Top 9 Social Media Marketing Training And Course For Beginners

Best Social Media Marketing Training Courses

Are you looking for the Best Social Media Training Courses For Beginners? Well If not, you should be, because Social Media Marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to drive traffic to your website or store. Which makes knowing how to properly use this marketing powerhouse a crucial part of the success and growth of any business.

In this day and age, it’s a skill you just can’t live without if you’re going to succeed financially.

Best Social Media Marketing Training and Courses For Beginners

So to help my fellow man (or Woman)- and of course to cash in on the other major free traffic source of Search Engine Marketing- I’ve constructed a list of the 9 Best Social Media Training Courses For Beginners.

Now by no means are these the only free courses out there for learning about Social Media Marketing (SMM) but from my research over the years they are some of the most well rounded in terms of the strategies they cover.

In other words, there’s a bit of training for each of the most widely used and best social media platforms.

Or at least the ones I consider to be the best!

You’ll also find beginner level training on things like:

You get the idea, there’s a little something for everyone and about anything having to do with developing a successful social presence.

So what do you say I stop rambling and get to the good stuff!

Top 9 Social Media Marketing Training & Courses For Beginners

So here you go, in no particular order, 9 of the Best Social Media Marketing Courses For Beginners to use either for free or at the very least without having to break any piggy banks.

After all, spreading the word about your new online business or website can get rather expensive at times.

Especially when you’re in the beginning stages of starting an online business or driving traffic to it.

Best Social Media Training For Beginners-3 Free Favorites

While all 11 of these are great options for any would be social media marketer– the 3 below are what I consider to be the absolute best social media marketing training courses for any and all beginners.

There are a few different reasons for me taking an interest in these 3 but for the most part it’s because of the individuals responsible for creating them.

Most have a very loyal and massive social following and presence.

#1 The Beginners Guide To Social Media Marketing

This masterfully crafted eBook course comes from the well known group of online entrepreneurs and digitals marketers of MOZ.Top Social Media Marketing Courses For Beginners By MOZ

In this eBook you will find 12 chapters of downloadable social media beginner greatness but what makes this course, in my opinion, one of the greatest social media marketing resources is that it’s 100% Free.

The only catch to getting this social marketing beginners guide is that you’ll need to sign up for a free MOZ membership.

However it’s more than worth it because there is a massive amount of digital marketing knowledge of all kinds there.

Here is a taste of that digital know how.

#2 Social Media Examiner Show/Podcast

Brought to you by– this daily podcast and live weekly show offers it’s listeners a healthy dose of current real time tips and strategies to help them with their everyday social media endeavors.

Again what makes this 1 of those extra special resources for beginners is it’s completely free to use.

Even if you happen to miss a show or podcast you can always catch up by either thumbing throw their archives or by becoming a regular on their very active Facebook Page.

These shows and podcast are not without the occasional special guest appearances of some of the biggest hitters in the digital marketing game.

So you are sure to take away something of value to help you with your everyday issues and social content.

#3 The Social Pros By Jay Baer

These Jay Baer hosted podcasts takes a bit of a different approach to offering up social marketing tips and strategies by giving you a behind the scenes look into social media from a fortune 500 perspective.Best Social Media Marketing Training

As the name suggests, these podcasts have interviews with real social media professionals (by trade) that manage social media for some of the biggest companies on the planet.

While you won’t necessarily find your average step by step action plan from the knowledge dropped in these shows you will however learn a new approach to some of the same strategies that you may already be considering.

Being that the average big named companies easily drop $10,000’s a month in their social campaigns you will undoubtedly discover new tactics that you never knew existed.

If interested you can get your fill for free here.

6 More Great Social Media Marketing Courses For Beginners-Free & Paid

While these social media courses are not my favorite nor are they the ones I recommend the most they are some of the best out there and should be on your radar.

Just because they’re not my favorite doesn’t mean they won’t end up being yours but you should know ahead of time that some of the training courses below are not free.

However, they’re not terribly expensive either!

So here’s a peek at what they’ve got to offer any beginner or eager to learn more marketer.

#4 Social Media 101 QuickStarter

Most folks think that Constant Contact is just for eMail Marketing and while they are a world leader when it comes to getting help building your mailing list- they’re helpfulness doesn’t stop there!

Enter Social Media 101, Constant Contacts SM training for beginners.Best Social Media Training 101 For Beginners

This free course will help any novice find their groove in a digitally social age by giving them a one-stop-shop for step by step beginner training guides on just about any SM platform imaginable.

It is hands down one of the best free resources out there for business owners that want to learn how to reach and stay in the now of what their customers want.

If you choose to use any of the courses listed here this is definitely one of the ones you should go check out for yourself.

#5 Social Media Course For Small Business

SMM For Small Businesses is a free online course that is offer by and in it you will learn everything from how to set up and pick the right social platforms for your business to how to understand the analytical data so you can effectively manage your social presence.

Which will lead you to more more traffic, global brand awareness, and yes- of course- More sales!

It covers all f the major platforms and even some you may have never heard of but if you like the step by step, take you by the hand kind of training than the courses at will be right up your proverbial alley.

If interested then you can sign up and get started today by clicking right here.

#6 Hootsuite Academy’s Social Marketing Education

Now unless you’re just starting out or you’ve just recently discovered the internet than you have likely heard of a little social posting helper called Hootsuite.

Best Social Media Training Courses For Beginners Hootsuite Academy

However, their usefulness does not stop their because they have been perfecting one of the internet’s best resources for learning how to bring your business into the new social age.

They call it Hootsuite Academy!

While it’s not acknowledged as a traditional college university type of an academy- the 7 chapter course that it offers is.

The Free Curriculum covered in this course is 4 hours worth of the following.

  • 97 Videos
  • 27 Quizes
  • 44 Text Resources

If you think Hootsuite Academy is right for you than go ahead and get started here.

#7 Social Media Training Courses By Northwestern University

This is a 6 course certification class that is offered by Coursera, in corroboration with Northwestern University, and if there is anything you could possibly want to know about SMM you will find it here.

However, as you may have guessed this is also not one of the free courses but it will also not cause you to take up residence in a box behind the house you use to live in.

The first course you more than likely will be able to get thru for free by taking advantage of Coursera’s 7 day free trial offer but after that offer ends you’ll have to pay the $49 a month.

Of course you can cancel this membership at anytime so if you time your signing up right you could end up getting by with it only costing you 49 bucks.

The reason I say time it right is because just like with all colleges there is a specific date when the training will start.

So just don’t sign up too soon and you’re golden!

Here is where you can sign up at if you so choose to do so.

#8 Digital Marketing Masterclass

This Udemy hosted course is not a free one but you won’t have to rob Peter or Paul to pay for it.

For $10.99 you can get this 23 courses in one training resource to help you with all of the need to know knowledge so you can bring your social dynasty into the 21st century.

Within the confines of this course you will learn a little bit of everything ranging from proven digital and social marketing strategies right down to how you can grow your brand identity and audience.

Which as you already will increase your businesses or websites bottom line.

So, if you’re ready to part with 11 bucks and take advantage of all of the know-how this course offers than bring your mouse on over and click right here.

#9 Become A Social Media Marketer

This is a video collection of SMM tactics and strategies that’ll take you all the way from the low level social marketing beginner to a more than confident and aspiring social media expert.

Social Media Marketing Training Podcasts and Courses For Beginners

You can find a little training for every social platform your business uses but unfortunately this is not one of those free courses like you’ve seen above.

However, you’ll get more than your moneys worth out of this monthly membership package because the training does not just stop at social media.

There are literally 100’s of courses from a wide variety of industry leaders.

If you want go this route you will be shown everything from starting a social marketing campaign to the best tools to use for helping your social presence reach the masses around the world.

You can find this training course by clicking here. Just don’t forget to come back and visit us again.

Find A Social Media Marketing Resource Right For You

SMM will only continue to grow in popularity and competitiveness because it levels the playing field of online money making.Best Social Media Marketing Courses For Free

Doing it right allows the small online home based businesses of the world connect with consumers and earn their trust and loyalty in a way that big multi-million dollar businesses can not.

So staying informed and learning all of the latest tactics, strategies and best practices need to be apart of your everyday business plans.

What better way to do that than by signing up to an online training resource that you’re comfortable with and that best suit your needs and objectives.

With that said, any of these Social Media Marketing Courses For Beginners will do the trick but it’s up to you to pick which one is the Best Social Media Marketing Training Resource for you. Now before you rush off, I want to welcome you to leave any questions or comments you may have below.

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  1. Jason

    That’s kind of hard to say bud because everyone learns and rains knowledge at different rates and by using different methods.

    I hate to speculate but getting a firm grasp on the absolute bare minimum basics could probably be done in a few hours upwards to a few days.

    Sorry to be so vague but I don’t want to give anyone the impression that they are somehow below average of dumb because it might take them a bit longer to catch on.

    Social Media Marketing can be a bit overwhelming at times so staying positive about your ability to take it all in is not something I want to take away from someone.

    But i will say this!

    I undoubtedly believe that the Social Media Training Courses listed here will give every Beginner the BEST possible start and as about as much of an equal shoot at success as one could hope for.

    I know it’s not the answer you were hoping for but I appreciate you taking the time to give us a read!

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    I hear social media examiner before and I always like listening podcasts. I also want to listen real time tips since many programs offer outdated tips suggestions. However I want to know that how long does it take to learn all the basics about social media marketing? By the way I think of working a couple of hours every day.

  3. Jason

    It can become a bit overwhelming at times- I know!

    I would like to point that I recommend all of these and they are in no particular order in regards to quality or most recommended.

    The top 3 are my favorite and if you pick a little here and a little there you end up with social marketing greatness!

    Now for your question!

    If I had to pick only one paid course to use it would be the training course that Northwestern University offers but in all honesty any of the these would do the trick.

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  4. kmv

    Wow, what a comprehensive list of SMM training!!! My head is spinning…not sure where to begin.

    I love your #1 selection…I’m going to start there and really dig into each of the chapters. Best part…it’s all free which means I can put more $$ back into my business.

    Of the paid services/ there one that stands out to you as the best overall value? Considering I complete the free training from Moz…who offers the content to take me to the next level?

    Thanks again!

  5. Jason


    It’s my pleasure and I’m glad you found these Social Media Courses helpful.

    The Social Media Examiner show is my ultimate favorite and it helped me the most as a beginner learning the ropes.

    You might try starting there but to each is his own.

    So good luck and make it fun,

  6. Vic

    I’m so glad I came across your site. Social media marketing is that really, big, scary animal that I need to learn how to conquer. I love your list and, knowing that some of the ones you recommend are free is even better! Thank you for this great list. I am checking them out right now.

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