there name to it and no one is willing to come clean and tell us exactly what you’ll be doing to make money when it finally launches.

Well, than it’s probably not something anyone should waste their money on just yet.

Instead just join for free until they come clean about their entire operation.

Crazy Cash Club Review

So we have determined that no one really knows what it is they will be doing as a member and that no one is brave enough to call it their own creation.What is Crazy Cash Club

You’re also told that you can join for free and you stand to make a heck of a lot of dough starting as soon as the first day.

$16,000 on your first day to be exact, $120,000 your first year, and $1,200,000 your second year and all of this can be accomplished quick and easy as a free member.


With that said, I have a question you should ask yourself before you join “for free” that may just change your mind about doing so.

If it is free to join CCC than where do they get all of these big chunks of cash to pay you with?

What do you think?

See even though they tell you that you can join for free they also say that when it goes live you’ll be apart of one of the largest paid network marketing programs of like minded entrepreneurs.

I don’t know about you but that sounds all to much like a scam to me especially being that you’re told you can do this with hardly any effort whatsoever.

If you are serious about wanting to obtain your financial freedom via the internet you’ll first have to be willing to put forth the effort as well as have a well developed reliable support system to show you the best way how.

And you will run into times when you need help. That is just part of learning and is something you will have happen to you from time to time as an online marketer of any type.

Here is a legit, no hidden cost, highly recommended educational internet marketing training program that is 100% free and will teach you how to earn an honest living online.

As for CCC I would have to say that it holds nothing of value and in my opinion it is a scam that more than likely will never really launch.Is Crazy Cash Club a Scam

Instead it’s trying to persuade a whole lot of people to buy the products they are getting paid to promote and when the launch date comes the creators of this system are going to have vanished with their cut from the sells.

This concludes my Crazy Cash Club review and as soon as I find out exactly What is Crazy Cash Club I’ll let you know but for now there’s no doubt if it’s a scam or legit.

Thanks For Reading!

Review of Crazy Cash Club


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