Before contacting please read the section that pertains to you and be sure to include all the information that is requested of you.

Failure to do so may result in the termination of your request but in most cases we will try to contact you as a courtesy to obtain any missing information.

There are few different services that you may want to contact us over and if you scroll down you will find the one that meets your needs.

Request A Professional Review

Here at Honest Online Money we review all kinds of different systems and programs that claim to help you make money online.

If you have encountered one of these systems that has not already been reviewed by us than feel free to reach out to us for help.

We will accept all requests with in reason and publish the review usually within three days.

However, in some instances addition research may be required so that we can be fully confident that we’re providing you with the utmost standard in quality and as always HONESTY.

After all it is your hard earned money and I personally do not want anyone to get sucked in on yet another conman’s empty promise of riches.

There are a few things that we will need from you though.

They are:

  • The URL where you found the program/system
  • The name you know the system by (some cases the program goes by another name and we may have already reviewed it)
  • Your preferred Contact method so that we may inform you in advance of the publication date.(Either follow us on one of our Social Platforms such as G+ or Twitter or an email address)
  • Any special specifics that you wish the review to be catered around. (such as affiliate program, specific training, or individual Up-Sell) We want to tailor any review you request to your specific needs.

Request For A Guest Blogging Opportunity

We are also always looking forward to creating new partnerships with fellow HONEST webmasters and Quality content publishers.

If you believe that you have something to contribute to this site that will add value for our users than you may submit a request to the contact information below.

However, there are a few things that we will need to verify about you as a publisher and about the quality of the website that you own.

This is not ensure that you are not involved in ant sort of spam activity and as well we suggest that you do the same for us before you ask for any quest blogging rights.

Here are the credentials we will need from you.

  • The URL/URLs for any website you will be linking back to from the article you wish to publish here. (URL that you are requesting a Backlink to)
  • URLs for any website/websites that you are the owner/publisher of.
  • An email address for further contacting and/or information request. (you may request the same from me)

Ad Space Request

We will consider all requests for Ad Space but do not and will not allow any ad space be sold (No Matter The Price) to any spam sites or any websites that intend to deceive their users.

We will need you to include the following information to have your brand or advertisement be shown on this site.

Even then Honest Online Money reserves the right to decline any offers or pull any ads at anytime we have reason to suspect your being less than honest with your customers or your ads.

Here is what we will need from you to consider your request.

  • Company name and URL of where your ad while send this websites readers. (NO AFFILIATE LINKS)
  • The duration you wish to run your ad
  • The content of the ad you wish to place
  • Contact information of the website where you wish to send this sites readers

All other information such as price, payment arrangements, and ad placement will be discussed in further detail upon approval. You may ask for any credentials of this site via the contact information below.

Any personal contact information (E-mail) will be kept private and only be used for the purpose of informing you of the status of any review, Guest blogging opportunity, ad space inquiries, or any other reason that you have requested.

We DO NOT SPAM here at Honest Online Money and expect the same courtesy in return.  Any violations will be considered a termination of all the aforementioned requests.

We are very punctual about the time frames we state a review will be completed and a notification again will be sent informing you prior to publication.

If any problem should occur that would cause a delay than we will inform you via email or our social business profile.

Contact Us

Here at Honest Online Money we do our best to help and accommodate any and all requests made of us but due to the shear volume of requests that we get there are times that it might take us longer than normal to get back to you.

Under normal circumstances you will hear back from me personally within a 24 hour period of your original request.

This is subject to change depending on the nature of your request, the volume of inquires, and the quality of the initial information that you submitted.

Nevertheless, all efforts will be made to respond to you within that 24 hour window but to help you better stay up to date with the workings of this website you can check us out on one of our social channels.

I would like to offer a Personal Thanks To ALL That Wish To Work With Us Here At Honest Online Money and Offer A VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL HONEST ONLINE MONEY READERS.