Big Review-Is Bigspot Scam Or Legit

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BigSpot Review

This is a big review and in it I will be answering the question is a scam or legit money making survey Review

As all of you already know and this review will prove you can’t always believe what you see on TV.

Like many of you reading this I saw the big spot commercial and had to know is big a scam or is it a legit site to get paid taking surveys online.

Being that I hardly ever see any online paid survey sites being advertised on the o’ telly I figured that Big Spot .com must be a new way to get paid taking surveys online.

So I surfed on over to see if what the commercials were saying was true.

Big Spot Commercial-How Big Works

Immediately upon arrival of their page I was asked to put in some of my personal info such as my email address, the year I was born, my gender, ethnicity, and what country I live in.

Bigspot Scam Or Real

I did without hesitation!

I didn’t think twice about it because the whole reason for me doing this was to prove if they are a legitimate money making survey site or a scam.

That and the TV told me to!

To my surprise I was taken to the following screen where I was given a list of different survey companies that would pay me for my opinion.

OK, Wait a minute there cowboy!

I thought you were going to pay me for my opinion.

That is what the commercial says, Right!

Even though my better judgement told me to quit while I was ahead I pressed on because I had to know is a scam. Alternative

I proceeded to click the first of six survey sites big spot .com had suggested from the information that I had given them about myself.

This is where I began to suspect things were not as the BS commercial made them seem.

Before I ever got to the survey I selected I was offered other paid survey sites that were wanting to get their hands on my personal info because according to them I met their requirements for participation.

Starting to see the pattern?

Personal information.

That’s the reason for my future headaches.

The fact that most of the survey sites that big spot is tied to are super spammers.

Is BigSpot Real

Now those of us who have set out to conquer these online paid surveys know that there are all kinds of them.

If we are not careful we can easily give our personal info out to a site that will sell it to another for their own financial gain.

These sites are called third party sites and big spot .com gets paid to refer us to them.

Now I’m not saying that doesn’t offer legitimate survey sites nor am I saying it’s impossible for you to make money online doing online surveys that they point you to.

So what am I saying?

That they are less than honest about what they advertise on Tv!

And that’s putting it nicely.

Is Legit

As for these so called money making surveys that big spot offers. Well, where are they and how long does it take to find one.

That is a question for the owners to answer because I have tried to hunt down the legit surveys using this site and I have yet to locate any of them.

I have tried meeting all kinds of different survey criteria to do so and all of my efforts have failed.

All I found were more survey sites trying to gather my PI (Personal Information).

What Is Scam Or Legit

So is a scam?

bigspot survey scam

They might not be a scam that we are all use to seeing online but it is definitely a site that you should be wary of giving your personal information.

That is unless you want your inbox full of spam mail.

After all if a paid survey site is actually legit they won’t ask you for your email address because they do not have any need for it other than for sending you survey notifications.

Other than for you to sign up for email alerts of new opportunities to get paid taking surveys online.

However, if paid surveys are your thing and you would like to know where to go to get paid taking surveys online than you can check out my learn 2 earn page.

There you will find some of the best proven survey sites that will pay you the for your opinion.

So, what do you think, Is BigSpot a scam or have you had a unique experience that makes you believe big is a legitimate money making survey site for getting paid taking surveys online? Feel free to share your experiences and opinion of this review below.

Thanks for Reading!

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