Best Beginners Course For Making Money Online

Make Money Online Course For Beginners
– Wealthy Affiliate University
Owners– Kyle & Carson
Price– Starter/$0,Premium/$49, Yearly/$359
Rating– 5 out of 5 stars

Money Making Course Reviews

This Money Making Program Review will show why this Online Entrepreneurial Training Program is hands down one of the most affordable and the absolute Best Beginners Course For Making Money Online.

Not only that but it’s the last of its kind.

There are a lot of reviews of WA and almost all of them say the same thing- “WA is the best all around platform for making money on the internet”.Money Making Course Reviews

So, is it true, is this Legit Money Making Program, known as, really the best option for teaching you how to go about making money online?

Well, I will let you decide that after reading this make money online program review but for starters here is what the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has to say.

My intention here is to give you the informational bullets to your decision making guns.

Hopefully, if I’ve done my job right, this review will better help you decide whether or not to pull the trigger on this online money making program.

All of the info given will be based on my personal experience with this programs membership levels and all other aspects regarding it’s training and support that can be backed by good old fashion evidence found online.

So bare with me and if you like what you hear about this make money online training course than feel free to use this special discount offer.

Before I get into the discount (or start throwing around my opinions), lets take an honest behind the scenes look into this internet entrepreneurial university and details regarding the tools and training offered by it.

Best Money Making Course For Beginners

Wealthy Affiliate University was established back in 2005 by two successful online entrepreneurs named Kyle and Carson.Make Money Online Training Course

Here a more detailed elaboration of What WA is.

Both by the way are easily accessible with in the members area and have an active roll in creating new training on a regular basis.

Unlike most marketing training courses you can actually get in touch with and or get answers from its owners.

Whether it be for marketing advice or just to pick the brain of a successful online marketer for new ideas.

Another thing that sets it apart from it’s competition (aside from the expert training) is the great set of marketing tools and membership features that you’ll also have access to as a member.

Basically, it’s a one-stop-shop for everything a beginner or veteran marketer would need for starting and maintaining a lucrative online business.

No matter what niche you wish to dominate.

Here are just a few of these features and tools included in a membership that make it better than the competition.

  • rapid writer tool so I can jot down great articles before I forget
  • a competitive keyword tool included in the membership
  •  Keyword list of the best low competition keywords available at that time
  • ability to track my links (Link Tracker tool)
  • Free cloud Hosting
  • 2 free websites (for all members)
  • 1,400 themes to choose fromBest Money Making Course For Beginners

I have tried quite a few online training programs and in my ventures I have yet to run across one like WA that gives me all the training I need not to mention helpful tools to go with it.

Well, not without charging me an arm and a leg to use them.

Recently I have had a few folks ask if I could put together a video that would elaborate on exactly what you could expect from becoming a Free member of one of the best money making programs.

So, below you will find a video that will do just that.

ENJOY!Best Online Money Making Training

Online Income Course Pros & Cons


  • Free Unlimited domain hosting
  • Free starter membership with 7 days of unlimited access (Test Drive)
  • 10’s of 1,000’s of on hand marketing experts for advice (24/7 support)
  • Around the clock access to the owners(Kyle & Carson)
  • over 1000 training classesFree Money Making Course For Beginners
  • New video training on a different subject every week (Live)
  • right at 500 training videos
  • expert marketers that really want to help (No bad attitudes)
  • 1 on 1 couching
  • very lucrative affiliate program
  • no worries of being spammed (NO spam policy)
  • training is broke down into easy to understand classrooms and courses
  • Q & A sessions after every training class
  • No Credit Card needed for a free membership


  • If you cancel your membership your domains are deleted after 30 days
  • the starter membership is limited to the basics of online marketing (Getting Started)
  • can only host two domains at a time (Starter Membership)
  • limited access to themes with starter membership (12)
  • writing privileges can be revoked but only if you’ve been a bad boy or girl (spam or inappropriate comments)

University Style Internet Income Course Training

This is the section where I am suppose to tell you how great WA is and how much you can benefit from them but I’m not writing this review to try to sell this Make Money Online Training Course to you.

It does that all by itself!

I’m just giving you the facts about this online money making marketing course because it goes without saying that I’m a firm believer in what I’m preaching.

As Well As WA’s Training Courses.

See prior to me trying the this training I had no knowledge of How To Make Money Online, internet marketing, nor had I ever even heard of SEO.Money Making Training For Beginners

So yeah, I think the training is above the rest because I went out and tried the rest and honestly they really don’t stack up.

So instead of taking mine or anyone else’s word for it just go try the free starter membership for yourself.

That’s enough rambling from me lets get to the facts and see what is offered to the members of this money making university.

Below is a list of just some of the most popular training offered and is by no means all that you will find in their training arsenal.

  • Affiliate Boot Camp– A six phase affiliate marketing course that teaches you how to become a successful affiliate marketer
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification- 4 courses (with 10 lessons to each course) that teaches you how to make money online building your own online business
  • website building classes
  • how to training for making videos and getting them to rank highly in search engines
  • SEO training teaches what to do and not to do to get a website ranked
  • Content Creation Classes
  • lead generation classes
  • PPC training & Adwords tactics
  • Facebook ad training
  • Social Media Marketing Training

Believe it or not that really is only scratching the surface of WA’s training.

Long story short, I haven’t encountered a single problem that I couldn’t go to WAU and find lessons to straighten me out.

Best Money Making Beginners Course Support

If you have ever tried to use Google or any other search engine or forum to try and get a marketing question answered than you got a pretty good idea of how important this aspect of a training program can be.

At WA there is more than enough of this to go around and it is given by some of the leading names in the internet marketing field.

What Is The Best Money Making Program OnlineThere are marketers from all over the world that take part in this community of experts and marketing millionaires.

The best part about that is they are giving you advice on tactics they’re currently using to make a living online.

This supportive community is delivered to you in the form of member to member private messages or a 24/7 live chat area where you get answers in real time from other paid members.

As well as one-on-one private couching support from the owners or other expert members.

Literally all you have to do to get any of your questions answered is go to your profile page and type it in the questions tab where you will then be asked if you need help from the community.

All you do here is click ‘yes’ and then the question is posted to the inbox of all other members, trainers, ambassadors, and owners.

Lets just say you won’t be at a loss for advice because moments after you ask your question and click the yes for help button answers will come pouring in.

Course Cost + Discount

First I will let you know what it is going to cost you if you decide to become a part of this community and then and will give you details about my special discount offer.

There are three ways that you can become a member of Wealthy Affiliate University and they are:

Best Money Making Training Program For Beginners

  • Starter Member- This is the free portion of this membership that will teach you all of the basics of starting your own online business.
  • Premium Member- This will give you unlimited access to the entire membership and all of it’s features for $49 monthly payment.
  • Yearly membership- This will run you one payment every year of $359 as well as unlimited access.

Your Discount Bonus-  First, to get this you must be a brand new, never before, member of WA when you sign up for the Free starter membership.

Second, if you sign up for the premium membership within seven days of becoming a starter member, I can discount your first months payment 59%.

This will only leave you paying $19 for your first month of membership. Oh, and don’t worry about missing out because I will be notified immediately upon your arrival at which point I will activate your 7 days and your discount.

So, I’ll see you soon after you take action on this wonderful free opportunity because after all we have all payed a lot more for a whole lot less.

Best Beginners Course For Making Money Online

There are many advantages to becoming a member of this marketing university and most of them are pretty obvious while others are more of a see to believe kind of thing.

Trust me, I was skeptical at first too but like I said it’s a see to believe kind of thing.

Online Entrepreneur Training Course Review

What it really boils down to is how serious are you about wanting to learn to create a profitable online business.

Are you willing to put in the work and do what it takes to acquire your financial freedom?

It’s not as hard as you think to earn money online and even if it was the University of WA training course has been designed to increase your odds of success.

It’s as simple as following directions and then repeating that process a few times.

Before you know it you’ll be another one of the many WA online success stories.

But, Don’t take my word for it, just sign up as a Free University Member and see it in action for yourself.

Heck, worst case scenario you’ll just end up back where you are now and with it being free there’s zero risk you’ll lose any of your money.

That marks the end of this Money Making Program Review but it does not have to be the end of your experience with the Best Make Money Online Training Course or its Honest Income Earning Teachings.

Thanks For Reading!Best Money Making Course

Honest Online Money

Name's Jason, and I make my living online. Over the years, I've helped my fair share of folks avoid internet scams with the Make Money Online Reviews and How-To articles found within the digital walls of Honest Online Money. If you're willing to invest the time, dedication and countless hours of hard work than you too can Become A Full-Time Online Money Maker/Marketer. However, it's a fast cash, get rich quick, kind of thing you're looking for than you might as well click away because you won't find them being promoted here. There's just no such thing. So go ahead and have a look around to find your life changing course or program.

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  1. Jason


    Yes ma’am, online businesses do earn quite a bit of money for people willing to put in the time and work it takes to create one.

    It is not something that you will be receiving instant gratification from but if done correctly it can easily become your new full time job.

    This make money online training course is especially adapted for teaching folks how to succeed with online business creation.

    If you have any further questions Rehema I will be glad to answer them for you.

    Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share this with any of the people in your life that you believe to be interested.

  2. rehema

    Hi Jason,
    thank you for the great review, am from an african country and wonder if online businesses really do earn people money especially in such countries.

  3. Jason

    Feel free to come back anytime and thanks for reading,

  4. Gordon

    Hi Jason
    Good write-up of what I also believe is the best money making training course online.
    WA is the way to go and over 1 million people can’t be wrong.
    Thanks for having me.

  5. Jason


    Glad you enjoyed it!

    The same reasons you mentioned are also the reasons for many many others.

    Not for just signing up but for finally being able to learn how to earn full time wages online.

    Their are quite a few folks that are unaware of Wealthy Affiliate’s Better Business Bureau Rating because it is under the umbrella of their home business of Niche Marketing Inc.

    I wish you well in all of your future endeavors and if there is anything I can do to help you do not hesitate to ask.

    Thanks for reading Nicky,

  6. Nicky33

    Hi Jason,

    I really enjoyed reading your review about the Wealthy Affiliate University. I’ve been a member for some months now, and I am still amazed at the new things I learn every day, the extremely helpful community and the very fast support!

    This online platform really sells itself, what sold me at first was the fact that I could try it out for free without giving out any credit card info, and create 2 free websites in the Siterubix platform.

    But the excellent training kept me coming back to WA as well as the reason for me becoming a premium member.

    Finding this community was such a relief after getting burnt a couple of times with MLM schemes.

    Thanks for mentioning the BBB report, I wasn’t aware of that!

  7. Jason


    It really does have everything anybody, no matter their experience, would need to be successful at generating a recurring online income.

    Even someone like you that has zero experience.

    After all that is what the main purpose of this course is, to teach beginners how to create an online business or marketing website so they can make money online.

    It has been the #1 make money online training platform for a handful of years now and to be quite honest I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

    Glad you stopped by and thanks for reading,

  8. Ilias

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for this review, Wealthy Affiliate sounds like an interesting program and looks to cover everything a beginner needs to start the process of making money online.

    Like hosting, support, training and one on one coaching.

    But I have one question, is it easy to get started for a beginner like me? I have not got any experience in website building.

    Do I still have a good chance of making money.

  9. Jason


    Thanks for stopping by and asking your questions.

    Yes, there are plenty of folks currently having success in today’s online markets by implementing what they have learned from WA and from WA alone.

    You can learn all about every aspect of every angle there is to making money online and you will find specific training relating to how to find the most lucrative online prospects.

    I’m excited for you and hope to see you around the vertual water cooler inside of the WA memberfs area.

    Good Luck to you Mitch on your decision and again, Thanks For Reading!

  10. Jason


    I happened across WA a few years ago when I got laid off do to the down slide of the economy and started searching for other ways to make a living.

    Was probably the best worst thing that ever happened to me!

    Yeah and the helpful hands do not stop with time.

    To this day if I need a hand I still always find it plus 5 more looking to jump in and help as well.

    Best piece of advice I can give is to simply copy and paste the methods you learn at WA and success will soon follow.

    Good Luck Mar and Thanks for reading,

  11. Mar

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for writing such a great overview of the Wealthy Affiliate program. I like how you talk (write) from your own experience. How long have you been a member of the WA community?

    I just joined WA and I can’t get enough of how much information you can find in the WA site. But most importantly I love how everyone is so engaged and ready to assist.

    How did you come to find WA?


  12. Mitch

    Hi Jason,

    I like your article mainly because I’ve been looking for a training program to get started with learning to make money online.

    While I have found all kinds claiming to do as much I haven’t been able to find one that actually does what it says and has real people like me backing up it’s claims.

    Is the training at Wealthy Affiliate University currently having success through it’s members in today’s online era?

    Can I learn all I need to know about how to make money online as well as how to find the best online markets to venture in?

    I’m excited to get started and I appreciate your help with my questions.



  13. Jason


    I appreciate the nod towards my site and this WA review.

    Most of the time people don’t really understand how much it means to folks like me, doing what we do as far as calling programs and courses out on their BS.

    Good thing about WA is through all the time I’ve spent with them and researching them I have never really had to much in the way of calling them out.

    Which is a rarity with most programs like them.

    Glad you enjoyed it and come back anytime Mike.

    Thanks For Reading,

  14. Mike

    Hi, just wanted to say that your post about Wealthy Affiliate was very good, informative, and well put together.

    The page and the graphics were all very sharp looking I thought, and you cannot go wrong with promoting these guys.

    They are top notch for sure.

    I am sure many people will benefit from your page, and they definitely should take WA up on the free membership.


  15. Jason


    Thanks for stopping by bud.

    I am actually referring to an incident quit a while ago where a few members got into a bit of a heated debate,so to say, and as a result of some of the vocabulary used a few folks writing privileges were revoked for for a few weeks.

    You are correct that there is no spamming that is to go on inside of WA’s membership area but at the same time we should be able to express all of our views with in reason.

    There was another instance where a member spoke out against one of the folks that had created some training because what they were teaching was not 100% accurate.

    The person that spoke out had their privileges revoked at the word of the trainer.

    However, this was rectified and an apology was made to this individual.

    Anyways, thanks for wieghing in and for coming out.

  16. Nenad

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for a very thorough review of the WA.

    Being a premium member for a long time, I could not agree more with your review!

    One thing though, under “Cons” you said: writing privileges can be revoked but only if you’ve been a bad boy or girl (spam or inappropriate comments)

    I think that does not fit under Cons, as it is just a valid rule for all of us, as we don’t want to make spam community from the WA.
    I do believe that you agree with me.

    All the best!

  17. Jason

    Hi Jack,

    I am pleased to hear that I was able to help put some of your questions to bed and look forward to hearing from you inside of WA.

    It is very normal to hear from the owner upon arrival but that is not saying that you are not special either.

    I have actually looked into that same thing when I signed up years ago because I was thinking that perhaps they were just automated messages.

    Come to find out, while during the times the owners of WA are logged into the site they are genuine messages from them in real time.

    For the most part anyhow!

    With as many people that sign up everyday it would be next to impossible to reach out to them all without generating some of the messages automatically.

    Thanks for reading Jack,

  18. Jack Taylor

    This is just the review I was looking for. I have done lots of research on Wealthy Affiliate.

    Reading your review finally convinced me to sign up for the free trial and I can’t wait to get started building my first website.

    Is it normal to get an email from the owner of WA as soon as I sign up?

    Or am I just special somehow?


  19. Jason


    First I just want to take the time to thank you for stopping by and giving this article a read.

    As for the difference in the 2 training platforms that WA offers, Bootcamp is a more targeted approach to affiliate marketing and it’s best practices.

    The entrepreneur training is pretty much as it sounds, an in-depth training course for teaching folks how to create maintain and grow an online business from scratch.

    As for the path you should take, well, that is more of a personal decision because some do not want to create a business to sell something of their making and just want to leverage the benefits of affiliate marketing.

    While others have a clear cut vision of what it is they are wanting to accomplish or create and sell.

    I personally went thru both of these courses just to better my knowledge of the online money making experience and personally think that you would be at a lose for not exposing yourself to both.

    But again that is just my opinion!

    You really can not go wrong either way but should definitely shoot for the stars in which ever facet of the online business world you wish to break into.

    Again Kai, thanks for reading and I hope this helped,

  20. fernglow

    Hi Jason,

    really liked your review and totally agree with you as I myself am from WA!

    In WA, after looking and browsing through the website, I realised that there are 2 types of trainings, bootcamp and certification.

    Can you explain more about them and what is your opinion on which one I should go for first?

    Anyways, thanks for this article and I’ll be sure to check back.


  21. Jason


    WA has made it very easy to switch our websites over to https. It is literally as easy as pressing a button and you instantly have a secure website.

    Thanks for coming out and sharing your WA experience and for reading.

  22. Michel

    I am a happy member of Wealthy Affiliate and have been ever since I read your honest review of WA almost a year ago..

    My favorite part of being a member here, besides the helpful community, is the fact that I do not have to go any where else to get hosting SSL certificates, or domain names.

    I get it all in one easy to login place.

    I have never had an easier time setting up a website with SSL Certificates. Absolutely no complications and the fact that it is secure without the extra costs is a bonus.

    I hope more people are able to find your reviews so they can see what it is I am talking about.

    Thanks so much,


  23. Jason


    Yeah I thought some folks might enjoy seeing what the better business bureau has to say. They seem to hold a lot of sway on what light people see a certain program in, i.e. if it’s a scam or legit.

    I hope you are getting as much out of WA as I have been.

    Thanks for reading and good luck in your future endeavors.

  24. Cathy

    Hi Jason,

    Very nice review of the Wealthy Affiliate University. You are so right in saying that WA sells itself.

    I’m still amazed at the amount of information I have been able to find in this program and I have been a member for 8 months now.

    I like that you added the report from the BBB. I had never seen it before reading your post.


  25. Jason


    Thanks for the kind words and stopping by to share your opinion of Wealthy Affiliate.

    Wish you all the best and again thanks for reading,

  26. Eric

    Hi Jason, very well written article promoting WA. I have been here awhile, and all the things you explain in the post are accurate. With a lot of hard work and dedication, anyone can succeed here, all the tools and training are right here in one platform, and the community is awesome!

    So, this article will give people a good reason to give WA a try. the page is easy to read and you list the pros and cons brilliantly.

    Great post!


  27. Jason

    Hello Chazz,

    Most of it does come from this site but I do have a few other coals on the fire, so to speak, and I do earn a bit from them as well.

    Now I’m not sure if I’m answering this right but I’m going to assume your question is about branching out.

    Now it is never really a bad thing to broaden your earning horizons but do keep in mind not to spread yourself to thin.

    A site is really never done as far as new content and your content marketing strategies and because of this it will always require your attention.

    You could start a new site i.e. purchase the domain name and began building out that site so that it begins to grow age in the eyes of search engines which will result in more trust from them into said site.

    When your new site is generating traffic then you can give a big push towards content and advertising in hopes to create more awareness.

    Just remember all of your websites big and small will need your attention which is why it is a good idea to limit your branching out to far.

    As for Wealthy Affiliate and if it can help you with turning your abandoned asset around the answer is a resounding yes!

    They will also be able to help you with ways to “branch out” by giving you alternatives to building your out your site such as the best places for help.

    OK, so I will the decision making up to you after all you now what you are capable of better than anyone.

    Thanks for stopping by Chazz,

  28. ChazzBrown

    Just curious is your income based on multiple sites or do you have one site that is especially productive?

    I gave up on a site that I felt was taking me in the wrong direction and now I’m developing one I feel passionate about.

    I’m considering branching out into another niche once this one is self-sufficient.

    Is that what you would do and can Wealthy Affiliate University help me learn the best steps to take for turning my site back in the right direction to achieve more traffic?

  29. Jason


    I do indeed make a pretty good living from the things that The Wealthy Affiliate University program has taught me and make some of that money directly from WA.

    I also think that you would have no problem being the next to be able to do the same from the skills that WA can give you.

    It just simply takes the will and patients to do so that is of course if you are willing to take the time to go through their training.

    I wish you all the best in your decision and if you should have any further questions please feel gfree to ask.

    Thatnks for Reading Karlo,

  30. Karlo


    your review about The Wealthy Affiliate University is easy to read and to learn what kind of program it is. You explain in detail everything I needed to know about this training program.

    I was wondering, do you make a living from the Wealthy Affiliate program and what it taught you?

    I would like to know if it’s something that I could persue as well.

    Have a great day :)


  31. Jason


    Thanks for taking the time to post your opinion of this review.

    I hope Wealthy Affiliate University helps you accomplish all of the goals you have set for yourself.

    They did it for me so I am confident that they will do the same for anyone wanting to give making money online a go.

    Again thanks for stopping by and come back anytime,

  32. carlosdelzo


    This a great updated review of the Wealthy Affiliate program.

    I’ve been a member for months now, and I agree with you that it has everything one needs to succeed in creating online business.

    I believe it is the right place to learn all about making money online. No matter how you want to do it.

    The tools, lessons, and the community are just amazing!

  33. Jason

    Howdy James,

    It is my pleasure to do my part in outing programs like these that’s sole purpose is to line their pockets with the money they basically stole from hard working folks.

    See I look at it as they are preying off of peoples hopes of trying to accomplish a life long dream.

    Yes they agreed to pay that money out.

    But if you went and bought a bag labeled bird seed from the store and later got home to feed your birds and found it to be a bag of manure instead, would that also be your fault.

    I have accomplished quite a few different online avenues with the help of Wealthy Affiliate’s training.

    Replacing my income just so happens to be one of those accomplishments I was able to achieve.

    With their help of course.

    If you’re willing to put in the effort and stick with it, their is really isn’t anybody that couldn’t do the same.

    Good luck to you James and I hope you find what you’re looking for.

  34. James

    I want to take this moment to thank you for lifting the veil on the SFM Pyramid Scheme.

    I have been getting steady emails from Gerard and had my doubts about the system and it’s non-transparency.

    However, one thing I was wondering is, with WA’s help, have you made online marketing your only business, job, work, etc.

    Meaning, has your online marketing totally replaced any previous income?

  35. Jason

    Hi there,

    I do not think you would be at any disadvantage.

    Just use what ever it is you are using now to read and write online and apply that same method to creating content.

    If you can access Wealthy Affiliate and it’s training then I have no doubt that you can learn to generate an online income and even better than that you can become quite successful doing so.

    If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask.

    Have a wonderful New Years,

  36. R Bryan Anthony


    I’m visually impaired living in the northwestern mountains of North Carolina.

    Do you suppose this training is suitable for someone visually impaired?

  37. Jason

    Hello Mike,
    First off thanks for your questions and comment.

    WA is a Training platform that will teach you either how to build your own online business/website or how to become an affiliate marketer.

    As far as ideas go you can create your own thing or get some ideas from the training. However you can choose to promote Wealthy Affiliate as an affiliate but there is no requirement to do so.

    Basically it is a community of other online marketers, some are highly experienced and help teach others how to do what they are doing and others are just there to learn how to make money online.

    So, in a nutshell, it is where one would go to learn how to use the internet to make money around a hobby or a passion that you may have, and that can literally be anything at all.

    My suggestion to you Mike would be to sign up for the free membership and see if it is something you might be interested in.

    I hope this helped answer your questions and if you do decide to sign up and need any help please feel free to message me inside of WA.

  38. Mike

    I’ve been reading about the WA, and your reviews. Sounds interesting but I’m not really sure what this is about exactly. If I sign up, am I starting my own online business ? Are there ideas about what kind of business to start or am I joining part of already established online business? Is it more localized business or worldwide. Am I marketing my own product ? I really am looking forward to your response. Thank you sir.

  39. Jason

    You get paid your commissions through pay pal on the first of every month in USD and then you can have your pay pal amount wired to your bank.

    Hope this answered your question Stuart.

    Merry Christmas,

  40. Stuart Galloway

    Are the funds in USD or CDN?

  41. Jason

    You absolutely can use your phone or any mobile device to both access Wealthy Affiliate and build the free websites that WA(Wealthy Affiliate) will give you.

    Also using another computer is a viable option.

    All of which you can do for free if you so decide to learn how to create your online business.

    If you have any other questions I would be happy to answer them for you.

    Just drop me a line in the comments section again Anaiya.

  42. Anaiya

    Is there a way to start this without my own personal computer until I can get one? Could I use my phone or just go to a computer?

  43. Jason

    Hi Ed,
    As for your question, Yes Sir you may.

    Even longer if you so desire. One of the main goals of the creators from Wealthy Affiliate is to help folks feel comfortable about starting their new ventures and allow them time to wrap their minds around it before committing any hard earned cash.

    Take all the time you need and be sure to ask all the questions you may have whether it be to me or any other of the fine men and woman of WA(Wealthy Affiliate) Community.

    Wish you the best in starting your next successful business and by all means if you need a hand along the way feel free to ask me either here or inside of WA,

  44. Ed

    I am 68 and have retired from my bisness ($500,000 yr) looking to be asearous on line person.
    Can I start at $0 and give my self 2 mounth to up grade to premium

  45. Jason

    Hi There Kay,

    Yes there is a monthly charge for being a premium member but you do not have to pay if you do not want to go that route. You could just stay a free member for as long as you want and you would still have access to the two free siterubix sites for you to do with what you want.

    Also something else you may want to keep in mind is that you are under no obligation what-so-ever to renew your premium membership if you so choose to become a paying (Premium) member.

    The premium membership price for Wealthy Affiliate is $47.00 a month and again you may cancel this at any time you see fit. If you do forget to cancel it the next month WA is great about issuing refunds to the folks that ask for it. Another thing I should probably mention is that if you sign up to become a premium member within the first seven days of creating a free membership you will get your 1st month for $19 instead of $47.

    Hope I was able to be of some assistance and I wish you good luck in your pursuit of an online income,

  46. Kay

    There is an ongoing monthly subscription fee for this training program right?

  47. Jason

    Hello William,

    First off I want to thank you for taking the time to look around my site and I do hope you found the information you were looking for.

    As far as affiliate marketing goes I have no doubt that that if you learn from Wealthy Affiliate as I did than you will have no trouble getting yourself established as an up and coming affiliate marketer.

    I wish you all the best and much success in your future endeavors as an affiliate.

    If you should ever need any help along your way feel free to ask. I would be happy to help.

    All the best,

  48. william files

    Hello, I am new to affiliate marketing. I look forward to studying your course.
    Thank You

  49. Jason

    Howdy there Rick,

    Thank you for the vote of confidence from you regarding my review. I have tried to include all of the things that I wanted to know when I was deciding whether or not WA was a good fit for me.

    To date it has been the best decision that I have ever made and thanks to the training and other members at Wealthy Affiliate I have been able to take a dream and turn it into a reality.

    As I am sure you too will come to that same conclusion.

    Just keep after it and working along with the training, asking questions when needed, and most of all stay motivated because as you are aware this is not a fly by night operation and nor will you obtain mountains of wealth overnight but you will get there.

    That I can Promise!

    So thanks again Rick and as always if you ever need any help along your journey to financial freedom feel free to ask. I will be glad to help.

  50. Rick


    Thank you for showing me a real way to earn online. I just signed up! You will be quite pleased in working with me I’m sure. As I have very little experience and will be able to do exactly as You, and Wealthy Affiliate shows me throughout each of the lessons.

    I have your website to thank for this new way to earn real cash online, and I look forward to earning real money right away.

    I will tell everyone about your website and the Wealthy Affiliate Program. Even before this I read great reviews on it and couldn’t decided to sign up. Thanks again for the extra push and filling me on Everthing Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.


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