AffiliateU Review-Is Affiliate University by Tim Schmidt Legit

Tim Schmidt’s Affiliate Training Course
Product– Affiliate University (AffiliateU)
Owner– Tim Schmidt
Pricing– $1497 or 4 payments $397
Rating– 4 Out Of 5 Stars

Is Affiliate University (AffiliateU) Legit?

 If you are looking into the Affiliate University by Tim Schmidt (also known as AffiliateU) than you’re well aware that there is no shortage of these kinds of training courses online and it’s no secret that most of them are a big waste of time and money.AffiliateU Review

In this AffiliateU Review I am going to pull back the veil, so to speak, on this University to show you exactly who Tim Schmidt is and what his high priced “Persona Hacking” tactics and training course is all about.

Before we get into all that jazz, let me say that while it’s on the expensive side as far as other programs like it, it is indeed legitimate and many folks are having great results implementing it’s curriculum.

However, I should point out that if you’re brand spanking new to the affiliate marketing world, a lot of the terminology and training probably won’t make a lick of sense.

This does not mean that it won’t work for a beginner but a newbie will most likely have to seek out an additional resource so that they’ll be able to get the most out of AU.

This ended up being quite the review so for your navigation convenience you may wish to utilize our Table Of Contents box, at the top of this page, to help you easily find the info you’re most interested in.

Now, without further ado let’s jump off the deep end into this high-end affiliate training course that is AffiliateU.

Who Is Tim Schmidt

OK, you might be asking yourself who the hell is Tim Schmidt and what has he done that makes him somebody I should listen to let alone learn from!

Well, for starters he has built his portfolio from scratch and has been a positive presence in the online marketing world for about 15 years now.Who Is Tim Schmidt From Affiliate University

Again that’s just for starters!

If you landed on AU’s sales page or video than you heard his story of financial ruin way back when he was making his fortunes in reality and the real estate bubble popped.

As a result he claims that he lost everything and started over but this time he set out to conquer the e-cigarette market with a review site.

Being that I’m mentioning this you’ve probably already put together that Timmy boy here was killing it in the niche of e-cigarettes and so much so that he was referred to by many as “The Godfather of Electronic Cigarette Reviews”.

Full disclosure, he did so because he was pretty much the first to dedicate an entire YouTube channel to nothing but Electronic Cigs and reviews of the different types.

To this day he is still a big player in the SFATA (Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association) niche as a marketing and production creation manager of a major Electronic Cigarette company and a consultant to many others in that same niche.

The same eCig company Tim’s name is tied to generated over 100 million bucks in a time span of only 3 and a half years.

Not too Shabby, Right?

What Is AffiliateU

Alright, now that you have a better feel for who Mr. Timothy Schmidt is, lets turn our attention to finding out exactly what his Affiliate Training University is made of and if it can help you have the break out year you so deserve.

AU is a university style video training platform for affiliate marketers trying to learn the ins and outs of making a living online with a shoestring budget and is geared around doing so by using a method Tim calls “Persona Hacking”.

Which in layman terms simply means writing your content in such a way that your readers will feel like they know who you are and what you are like.What Is AffiliateU

AKA Your Personality!

He has many other angles and tactics that he teaches in AU but the foundation of his course is geared towards tapping into the human psyche.

Or in other words your visitors buying minds.

He teaches you how to do this in a way that’ll build a bond of sorts with them resulting in the generation more sells as well as the increase the one thing all marketers love to see!

Repeat Customers and Recurring Commissions!

He also shows you how you can use the same method to help become an authority in any niche you wish to compete but as he says upfront in his intro video “this is a long term course”.

Not a get rich overnight kind of thing!

Affiliate University Pros and Cons

Alrighty then, let’s get into some of the positive and negative things about Schmidt University.

Here are some of the more favorable aspects of AU.

The Pros!

  • Mr. Schmidt is easily accessible if you need help
  • Offers a money back guarantee
  • Private Facebook group for its members
  • An above average support team (Technical & Customer)
  • Sign up bonuses
  • Many different strategies and tactics for staying competitive
  • Offers an up-sell for Tim to personally comb over your site for professional improvements
  • Many positive testimonials that can be confirmed
  • If you’re not having success using his methods he personally helps you at no additional charge
  • Is continuously updated to current methods that are working in the now
  • monthly webinars

So far so good, Don’t you agree?Affiliate University Member Testimonials

It is perfectly natural to be skeptical and if you’re not then you’re probably doing it wrong.

For all of you negative Nancy’s allow me to present you with the darker side of this moon.

The Cons!

  • It is really expensive, no question.
  • The upsells are a recurring monthly fee
  • There are stipulations for getting the refund (i.e. must be actively using at least 2 months)
  • Not very beginner friendly
  • a few of the “tricks of the trade” taught may land you in hot water with the more dominate search engine
  • Few of the Free traffic tips are outdated or don’t work very well
  • Training presented by folks other than Tim are a bit like advertisements for their product

There you have it, the pros and cons, but all in all this course is ahead of most and is far more legit.

It also costs an exceptional bit more but like the saying goes “You get what you pay for”!

Affiliate University (AffiliateU) & Master Program Cost 

OK, now comes the part we all, no matter who you are, will like the least.AffiliateU Pricing and Cost

The bloody Price!

When it first came out in 2015 you could get this course for with a significantly less of a blow to your pockets.

About $500 less of a blow of $997 but like with most things in this world, when people know they’re product is of high quality that very few others are offering, the price goes up.

This is not necessarily a bad thing because if you have done any research into other marketing courses on the world wide web than you know all the really bad ones have one thing particularly in common.

The price for them always drops when the folks creating it realize the rest of us are on to them and their sub-par systems.

With that said, I’ll leave it for you to decide whether or not AU is in that category of courses.

With the newest AU price scale you’ll have to pay the $1,497 sticker price but doing so gives you an all access pass for as long as AU is up and running.

Let us also not forget that you can stretch the cost of AU out over 4 payments of $397 but doing so will tack on an extra 100 bucks.

Which in my opinion is just flat out BS but is a rather common marketing tactic and also one that you’ll learn from the AU training material.

Now as for the up-sell I mentioned in the pros and cons section, it is called the Master Program and unfortunately it’s a recurring payment of 97 bucks each month on top of the $1500 you just shelled out.

However, you do get Tim all to yourself for a bit each month while he scours your site for improvements on everything from how to rank better in the SERP’s to how to write more appealing, conversion driven content or videos.

The light at the end of this tunnel is the Facebook group.Affiliate University Reviews

There is no additional charge and the biggest part of the time you can find Tim there along with quite a few other reputable marketers and sit back and pick their brains for ideas.

Or just help in general!

So, really think about where you’re at in your marketing career and in what direction you’re wanting to take it before you go and spend this much doe-ray-me on just one course.

That’s a lot of cash to be throwing around on something you’re just trying your hand at or just starting out in because if that’s the case there is a much more affordable option.

It’s also a lot less expensive, has its own private community of experts, one-one-one coaching, and for the last several years now has been voted as the best make money online training course.

Not to mention, it’s where I finally learned to make my first buck online so then again I might just be a little biased on the matter.

Affiliate University Training Modules

Finally we get to the juicy stuff you’ve all been waiting for and being this is already turning into quite a long review I will get right to it by starting with material in Module 1.

Just so you know, all of the material in this university style training is done in video format and all of the videos are relatively short and straight to the point.

Module 1 Orientation– Module 1, also known as Orientation, is pretty much just how it sounds and it starts out with a video introduction of the course and what it covers.

Module 1 Affiliate University Training

As well as a brief hello from Tim himself telling you a bit more about who he is and his credentials.

He also briefly hits on his method known as persona hacking but goes into greater details on that later on in a different module.

He finishes up this section by explaining affiliate marketing and why he believes it to be one of the better methods to use in your quest of making a living online.

Module 2 Choose Your Niche– In this module you’ll learn the different tactics Mr. Schmidt uses when he is entering into a new niche to find the ones that are the most profitable markets.

He also goes over the difference between private and public affiliate programs and shows you the best programs you should to enter.

As well as how to sign up for them.

In addition, he teaches about gauging the competition in said niche so that you get a good feel of the competition you will be competing module 2

Above all else in this part of the training he teaches you to go after a niche that you already hold a flame for (passionate) or consider yourself knowing a lot about already.

Before you move on from this module he helps you lay out a timeline for your what it is you’re wanting to ultimately accomplish.

This is just a way for you to gauge the progress of your business or site and helps you keep on track in the growing of your new ventures.

Module 3 Library– This section is consistently updated so you can stay ‘in the now’ of what’s working and what’s not.

This covers everything from the best plugins to use for WordPress to a detailed explanation of exactly what Persona Hacking is and why it’s important to implement this strategy into the creation of your blog content.

The elaboration on Persona Hacking is in the Establishing Your Voice section of this module and it is done in a 2 part video series.

The Library module also holds Tim’s personal list of outsourcing resources that he trusts and uses.

So if you ever run into needing a hand with content creation for your site Tim has your outsourcing needs covered.Affiliate University Library Module

However, this can be a rather risky tactic because you can never be quite sure who is on the other end of your computer let alone how much experience they actually have writing.

Inside the library you’ll also discover a guy named Brad Smeltz talking about a marketing tool called The Merge Words Tool.

In the cons portion I referred to training that seemed to be more of an advertisement for a product (Keyword Research Tool) more than it is a quality block of training.

That to me is exactly what the Merge Word Tool video by Brad Smeltz is, an advertisement.

Brad has another video after the one promoting his Merge Words Tool that explains how you can use his tool for analyzing the competition of a certain search term or phrase.

The library module is where beginners will start running into problems with understanding some of the terminology and tactics.

If you happen to fall under this category than I would recommend you find another marketing training resource.

At least until you gain more experienced in the ways of the marketing world and have a firm grasp on it’s basic best practices.

Module 4 Off Campus– As you can probably tell from the image this module is largely based around social media marketing tactics and the importance of establishing a social business presence.

For the most part, all of the training you find in this module is of good quality but some of these tactics do toe the line of what is known as black hat marketing or SEO.Does AffiliateU Work

Being that Google is constantly changing their rules (Guidelines) and rolling out new algorithms, like Fred, you should use caution before implementing anything.

Because if you get hit by one of Google’s algorithms it can be a very rough rode to the recovery of your website.

Module 5 Advanced Classes– This module contains quite a bit of content and is also where you will see the Mastery Program up-sell the most.

Which again is more or less just more thorough lessons into the tactics and techniques taught in the advanced classes.

As for the module itself, it’s packed full of strategies that either Tim has created himself or has learned from others along the way.

There are over 20 different tactics in this module but as I indicated earlier some of these (if done wrong or too often) can shatter the trust you have built with the search engines.

In addition to all of the techniques that Tim shows you this is also where you will be introduced to the private Facebook Group that is strictly for AU members only.

The private Facebook group is one of the better perks of this membership mainly because of the level of interaction that you’ll find in it from other members and from Tim as well.

Here are some of the other things taught in the advanced classes module:AffiliateU Advanced Classes

  • CPA marketing strategies from Alex Gould
  • Google alerts and how to effectively use them
  • Authority Hacks– Extra Training on how to become an authority in your niche
  • Holiday Hacks– A how to marketing tutorial for cashing in on the Holiday Seasons
  • Commission Hacks– Detailed training for finding the best commission rates for any niche
  • Monthly Webinars– Gives results of testing to show hat has and has not been working

That was just to name a few of the more popular and effective training materials in this module and is by far not all that you will find inside as it is updated pretty regularly.

In addition to the big 5 there are also 2 more modules that you may find useful and they are:

  • General Education– This is aimed more at the beginners and is just another way he tries to help keep everyone up to speed on how their businesses and websites should be maturing. As well as good all around general info for beginners to soak in.
  • Webinar Replays– Just how it sounds, a place where you will find all of the webinars that have came to pass at AU so that you can go back and watch them again if need be.

AffiliateU Review

There has been quite a bit of content in this review so if you’re still with me at this point than you either really like what I have to say or really want to give making money online a go.

Either way, Thanks for sticking with me!

I have gave you a lot of info on AU but the one thing I have not done is give you my bottom dollar verdict of whether or not I would recommend it.AffiliateU Review

With that said, I personally think that this course is extremely expensive and if I were just starting out all over again there would be no way whatsoever I could have afforded it.

Be that as it may, it’s an excellent resource for learning about marketing but unfortunately I don’t believe it to be the go to course for an absolute, wet behind the ears, beginner.

Some of the training and terminology is just too complicated for someone that knows nothing in the way of marketing to understand.

Although, if you do have a bit of experience and you can afford it than this could be the very springboard of your online marketing career.

As for you beginners with the will and want to for learning how to make money online or just for learning how to become an efficient and successful affiliate marketer than I have a recommendation for you.

It’s called Wealthy Affiliate and it’s 100% completely free to join, use, and learn.

Even better, you will never have to use a credit card, unless like me, you find yourself yearning to learn more so you can live more and work less.

It works and I am living proof of it!

So the time has come for me to leave you and wrap up my AffiliateU review. I hope I was able to give you a better idea of if The Affiliate University by Tim Schmidt is a legit option for you to invest in. Feel free to ask any questions below and as always…

Thanks For Reading! Don’t Forget To Share!Wealthy Affiliate Sign Up

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  1. Jason


    No Sir, you did not miss it, AffiliateU (Affiliate University) unfortunately does not offer a free trial period of any kind. 

    That is unless Mr. Schmidt added one since I reviewed his course last.

    Personally, I think that is quite a bit of money to throw at anything without being able to take it for a test drive first but then again I am a bit of a cheapskate that way.

    Although he does have the refund policy that to my knowledge eventually ends up working out for the ones that ask for it but there are a few stipulations you have to comply with first.

    People are making money from his courses and his program does have a fairly decent success rate.

    Not as good as my top pick but pretty damn good nonetheless!

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    Not sure if I missed it on your review, but is there a free trial period available?

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    I don’t know Tim, and have never heard of him. But I do know that there are plenty of people like him that have and are killing it in affiliate marketing.

    And it seems like those people should definitely be able to teach what they know. And I don’t know if they’re too expensive or not, but they’re too expensive for me.

    I believe that Wealthy Affiliate can produce a much more rounded affiliate marketing education that one can take to as great of heights as you dare.

    I don’t think WA is the only place to learn, but I think it’s by far the best place for beginners.

    That was a great review, thanks

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    Thanks for stopping by and starting of the AffiliateU discussion.

    Now, as per your question, my answer will greatly depend on how hard you have been working at learning the online marketing trade because if it has only been a few minutes here and there than you might want to keep at what you are doing for just a bit longer.

    If you have been nose to the grindstone for the last month, putting in hours upon hours daily than if you feel like you have a good grasp of how it all works then go for it.

    Everyone learns at different paces and you are the only one that truly knows what you are capable of as well as how much you really are learning.

    With that said, this course does hold quite a bit of value and has been having quite a bit of success from its members but if you do not understand the lingo than it may be a waste of your money and time.

    I wish you all the best in your pursuit of marketing knowledge and if I can ever be of assistance feel free to reach out to me.

    Thanks for reading Albert,

  5. Albert

    Thank you for this review

    I was looking for one that wasn’t just trying to sell it and finally I have found it.

    Looking for ways to make money online and Tim Schmidt’s Affiliate University Training Course looks really good.

    I’m just starting my journey in online marketing (1 month) do you think it is a good starting point for a beginner?

    I will check back soon for your answer!


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