Clickbank University Review

Clickbank University Review-What Is ClickBank University Scam Or Legit?

What Is ClickBank University Scam Or Legit?
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In this Clickbank University Review I'll answer what is Clickbank University and Is Clickbank University a legit way for learning to create digital products

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What Is Clickbank University
Owner- Adam Horitz, Justin Allen
Price- $97/month, $797/year, $1 trial offer
Rating- 4 out of 5 stars

If you have ever bought or promoted any products from Clickbank’s marketplace than it’s easily understandable why you may have doubts about the legitimacy of their affiliate training course known as Clickbank University. Clickbank University Review

In this CBU Review I’m covering all aspects of this training platform and while I don’t believe it to be the best affiliate marketing course, I will show why I believe it’s one of the better ones out there.

I wanted to also lend folks a hand with how to find the best products to promote inside the CB Marketplace with a nifty little helper I’ve been using.

It clears away 1000’s of products that just don’t sell and gives you a list of the best current CB products to sell.

It’s called CB Engine and it has helped me increase my commissions drastically.

Now, allow me to show you around this Online Entrepreneur Training Course For Beginners so that you can determine (For Yourself) if it’s right for you

More importantly though, if it’s really worth your time and money.


There’s a newer, cheaper, version of CBU that has been released and you can learn more about Clickbank University 2.0 here.

What Is Clickbank University

CBU (Clickbank University) was created by two young men named Justin Allen and Adam Horitz and was launched in the early part of this year (2014) as a way to help folks with making money online.Clickbank University by Clickbank

For the most part CBU is an educational platform that is meant to help people learn how to create and sell their own digital informational products online.

Along with creating your own products, Justin and Adam will also teach you how to start making money online by teaching you the right way to getting started as an affiliate marketer.

However, all of the training you will receive through this affiliate training course is geared around using CB to do so but the techniques they’re teaching can also be used in with all other affiliate networks or programs.

Clickbank University Pros and Cons


  • Can try for 7 days for $1 (trial offer)
  • Lots of high quality video training
  • Justin and Adam are using the same methods that they are teaching to make money
  • honestly can teach you the right way to create your own info products (become a vendor)
  • offers a $300 discount if you buy into the year membership
  • Great for teaching beginners how to make money online with affiliate marketingDoes Clickbank University work
  • excellent customer support
  • does offer a community for answering questions
  • offers a standard 60 day money back guarantee on all products
  • live weekly seminars with various different industry experts
  • offers to create a website unique to your passions


  • It is overpriced
  • you are limited to how many lessons you can take a week
  • the community is very limited and many questions go unanswered
  • have to pay extra for hosting and website creation
  • all of the training is catered to you using Cb as your affiliate platform
  • lacks SEO training
  • does not show how to find keywords
  • some of the training lacks detail and is a bit vague

Clickbank University Membership Cost

You have a few options you can use to become a part of this CB powered educational platform but if you were to ask me I would tell you that there are much cheaper options that are just as good if not better.

regardless of what I think about the price I still believe that the training is of very good quality and that the methods that you will learn can result in you making honest money online as an affiliate.Clickbank University Trial Offer

So with that said I will give the different pricing options just in case you feel that you are willing to spend the money it will take to become a CBU member.

As I said there are three options to become a member and here they are in order that they are presented to you by CBU:

$1 7 day trial- If you choose to go this route just be aware that a glimpse of this training is all that you will get because you will be limited to seeing only the introduction and first lesson videos.

CBU Monthly- This is the route I suggest that you start with after you utilize the $1 trial and feel it is training that you want to participate in because the next level of membership is extremely high priced.

CBU Yearly- Again before you join up yearly I just want to remind you that there are other marketing courses that are just as good as the training offered by CBU but are much more affordable than the $797 price tag that comes with a years worth of CBU training.

Clickbank University Training Course

Even though a beginner stands to learn a lot more from the affiliate courses, some of the training would be very beneficial to experienced marketers as well.

For instance if you don’t know where to start when it comes to creating your own info products or how to locate the right affiliate for the job of promoting them than you stand to learn a great deal from CB University.

Here’s a look into the members area where you will find the training that may or may not be something of interest to you but is assured to help you learn how to make more money promoting the products that you find inside of their marketplace.

Is Clickbank University Legit Or Scam

Home- In this tab of the members area you will find Justin and Adam personally welcoming you to the CBU training area and also pretty much all you’ll see as a participant of the 7 day trial offer for a buck.

Orientation-  Here is where your trial offer will end and where you’ll be strongly encouraged to set up your profile because this will later be used as a tool for them to set up a website for you. If you so choose.

Another thing you will find in this training tab is a few personal training tips from Justin and Adam that can help you with your conversion rates.

Site Builder Tab- If you join up you’ll notice that this feature is currently under construction and as of late has just started in beta testing.

However, what this feature is suppose to do for you is help you with setting up everything from sales pages to thank you pages or in other words how to properly build out your sales funnel in just a few clicks of your mouse.

Along with all the other great stuff that this software feature will do for you it will also allow you to set up your own membership site with the same ease of just a few keystrokes and clicks.

Beginners tab- Well as I’m sure you have guessed this is where beginners will start learning how to create their own digital info products of your own personal hobbies or life passions and market them as a CB vendor.What is Clickbank University

You will find training in the form of 8 courses all by which you will be forced to do a week at a time making this section 8 weeks worth of mainly video training lessons.

Advanced- Again pretty self explanatory but I am going to tell you anyways what you will find.

To put in laymen terms you will be learning how to take the knowledge you acquired from the previous lessons and learn how to fine tune it to be able to become even more successful at becoming a CB vendor.

The Affiliates Training- Because of the easy navigation that was set up for CBU this is another one of them speaks for itself tabs that will help you refine your skills as an affiliate of CB and the products within it’s marketplace.

In these lesson plans you will learn a few different things all of which are the way that Adam and Justin do it themselves.

They are:

Live Seminar Classes- I mentioned this in the pros section of my review and now I will hit on this topic again briefly.

In addition to the rest of the training here you will also be able to set in on live video classes were you will learn some tips from a few of CB’s top sellers and what methods they are currently having success using.

You will also be able to revert back to these videos at anytime but keep in mind this is a relatively new feature so it will be building out before your eyes.

University Talks- This is a branch off of the the live classes but instead of other leading CB sellers giving you tips it will be the CBU founders Justin and Adam.

Done for You- This is as I mentioned earlier where they will build a website for you and let you choose how much money you are willing to spend for them to tailor a website around your likes and passions.

This is where I throw my two cents in because you will be forced to spend a rather pretty penny on this feature if you want them to build you a high quality site and for that I tell you Do Not take them up on this option.

Reason being is there are more affordable ways that you can do this and still keep total control of your site at the same time and in some cases you can find this service for absolutely free.

If creating your own site is something that you are interested in than you can find more information from reading my how to build an affiliate website.

Community- Simply put this is where you can network with other members of CBU and as well ask questions and hopefully get them answered.

There are many ways that you can use this community type of atmosphere to your advantage and one of them ways is to create partnerships with other CBU members.

Clickbank University Review

All in all, I’m a fan of this university and recommend this affiliate training course to anyone wanting to learn how to make money online by creating their own informational products to sell.

With that said though there are a few things that I must confess about this system that I did not find very appealing and on some level do not at all agree with.

The first of these complaints is the lack of depth with the SEO training because there are some vital steps to that process that are not talked about.Review The University of Clickbank

Also there are other tactics that are recommended but if implemented onto your own site can result in loss of rankings or worse your site not being trusted by Google which means that they won’t rank it at all.

The second complaint would be that some of the training is left unfinished or in other words they did not go into deep enough detail for folks, especially beginners, to be able to get a firm gasp of understanding it.

Granted this does not occur in very many lessons but to me if you are going to pay that kind of cash for it than it happening in one lesson is one to many.

Lastly, I think that the price that they charge you for creating your custom site is morally unethical because these services can be found for far less and as well can be done yourself with just a little bit of the right training.

With that said I will point out that the cost of the website creation is not a fixed rate so you could technically get a cheaper one created but even the cheapest of the websites will cost you.

Alright, other than the things I just mentioned the only other thing that does not set well with me about this educational course is the extremely high price.

I mean come on unless you come from money or have recently robbed a bank who in the heck can afford an extra 100 bucks a month.


If you have the funds to spare and are wanting to learn how to create your own digital info products than you will find this a good option to explore in your quest for marketing knowledge.

If you want to learn the same things, with a more active community, and at a much cheaper rate than check out the University of Wealthy Affiliate.

Well that’s gonna do it for my Clickbank University Review. If you have any questions about what Clickbank University is or have your own Legit experiences you would like to share than feel free to comment.

Thanks for Reading!

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