A to Z Cash System Review-Is The AtoZ Cash System Scam Or Legit

A to Z Cash System Review
 $4.95 7 day trial; $77 1st month; $55 each month after; +Upsells
Owner- Sophie Vaghn
Rating- 1 out of 5 stars; Fraud, Scheme, Scam
URL- www.atozcashsystem.com
Legit Alternative

What Is A to Z Cash System

So, What is the A to Z Cash System? Is it a scam or Legit online income opportunity? In this A To Z Cash System Review I’ll tell you of my short lived experience with this product and give you the facts about what it really has to offer people.

A-Z Cash System is intended for the use of teaching folks the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and how to use the internet to make money on autopilot from home.

If you continue reading and allow it, I will tell you about my journey with this program and what I learned about it through my own personal experience with this alleged automatic money making system.

A to Z Cash System Scam

Let this review help you discover the facts that you have been seeking about whether this program is a scam or the real legit deal.

If you have clicked the alternative link above than you’ve noticed it goes to a product called EZ Web Business Builder by Jim Daniels.

This is a safer alternative to A to Z cash and gives you a much better chance of making money online.

I have used this program and have had some success with it. I put this in A to Z’s place so that folks wanting a system like it could use one that would give them positive results.

A to Z Cash System Pros and Cons

Well, I would love to tell you that it does automatically make you money on auto pilot and I hate to be the one to break it to you


There is no such product in existence that can make that dream come true for you.

It is all a ruse and if anyone tells you any different than you better hold on to your wallet because your about to be scammed.



  • sheer lack of affiliate training
  • contact phone number is fake
  • money back guarantee is extremely hard to get
  • no such thing as automatic money making system
  • trial offer is 3 not 7 days
  • does not have an option to buy through Pay Pal (Only Master Card & Visa)
  • support sucks and takes to long for responses
  • Up sells and hidden costs
  • It’s not legit, it’s a scam

A to Z Cash System Review

As I said, I myself have been sucked in by the flashy sales page but what really got me were the logos of companies like CNN, ABC, USA Today that supposedly recommended them.

Although, Sophie Vaghn’s A to Z cash system is a rather old product now, it wasn’t when they pulled the wool over my eyes.

This however was the first lie of many that this affiliate marketing training product promised me.A to Z Cash System

More than likely you received some kind of email telling you that all kinds of people in your area are signing up for this money making system and that you’d better hurry or your going to miss out on getting one of the very few available slots left.

Well this is lie number 2 and only the start to the level of dishonesty that this so called legitimate money making training product is capable of.

See like many other marketing training scams, they try and get you interested by telling you that you have nothing to worry about because even if you decide you don’t like it all that you have to do is call or send an email and they will promptly return your money.

Just to sweeten the pot a little they try to further entice you by offering you an all access 7 day pass for just a small payment of $4.95 and that will even be given back to you if your not satisfied.

Yep, you guessed it, Another BS lie !

It’s no wonder why this system has had to change it’s name so many different times.

See they tell you a seven day trial offer but is it really for seven days or is it three like the fine print says under the terms and conditions of it’s billing. See for yourself!

a to z cash system billing terms

But wait there’s more!

See the cash system actually goes back on it’s own word and contradicts itself by telling you something completely different (in fine print) on it’s sales page.

Check this out and then you tell me if you think it is the warning sign of a scam.

A to Z Cash System sales page caption

So I guess we just got lied to again because like I said earlier I did have a very short lived experience with this product of 3 days and I’m sure after seeing this you can imagine why it was short lived.Is A to Z Cash System a scam

What of this money back guarantee?

Oh, don’t worry it does exist but they will sure make you work for it.

It took me emailing the customer support team once every other day for an entire month before I ever even heard back from them and another two to get my money back.

None of that would’ve happen if I didn’t finally track down the real phone number for the support team because don’t be fooled that number they give you in the terms and conditions is not a working number.

Oh, don’t let me forget to tell you about how it is near impossible to access the members area. There is good reason for why you can’t find a members area and that is it does not have one.

Remember when I told you about them having many different names?

Yep, that’s why you can’t find the members area because it is on an entirely different website under a completely different name.

They also used this as an excuse on trying to get out of giving me my money back by saying I never accessed the members area to see if this program actually works.

Is A To Z Cash System Legit or Scam

It goes without saying what I think (and pretty sure have proven) about this money training system that it is a complete 100% out right blatant rip off that not only should you avoid but run from.

AtoZ Cash System Scam Review

There are many reasons that this program has received a bad rap but I can assure you, from my own experience with it, that it deserves every bad word spoken about it and it’s owner.

I mean come on people why even make a product like this and what I want to know is how in the heck do you lay down and sleep at night after basically robbing people with their own computers.

But at the end of the day, This is your choice to make.

I’m just trying to keep folks from making the same mistake that I did.

So, if you are thinking about it but have not bought into this Biz Op scam yet than don’t waste your time or money.

From talking with folks that have used this supposed online cash generating system it does not generate anything other than another monthly bill.

There are plenty of better training options than A-Z’s affiliate marketing guide for beginners that will help your honest online money making dreams come true.

Well that’s it for this A to Z Cash System Review but feel free to offer your opinion of What Is A to Z Cash System or any personal experiences of it being a Scam or Legit in the comments area .

Thanks for Reading!

What is the A to Z Cash System Alternative

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  1. Jason


    Don’t let the scam sites out there win!

    You are by far not the only one that has been taken by not only A to Z Cash System but by scams in general.

    As far as legitimate resources go, there are actually quite a few you can find them under honest programs tab here at Honest Online Money.

    A recommendation that I would give on the fly is either WA (Wealthy Affiliate) or Affilorama.

    There are several others but these are at the top of my list.

    Here in the very near future I will be publishing the post that I am currently researching “Best Money Making Training Options for 2017”

    See come back by soon to see what this list will hold because as you have figured out I do not give the option of a mailing list here.

    Mainly because it is a ploy in which people will continually hound you with things they want you to try, buy or sell.

    It’s just flat out annoying!

    Anyway’s Thanks for stopping by and giving this review a read.

    Look forward to hearing from you again soon,

  2. Stephen

    It is good to meet you man, greetings,

    I have always wanted to do something on the internet but because of scammers I have been hesitant to try anything.

    A to Z Cash System is one of the many that have took me before.

    I have always trying again because I am worried about putting my credit card in another one of these scam sites.

    From your review, I can see that your trying to bring attention to the scam sites that we should all avoid and furthermore I think you are one of the guys out there that I can trust.

    Please which ONLINE work at home job would you recommend to me, if there is any?

    I will be happy to hear from. Thanks for your honest review

  3. Jason


    Like you I fell for the same things and thought the same way.

    Much to my surprise this is an old marketing trick that is as old as the internet itself.

    It is unethical but the folks that create these kind of ads and courses that the ads endorse are only interested in one thing… Money and lots of it.

    I would like to be able to tell you that they will get what is coming to them but unfortunately it does not seem that they everf will.

    When one of there scams get shut down they just simply create the same old scam just with a slightly different name.

    Rinse, Wash, Repeat!

    Maybe one day the big wigs behind internet security will remedy this problem with some sort of law or a law that they will strictly enforce.

    Until then our best chances of staying safe online is to use common sense and do our homework on programs like A to Z Cash before we sign up.

    Thanks for Reading,

  4. Minhaj

    Hi Jason

    I myself have fallen for quite a few of the business opportunities because of all the fake endorsement they supposedly had.

    Back when I was new to this whole internet marketing game, I used to think ‘surely they can’t lie about being featured on these news sites’ of course later I found, not only do they lie but they do it to specifically target newbies.

    So unethical.

    There is no push button system that will make you rich.

    Thanks for the review.

  5. Jason


    Exactly what kind of help do you need?

    If you are meaning that you want someone to reach you how to make money online than there are a few of these programs listed here on this website.

    If you’ll look under honest programs you will see the ones that I recommend and know that work.

    If you’re needing help answering a question or need help figuring out a problem than by all means please feel free to ask it and I will do what I can.

  6. Jason


    Sorry about that but it’s better now than later.

    Don’t let this discourage you though because there are legit options and alternatives to A to Z Cash.

    You will find one of them here.

    It’s called EZ Web Business Builder 2 by Jim Daniels.

    It truly is a much more safer route to go and it will help you learn how to generate an online income.

    Thanks for stopping by and giving this a read Kim.

  7. LISA Alvey

    I am looking for honest at home work.

    I am a chronic pain patient and I need to supplement my disability payments.

    I have experience working as an actuarial and I worked as office manager for a community action program for 12 years.

    Can you possibly help me?

  8. Kim

    Well you just burst my bubble, Jason.

    I was all excited when I saw it was an automated income system, though I did get a little discourage to find out it has up-sells, I just hate up-sells!

    And then I only get three days instead of the seven to decide to cancel? Ouch! This just keeps getting worse.

    I’m sure glad I read this before signing up, you just saved my butt.

    Hopefully, more people will read this before they spend their hard-earned money.

    Thanks for the great article,

  9. Jason

    Hi Debbie,

    Sorry to hear about your troubles getting into medical coding. Being your previous employment in the medical field I am surprised that this is something that you have not heard of this.

    The three major industries that I know of doing this are medical billing companies, commercial airline companies, and companies like U-Haul. U-Haul Included.

    There are a wide variety of these positions open but those are the ones that I know of giving you the highest probability of employment.

    You might also try cell phone companies or really any of the telemarketing companies that we all get those annoying harassing calls from at all times of the day and night.

    Hopefully this helped you Debbie. You might also want to try creating your own website. Either for affiliate marketing or for starting your own online business.

    It will take a few months to start seeing profits but trust me, it is definitely worth it.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  10. Debbie Fincher

    I’m looking for something to subsidize my disability and was wondering how to check out getting a work at home job as a customer support agent for companies.

    I’ve never heard of that type of job. Any ideas where I can begin?

    I’ve worked as a respiratory therapist for 16 years. I’ve lost touch with companies outside the medical field. I tried breaking into medical coding but it is the hardest field to get into.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Debbie Fincher

  11. Jason

    Hi Phil,

    There are a few things to consider when choosing a money making system.

    It’s like the old saying “If you enjoy what you do you never really work a day in your life.”

    So, find out what she would like to do or something that she is good at and passionate about.

    There are a lot of different things she can do online for profits, such as writing content for peoples’ websites, working for companies as a customer support agent, or creating her own website or business.

    That just names a few but the first two are the fastest way to start earning cash online without spending any.

    If both of you are OK with it taking a few months and putting in the effort to create content than you should start an online business or just an affiliate blog website.

    I have a few other posts here that will help point you in the right direction but my recommendation (as well as how I got started) is though Wealthy Affiliate and it’s training.

    It’s free so no worries about having to buy something without seeing if it is right for her.

    I know I didn’t get to exactly what you should do but there is a lot to consider and you would be wasting money if she either can’t do it or doesn’t want to.

    Feel Free to ask any other questions and I wish you both the best in your new adventure.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  12. Phil Sochia

    Looking for a real legit system that my wife can do a little each day.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    I would appreciate any help you can give me.

  13. Jason

    Howdy there A.C.,

    You are in the same boat as a lot of folks out there that just want a legit way of making some extra money to a full time living online. Unfortunately you are right to be weary of systems that want to try and force (RUSH) you into buying there product/program but that does not mean that there are not some ones left out there in internet land.

    As you can tell from reading my content I am a firm believer in WA (Wealthy Affiliate) and recommend it above all else. This is simply because if you apply yourself to the training that they offer you will begin to make money from home using your computer.

    However, you only get out what you put in which is how most things in life go but if you have the desire to learn how to make money from home online than I suggest you go check it out.

    After all it is free to do so without ever having to enter any kind of credit card info. The way Free ought to be.

    Either way A.C. I thank you for engaging with my site and sharing your thoughts.

    Good Luck to you in the future and I hope you are able to find that extra income you seek.

  14. A.C. Lucas-Winters

    Just wanted to say thank you to all of you who look out for us “scam dummies” . I know not to fall for the “you only have two minutes left” BS but i keep hoping to find some way to make money at home because i am disabled, and would like to find a way to keep my head above water.
    Anyway, thank you once again.

  15. Jason


    It has been sometime now since I have had that number and unfortunately my efforts to find it turned up empty.

    I am sure that is not what you wanted to hear but there is a bit of silver lining I can offer.

    When I finally discovered the number to this shady outfit it was with the help of my card company and a little eye strain reading the fine print in the terms and conditions portion of the website that my card company had on file as the company that was seeking payment.

    I believe you can also find the url of that website in the fine print of the A to Z Cash System website.

    Either way start with the name that the company used when they billed your credit card company because this is the most up to date credentials of this ever changing internet marketing scam.

    Good luck to you and hope you get your money back,

  16. pat klein

    could u give me . the phone number u found. i foolishly just entered my visa number…went to site and codes they gave me r invalid. imagine that.
    i need to cancel…

  17. Jason

    This is a tactic used by many of these less than legit companies to make their product or services seem legit.

    However I’m with you this is freaking hilarious, well now it wasn’t so much when I was trying to get my money back from them.

    Thanks for coming out and sharing your opinion with me.
    Much appreciated

  18. Jason

    You are most welcome Alice
    Lets just say it is a good thing that you haven’t heard of them and trust me you are not missing anything.

  19. Jason

    You bet Ashley,
    It is sad that there are so many but as for me I do quite a bit of my own research in to them and try and talk to as many of the old members that I can along with new ones to see just how legit they really are.

    Past members are usually better because they are more likely to tell the whole truth about their past memberships.

    Glad you commented thanks

  20. Evelyn

    Hey Jason,

    I started laughing when I read the contact number is fake. Why even bother putting a contact number? Great review! No A to Z for me. Evelyn

  21. Alice

    I had never heard of A to Z, but I will definitely stay away from them. Thanks for the heads up!

  22. Ashley

    Its sad that their are so many of these scams online! How do you know whats legit and not……. Thanks for the information!!

  23. Jason

    These guys have been around for quite some time now and the problem is that when they are outed for being a scam they just change their name and continue on.

    I sure do wish money could come to use on auto pilot but your right there you still have to run things.

    That’s one thing people don’t understand while it is great working for myself it still does take work to keep doing it.

  24. Jason

    Unfortunately you are right about scams turning up at every turn and Although I do my best to try and inform folks about these kind of things I am afraid some still to choose to find out for there selves.

    That and I am only able to reach but so many.
    Thank you for your thoughts and I am glad you decided to share them here.

    Good Luck to you Eryn,

  25. Steve

    I remember seeing the a-to-z cash system for years. It was pretty heavily marketed using big name brands. Another system using that “auto pilot” buzzword that fools so many. People don’t seem to understand that earning money online through auto pilot takes years of hard work. Even then, it;s not really auto pilot. You still have to run your business.

  26. Eryn

    Good review on yet another scam! Seems like every time you turn around online you are being offered something else that seems too good to be true. Glad there are honest people like you to inform people of the bad products out there.

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