AWOL Academy Review-What Is AWOL Academy Scam Or Legit

AWOL Academy Review-What Is AWOL Academy About
AWOL Academy 101 Coaching

This AWOL Academy Review gives an inside look at Keala Kanae and Kameron George's new version of Project AWOL to answer What Is AWOL Academy and is it really worth the cost.

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Course Provider Name: AWOL Academy by Keala Kanae & Kameron George

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Price– $99 – $9,997

What Is AWOL Academy About

In this AWOL Academy Review you’ll find all the specifics about this high dollar training course so you can discover for yourself, What It Is, Whether or not you think it’s the best route for you, and if AWOL’s worth the Time and Money.What Is AWOL Academy?

So let’s get started by answering the question What Is AWOL Academy About?

AWOL Academy is the brainchild of two Empower Network members, Keala Kanae and Kameron George, and used to be known as Project AWOL when it was apart of the Empower Network System.

Long story short, it’s a step by step internet marketing training program that is broken down into 5 separate courses with each course catering to a different online marketing skill level.

These courses range from beginner level training all the way up the ladder to the expert rung where you’re taught some of the more advanced methods of the strategic side of marketing.

Along with different step levels of training this course also offers a 2 tier affiliate program that will earn you a 3% commission off of any sales that your direct referrals make.

Which is probably why AWOL is short for “Another Way Of Life” because if you can refer a steady flow of newcomers their way than it could definitely result in you living a Better Way Of Life.

Is AWOL Academy Worth The Money

When it comes to this courses training modules being legitimate there’s no doubt that it’s teachings are on the up and up.

After all, there have been quite a few folks quit their day jobs and work from home full time from what AA has taught them.AWOL Academy Reviews

On the other side of this coin there is the unmistakable markings of a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) system.

Then again pretty much all courses and programs that are priced through the roof like this one usually are MLM related.

Mainly because most MLM’s don’t offer anything of real value so making money with them boils down to how many other people you can sucker into making the same mistake that you did.

The good news for any of you wanting to become affiliated with this training platform is that this program is not your typical MLM scam set up.

Instead this MLM hybrid offers it’s members the exact kind of success training they are looking for along with the option of buying an all access pass to one on one coaching with it’s owners.

Now let us take a peek at some of the pros and cons that come with being a member of this training course.

AWOL Academy Pros and Cons



  • Extremely expensive
  • Based around MLM design
  • Focuses heavily on recruiting others not enough on training
  • Must pay to be apart of the affiliate program
  • only a 30% commission rate
  • will have to buy additional tools to get the full effect of the training
  • hard sells you on buying the up-sells
  • Access to all of the training costs $9,997.00

AWOL Academy Membership Cost

As you have read already I am not at all a fan of the outrageously high price.

Even to get started you will be shelling out $99 and that is not adding the extra tools you will have to buy in order to keep up to par with the training.

Here is how much other way of life will cost you.

Pro Also known as AWOL 101 Coaching and is the basic membership package that will cost you $99 and that would not be so bad if the buck stopped there.

AWOL 101 Coaching Reviews

But it don’t!

To keep up with the training materials you’ll also have to buy a few other little helper tools but these tools will require you to shell out for them once every month.

Here are those tools and their prices!

  • ClickMagick You’ll need this link tracking system for the sales funnel portion of the training and will tack on an additional 12 to 17 bucks a month.
  • LeadPages This Landing Page Builder tool will add an extra $25 to $48 a month depending on the LP membership package you choose.
  • GetResponse Last but not least you’ll have to fork over $15 a month for this email autoresponder tool.

Inbox According to the AA Sales page the $297 price tag will give you the secret strategies of all the top email marketers.

Conversion This is nicknamed Coveted Conversion Secrets and to see these secrets you’ll either have to sell a kidney or 2 on the black market or cough up $997.

Traffic Another $997 course and one that you will have to buy if you are planning on earning commissions as an affiliate.

Masters As if $297 wasn’t expensive enough, this training course will blow a hole in your wallet if you decide to pay the sticker price of $3,497.

Elite Your all-in-one marketing training fix that will break your bank and leave the kids college fund high and dry after purchasing this $9,997 training package.

Now that we have the pricing scale ironed out lets get into what you will learn from each and what each is made up of.

Affiliate Program I know I’ve hit on this a few times already but just in case you jumped straight to this section I am going to do it once more.

To become an affiliate of AA you are going to first have to buy AA’s Traffic course along with a monthly payment of 35 bucks.

AWOL Academy 101 Coaching And Training 

AWOL Pro Academy– The 101 Coaching package contains 25 training videos, one coaching call, and an introduction video.

These 25 videos make up the bulk of the training and are broken down into 4 modules for a better user experience.

AWOL Academy Pro Review 2017

These are those 4 modules.

  • Sales FunnelA How-to on setting up a profitable website sales funnel
  • Lead Capture Pages– Step by Step training on creating captivating landing pages and as I stated earlier you will have to buy the LeadPages tool for this training to work for you.
  • Email Marketing– More step by step video instructions but this time it is on how to generate more traffic and profits using your mailing list subscribers. This is another block of training that will require you to pay for an additional membership. GetResponse Email Auto-Responder Tool.
  • Conversion Tracking– A pretty straight forward name for this module that matches the training you will receive from it.

This is the entry level course that you will or as a new member of AA.

In order to get started with AA you will have to go through the AWOL 101 Coaching section and be required to set up what is known to AA members as a coaching call.

Basically this is a chance for the coaching team to get a few of their up-sells in front of you and from this point on you they will try to hard sell you on all of these up-sells.

AWOL Inbox Academy– This is somewhat of a detailed elaboration of the Email Marketing module from Pro and is supposedly a course containing all of the ‘Secret Strategies” that the best Email Marketers leverage in their own marketing campaigns.

It goes into detail on a variety of different tactics for growing and selling to your subscriber list.

It will cover things such as how to create and choose the best free bonus offers to leverage in your own campaigns.

AWOL Conversion Academy– This course is also referred to as Coveted Conversion Secrets and spends a lot of time on persuasive writing training and how to incorporate buying words and persuasion words for enticing your audience into clicking your buy buttons.

This bit of training also covers content generation for the following:

  • Videos
  • Images
  • Presentations

In addition to teaching you how to better create the aforementioned content this course also deep dives off into how to better present this content to your visitors.

It does this by showing you which type of content you should be showing your visitors depending on what stage they’re at in buying.

AWOL Academy Affiliate Program

In other words where they are at in your sales funnel.

AWOL Traffic Academy– So you may have already guessed that the main focus of this course is how to generate more traffic, aka clicks.

The traffic generation training in this section is geared more towards social media but concentrates on 3 social platforms in particular.

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

The tactic that is stressed the most is on how to create and promote your own ads (CPA) on these 3 social platforms in a way that will maximize your traffic but minimize the cost.

There is also a some what brief training block that hits on how to get traffic from the less popular search engines like Yahoo and Bing.

AWOL Masters Academy– The Masters course is not for the beginner marketer but instead it is designed for the folks that are already having some success and making money from their endeavors.

If this sounds like you than here are the things you can expect to be trained up on in this course.

  • Evergreen Products– how to leverage these to make a steadier income all year round
  • Automation Training– A guide on what and when to use automated tools.
  • Outsourcing– Exactly how it sounds a reference guide for the best places to hire from for outsourcing your projects and which parts of the process are best outsourced.
  • Project and money asset management
  • Business Tax Strategy
  • Business Investment Strategy

All of the training in the Masters course can be found in one of these 3 sections.

  1. Mindset Hacks
  2. Wealth Management Strategy
  3. Solopreneur to CEO

AWOL Elite Academy– This is what you want to buy if having access to all of their training is a must for you.

You will get every course that’s in this academy’s arsenal along with a direct line to the owners themselves.

You will receive this personalized owner access in 2 different ways.

  1. Weekly 2 hour webinars hosted and ran by Keala and Kameron
  2. The Private Mentorship Facebook Group and forum that is continuously attended and monitored by owners Mr. George and Mr. Kanae.

AWOL Academy Review 

Well there you have it!

AWOL Academy Review

Those are all 5 of the courses provided by this program as well as a description and price for each of them.

It’s no secret that this is an extremely high priced program that most of us can not afford.

Especially beginners just starting out!

Although, if it were not for its extreme cost and its affiliate program being configured like a MLM system, I would have rated it higher than I did.

So if you’re leaning towards buying the AA system you should know that the materials in it are legitimate but the price for admission (Pro $99) is just the beginning.

In other words, if you want to know more than you have to pay more.

A Lot More!

It very well may lead you to Another Way Of Life but that life might very well be lived in a back alley inside of a wet cardboard box.

Because let’s face, us average folks, can’t afford to throw away thousands of dollars at a time and with no guarantees of a return on your investment makes it a very risky venture.

AWOL (Another Way Of Life) Alternative

Unless you’re absolutely sure you can recover financially, from spending this kind of coin, if it does not work out than I would recommend that you find a cheaper alternative for learning the basics.

After you know the ropes and are more confident in what you’re doing then go sign up and try earn your piece of the AWOL commission pie.

If you’re dead set on Learning How To Make Money Online today than the university style training course (Wealthy Affiliate) just might be the answer to your prayers.

It was the answer to mine when I was in the very position you are now and has remained the last make money online training course I will even need or use again.

It will teach you all of the same things and then some but it will do so at a much more affordable and reasonable price.

Don’t just take my word for it, click the image below this AWOL Academy Review to go see for yourself that what I am saying is true. If you have a success story, scam compliant, or just more questions pertaining to What Is AWOL Academy about than leave us a comment below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks For Reading!AWOL Academy Alternative


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