Chris Farrell Membership Review-Is Chris Farrell Membership Legit

Chris Farrell Membership Review
Product– Chris Farrell Membership
Owner– Chris Farrell
Price– $4.95/7 day trial, 
Rating– 4 out of 5 stars

Chris Farrell Membership Review

If you’ve been looking into the top online marketing training programs than you have probably come across the CFM program but What Is Chris Farrell Membership and Is Chris Farrell Membership legit or a scam?Does The Chris Farrell Membership Program Work

This CFM Review will answer these questions along with anything else you’ll need to know before you make any financial commitments.

As an ex member I can tell you that when I first looked into this site that did ease my mind a bit, and like you, I myself did as he said and set out Googling.

More than likely you’ve arrived here because Mr. Farrell himself told you to go out and read reviews of his program to see for yourself if his site is legit or not.

Now before I get to reviewing his training program let me tell you a little about Chris and what he is known for in the marketing industry.

See Mr. Farrell started his online marketing career back in 2008 and like many of us had no idea what he was doing but before long he was the talk of the marketing town.Is Chris Farrell Membership Legit or a Scam-Honest Review

By Aug. 2010 he had managed to make over a million dollars in sales within a 24 hour period and shortly after he was reported (by IM ReportCard) to have the number one internet marketing couching program 3 years running.

That’s great and all but lets get to the review to see if it’s one of the top online marketing training programs that he say’s it is.

Chris Farrell Membership Pros and Cons


  • new weekly video training
  • money back guarantee
  • easy to understand step by step video training
  • all videos are transcribed (for those that don’t like video)
  • 7 day full trial
  • free hosting with membershipChris Farrell Membership Does It Work
  • link cloaking tool
  • mentor program (Chris Mentor Me Program)


  • most of the support is offered in the forum format
  • pricey up sells that they fail to mention
  • some videos are too short (lack details beginners need to fully understand)
  • program can not be cancelled easily like is stated when you sign up
  • it is hard to get your money back from the money back guarantee

Chris Farrell Membership Training

First lets talk about the training because it’s not like your looking for the top online marketing programs to meet new friends you want to know if your actually going to learn something.

This is a 21 day step by step training system that offers it’s members easy to understand video training that is broken down into small segments of marketing basics.

Chris Farrell Membership Site Review

It shows you how to start your own online business by teaching you to create websites or by giving you a website that has already been set up in what is said to be profitable niche markets.

All of the training that you will find within the Chris Farrell Membership program is aimed at helping newbies learn how to earn money online through the power of internet and affiliate marketing.

Me personally, I found the training to be way to brief to be considered quality training but what is there is easy to understand.

However the training on creating your own products was quite good and the How-to training for E book creation was pretty detailed as well.

Other than that there are better marketing training programs out there for beginners to learn the right way to create a business.

Chris Farrell Membership Program Support

This is where I was just totally let down by this program.

It had it’s flaws up to this point but none that I wasn’t willing to look over but this is absolutely critical for a beginner to have.

It doesn’t matter what you’re learning.

The support is offered up in the form of a members forum (like most training programs) where you can go ask questions or look back on old forum threads to find answers.What Is Chris Farrell Membership Support

This can be a powerful tool in some cases but there has to be people there to talk to or a way to find the information quickly.

Sometimes days would pass before I would get a question answered and I would get burnt out looking through countless hours worth of threads before I ever found an answer.

Mr. Farrell also gives you a number he swears that you can call if you ever need anything Support Wise.

You got a better chance of winning the lotto than you do of getting anyone on the other end.

Don’t get me wrong there is to some degree support in this training program.

However, most of the time you don’t know if it is a beginner answering your questions or someone that really knows what they’re talking about.


Chris Farrell Membership Cost

As we all know the price for programs that involve marketing training can be quite pricey but this program is inexpensive by comparison.

I think it would be better if they offered some sort of free trial offer for a few days but the offer that is there ain’t all that bad.

Chris Farrell Membership Discount

To get a peek at what you will get with this program will only cost you $4.95 for a trial week (7 days).

If you like what you see there you can sign up to the monthly membership which will run you $37 and that gives you access to pretty much all of this systems tools.

However, there are some up-sells!

Most companies have them and I can understand them wanting to make extra sells and money.

What I don’t understand is why they can’t be upfront about how some of the tools are sold separately.

The main one here is the access to Mr. Farrell.

That is not available unless you pay the extra $997 price tag that it comes with.

The regular membership is just fine and you don’t have to get the $997 up-sell for this program to be successful.

It’s really just for the folks looking to fast track their results.

Is Chris Farrell Membership Legit

During this review I have told you pretty much everything that I can remember that wasn’t up to par with this system so now lets get down to the legitimacy of it.

Chris Farrell Membership Honest Review

First off, ignore all of the so called real time comments Chris shows you in the introductory video.

Because lets face it how do you really know that them are not just from friends of his or accounts that he created.

Then we have the almighty up sell that no matter how hard you try you can not get away from because it is pushed on you at every turn.

That alone should be enough for you to go look else where but keep in mind you do not have to buy it.

Now lets take a look and see if it’s a scam or a legitimate site to become a member of.

If you are a brand new beginner than this would be a good training site for you to learn the ropes of marketing and the basics of starting a business online.

Just know that eventually you’ll have to seek another training community because this one lacks adequate support and it’s a more beginner friendly site.

Even with that said the CFM program is not a scam, it’s just the basics of marketing training and online business creation.

I Hope you where able to find the Info you needed in this Chris Farrell Membership Review and it helped answer any questions of what it is and Is Chris Farrell Membership Legit.

Thanks for reading!

Chris Farrell Membership Information

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This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. Jason


    Glad you stopped by and shared your thoughts and experiences of the Chris Farrell Membership Program.

    Although CFM is a great option and one of the better training programs out there, WA has got to be the best one for any beginner or intermediate online marketer/entrepreneur.

    Thanks again for stopping by and giving this a read,

  2. Monica Bouteiller

    Chris Farrell Membership is definitely legit. I was a member there until I joined Wealthy Affiliate. Chris’s program is absolutely legit and I have had great training and I really liked having the 7 day full trial and that’s how I signed up with them monthly. 

    As my site developed, I was finding I needed more training which is why I left. I would still recommend CFM to anyone new to online business development.

    Thanks… I really enjoyed reading your post.

  3. Jason


    You are most welcome and while it can be on the steep side in price that $997 will also get you one on one help from Mr. Farrell Himself.

    The price for the membership is only $97.

    But you are right if they could afford that kind of price than they probably do not need the help.

    Thank for reading,

  4. Alanna

    Wow! I had heard about the Chris Farrell Membership but never really checked it out. Two things popped out at me: the money back guarantee and the $997 price tag. If you are just starting out in online marketing, you really need all the support you can get. Forums are great and all but it’s only worth it if people can actually respond within 24 hours.

    As for the $997 upsell, again, newbies to online marketing probably don’t have that kind of cash. If they did, they probably wouldn’t need to be pursuing online marketing in the first place! Thanks for the in depth review. Alanna

  5. Jason


    Chris Farrell Membership does have support like that but as it says in this review, it could take some time for them to get back to you.

    I did hear the same thing about his monstrous sales day and from what I understand it took him close to 36 hours to make that million.

    No you do not have to buy Chris Farrell’s mentor me program to get access to CFM nor do you need it for it to work.

    Thanks for stopping by,

  6. Ankit

    I really liked your review about the Chris Farrell Membership program.

    One of the good things I found in this review is that we can call admin whenever we want to.

    I don’t know how true this is but I read somewhere that he made 1 million in sales in just 24 hours period.

    Do you know anything about that?

    So I don’t have to the mentor me program to get the full access to all of the training and support?

    Thanks for sharing this information.

  7. Jason

    Hi Jacob,

    Yes, unfortunately most people just copy someone else’s review.

    I have had many of mine copied as of late and it really does lead to all of the reviews saying the same things.

    Chris Farrell Membership is one of the better ones out there, that is true, but it still does not quite have the same value as Wealthy Affiliate does.

    It does work and there are still a lot of folks using it and being successful doing so.

    Thanks for stopping by,

  8. Jacob

    Honestly, I think there are many good programs out there.

    I have not tried this program yet but I like the Money back guarantee part.

    I have read many reviews and most of the time it just says the same thing.

    For your case, it seems this is just a basic marketing course and Wealthy Affiliate is still the better one I guess?

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