Top 3 Best Website Builders For Beginners And eCommerce Greatness

Best Website Builders For eCommerce Beginners

Do you have a product, digital or otherwise, that you want to sell online and you’re wondering What Are The Best Website Builders for Beginners? Maybe you’re just looking for the Best Online Store Builders so you can try your luck at creating a profitable eCommerce store to compliment your blog or website?

Best Website Builders For Beginners

Either way, whether you have your own goods to sell or you’re earning commissions as an affiliate, having a well constructed website will greatly increase your odds of success.

However, there are many different website building options to choose from online.

So much so that you can very easily get lost in the never ending stream of website builders and end up picking something to just get the process over with.

Some site creating platforms are only for the more experienced marketers, some just for beginners and a select few that accommodate the user as his or her website building knowledge grows.

Those “select few” are in the sweet spot of money making but there are even more variables to consider when you’re trying to discern which of these will leave a sour taste and which will truly stand out as the all around best website builders.

It’s not all doom and gloom because you’ve found the silver lining with this list.

Top 3 Website Builders For Beginners

We have taken the leg work out of it for you by combing through the mountains of builders out there to bring you the 3 that rose to the top.

Here are a few of the critical points we were looking for to determine them as the best website builders for eCommerce beginner greatness.

  • Pricing– Because who wants to make a website and then have to sell their kidneys to finish it
  • FeaturesBecause you need options when you sit down to create eCommerce Greatness
  • SEO– what use is building a site that can’t stand toe to toe with the big dawgs of the SERP’s
  • simplicity– Because Success Succeeds Simple aka K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)
  • Support– Because you can’t create something amazing without awesome support
  • Transparency– No one likes to get hit with hidden fees or extra costs. It’s just flat out bad for business
  • FREE Trial– Because we all like free and if a website builder really is the best they won’t be afraid to offer free trial rides

I look at it like this…Best Ecommerce Website Builders For Beginners

Picking the Best Website Builders or Store Builders is a lot like choosing fireworks on the forth.

Everyone wants to put on the biggest brightest displays with all of the bells and whistles but they still want to have enough cash left over so they can buy enough beer for the party.

Same thing here…

If you create the most stunningly, beautiful, website anyone has ever seen but you don’t have enough cash flow afterwards to generate a decent user base… What good is it?

OK, anyways, that’s just my thoughts on the subject!

Feel free to go decide all of this for yourself or just use this list of the all around best website builders for Beginners of eCommerce.

After all, we have already done all the hard work for you.

Now, all you need to do is pick the one that suits you the best and go create your little piece of World Wide Web Greatness.

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#1 Shopify

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about this one.

Either from one of their many TV commercials or by visiting pretty much any site and seeing a sidebar ad telling you to sign up and use Shopify because they’re the top website building platform for eCommerce beginners.

Well, they’re not wrong!

While there are others out there that have a ton more features, there are very few that can match what Shopify does at their price.

What Makes Shopify The Best eCommerce Website Builder For Beginners

Here are some of the finer qualities that make Shopify the #1 pick for making money online when it comes to building an eCommerce store or website.

Best Website Builders

  • A huge eCommerce App market with over 1,200 to choose from and growing
  • Free SSL Protection
  • Has 70 different payment processors to help you serve customers all over the world
  • Unlimited Bandwiidth
  • No extra costs for hosting- it’s included at all price levels
  • over 100 Free and Paid Mobile Friendly and fully customizable themes. A lot of them are free
  • 24/7 high quality support
  • Offers Shopify Payment App to eliminate any and all transaction fees. (Costs Extra)
  • Currently hosts over 500,000 stores and has handled over $40 Billion in sales for their clients
  • Auto Customer Email reminders for those folks that add a product to their cart but forget to buy it
  • POS System- Integrates your physical store’s sales system into your Shopify Store
  • Offer members a free training course to help them ensure success
  • Most importantly, the provide the inventory for you if you don’t have your own. Just Pick and choose what you want to sell

What Does The #1 Website Builder (Shopify) Cost

Now that you know some of the best perks of building your site with Shopify it is time to take a gander at the price to see just how good of a fit Shopify can be for you and your business.

All Around Best Website Builders For Beginners

#2 Wix

This site creating platform is nowhere near as popular as Shopify but it has been around just as long.

It is also, just as good and like the other 2 here, gives folks a free test drive to try out all that Wix has to offer its clients.

So without further ado let’s get down to the brass tax of what makes Wix #2 on this Top 3 list of the Best Website Builders of 2017/2018 For Beginners.

What Makes Wix 2nd Best Website Builder For eCommerce Beginners

  • Fully hosted platform so there’s no fees for hosting

  • Free SSL protection with all pricing plans
  • over 500 fully customizable drag and drop templates to choose from
  • 12 payment processors and growing so never lose a sale because of customer locationIs Wix The Best Website Builder For Beginners
  • Shipping and Tax calculator included
  • Discount Code Creator
  • Simple order and inventory management system capable of creating independent product pages and product reviews
  • Has an upgrade option to do away with pesky and pricey transaction fees
  • Phone Support
  • Fully integratable and continuously growing app marketplace for help with social engagement, marketing and all your business needs
  • plus an expert freelance team you can enlist to help with your website building needs eCommerce Website Builder Pricing

So let us move on to the price structure of Wix to see if they will fit into your business’s budget but before we dive in head first allow me to point out one quick little tidbit of info.

As you can already see from the image below Wix offers monthly and yearly plans but what it does not show you is how much you stand to save.

By buying the plan that suits you on an annual basis you will save between 18% – 36% with the biggest savings coming from the more complex and expensive plans.

Just so you know…

The basic and least expensive plan will allow you to accomplish the creation of a successful and profitable Store or Website.

What Are The Best Website Builders For eCommerce

#3 BigCommerce

Like Shopify and Wix, BigCommerce also has a wide variety of easy integratable apps that not only helps you earn money online but helps you build and grow your business.

This list of apps, again like the other 2 builders app lists, is in constant flux due to the growth of these lists.

Here are a few of the other notables that make signing up for BigCommerce worth it.

As well as what makes them stand out above the rest as one of the top 3 best website builders for beginners and eCommerce.Top Website Builders list #3 BigCommerce

  • Shipping and tax calculator for worldwide calculations
  • Coupon creator as a helpful way to drive traffic to your store above others
  • SSl Protection for added security
  • Product review pages for all of your products
  • easily processes returns and refund payments for you
  • adds wish list to your customers carts
  • offers your customers an easy way to share what they find on your store to their preferred Social Networks (Social Media Marketing)
  • 28 payment processors so yo never loose a customer
  • auto reminder emails to remind the customers that may be been distracted from completing the buying process
  • Hundreds of fully cusomizable free and paid templates and themes

This is the last on my top 3 list of the absolute Best Website or Store Builders For eCommerce Beginner Greatness.

Like the 2 before it, they give you the chance to take their building system out for a free spin.

Which is something not very many of the platforms can say or do.

Here are the reasonably small prices for BigCommerce eCommerce Website Building System.

Top 3 Best Website Building Platforms For eCommerce Beginners

Top 2 Free Website Builders For Beginners Of eCommerce 

Like the 3 above, this list is also based on the same criteria but with one big difference.


Getting your hands on one of these will never cost you a thing.

However, before you start jumping a you just found the golden ticket, there are a few things you need to know about these platforms.

  1. They are not going to rank as well as the 3 above
  2. Don’t have as many built in features but you can get a plugin for that
  3. While they offer support it’s nowhere near as good and in some cases it may even cost you a few bucks

So without going into a whole lot of the specifics, here at the free alternatives to their above counterparts.

WordPress, which you have heard of unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 10 years.

The only problem here is that unless you get your WordPress site from some sort of MMO training membership than you will be stuck flipping the bill for a domain name and hosting service.

The second alternative is called SiteRubix.

This is the best of all the free options out there because it comes with a free marketing training membership.

The only problem with using this one is, if you later what to move it to a .com or .org domain you may find it a bit of a pain in the neck.

This is where I am going to leave you.

This list of the Top 3 Best Website Builders For Beginners and eCommerce Greatness will go along way in helping you get started off on the right foot and save you a boat load of time. Now the rest is up to you so get out there and put these Top eCommerce website builders to work for you.

Thanks For Reading!

Top 2 Best Free Website Builders For Beginners

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  1. Jason


    You really can’t go wrong with either but if I had to choose just one than it would be have to be Shopify.

    You really can’t beat the options and flexibility of the Shopify website builder.

    It gives you the means to market anywhere in the world and its options and speed give you quite the advantage when it comes to SEO.

    Thanks for reading and if you have any other questions feel free to ask.

  2. SJ


    Thanks for your comprehensive article on the best website builders for ecommerce beginners.

    I actually have not come across Big commerce before. How would you rate this compared to the more popular shopify? I was seriously considering Shopify but don’t want to go with it just because its more well-known.

  3. Jason


    I have built quite a few sites using SiteRubix and while it’s free and simplifies the process to just a few clicks of the mouse it does have a few drawbacks.

    Then again all website builders do.

    These Top 3 eCommerce Website Builders for Beginners are definitely the ones with the fewest drawbacks, best pricing scales, and have the greatest selection of extra tools, apps, and extra add-ons to accommodate any business.

    Best of all, these site/store builders are Superb for SEO and as you know site traffic is like money…

    We could all use more of it.

    Until Next Time, we thank you for reading,

  4. Marlene W

    Thank you for your website, it’s filled with great information. So useful. You make it easy to get an overall comparison.
    I use Site Rubix, I have never been dissapointed. It’s easy to use and very user friendly. But with all your information, I am starting to think that I should try your other options too. Give them a chance. You have convinced me to broaden my experience.

    Thank you

  5. Jason


    The Ecommerce Website Builder Shopify is the best all around option to use.

    Especially for someone starting out because of just how easy it is for a beginner to use and that it is one of the only few store builders out there that can grow with you and your business.

    As your business expands they have a slew of other helpful apps to handle the load and Shopify does a fantastic job of giving the user more control as they learn more and get better at running their online business or store.

    I give you cutoes for having the smarts and foresight, as a young man, to pursue the online space as a career path.

    As time passese there is only going to be more money to be made their and if you play your cards right you will be one of those that profit the most.

    Who knows maybe in another 10 years or so you might just be the guy people turn to when they need to learn the same process you’re learning now.

    Good luck to you young man and I look forward to you coming back here (Honest Online Money) to tell us how your experience was with Shopify.

    Thanks for dropping by,

  6. Marques Pizarro

    I’ve learned that selling through Shopify is the best method. I love the idea of being in e-commerce because it is easy for me since I’m only 16-years old.

    I’m going to give Shopify a try; I want to sell gym equipment, programs, and nutritious food products.

    Thank you, I needed this edge to push me to start using Shopify!

  7. Jason


    Yeah I know how you feel!

    It’s a lot cheaper nowadays but it use to be quite expensive to get a website up and running that not only looked good but more importantly functioned well for the visitors using it.

    Now there is an App for that and about any other function you want to perform.

    Thanks for coming out and stop back by anytime.

    Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas, whichever you prefer,

  8. SJ

    I absolutely cracked up when you said you have to sell your kidneys to get a website finished!

    That is exactly how I felt when I was first starting out and I knew I needed a website but boy was it expensive to pay someone to build one for me.

    These all look like incredible tools to build an online store. I might try out the free option to build myself a website and see how I like it.

  9. Jason

    Yeah things have changed a great deal in just 6 years and in 6 more these will probably be considered the dinosaurs of website builders.

    Everything technology moves so fast and it can be very difficult to keep up but for the time being these are the best website and online store builders to do it with.

    Thanks for coming out,

  10. Turtle Dove

    Ha ha ha! I remember the first website I build like 6 years ago. Man it seems like so long ago. Things have changed so much since then. It was not pretty. But now things are alot better. I have tried Shopify. They are good.

    I like Be Ecommerce too. But I went cheap on them. I will try again sometimes. But I liked it. I have never tried Wix. But I am interested.

  11. isaac

    Great pick for the best website builders here. I really like shopify for its easy to use layout, fast setup and great pricing. But one thing that’s lacking is free and useful themes and apps. I feel that the free choices are very limited. This is an area they should have a look in future. Other than that, i totally agree with your recommendation on shopify :)

  12. Jason


    As for your question, I think that would have to depend on the person and their budget.

    If they are trying to build their online store without investing any money whatsoever than I would recommend that they do so with Site Rubix.

    It’s free and comes with a training community to back it.

    Shopify is still a very good website builder and does not cost very much to use.

    I would have to recommend, to really anyone that is willing to invest 30 bucks a month, to build their website or store with shopify because of all of the extras that are available for folks to help get the most out of the website construction process.

    Did that answer your question Gomer?

    If you have anything more to add feel free to and thanks for stopping by,

  13. Gomer Magtibay

    I’ve been seeing these website builders online and people are saying good things about them, but it is only now that I have fully learned about them. Thank you for this thorough review of these platforms.

    With recommending of Site Rubix, if someone is to build a website that works like a online store with shopping carts, will you still recommend Site Rubix or just let the person choose Shopify?

  14. Jason

    Yeah you gotta be careful when you’re searching things like that out online because there are a lot of folks that want nothing more than to scam you out of your money.

    Glad I could help you out and if there is anything else I can help you with all you need to do is ask.

    Thanks for reading,

  15. Abdusalam

    I found this very informative. As someone new to the online business world it’s very difficult to know which are the best website builders or services out there for beginners to use.

    Your reviews are very concise and make it easy to get an overall comparison.

    I look forward to more of the same.

    All the best 

  16. Jason

    Hello there,

    Glad you stopped by to share and give our website builder review a read.

    Feel free to come back any time.

  17. andrejs

    Hi, Jason and thanks for the great website builders review. Honestly, I never sell my own product online although a couple of acquaintances once asked me to help in this regard. So I am not smart in e-commerce regarding selling own physical or digital products but having some experience in SEO and site-building like you. Luckily about three years ago I found Wealthy Affiliate community and I can confirm that it is huge knowledge base and here are all tools to build and develop a successful website. Having high ranked site all you need to choose is how to adjust money flow either it is e-commerce, affiliate site or business promotional website.

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