Best Digital Nomad Books For Beginners-Top 3 For 2020

After writing a review of a popular digital nomad course I thought it would be a good time to take it one step further, for those interested, with an article outlining the Top 3 Digital Nomad Books For Beginners To Succeed With In 2020.

After all, there really is no substitute for a good book, whether it be for educational purposes or for your entertainment on a rainy day.

3 Best Digital Nomad Books For Beginners

That and the level of detail is much greater in literary resources than with any visual aids you can find.

In addition to the names of these books we will also give you a brief description of what you can expect to take away from each as well as the cheapest way and/or place you can get your copy.

Digital or otherwise!

Oh and FYI, we will be updating this list as time passes to keep you in the now of Digital Nomad Literature.

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Best Digital Nomad Books For Beginners

Whether it be your wanting to work from the comfort of your own home, or you wish to travel the globe while earning a living from your laptop, there are a lot of authors out there that make grand claims of fame and swear by the materials that they include in their supposed works of literary greatness.

The unfortunate truth, however, is that they can’t all be right and more than some of them have to be wrong!

But which ones actually know what they’re talking about?

More importantly, which authors actually include these true nuggets of educational gold in their books?

Let’s face it, a lot of these so called “Guru’s” like to keep folks on the hook so they’ll be forced to come back and buy the next, much more up-to-date versions.

To be Quite Honest About It – We Don’t Think That’s Right and any man or woman out there wanting to better themselves should get what they pay for the 1st time around.

So we have weeded out the chaff to leave you with the Top 3 Digital Nomad Books For Aspiring Beginners.

Best Books For Digital Nomad Beginners – My Top 3

To be quite honest I was rather unaware of the Digital Nomad Movement.

Well, not so much unaware of it as I was not hip to the new lingo that was being associated with making money online.

I just didn’t know folks had made up their own terminology to categorize the benefits of making a comfortable living via the internet.

Great Literary Resources For Digital Nomads

As you are already aware, making money online, opens the door to all kinds of possibilities and allows you to live life to its fullest.

Especially, if you are single or all of your kids are grown and off having little ones of their own.

Which brings me back to the top 3 list of educational reads.

See just because you have a life full of obligation does not necessarily eliminate you from becoming a Digital Nomad.

It just means you have to work a bit harder, and earn a bit more than others in the game, but with the Digital Nomad Books we have included can help give you a leg up.

As well as ensure, if you’re a beginner, that you get started off right path and set out on the correct nomadic trials.

#1 Book For Learning How To Become A Digital Nomad

This digitally nomadic book was written by André Gussekloo and Esther Jacobs and it’s official name is Digital Nomads : How To Live Work And Play Around The World.

It is also one of the few books on the subject that has more than one seasoned author.

#1 Digital Nomad Books For Beginners

Between the 2 of them they have more than 30 years of experience working remotely and earning their living while taking in breathtaking sites from all over the world.

This male female duo also coined the phrase Location Independent, which is just a fun way to say that they travel the world while earning a living online.

One author, Esther Jacobs, does it as an online business owner/entrepreneur and a well respected motivational speaker in the online entrepreneurial/online business trade.

The other, André Gussekloo, works remotely from many different countries and tropical islands as a copywriter for an established brick and mortar business.

The combined experience between the 2 are the reason for this making our Numero Uno spot as the best educational literary resource for aspiring Digital Nomads Beginners.

In it you will learn everything from:

  • Step-By-Step Guide To Setting Up An Online Business That Fits The Nomadic Lifestyle
  • Best Countries For Stretching Your Buck The Farthest
  • How And Where To Connect With Other Digital Nomads
  • Productivity Tips And Tricks For Working On The Road
  • Learning How To Set Up A International Online Business Masterplan
  • Inspiring Stories From Successful Digital Nomads To Keep You Motivated

If you want to learn more about this top notch resource or you want to go ahead and add it to your collection than you can do all of that by following this affiliate link to Amazon.

#2 Becoming A Digital Nomad By Chris Backe

In the number 2 spot on this best books list is one that was written in 2018 and has been updated a couple of times since to ensure it stays relevant.

As you can see it is by Chris Backe and it is called Becoming A Digital Nomad.

It’s full title is Becoming A Digital Nomad – 2020 Edition – Your Step By Step Guide To The Digital Nomad Lifestyle.

Chris has been living as a digital nomad, and helping others do the same, since 2013. In addition to writing books on the subject, him and his wife, keep up with a travel blog that gives insight into some of the best places in the world to work (and play) from.

#2 Best Digital Nomad Books For Beginners

This book itself is broken down into a few different sections.

The first of which is the 8 steps, he follows and teaches, for becoming and maintaining a digital nomad lifestyle.

Here is a brief look at those 8 steps:

  • Getting To Know Your Nomadic Self
  • Testing Out The Nomadic Lifestyle
  • Making Money
  • Getting Your Affairs In Order
  • Gearing Up And Slimming Down
  • The Big Move
  • Enjoying Your New Life
  • Going Home Or Making A New One

Now, there is plenty to take away from his experiences and teaching that are inclosed within these 8 steps but the nomadic education does not stop with Mr.Backe.

The next section in his literary teaching is a collection of lessons learned from other successful folks that make their living while traveling the world and seeing the sights.

They range from the usual ” If I knew then what I know now” lessons.

Which if you ask me, is the real appeal to his book and what makes it a must read resource for all aspiring to live the digital nomad lifestyle.

If Mr.Backe’s book sounds like something you’d want to add to your collection than we hope you’ll do us a favor and use our affiliate link to order or download your copy.

#3 Best Digital Nomad Books –  The Digital Nomad Survival Guide

This one you will probably not see as one of the usual suspects on other Digital Nomad Book Lists but that’s because we like to get outside of the mainstream way of thinking.

After all, if you just follow along with what the big fish are doing than you’ll never have your own pond to swim in.

Well, unless of course, all of the other “big fish” get eaten. In which case you’re probably next.

Yeah that analogy got away from me a little bit.

It’s complete title is The Digital Nomad Survival Guide: How To Successfully Travel The World While Working Remotely.

It has been written by Peter Knudson who had help from his entrepreneurial partners, Katherine Conaway and Lauren Hom, who are well versed in working remotely while traveling the world.

Which they convey perfectly in this book and it’s why we have it listed at number three on our list of literary greats for any and all who are wanting to set out on a digitally nomadic adventure of their own.

Sure, most books on the subject, will leave you with a decent grasp of what a digital nomad is as well as give you a basic understanding of how you can make money while pursuing your dreams of seeing all the sights on your bucket list.

What they don’t go into great detail on is how to set up & manage a newly established nomadic lifestyle and all of the other practical matters in between.

3rd Best Book For Digital Nomad Beginners

Such as :

  • Finding Housing
  • Traveling Essentials
  • Location Based App Recommendations
  • Useful International Website Suggestions
  • Packing Tips & Lists For Everywhere
  • Socializing With Others Like You
  • Places To Avoid
  • Best Laid Travel Plans
  • Best Times To Move To New Locations (Depending On The Location)
  • Work Scheduling & Planning
  • And All The Other Everyday Things You Need To Live Comfortably Without Throwing Your Budget Overboard
  • AKA Getting The Most For Less

To sum up The Digital Nomad Survival Guide These 3 have included additional personal experience based advice from their 8+ years of traveling the world working remotely as well as investigative conversations with over 20 of their closest colleagues.

All so you can soak up the first hand knowledge, advice, and tips from these veteran nomads in hopes that you can apply them to your own journeys and avoid the pitfalls that cause many people to give up this lifestyle of financial and locational freedoms.

As an added bonus they have included tips from other suitcase entrepreneurs that they have encountered in their own nomadic travels of over 30+ countries.

To learn more about this book, or to see exactly what each chapter holds, you can use our amazon affiliate link for the cheaper eBook Option.

Alternatives To The Best Digital Nomad Books For Beginners

Obviously, there is no shortage of books on the world wide web that claims to teach people how to become digital nomads.

However, you have probably already figured out that some of these so called books are no more than the work of some yahoo making the equivalent of a few squiggly marks on paper and then selling it for a quick buck.

Sure, you could be that asshole, that sets out to hoodoo someone out of their hard earned money and in return maybe even call yourself an internet entrepreneur.

But eventually that scam will catch up with you.

In the day and age we live in now, it might just be that SOB you scammed that catches up with you and knocks on your door wanting to have a chat about a refund.


You can learn how to become a True Blue Online Money Making Entrepreneur that can make money for years to come by playing by the rules.

Granted, it will take a lot longer than going the less legitimate route but at least you won’t have to worry about fraud charges being filed against you or having a very scary man named Bubba finding out where you live.

So the alternative I am getting around to is called affiliate marketing.

Possibly even starting your own online business and using affiliate marketing to help pull some money in while you’re working on getting your brand up, running , and on its way too the next big thing that all of the cool kids just have to have.

Either way it is a completely legitimate and viable option to consider if you are wanting to make money online or as Digital Nomads say…

Work Remotely!

Here are a few resources that you may want to look into if what I just described sounds like something you might like to try:

I hope you found our Top 3 list of the Best Digital Nomad Books For Beginners useful to your pursuit of learning how to become a digital nomad and if you have any questions about any of the resources or subject matter than feel free to leave us a comment below.

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