CB Engine Review-Is CBEngine Worth The Money

CB Engine Review
Product– CB EngineCB Engine Review
Price– Free, Pro $27
Rating– 4 out of 5 Stars

CB Engine Review

This CB Engine Review will show you the differences between the Free and Pro versions as well as answer the most important question we all want to know, Is CB Engine Worth The Money?

The Clickbank Marketplace has one of the largest selections of internet affiliate products but unfortunately it also has the highest percentage of refunds.CB Engine Pro 7 Day Trial

See may folks take advantage of CB’s iron clad, no questions asked 90 day refund policy and as a result it causes hardships among their affiliates and makes it hard to earn steady commissions.

That is unless you have been a life long CB affiliate or if you know how and where to look to find the ones that convert the best.

This is what CBE (CB Engine) can do for the members of it that know how to use it properly because it is basically a search engine for the ClickBank Marketplace.

So what do you think, lets dive a little deeper into this affiliate helper tool to find out if it is truly worth the money but if you don’t want to “read all about it” you can skip to my CBE verdict and results.

CBEngine Pros and Cons


  • Offers a Free 7 day Pro TrialWhat Is CB Engine
  • Has a Free Version
  • Lifetime paid Pro Membership for 1 payment
  • 10,000’s of active paid users
  • Was created by longtime CB affiliates
  • An Above Average Success Rate
  • Backed by CB’s iron clad Refund Policy
  • Notifies when new products are added
  • Stats are continuously updated


  • Free version is limited in features
  • Only works with CB products
  • Some earned commissions are only available to Pro members
  • Stats are from other CB affiliates (could be beginners)

What Is CB Engine’s Price

Obviously you’ll need to be an affiliate of Click Bank for this Search Engine to be useful to you but if you need a little extra help getting the most out of it’s marketplace than there are two options for you to choose from.

Here are what they are:

CB Engine Free Edition– This is where you can take CBE out for a spin without having to pay a dime to do so.Is CB Engine Worth The Money

Being that it is free to use this option it’s limited to just a few features but if you’re serious about wanting to get it’s full benefit than you might want to take advantage of the Free 7 day Pro Trial.

Which as the name suggests is a free all access pass to all that CBE has to offer.

CBEngine Pro– This paid version will unlock the full power of CBE’s earning potential.

Normally this product would cost you $47 but as of late the creators of this profitable search engine reduced it’s price to give everybody just starting out the chance to try it.

So, if you’re willing to part with a mere 27 bucks than this will consistently assist you in mastering the ClickBank Market Place and the commissions you can earn.

Unlike other products like it, you’ll only have to open you’re wallet once and get access to it forever.

Clickbank Engine Features-Pro and Free

CBE offers quite a bit of features that will help affiliates cash in on big CB commissions and here are the ones you will use the most and that you’ll find the most beneficial to your affiliate marketing needs.

Bookmark System– Helps you keep track of the products you are promoting or the ones you’re wanting to promote.

CB Affiliate Insider– Where you can find or are recommended the most lucrative and new products available.

Product Stats and Graphs– Gives you all of the latest and up to date product information and seller stats.


Nickname Manager– Gives you one click access from your CBE account to the hop link of any and every product you find to promote.

Ad-sense Style CB Ads– This is a Pro version feature that grants access to PPC ads sponsored by Clickbank.

It works a lot like ad-sense does in the way that other sites and companies pay you by the click for each visitors that comes to them from the ad on your site.

Store Front– Another Pro only feature that acts a lot like an Amazon or eBay php script store widget that you add to your sites sidebar.

There are a few differences between the features you get from the Free version and the Pro version and below you can see a side by side comparison of the two.

Click this image for a full size view.

CBEngine Features comparison

Is CB Engine Worth The Money

I began using CBE over 6 months ago and since then my Click Bank commissions have increased slightly over 28%.

Now that might not seem like a big difference to most but to me it means a few 1,000 extra bucks every year and a few 100 extra bucks a month.CB Engine Pros and Cons cbengine

After all, every little bit helps but an extra 100 or two extra every month makes a difference!

I only wish I had a tool like this for all of my affiliate programs so I could start turning out affiliate paydays like Chris Farrell or the Creators of CB University 2.0.

So, long story short, if you learn how to use CBE properly it will increase the profits you can generate as a Click Bank affiliate.

To sweeten the commissions pot even more, if you buy CBE Pro, you can accumulate even more profits by doubling down as an CBE affiliate.

I wish you the best of luck and hope you take the info from this cbengine review to discover the free version for yourself and find out Is The CB Engine Worth The Money.

Thanks For Reading!

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